Old Town White Coffee Menu Prices

In the early morning, if You want a Caffeine Boost and are Searching for a popular Spot, Known For Offers a diverse variety of Lip-Smacking Snacks and Coffee. I will talk about one of the most popular Spot Known for Its offering diverse drinks and Blend Of Local and Western Cuisine. Old Town White Coffee Specialized In Preparing a Variety of Coffee, drinks, and a variety of Snacks at Affordable Prices.

Old Town White Coffee is One of the Ancient coffee chains in Malaysia. Old town white Coffee First started operation in 1958 in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Old Town white coffees serve everyone a lip-smacking coffee and Snacks for Breakfast and all-day meal. They aimed to serve Every customer a Premium experience and prepared all the items using High Quality Ingredients.

Old Town White Coffee Has Diverse food and drink options on its Menu. If You are searching for an Old Town White Coffee Menu, I have shared the Latest Menu with prices for Your Ease. So, your search ends here. You can Explore the Menu and Also Read about My experience at Old Town White Coffee. I have also shared their locations and contact information below, SO Let’s Begin Out Culinary Journey.

Complete old town White Coffee Menu

Sama-Sama Selera Raya

ItemPrice (RM)
GRR3 OldTown Ipoh Chicken Hor FunRM 19.00
GRR4 OldTown Hainanese NoodleRM 20.50
GRR5 White Curry Cheese RamenRM 13.50
GRR9 OldTown Curry Chicken Chop RiceRM 20.50
GRR10 Vegetable Spring RollRM 9.50
GRR12 Golden NuggetRM 9.00
GRR13 Soya Cincau Gula MelakaRM 8.90

Jom Yum Cha

Menu itemsPrice List
Yum Cha Combo (Choose 3 items + 1 Beverage)RM 36
BBQ Chicken PauRM 11.90
Dark Chocolate PauRM 11.90
Pandan Coconut PauRM 11.90
Siu MaiRM 11.90
Sambal MaiRM 11.90
Chives GyozaRM 11.90
Fried 3 Little CarrotsRM 11.90
Fried Stuffed DumplingRM 11.90
PLANT-BASED Siu Mai With MushroomRM 11.90
PLANT-BASED Fried Wantan With MushroomRM 11.90
Pizza PauRM 13.90

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Wonder Mee Set

Menu itemsPrice List
OLDTOWN Ipoh Chicken Hor FunRM 23.90
BBQ Chicken & Fried Wantan Dry Egg NoodlesRM 23.90
OLDTOWN Curry MeeRM 23.90
OLDTOWN Asam LaksaRM 23.90
Pan Mee SoupRM 23.90


ItemPrice (RM)
GN11 BBQ Chicken & Fried Wantan Dry Egg NoodlesRM 19.00
GN12 BBQ Chicken & Fried Wantan Egg Noodles SoupRM 19.00
GN13 Pan Mee SoupRM 17.20
GN14 OldTown Ipoh Chicken Hor FunRM 19.00
GN15 OldTown Curry MeeRM 19.00
GN18 White Curry Cheese RamenRM 14.70

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Menu itemsPrice List
OldTown Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendangfrom RM 28.60
BBQ Chicken with Flavoured Ricefrom RM 22.30
OldTown Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curryfrom RM 26.20
Mushroom & Chicken Steamed Ricefrom RM 20.70
Ginger Chicken Steamed Ricefrom RM 20.70
Hainanese Chicken Chop Ricefrom RM 25.90
OldTown Nasi Lemak with Sotong Pedasfrom RM 26.20
OldTown Nasi Lemak with Crispy Chickenfrom RM 24.30

Light Bites

Menu itemsPrice List
Golden Jade Sesame Balls (5pcs)RM 11.90
Crispy Seafood Beancurd RollRM 12.90
Chicken SausageRM 9
Golden NuggetRM 9
Curry PuffRM 9
Fried Wantan (7pcs)RM 9
Vegetable Spring RollRM 9.50
French FriesRM 9
Fried Chicken & ChipsRM 19.90

