Nasken Coffee Menu and Price List

Are you being Coffee Lover Look Always for New and Unique Flavours and tastes in town. The Coffee shop I am going to talk about Should be on Your Bucket List. Nasken Coffee is a place like a Paradise for Coffee And tea Enthusiasts. Nasken Coffee specializes in preparing a diverse variety of Unique Flavours and tastes for different Preferences.

Nasken Coffee is Malaysia’s Homegrown Brand Set up shop by Young Turks at Kelantan in 2019. Counting down the days. By offering diverse variety without compromising on Quality, they made a good Place in less than half a decade. This year, they Aim to Open More Than 40 Outlets, and Currently, they Own More than 30 Outlets in Peninsular Malaysia.

They always work to introduce new Flavours and snacks to their menu. So, to Explore the Nasken coffee menu, scroll down. I have shared the Latest Nasken Coffee menu with the Latest Prices and newly added Menu items from Official sources. To get more updates about your favorite restaurants, Subscribe to Me. Let’s Begin and Explore the Updated Menu.

Nasken Coffee Menu and Price List Malaysia

Malay Cuisine

Nasken Coffee offers a variety of Local Malaysian tastes on its menu, like Nasi Goreng Seafood, Nasi Goreng Phad Kra Paw, and Nasi Ayam Goreng Kunyit. In Goreng Seafood, they Serve fried rice with Seafood for Just RM 14.00. This option costs between RM 8.00 and RM 14.00.

ItemPrice (MYR)


There is something for everyone, whether you are in search of local Malaysian Delights or a diverse variety of Western flavors. These western selections I recommend you try Chicken Grill, chicken Chop, Lamb Chop Grill, and Nasi Chicken Grill Penyet. If you are visiting, you must try any of these recommendations and also try a dish of your own choice and share your experience with me.

ItemPrice (MYR)


Tom Yam PastaThai-inspired pasta with spicy lemongrass, chili, lime, fish sauce, and coconut milk sauce, served with noodles, shrimp or chicken, and fresh herbs.RM 18.00
Nasi Phad Kra PhawAuthentic Thai taste stirred fried of minced chicken and basil Thai leave, served with fluffy white rice, accompanied with a sunny side up fried egg and spicy sambalRM 10.00

Light Bites

Nasken Coffee Offers a Diverse Variety of Lite Bites, Snacks, or Side dishes. I recommend you try the following lite Bite options: Cheesy Meatballs, Spicy Cheesy drumming, and Pancake. If you want some light, consider going with the following options listed below. All the Options are prepared freshly using fresh Ingredients sourced from Local Suppliers. These bite Cost Around RM 2.00 to RM 16.00

Nasken Coffee Lite Bites
Cheesy MeatballsSeasoned ground meat mixed with cheese, breadcrumbs, and fries, cooked in black pepper sauceRM 16.00
Spicy Korean DrumwingCrispy fried drumwings coated with authentic traditional Korean sauce, served with roasted sesameRM 15.00
Spicy Crispy DrumwingsCrispy fried drumwings, served with mayonnaise and chili sauceRM 15.00
Spicy Cheesy DrumwingsCrispy fried drumwings, served with western da bomb cheesy sauceRM 15.00
PancakeFluffy pancake drizzled with honey, served with blueberry jam and vanilla gelato, topped with chocolate sauceRM 11.00
Mushroom Soup with Garlic BreadWarm soup with mushroom served with crispy mayonnaise garlic breadRM 9.00
Crispy Chicken NuggetCrispy, boneless chicken breast and thigh meat chunksRM 8.00
FriesFreshly deep-fried potatoes, served with mayonnaise and chili sauceRM 7.00
Toast Bread BiscoffSweet, buttery toast with Biscoff spread and cinnamonRM 3.00
Half Boiled EggHalf-cooked egg served with a sprinkle of salt and pepperRM 2.50
Toast Bread KayaSweet toast with traditional coconut jamRM 2.00


Coffee At Nasken Coffee is one of the most popular categories on their menu. This is like a paradise for Coffee Lovers. Sometimes, when I feel tired, I order Latte Roasted Hazelnut coffee for a Caffeine Boost. These coffee Options lie Between RM 7.00 and RM 15.00.

