Dunkin Donuts Menu and Price List

We all are familiar with Delicious Donut. The factors that make a donut Delicious are its fluffiness and softness. So, if you are craving Delicious Snacks this Halloween, then I have found a perfect spot for you that you can consider an option to celebrate your Halloween. They have updated their menu with limited-time offers.

I was looking for melting-in-mouth snacks. So, while scrolling on social media, I noticed a limited-time offer on Dunkin Donuts with New Donuts added to the Menu. Just a day ago, I visited Dunkin Donuts to Celebrate one of the milestones I have achieved. In their Menu, I Noticed two new Options: Sprinkles of Joy and Sprinkles of Hope.

I was Curious about the Taste of these options. I ordered it to celebrate my achievement, and now  I also recommend you try these new options. I have listed the full Dunkin Donuts Menu with Prices below. You can check and order at your doorstep. So, try this before this offer ends.

Dunkin’ Donuts Menu and Price List Malaysia

The Dunkin Donuts Menu is sorted into the following categories. For a limited time, it is offering donuts, Carnival sets, Donuts, Special Donuts, Sandwiches and combos, Cookies, and Beverages.

Dunkin Donuts Menu and Price List Malaysia

Limited Time

The limited time comes up with a few new menu options sprinkled with hope and joy, so guys, go and try these limited-time donuts. I visited yesterday and tried these options, and I am sure that you will also love these options, which come with the names Joy and Hope. This option costs Around RM 3.63.

Speculoos CrumbleRM 3.68
Strawberry Almond MochiRM 3.68
Chocolate Sprinkles MochiRM 3.68
Glazed MochiRM 3.68
Pinky MermaidRM 3.68
Blue SharkRM 3.68
Sea-ShellRM 3.68

Carnival Set

The Carnival Set comes with a variety of donuts in one order. In the Carnival set, Dunkin Donuts Menu Offers 2 options: 24 donuts for RM 87.80 and 36 donuts for RM 125. 50 If you are celebrating an event with your family or friends, then the Carnival set is the perfect option for you. It offers a diverse variety of donuts on one plate.

Dunkin Donuts Carnival Set Menu and Price List Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
24 DonutsRM 87.80
36 DonutsRM 125.50

Auntie Anne Menu offers their signature pretzels along with unique savory and sweet flavors like cinnamon sugar, garlic Parmesan, and chocolate avocado.


Donuts are the most celebrated category among people of all ages, whether you are a kid or young blood. I have experienced all these options, and I want to rate this donut’s taste 4.4/5 stars. But Dunkin Donuts Menu is unbeatable when it comes to offering a diverse variety of donuts. These options cost between RM 3.30 and RM 38.50.

Dunkin Donuts Donuts Menu and Price List Malaysia
Box of 3 DonutsRM 11.00
Box of 6 DonutsRM 20.30
Box of 9 DonutsRM 29.45
Box of 12 DonutsRM 8.50
Sugar RaisedRM 3.30
GlazedRM 3.30
Boston KremeRM 3.68
Mr. HappyRM 3.68
Black ForestRM3.68
Strawberry FrostedRM3.68
Oreo MomentRM3.68
Cheezy CheeseRM3.68
Choc PuddingRM 3.68
Bavarian FilledRM 3.68
Strawberry FilledRM 3.68
Triple ChocRM 3.68
Vanilla Choc AlmondRM 3.68
Nutty ChocRM 3.68
BenderaRM 3.68
Rocky RoadRM 3.68

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Special Donuts

These donuts come with an innovative name and offer a unique taste. Special Donuts offers contain options like Big Boss Sugar Raised, Big Boss Blackforest, Big Boss Strawberry Frosted, and Big Boss Mr. Happy. In Special Donuts, Mr happy is one of my favorite options.

Dunkin Donuts Special Donuts Menu and Price List Malaysia
Big Boss Sugar RaisedRM 6.50
Big Boss BlackforestRM 6.50
Big Boss Strawberry FrostedRM 6.50
Big Boss Mr. HappyRM 6.50

PappaRich diverse new menu features local favorites like nasi lemak and laksa, along with Western options, reflecting the restaurant’s aim to appeal to all tastes and budgets.

Sandwiches & Combos

If you are looking for spicy snacks, Dunkin Donuts Menu also offers a variety of sandwiches and combos. All options are regularly crafted with freshly sourced ingredients and good care so that the taste is perfect. All Sandwiches are priced around RM 10.85 to RM 11.80. In sandwiches, Smoked Chicken Breast, Chicken Slice and Cheese, and Vege are some of my favorite options whenever I crave spicy snacks.