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Side Orders

Menu itemsPrice List
Hard Boiled EggRM 4
Fried EggRM 4
Sambal Ikan BilisRM 4.10
Santan RiceRM 3
Flavoured RiceRM 3
Mac & CheeseRM 5.50
Chicken CurryRM 9.20
Chicken RendangRM 12.90
Sambal SotongRM 8.50
Crispy ChickenRM 12

Meatless Series

Menu itemsPrice List
BBQ Dry Curry Egg Noodlesfrom RM 17.70
BBQ Dry Egg Noodlesfrom RM 18
BBQ Egg Noodles Soupfrom RM 18
BBQ Rice Bowlfrom RM 18.40
Hainanese Chick’n Chop Ricefrom RM 28.60
OldTown Nasi Lemak with Chick’n Curryfrom RM 27.60
Ginger Chick’n Steamed Ricefrom RM 22.80

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Junior Meal Series

Menu itemsPrice List
Mac & Cheese SetRM 21.40
Junior BBQ Chicken RiceRM 22.50

Western Series

Menu itemsPrice List
Mac & Cheese with Chicken LoafRM 20
Mac & Cheese with FrankfurterRM 20

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Bread & Toast Series

Menu itemsPrice List
Kaya & Butter Toast (Double)RM 7.40
Peanut Butter Toast (Double)RM 7.40
Crunchy Sugar Hainan ToastRM 7.20
Garlic ToastRM 7.20
Egg ToastRM 9.30
Chicken Cheese Toast SandwichRM 10.50
Egg Mayo Toast SandwichRM 9.30

Oat Milk

Menu itemsPrice List
White Coffee Latte (Hot)RM 17.50
White Coffee Latte (Cold)RM 18.50
OldTown Enriched Chocolate (Hot)RM 12.90
OldTown Enriched Chocolate (Cold)RM 13.90
Black Sesame White Coffee (Hot)RM 17.50
Black Sesame White Coffee (Cold)RM 18.50
Coconut Candy White Coffee Latte (Hot)RM 17.50
Mocha Cookies Crumble with Oat MilkRM 18.50

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Oldtown White Coffee Series

Menu itemsPrice List
OldTown White Coffee (Hot)RM 9.90
OldTown White Coffee (Cold)RM 10.90
OldTown White Coffee – Hazelnut (Hot)RM 9.90
OldTown White Coffee – Hazelnut (Cold)RM 10.90
OldTown White Coffee – Cham (Hot)RM 9.90
OldTown White Coffee – Cham (Cold)RM 10.90
OldTown Nan Yang – O (Hot)RM 9.90
OldTown Nan Yang – O (Cold)RM 10.90
OldTown White Coffee – Gao (Hot)RM 9.90
OldTown White Coffee – Gao (Cold)RM 10.90
Salted Caramel White Coffee (Hot)RM 10.90
Salted Caramel White Coffee (Cold)RM 11.90

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Specialty Coffee Series

Menu itemsPrice List
White Coffee Latte (HOT)RM 12.90
White Coffee Latte (COLD)RM 13.90
Coconut Candy White Coffee Latte (HOT)RM 13.90
Coconut Candy White Coffee Latte (COLD)RM 14.90
Double Enriched Chocolate (HOT)RM 13.90
Double Enriched Chocolate (COLD)RM 14.90
Black Sesame White Coffee (Hot)RM 13.90
Black Sesame White Coffee (Cold)RM 14.90

Tea & Favourite Selections

Menu itemsPrice List
OldTown Teh Tarik (Hot)RM 9.90
OldTown Teh Tarik (Cold)RM 10.90
OldTown Enriched Chocolate (Hot)RM 10.90
OldTown Enriched Chocolate (Cold)RM 11.90
Honey Lemon Drink (Hot)RM 9.90
Honey Lemon Drink (Cold)RM 10.90
Fresh Lemon Tea (Hot)RM 9.90
Fresh Lemon Tea (Cold)RM 10.90
Black Tea (Hot)RM 9.90
Black Tea (Cold)RM 10.90
Lime DrinkRM 9.90
Soya Milk (Hot)RM 9.90
Soya Milk (Cold)RM 10.90

