Texas Chicken Menu & Price List

Texas is one of many fast-Food chains that offer chicken items. Texas chicken menu offer a Vast array of food items on their menu made with chicken. Being a Food lover, you should also try their delicious fried chicken, burgers, and wraps. They have something for everyone.

Being a fan of Texas Chicken, you should taste their mouthwatering meals, Such as fried Chicken, Wrap, and juicy burgers. Another reason many Malaysians love Texas chicken is the option to refill their Drink infinite times with an order in dining.

Church’s®, also known as Texas Chicken® is, Serving high-quality chicken at the best value. They serve a wide range of Delicious fried chicken across the country and region prepared freshly. Their international restaurant features local specialities Ensuring customers enjoy the quality and freshly prepared fried chicken sourced from locals.

Bring your mind back to a time of fond memories; Jalapeno Bombers were the first items added to the Texas chicken menu as sides menu items to complement the taste of food.

All the prices and last updated in September 2023 with the latest menu items and prices. Let’s take a look at the menu.

Texas Menu and Price Malaysia

Awesome Mondays!

Crunchy Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Spicier Spicy / Original / Mix (Original & Spicier Spicy Only) RM 19.99

Menu Rahmah

Buttermilk Rice Bowl Set

RM 5.00

Smoky BBQ Flatbread Set

RM 5.00

Spicy Korean Rice Bowl Set

RM 5.00

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Limited Time Offer

Golden Dragon MONSTER Burger A La Carte

RM 20.50

Golden Dragon MONSTER Burger Combo A

RM 26.00

Golden Dragon MONSTER Burger Combo B

RM 22.50

Golden Dragon Burger A La Carte

RM 15.80

Golden Dragon Burger Combo A

RM 21.30

Golden Dragon Burger Combo B

RM 27.80

Golden Dragon Wrap A La Carte

RM 15.80

Golden Dragon Wrap Combo A

RM 21.30

Golden Dragon Wrap Combo B

RM 27.80

4pcs Golden Dragon Tenders

RM 17.80

9pcs Golden Dragon Tenders

RM 37.50

Tiramisu Biscuit

RM 2.70

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Family & Friends

5 Pieces Chicken Combo

RM 46.99

8 Pieces Chicken Combo

RM 69.00

12 Pieces Chicken Combo

RM 95.00

5 Pieces Chicken

RM 31.99

8 Pieces Chicken

RM 51.90

12 Pieces Chicken

RM 76.60

Chicken Meals

2 Pieces Chicken Combo

RM 46.99

3 Pieces Chicken Combo

RM 24.99

2 Pieces Chicken

RM 14.99

3 Pieces Chicken

RM 20.99

4 Pieces Tenders Combo

RM 18.99

8 Pieces Nuggets Combo


Chicken Porridge


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Wraps And Burgers

Mexicana Burger Combo

RM 19.99

Mexicana Wrap Combo

RM 19.99

Spicy Tex Supreme Combo

RM 17.99

Tex Wrap Combo

RM 17.99

Mexicana Burger

RM 14.80

Mexicana Wrap

RM 14.80

Spicy Tex Supreme

RM 13.80

Tex Wrap

RM 13.80

Classic Burger

RM 6.25

Tender Wrap

RM 6.25

Subway Malaysia offers customizable subs with a variety of breads, meats, cheeses, vegetables and sauces, along with chips, cookies and beverage options.


Fish Burger Combo

RM 14.25

Shrimp Burger Combo

RM 18.99

Fish Burger A La Carte

RM 9.95

Shrimp Burger A La Carte

RM 13.99

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Tex Deals

2pc Chicken with 1 Mexicana Burger Combo

RM 24.99

2pc Chicken with 1 Tex Wrap Combo

RM 23.99

2pc Chicken with 1 Shrimp Burger Combo

RM 24.99

2pc Chicken with 1 Fish Burger Combo

RM 21.99

Tex Rice Combo A with 1pc Chicken

RM 12.95

Tex Rice Combo B with Spicy Chicken Fillet

RM 12.95

Buttermilk Rice Bowl

RM 6.99

Spicy Korean Rice Bowl

RM 6.99

Smoky BBQ Flatbread

RM 6.99

Tex Deals – 1pc Chicken Combo

RM 7.50

Tex Deals - Classic Burger Combo

Tex Deals – Classic Burger Combo

RM 7.50

Tex Deals - Tender Wrap Combo

Tex Deals – Tender Wrap Combo

RM 7.50

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Mexicana Burger (Star Box)

RM 23.50

Mexicana Wrap (Star Box)

RM 23.50

Zesty Crunch Burger (Star Box)

