Bask Bear Coffee Menu and Price List

Hankering to delight your tastebuds with Bask Bear Coffee’s tempting array of artisanal coffee concoctions, crave-worthy sandwiches with ooey-gooey cheese, and delicious, sweet treats baked fresh daily that’ll make your mouth water in Malaysia. Bask Bear is a place you can consider if you are craving sip-smacking meals and Drinks.

Bask Bear is a Homegrown Malaysian brand that prepares creative coffee and meal options. Bask Bear was founded in 2019 by Bryan Loo at Utama Shopping Centre, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. With Rapid Growth in a couple of years, Bask Bear has become the Talk of the town in Malaysia with delectable meals and drinks.

If you are seeking out on the internet for the updated bask bear coffee menu and price list. This article has gotten you covered by sharing Bask Bear Malaysia’s latest menu items and price list. Note: All the information below gives an idea about the latest Bask Bear menu before you order Bask Bear.

Bask bear Coffee Menu and Price List Malaysia

Updated Bask Bear Coffee Menu And Price List

Bask Bear Diverse menu is classified into the following categories.

Aren Palm Sugar Special

bask bear Aren Palm Sugar Special
Menu ItemsPrice List
Aren Signature CoffeeRM 10.60
Aren Chocolate Cheese FoamRM 12.90
Aren Cheese Foam LatteRM 13.90
Aren Japanese Nishio MatchaRM 11.60
Sparkling Aren AmericanoRM 10.60

Must Try

The must-try category is one of Malaysia’s most highlighted categories in the basking bear menu. Must Try Contains unique creations of bask bears that offer tantalizing taste and Flavors in every drink, and they prepare every drink with freshly sourced ingredients to give their drinks a touch of the best quality and perfection to the taste. The try category costs around RM 11.60 to RM 13.90.

Bask Bear Must try
Menu ItemsPrice List
Double Shot Ice Shaken Vanilla Espresso – ColdRM 11.60
Salted Caramel Hazelnut MacchiatoRM 12.90
Sea Salt Chocolate ChipRM 11.60
Mocha Cheese FoamRM 13.90
Java Matcha Cheese FoamRM 13.90
Sparkling Lychee AmericanoRM 11.60
Sparkling Lemon AmericanoRM 11.60

Bask Bear Coffee Essentials

Essentials contains some of the most popular and common coffee options like americano, matcha latte, caffe latte, and espresso. Essentials category drinks cost around RM 6.70 to RM 10.60.

Bask Bear Essincials
Aren® Caramel LatteCreamy milk coffee with natural sugar arenRM 10.90
Double Shots Iced Shaken Vanilla EspressoCold pick-me-up with double shot espresso, milk, and vanillaRM 11.90
Salted Caramel Hazelnut MacchiatoCreamy hazelnut-infused coffee with salted caramelRM 12.90
AmericanoFragrant black coffee without sugarRM 6.90
Caffè LatteAromatic coffee with smooth & frothy milk without sugarRM 8.50
Caffè MochaIndulgent blend of coffee & rich chocolateRM 10.90
Hazelnut LatteHazelnut-infused coffee with milk & espressoRM 10.60
Vanilla LatteVanilla infused coffee with milk & espressoRM 10.60
Spanish LatteSmooth & velvety sweet textured latteRM 10.90

With bold new flavors like the spicy Ghost Pepper Steak and diverse options to satisfy every craving, from sizzling fajitas to hand-crafted burgers, Chilis’ innovative new menu in Malaysia offers an exciting culinary experience and vibrant atmosphere where everyone can enjoy quality food and great company.