Siapa setuju dgn saya Nasken Coffee malaysia
Latte BiscoffDoubleshot espresso, Biscoff spread, Fresh milkRM 15.00
Spanish LatteRich espresso, silky steamed milk, hint of sweet indulgenceRM 11.00
MochaChocolate sauce, Doubleshot espresso, Fresh milkRM 11.00
Latte Vanilla (Nasken Series)RM 11.00
Latte Salted CaramelDoubleshot, Salted caramel sauce, Fresh milkRM 11.00
Latte Roasted HazelnutDoubleshot espresso, Roasted hazelnut syrup, Fresh milkRM 11.00
Latte Creme Brule (Nasken Series)RM 11.00
Latte Classic VanillaDoubleshot espresso, Classic flavour, Fresh milkRM 11.00
Latte Classic RoseDoubleshot espresso, Classic flavour, Fresh milkRM 11.00
Latte Classic HazelnutDoubleshot espresso, Classic flavour, Fresh milkRM 11.00
Latte Classic CaramelDoubleshot espresso, Classic flavour, Fresh milkRM 11.00
Latte Caramel MacchiatoDoubleshot espresso, Cold foam, Caramel drizzle, Vanilla syrup, Fresh milkRM 11.00
Latte Butterscotch (Nasken Series)RM 11.00
Latte ButterscotchFresh milk, Butterscotch sauce, Doubleshot espressoRM 11.00
Latte AlmondDoubleshot espresso, Toasted almond syrup, Fresh milkRM 11.00
LatteFresh milk, Doubleshot espressoRM 10.00
CappuccinoDoubleshot espresso, Cold foam, Fresh milkRM 10.00
AmericanoDoubleshot espresso, Plain waterRM 8.00
Espresso Double ShotTwo expertly pulled shots of espressoRM 7.00


In the Non-coffee Category, some Tea Options are my favorite Options on the Nasken Coffee Menu. Earl Grey Tea, Fresh Milk, Kucate Beau-Tea, “a Unique Tea Option,” and Lemon Tea. Non coffee is Really Delectable and Can make everyone feel relaxed. These options cost Between RM 6.00 and RM 16.00.

Nasken Coffee non Coffee
Matcha StrawberryEarthy matcha meets vibrant sweetness of ripe strawberriesRM 16.00
Biscoff FrappeLuxurious blend of creamy goodnessRM 16.00
Strawberry FrappeCold and refreshing strawberry drink blended with ice, milk, sugar, and sometimes whipped creamRM 13.00
Watermelon MojitoWatermelon mojito with watermelon syrup, Menta Cubano, Air sodaRM 12.00
Passionfruit Tea SparklerPassionfruit syrup, Black tea syrup, Air sodaRM 13.00
Passionfruit MojitoPassionfruit syrup, Menta Cubano, Air sodaRM 12.00
Mango FrappeLuscious blend of ripe mangoes, creamy goodness, and icy refreshmentRM 12.00
Honey Lemon SparklingRM 12.00
Orange JuiceRM 11.00
MatchaMatcha powder, Fresh milk, SugarRM 11.00
Kucate SuperwomanEmbrace the flavor of KucateRM 11.00
Green Apple JuiceRM 11.00
ChocolateChoco powder, Chocolate sauce, Fresh milkRM 11.00
Kucate Stress FreeEmbrace the flavor of KucateRM 10.00
Kucate Happy TummyEmbrace the flavor of KucateRM 10.00
Kucate Habbatus Sauda & LemonEmbrace the flavor of KucateRM 10.00
Kucate Beau-TeaEmbrace the flavor of KucateRM 10.00
Lemon TeaClassic beverage with zesty lemon and soothing teaRM 8.00
Honey LemonRefreshing blend of natural honey and freshly squeezed lemonRM 8.00
English Breakfast TeaClassic and robust tea experience from a blend of fine tea leavesRM 8.00
Earl Grey TeaClassic blend of fine black tea leaves with essence of bergamotRM 8.00
Fresh MilkRM 6.00


Product NameDescriptionPrice
Vanilla Almond CookiesSmooth vanilla with crunchy almondsRM15.00
Sea Salt Chocolate CookiesSweet and salty blend of chocolateRM15.00
Sea Salt Caramel CookiesSweet and salty caramel blendRM15.00
Red Velvet CookiesSoft and chewy red velvet cookiesRM15.00
Chocolate Chip CookiesClassic homemade chocolate chip cookiesRM15.00
Butterscotch CookiesWarm and comforting butterscotch flavorRM15.00
Brownies CookiesRich and indulgent brownie cookiesRM15.00
S’mores CookiesGooey marshmallow and chocolate fillingRM3.00
Chocolate Soft CookiesDecadent chocolate taste with soft and chewy textureRM3.00