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Coolers & Others

Menu itemPrice List
Mineral WaterRM 4.20
Honey Ginger Tea (Hot)RM 11.50
Pink Lychee CoolerRM 13.50
Honey Ginger CoolerRM 13.50
Asam Boi Pandan LimeRM 11.50
Original Roasted Oolong Iced Milk Tea (Cold)RM 8.50
Roasted Oolong Pandan Iced Milk TeaRM 11.50
Roasted Oolong Caramel Iced Milk TeaRM 11.50

Popular selling items at Old Town White Coffee Menu

Old Town is one of the Most popular Coffee Chani in Malaysia. I am sure that you must have tried coffee and snacks from here at least once. They offer a diverse variety of Lip-smacking Snacks and Coffee. So, if You are looking For some of the most popular Menu items at Old Town White Coffee Menu, I have shared the top 6 most popular Meal And Coffee options below.

If You Are a Newbie or visiting for the first time, it can be challenging to Choose what to try first. I recommend you start Your Experience with the following Menu items.

  1. OldTown Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun
  2. OldTown Curry Mee
  3. BBQ Chicken & Fried Wantan Dry Egg Noodles
  4. Chicken Cheese Toast Sandwich
  5. OLDTOWN Curry Mee
  6. BBQ Chicken with Flavoured Rice

Alternatives of Old Town White Coffee

If You are looking for a spot That Offers a diverse variety of heavenly Meals and Coffee Drinks. Below, I have listed some Of the Spots that Offer a diverse variety of meals and Experiences, like old-town white coffee. I also visited the listed spots and shared their Menu and My review about them, which you can read.

Feeka Coffee roasters and Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf are Some of my favorite Coffee Shops When It comes to Caffeine boost and flavor Meal.

My Experience at Old Town white Coffee Malaysia

Old Town White Coffee is One Of the ancient Coffee Chains across Malaysia that have been Service delectable Coffee drinks Since the 19th Century. It’s one of my best Child Hood Spots, Where I have a Lot Of Memories with my parents and siblings. I have been a Loyal Customer since My childhood.

So Recently, while Working, I started Craving and felt tired. So, I decided to visit Old Town White Coffee and satisfy my Craving with delectable coffee Drinks. I visited Cyberjaya, one of my favorite spots since it opened In Cyberjaya, so I visited Old Town White Coffee at Lunchtime.

The coffee shop was hustling and Bustling with Customers. This chain offers a Nice Ambiance In the Outlet, and their Staff is Nice And talk to Every friend. I ordered BBQ Chicken with Flavoured Rice and White Coffee Latte Hot Coffee Because the Weather was nice. Old Town White Coffee Flavoured Rice Was Delicious, and I Like Their Rice. And their Speciality Drinks were delectable.

I highly suggest you guys visit Old Town White Coffee For caffeine Boost. Reminder: Some Outlets have really bad Reviews on the Internet. The experience I shared is The Outlet Near To, which I have tried. So, you guys should check Reviews of Your Nearest Outlet on the Internet. I have been a regular customer at Old town white coffee. So, I want to rate this Spot 4.7 out of 5.0 Stars Sating.