Cheese Foam

Aren® Caramel Latte with Cheese FoamCreamy milk topped with cheese foam & natural sugar aren.RM 13.90
Mocha Cheese FoamCocoa-infused coffee covered with a luscious layer of cheese foam on top.RM 13.90
Matcha Espresso Cheese FoamBask Bear’s specialty matcha drink with espresso shot and cheese foam.RM 13.90

Bask Bear Frappe

Frappe drinks at Bask Bear are one of my favorite drinks. These drinks offer mouthwatering flavors and are crafted uniquely to perfection, giving every drink a balance between taste and texture. Frappe Drinks costs between RM 11.90 and RM 15.90. Bask Bear ensures that crafting drinks properly can satisfy your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Bask Bear Frappe
Japanese Fine Matcha FrappeIce-blended Matcha beverage made with authentic Japanese Nishio Matcha powder.RM 15.90
Caramel Frappe LatteIce-blended coffee topped with caramel drizzle.RM 15.90
Summer Strawberry FrappeSmooth strawberry ice blend with milk.RM 14.90
White Peach FrappeFruity white peach ice blended beverage.RM 11.90
Grapefruit Yuzu FrappeIce blended beverage combining grapefruit and yuzu flavors.RM 11.90
Creamy Cookie FrappeVanilla frappe blended with Oreo cookies and cream, topped with cheese foam and more Oreo cookies.RM 15.90


Bask bear Pastries
Nutty Butterscotch MuffinRM 8.30
Banana Choc Chip MuffinRM 8.30

Mac & Cheese

Bask bear menu Cheese And Mac
Meletop Aussie Beef Mac & CheeseFusion of Asian and Australian flavors with beef topped with melted cheese.RM 16.90


The Bask Bear menu has something for everyone at any time, whether you are planning a breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Bask Bear. They have a wide array of options to Serve all day to end. Toasties categories can satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank because toastie meals lie between RM 7.90 and 16.90.

Bask bear Toasties
Crispy Chicken Katsu (Korean Spicy)Crispy chicken katsu, cheese in a butter toast, drenched with Korean spicy sauce & mayo.RM 15.90
Crispy Chicken Katsu (Cheezy)Crispy chicken katsu, cheese in a butter toast, drenched with cheese sauce & mayo.RM 15.90
Hash Brown Chicken SliceGolden crispy hashbrown with chicken slice, lettuce & cheese in signature toastie.RM 14.90
Cheezy BeefJuicy grilled beef patty, cheese in a butter toast, drizzled with cheese sauce & mayo.RM 15.90
Korean Spicy BeefJuicy grilled beef patty, cheese in a butter toast, drizzled with Korean spicy sauce & mayo.RM 15.90
Beefy Double Down Hash BrownJuicy grilled beef patty and fresh lettuce between golden crispy hash browns.RM 16.90
Cheese MeltMelted cheese sandwiched between two slices of toasted bread, drizzled with cheese and mayo sauce.RM 7.90
Cheese Melt & Chicken SliceSavory delight of Chicken Slice and Cheese Melt Toastie.RM 9.90
Cheese Melt & Hash BrownCrispy golden hashbrown perfectly paired with melted cheese.RM 10.90
Cheezy ChickenTender chicken patties with cheese in a butter toast, drizzled with mayo and cheese sauce.RM 13.90
Korean Spicy ChickenTender chicken patties with cheese in a butter toast, drizzled with Korean spicy sauce.RM 13.90

Beary Good Pasta

Menu ItemsPrice List
Carbonara KatsuRM 22.50
Bolognese Beef StripsRM 22.50

Refresher & Tea

Japanese Matcha Aren® Caramel LatteJapanese matcha with milk & natural aren sugar.RM 11.90
Japanese Matcha LatteJapanese matcha with creamy milk. Comes without sugar, best served with aren sugar.RM 10.90
Nihon Green Tea KombuchaLight tasting kombucha made with fine green tea.RM 12.90
Passion Fruit Mint KombuchaKombucha with refreshing passion fruit & spearmint.RM 12.90
Acai & Black Goji KombuchaPremium kombucha featuring acai and black goji berries with mint.RM 12.90
White Peach FizzSparkling soda brewed with white peaches.RM 9.90
Grapefruit Yuzu FizzSparkling soda brewed with grapefruit & yuzu.RM 9.90

