My Laksa Menu and Price List

Original Penang Asam Laksa is one of the most popular dishes when It comes to Penang Food. It is one of the famous meals in Penang. If you are craving Original Penang Asam Laksa, you are Searching for a Local Restaurant that offers smacking Original Penang Asam Laksa. Your search ends Up here. I am here at a Restaurant That offers All local Cuisine to Satisfy the cravings of Everyone Looking for Malaysia Local Cuisine.

My Laksa is One of the Known Restaurants that Aimed to Serve Meal Everywhere Original Penang Asam Laksa. My Laksa Malaysia First Opened In 2018 with the aim to serve the taste of Penang’s original Asam Laksa and Gained the Popular in Malaysia for their idea to share the taste of Penang everywhere.

If you want to explore this place consider checking its Menu Before to see what they Have in their menu. Below, I have shared the Latest My Laksa Menu with Price. I have also shared my Experience. If you want to get how it will be While visiting the Outlet, read My Experience. I have also Shared almost Every piece of information you need to Know. Reminder: this blog is a Lighting Guide for Locals and Tourists visiting Malaysia.

My Laksa Menu Malaysia with latest prices

My Laksa  Set Deals

My Laksa set Deals contain a variety of meals in one package. If you are looking to try multiple Tastes In one Plate, then this category is for you. Consider going with these options If with this options If you’re inviting your Friend or Having a meal with family. All the options are prepared Carefully and ensure that every bite Offers a lip-smacking taste to all the customers visiting My Laksa.

Set NameDescriptionPrice
Triple Set FOC Asam SnackEnjoy our Signature Asam Laksa KAW KAW 3x paired with 3x drinks of your choice. It comes with FREE 1x Asam Snack!From RM 54
Family SetGreat for sharing! Get 2x Asam Laksa Fish Kaw Kaw with 2x drinks of your choice.From RM 38

Nasi Kandar Pelita offers a wide variety of authentic Malaysian dishes like nasi kandar, roti canai, mee goreng, and teh tarik, catering to all tastes and budgets.

Asam Laksa Series

This Category contains the Taste of Dishes from Penang food Streets. If you are in Malaysia and Searching for Original Penang Asam Laksa taste, then my laksa has a Solution for you to offer you Videos Like Penang. I recommend you to try Asam Laksa Signature, one of their signature dish in the Menu. This option costs RM 16.20 to RM 21.60.

Asam Laksa Series at My Laksa
Asam Laksa SeriesDescriptionPrice
Asam Laksa Kaw Kaw With DrinkOur signature Penang Asam Laksa featuring a thick and savoury soup. Comes with a drink of your choice.From RM 18
Asam Laksa Fish Kaw Kaw With DrinkOur signature Penang Asam Laksa comes with extra fish. Comes with a drink of your choice.From RM 20
Asam Laksa Signature With DrinkOur signature Penang Asam Laksa comes with 2x fishballs and 1x hard-boiled egg. Comes with a drink of your choice.From RM 21
Asam Laksa Seafood With DrinkOur signature now comes with seafood! Comes with 1x Asam Laksa Seafood and a drink of your choice.From RM 24

Bihun Tomyam Series

Bihun Tomyam Series at My Laksa Malaysia
Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Bihun Tomyam Kaw Kaw With DrinkSpicy, sour, bursting with flavor. Drink included.RM 16.20
Bihun Tomyam Signature With DrinkSignature Bihun Tomyam with 2x fishballs, 1x egg.RM 18.90
Bihun Tomyam Seafood With DrinkBihun Tomyam with seafood! 1x Bihun Tomyam Seafood, drink included.RM 21.60

Soup Snacks

Soup Snacks at My Laksa Malaysia
Soup SnacksDescriptionPrice
Asam SnackSnack on our delicious fishball and egg, paired with our signature broth.From RM 11
KAW KAW FishballSnack on our delicious fishball, paired with our signature broth.From RM 11

Positano Risto’s diverse Italian menu features classics like pasta, pizza, and risotto, offering diners a taste of authentic Italian cuisine in Malaysia.

Fried Snacks

If you are looking for Some Fried snacks, this category is for you here. To Fully satisfy your appetite with My Laksa’s mouthwatering meal options., In Fired Snacks, I suggest you try One Of their popular dish, Lekor. These options are Light ON pocket and Offer a smacking taste with every bite. These options cost around RM 9.00 for each Option.