Old Town White Coffee Near Me

Outlet nameAddressContact Number
OldTown 1 ShamelinG-010, Ground Floor, 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall, Taman Shamelin Perkasa, 56100 Kuala Lumpur03-9202 0910
OldTown 1st AvenueLGK01 & 02, Lower Ground Floor, First Avenue, Pulau Pinang04-2854211
OldTown Aeon AU2Lot G43, AEON AU2 Ampang Shopping Centre, No.6 , Jalan Taman Setiawangsa (Jln 37/56), AU2, Bandar Baru Ampang,54200 Kuala Lumpur03-4266 4223
OldTown Aeon Ayer KerohLot G33, Ground Floor, Jusco Melaka Shopping Centre,Lebuh Ayeh Keroh,75450 Ayeh Keroh Melaka06-233 2876
OldTown Aeon BalakongLot G-03, Kompleks Membeli Belah Aeon Cheras Selatan, Lebuh Tun Hussein Onn, 43000 Balakong, Selangor03-9081 6418
OldTown AEON BANDAR UTAMALot K09, Lot F 125 First Floor 1 Utama Shopping Centre, No1, Leboh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor016-526 6553
OldTown Aeon Bukit IndahF15, AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre. No.8, Jalan 15/2 Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor07-217 1914
OldTown Aeon Bukit RajaLot G28 & G29, Ground Floor, Bukit Raja Shopping Center, Persiaran Bukit Raja, 41150 Klang, Selangor03-3343 2577
OldTown Aeon Bukit TinggiF03, 1st Floor, No. 1 Persiaran Batu Nilam, Jalan 1/KS6 Bdr Bkt Tinggi 2, 41200 Klang, Selangor03-3319 8460
OldTown Aeon DelicaS/17, Lot Kaunter 5,6, G/f, Delica Foodcourt, Aeon Mall, 15050 Kota Bharu, Kelantan Darul Naim011-21999380
OldTown Aeon Equine ParkLG-12, LG Floor, AEON Tmn Equine Shopping Centre, 2, Jln Equine, Bdr Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan03-9548 0585
OldTown Aeon MelakaG50, Ground Floor, AEON Bandaraya Melaka Shopping Centre, 2, Jalan Lagenda, Taman I – Lagenda, 75400 Melaka06-288 8693
OldTown Aeon Metro PrimaG35, Jusco Metro Prima Shopping Centre, Kepong Kuala Lumpur03-6731 7773

Where to order from Old Town White Coffee Malaysia

If You are Hanging out with Friends or coming back home tired from work and Looking for a caffeine boost from delectable coffee. The Old Town White Coffee uses Third third-party delivery partner to deliver Customer’s meals to their desired destination in Just a Moment before the meal gets Colder.

Reach Out Old town White Coffee

If You have any questions regarding Old Town White Coffee, I suggest you visit Their Official website, navigate to their Contact Us Page, and Contact them. They Will get back as Soon As Possible. If you want to get the latest updates About Old town white Coffee’s latest Deals and Promotions, I recommend You follow old town white Coffee on their Official social media accounts.

Faqs about old town white coffee

Is Old Town White Coffee Halal?

Old Town White Coffee claims on their Website with a Badge of Halal that They are Certified, But I found nothing on the Malaysia Halal Portal with the Keyword “Old Town White Coffee.”

What type of meal does Old Town White Coffee offer?

Old Town White coffee Offers a Diverse variety of Melting in Mouth Meal and Drinks Like Jom Yum Cha, Wonder Mee, Noodles, Rice, Light Bites, Meatless, Western, Bread & Toast Series, and a lot more to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

When did Old town white Coffee first open in Malaysia?

Old Town White Coffee First opened In 1958 in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Old Town white coffees

Does Old town white Coffee accept Payments through Credit Cards?

Yes, You Can Payout Using your Credit or Debit Card and Some Local Payments Wallets.

What are the opening Hours of Old Town White Coffee?

Some of the Old Town White Coffee Outlets are available 24 Hours. So, I recommend You check the hours Of Your Nearest Old Town White Coffee Outlet.

The name’s Vincent lim, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m absolutely mad about Malaysian food. Like, legit obsessed. Some people dream about tropical beaches or partying all night – I fantasize about stuffing my face with the most mind-blowing dishes this country has to offer. Pretty weird huh? But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

See, I’m a true blue Malaysian foodie, born and raised. While most kids had posters of celebrities or athletes on their walls, I was pinning up pictures of sizzling satay and kaya toast. My friends would beg their parents for the latest video games or toys – I just wanted them to take me to try nasi kerabu or laksa Sarawak. You could say I was wired differently right from the start.