My All time Favorite at bask bear

These Bask Bear menu options are my all-time favorite whenever I visit Bask Bear. I visited Bask and Bear every Sunday to celebrate my holiday and start my day with a bear meal and Coffee, which prepared me for the Sunday adventure. All prices are pocket-friendly. I fulfill my appetite in a Maximum of RM 100 to RM 130.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Aren Signature CoffeeRM 10.60
Aren Chocolate Cheese FoamRM 12.90
Sparkling Aren AmericanoRM 10.60
Spicy Fried Chicken Tomato RiceRM 18.07
Red Cooked Chicken Tomato RiceRM 17.83
Creamy Chicken Mac & CheeseRM 15.94
AmericanoRM 6.70
Coffee with milkRM 8.50
Chocolate LatteRM 8.50
Cheezy Crispy ChickenRM 15.90
Korean Spicy ChickenRM 15.90
Chicken Slices & EggRM 12.90

Best Selling Drinks at bask bear Coffee menu Malaysia

Bask Bear Malaysia is committed to serving the best quality drinks to every guest who enters Bask bear door. Here are the Top 5 most popular drinks at bask bear menu Malaysia.

  1. Aren Signature Coffee
  2. Salted Caramel Hazelnut Macchiato
  3. Caramel Frappe Latte
  4. Caffe Latte
  5. Cinnamon Latte

Alternatives of Bask Bear Malaysia

The Restaurants in Malaysia serving delirious meals, such as Bask Bear Malaysia, can be considered competitors of Bask Bear Malaysia.

  • The Grind and Gather
  • Brewville Coffee House
  • Gong cha Menu
  • Java Junction Bistro
  • Roast & Relish Café

Career Opportunities at Bask Bear Malaysia

Here are career Opportunities offered by Bask Bear. You can apply for positions as you are experienced and can work with bask Bear Malaysia.

  1. Operations Manager
  2. Senior Area Manager
  3. Junior Area Manager
  4. Supervisor Barista
  5. Senior Barista
  6. Barista

My Experience and Review about Bask Bear Coffee

I visited the Bask Bear Coffee outlet in my local mall recently and had an enjoyable experience. The coffee options on the menu were varied, with unique selections like the Aren Signature Coffee made with palm sugar. I decided to try their iced mocha which was smooth and chocolatey without being too sweet.

The staff were very friendly, and my drink came quickly. I also noticed they had signs indicating vegan options were available, which is great for dietary restrictions. Overall, I was impressed with Bask Bear Coffee and will definitely go back again to try more items off their menu.

The prices seemed reasonable, the ambience was cozy and relaxing, and they clearly put effort into making quality drinks with unique flavors. For delicious coffee in a casual setting at an affordable price, Bask Bear Coffee is a great local option I would recommend.

Contact Bask Bear Malaysia

You can contact Bask Bear Malaysia using their official website using the contact form on the home page, fill in the details, write your message, and submit: Follow Bask Bear Malaysia’s official Facebook and Instagram account.  

FAQs About Bask Bear

Does Bask Bear Malaysia offer halal drinks and meals?

Yes, Bask and Bear Malaysia offers halal meals and is awarded a Halal Certificate by Jakim.

How Many Bask Bear Outlets are there in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, Bask Bear owns around 20 physical locations and has about 200 Virtual locations across the country.

What payment method does Bask Bear accept in the outlet?

Bask Bear accepts credit, debit cards, cash, and E-wallets (GrabPay, Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Boost, ShopeePay)

Who is the founder of Bask and Bear Malaysia?

Bask Bear was founded by Bryan Loo in 2019 at Utama Shopping Centre, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia.

Does Bask and Bear Malaysia offer delivery services?

Yes, Bask Bear uses third-party services to offer delivery services. You can use Food Panda and GrabFood to order food from Bask Bear.

Where is Bask Bear Coffee headquartered?

Bask Bear has headquarters in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, where its first outlet was opened in Malaysia.

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