TunaRM 11.80
Smoked Chicken BreastRM 11.80
Chicken MayoRM 11.80
Chicken Slice n’ CheeseRM 11.80
VegeRM 10.85


Dunkin Donuts Menu offers a variety of melting-in-mouth cookies and Snacks. I recommend you try some options like double choc chip cookies and butterscotch chip cookies, and if you have your favorite, share them down below in the comment and share why you like “Specialty of cookie.” Cookie options cost around RM 16.04 To RM 46.23.

Dunkin Donuts Cookies Menu and Price List Malaysia
Choc Chip Cookies (200g)RM 16.04
Double Choc Chip Cookies (200g)RM 16.04
Butterscotch Chip Cookies (200g)RM 16.04
Cranberry Cookies (200g)RM 16.04
Cookies Triple Pack (3 x 200g)RM 46.23

Gigi Coffee Menu Malaysia offers their signature coffee drinks like lattes, americanos, and cappuccinos along with breakfast items, pastries, and lunch options like sandwiches and salads.


Fuze Tea Ice Lemon Tea (500ml)RM3.60
Fuze Tea Jasmine Green Tea (500ml)RM3.60
Fuze Tea Ice Passionfruit Tea (500ml)RM3.60
Coke Classic (500ml)RM3.60
Coke Zero (500ml)RM3.60
Sprite (500ml)RM3.60
100plus (500ml)RM3.60
Minute Maid Pulpy Orange (300ml)RM5.20
Minute Maid Pulpy Mango (300ml)RM5.20
Minute Maid Pulpy TropicalRM5.20
Mineral WaterRM3.30


Menu ItemsPrice List
Espresso Coffee Bean 500gRM54.90
DD Tumbler S/Steel 24oz BlackRM92.45
Dunkin’ Travel Tumbler (0.5L) 304 Stainless SteelStarting from RM64.15
Dunkin’ Thermal Tumbler (0.55L) 304 Stainless SteelStarting from RM73.58
Non-Woven Bottle BagRM2.83
Donuts TierRM16.98

Top Selling Items in Dunkin Donuts Menu

All the options are lip-smacking, but here are some of the top-selling items that people love for their delicious taste.

  • 3 Donuts Assorted
  • Tuna Sandwich
  • 9 Donuts Assorted
  • Iced Chocolate Medium
  • 2 Cups of Coffee
  • 12 Donuts Assorted

Alternatives Of Dunkin Donut in Malaysia

Here are some of the alternatives that can be considered as competitors of Dunkin Donut in Malaysia.

Where to Order from Dunkin Donut Malaysia

If you want to order delectable donuts from Dunkin Donuts to your door Steps and enjoy from the comfort of the couch while watching the latest movies or your favorite TV Shows. Then, you can order your favorite options using the Dunkin Donuts official website.

They also offer delivery services using other delivery networks like GrabFood and Foodpanda. You can also order food using the Foodpanda and GrabFood apps.

History of Dunkin Donut

A Story of Dunkin Donut starts from a small coffee and Donut Shop founded by William Rosenberg in 1948 in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA. After a couple of years, he changed his shop’s name to Dunkin Donuts in 1950 with the aim to serve fresh And Premium Quality Coffee and Donuts in Short Time to customers.

After years of struggle, in 1955, Dunkin Donuts opened its first outlet and got love from all over the USA for Quality and Delicious Donuts and coffee and Got a Great boost in the expansion of outlets in the USA. Dunkin Donut Fist entered the Malaysian Food Market in 1987 and opened its first outlet in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Nowadays, Dunkin Donuts owns More than 80 Outlets across Malaysia and about 12,500 outlets Around the Globe.

Contact Dunkin Donut Malaysia

To Stay Up-to-date about the latest Deals and Promotions, follow Dunkin’ Donuts on social media and Visit Their website to order your favorite donuts.

FAQs About Dunkin Donut

Does Dunkin Donuts offer halal Meals and Drinks?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts offers halal food and is certified Halal by JAKIM.

Where did Dunkin Donuts originate from?

Dunkin Donuts is an American Brand founded in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA.

How many Dunkin Donuts Outlets are there in Malaysia?

Dunkin Donut Owen More the 100 Outlet across Malaysia.

In What Price Range does the Dunkin Daunt offer food?

Dunkin Donuts offers Food between RM 3.30 and RM 125.50.

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