Fried Snacks at My Laksa Malaysia
Fried SnacksDescriptionPrice
LekorSomething easy to try! Our Lekor paired with your choice of sauce!From RM 10
Popcorn ChickenMunch with our Popcorn chicken that pairs with your choice of sauce!From RM 10
Crispy Chicken NuggetHave a chit-chat while eating our Chicken Nugget paired with your choice of sauce!From RM 10


Beverages at My Laksa Malaysia
KAW KAW Gula Melaka Milk TeaWho knew Gula Melaka could be such a perfect match with Milk Tea.RM 4.50
Creamy BandungPair any meal with this amazingly Creamy Bandung.RM 4.50
Teh O IceNothing like a cup of down-to-earth Teh O Ice.RM 3.90
Teh O Limau IceRefreshingly made with zesty goodness.RM 4.50
Sirap IceCan’t go wrong with a simple cup of Sirap Ice.RM 3.90
Sirap Limau IceGet this refreshing Sirap Ice Limau to complete your meal.RM 4.50

Popular Selling items at My Laksa Menu

These 6 Listed meal options at My Laksa Menu are some of the most popular options. If this place is like a hidden Gem, and you found it and are visiting for the first time, consider trying these options. These options are on the basis of Customers Making Orders of the following Items at My Laksa.

  1. Asam Laksa Signature With Drink
  2. Asam Laksa Kaw Kaw With Drink
  3. Family Set
  4. Asam Laksa Fish Kaw Kaw With Drink
  5. KAW KAW Fishball

Alternatives Of My Laksa Menu Malaysia

I visited some of the alternatives that offer almost the same experience in food, dining, staff, and best dining experience. So, for any reason, if you are looking for the Same experience at other restaurants that offer the same food. I also have listed a restaurant With Local Taste I am talking about Penang Satay House.

  • Restaurant Meng Fang
  • Ilham Tom Yam Top Sup Ekor
  • Laksa Mama Anson Town
  • Penang Satay House

My experience at My Laksa  Malaysia

This restaurant has been one of the most visited Places since it opened when It first opened In Kl. I have been trying their Meal, and they have a good place in My heart for their food. So, around a Month Ago, I visited My Laksa MyTOWN Shopping Centre outlet in KL. To Make this Meal Memorable I also Invite my friends.

We had A good time making jokes and Pictures to Make the Meetup memorable. I like this Place just because of their bowl of laksa. I suggest you come here if you are craving laksa. So, we ordered one of their 5th Anniversary Combo, 2 Bihun Tomyam Signature With Drink, Bottled Water, and 2 KAW KAW Gula Melaka Milk Tea. As always, their Meal was really delicious and melted in our Mouth.

When we visited, there was the restaurant hustling and bustling with people at Dinner time, which took a moment to serve, but it was okay after Getting a lip-smacking taste after Patience. Their staff is also nice, and talks to y talk everyone. I am seriously Impressed by their service and suggest you visit once for a mouthwatering meal.

Locations Near Me My Laksa  Malaysia

My laksa Malaysia opened at following locations across Malaysia.

Outlet NameAddressHoursPhone Number
D’Laksa @ MyTOWNB1-052 Basement 1 No.6 Jalan Cochrane Seksyen 90, Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur10 am–9:30 pm+60125144363
MyLaksa (East Coast Mall)L3-29, Level 3, East Coast Mall, Jalan Putra Square 6, Putra Square, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang10 am–9 pm+601156213130
MyLaksa (Aman Central)Lot LG-11, Aman Central, Lebuhraya Darul Aman, Kampung Lubok Peringgi, 05100 Alor Setar, Kedah10 am–9:30 pm

Reach out My Laksa

Reach out to My Laksa Malaysia. I recommend you visit their Official website. Contact your nearest outlet using phone number +6011 562 13130. For further enquiries, Email the At mylaksa(At) If you are interested in getting the most up-to-date information About their Deals and promotions, Consider following My Laksa Malaysia on their Official social media Accounts.

Faqs About My Laksa  Malaysia

What type of Meal does My Laksa Malaysia Offer?

My Laska Malaysia offers a diverse variety of meal options like Asam Laksa, My Laksa, Bihun Tomyam, Soup, and Fried Snacks.

Is My Laksa Malaysia Halal?

Yes, All Ingredients they Use In preparation Of Lip-Smacking meals Are Halal certified/

Does My Laksa accept Reservations?

No, Unfortunately, My laksa Don’t Accept Reservations.

Does My Laksa Malaysia accept Payments through Credit Cards?

Yes, My Laksa Malaysia accept payments through credit cards and debit cards.

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