RM 17.90

Zesty Crunch Wrap (Star Box)

RM 17.90

Tex Sampler (Star Box)

RM 18.40

Chicken Porridge (Star Box)

RM 15.80


Chocolate Chip Biscuit

RM 2.70

Honey-Butter Biscuit

RM 2.20


RM 6.15


RM 3.99

Mashed Potatoes

RM 18.40

Flavored Rice



3pcs Tempura Prawns

RM 10.99

4pcs Fish Fingers

RM 10.99

8 Pieces Nuggets

RM 12.25

12 Pieces Nuggets

RM 16.80

4 Pieces Tenders

RM 15.60

9 Pieces Tenders

RM 33.00


Apple Pie

RM 4.10

Mango Pudding


Sundae Cone

RM 1.50

Chocolate Sundae

RM 4.90

Strawberry Sundae

RM 4.90

Chocolate Shortcake

RM 6.50

Strawberry Shortcake

RM 6.50

Din Tai Fung menu in Malaysia serves xiaolongbao dumplings, noodles, rice dishes, and desserts, with prices ranging from RM15 to RM40 per dish.


Coca-Cola Large

RM 6.50

Coca-Cola Zero Large

RM 6.50

Sprite Large

RM 6.50

Fanta Grape Large

RM 6.50

Minute Maid Refresh Orange Fruit Drink Large

RM 6.50

Heaven & Earth Ice Lemon Tea Large

RM 6.50

Lemonade Large

RM 6.50

Iced Milo Large

RM 8.60

Hot Tea

RM 4.99

Hot Nescafe

RM 4.99

Hot Milo

Hot Milo

RM 5.60

Hot Neslo

Hot Neslo

RM 5.60

Hot Teh Tarik

Hot Teh Tarik

RM 5.60

Hot White Coffee

Hot White Coffee

RM 5.60

Drinking Water

Drinking Water

RM 4.00

Dipping Sauces

Spicy Honey BBQ

RM 1.70

Honey Mustard

RM 1.70

Creamy Garlic

RM 1.70

Herb & Onion

RM 1.70

Tartar Sauce


Auntie anne latest menu features our famous original and cinnamon sugar pretzels, cheese-filled pretzel nuggets, mini pretzel dogs, and freshly squeezed lemonade to quench your thirst.

Texas Menu Pictures

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Most Selling items in Texas chicken

Here are some of the most selling and everyone’s favourite Food items on Texas chicken menu.

  1. 2pc Chicken Regular Combo
  2. 3pc Chicken Regular Combo
  3. Tender Wrap
  4. Fries
  5. Buttermilk Rice Bowl
  6. Classic Burger (Limited)

Texas chicken Alternatives

Texas Chicken history in Malaysia

Texas was founded by George W. Church Sr in the Early 1950s in downtown San Antonio as Church’s Chicken, where he first started offering his Classic fried chicken and biscuits. Churchie™, the Adorable Mascot become a brand and is loved by customers.

Texas chicken Malaysia menu and price list

After a Decade, in 1970, ChurchTM Owned more than 100 Fried chicken Restaurants in seven states.

Four Decades later, on 31st January 2013 in AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, the First Church’s Chicken Restaurant Opened in Malaysia, was rebranded as Texas Chicken, and served over 23 countries at more than 1700 locations. Now in Malaysia, it owns About 35 outlets. Still, they are planning to expand more.

Church Jr realized that adding this essential spice directly impacted sales by introducing a wide array of side menu items. They introduced additional side menu items, including chicken tenders, tantalizing nuggets, flavorful fries, and various delicious desserts.

Texas Chicken Serves millions of biscuits Every year, not because customers like it. People love honey butter biscuits from the core of their hearts because of their mouthwatering taste, fluffiness and softness.

Contact the Texas chicken Malaysia

If you want to stay up-to-date for the latest promotions, deals and amazing discounts check out Texas chicken Malaysia official website and also follow their social media accounts.


Is Texas Chicken Malaysia Halal?

Texas chicken is halal certified from Dijamin. You can check on texas chicken malaysia website

Where to order Texas chicken?

Texas Chicken offers food delivery on different platforms, including their official website, food panda, and Grabfood.

Who owns Texas chicken in Malaysia?

Dato’ Jaya JB Tan, owns Texas chicken Malaysia.

Do they offer a catering package for an event?

Yes, they offer a catering package for an event. For further detail contact here.

Is their free Wi-Fi available for dine-in customers in Texas Chicken?

Unfortunately, there is no Wi-Fi service available in Texas Chicken branches.

Do Texas Chicken Malaysia offer gift voucher?

Yes, they offer Gift vouchers. Click the link to see more information.

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