Cakes Nasken Coffee Malaysia
Product NameDescriptionPrice
Cheesekut Cake BoxCreamy cheesecake with a crunchy biscuit baseRM15.00
Premium Biscoff CakeMoist cake with Biscoff cream and cookie bitsRM14.00
Nutella Burnt Cheese CakeCreamy cheesecake with caramelized burnt top and Nutella fillingRM14.00
Chilled Biscoff Cheese CakeCreamy cheesecake infused with Biscoff spreadRM14.00
Biscoff Indulgence CakeDecadent cake celebrating Biscoff cookiesRM14.00
Biscoff Burnt Cheese CakeCreamy cheesecake with caramelized Biscoff cookie crunchRM14.00
Batik Biscoff Indulgence CakeBatik cake combined with Biscoff cookiesRM14.00
Vanilla Blueberry CakeMoist vanilla cake with juicy blueberriesRM13.00
Strawberry Almond CakeStrawberry-filled cake with crunchy almondsRM13.00
Rainbow CakeColorful layers of soft vanilla cakeRM13.00
Premium Red Velvet CakeLuxurious red velvet cake with cream cheese frostingRM13.00
Peanut Butter Chocolate CakeChocolate cake with creamy peanut butter fillingRM13.00
Pandan Gula Melaka CakePandan sponge cake with Gula MelakaRM13.00
Nutty Nutella CakeChocolate cake with layers of Nutella spreadRM13.00
Merdeka CakeRM13.00
Magnum Tornado CakeIndulgent chocolate cake inspired by Magnum ice creamRM13.00
Chocolate Indulgence CakeRich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache or mousse fillingRM13.00
Chocolate Fudge CakeMoist chocolate cake with fudge fillingRM13.00
Chilled Strawberry CheesecakeCheesecake with strawberries and biscuit crustRM13.00
Chilled Mango CheesecakeCheesecake with mangoes and graham cracker crustRM13.00
Chilled Chocolate CheesecakeCheesecake with premium cocoa and chocolate ingredientsRM13.00
Chilled Blueberry CheesecakeCheesecake with blueberries on topRM13.00
Black Forest CakeClassic chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherriesRM13.00
Batik Indulgence CakeChocolate sponge cake with ganache and creamy fillingRM13.00
Burnt Cheese CakeVelvety smooth cheesecake with caramelized burnt crustRM12.00
Brownies Mix NutRich chocolate brownies with mixed nutsRM9.00
Brownies Dip N DipFudgy brownies with chocolate dipping sauceRM9.00

Mille Crepe

Indulgence Cake & Nutella Mile Crepe at Nasken Coffee
Mille Crepe FlavorPrice
Biscoff Mille CrepeRM15.00
Walnut Salted Caramel Mille CrepeRM14.70
Vanilla Chocolate Crunchy Mille CrepeRM14.00
Red Velvet Mille CrepeRM14.00
Pandan Gula Melaka Mille CrepeRM14.00
Neapolitan Mille CrepeRM14.00
Mango Mille CrepeRM14.00
Lemon Mille CrepeRM14.00
Green Tea Mille CrepeRM14.00
Dark Cookies Mille CrepeRM14.00
Blueberry Mille CrepeRM14.00
Banana & Chocolate Salted Caramel Mille CrepeRM14.00
Tiramisu Mille CrepeRM14.00
Rainbow Mille CrepeRM14.00
Nutella Mille CrepeRM14.00
Merdeka Mille CrepeRM14.00


Pastry NameDescriptionPrice
Strawberry Cheese TartRM15.00
Premium Berries PavlovaExquisite pavlova with berriesRM15.00
Biscoff Cheese TartCheesecake with Biscoff cookiesRM9.00
Nutella Cheese TartCheesecake with NutellaRM8.00
Crème BrûléeCreamy dessert with caramelized sugar toppingRM8.00
Chocolate Cheese TartCheesecake with chocolateRM8.00
Blueberry Cheese TartCheesecake with blueberriesRM8.00
Chicken Sausage DonutSavory and sweet donutRM7.35
XL Ring DonutOversized donut with glaze or powdered sugarRM6.30
Vanilla Chocolate TwistVanilla and chocolate cake layersRM6.00
Pineapple BarSweet snack or dessert with pineapple flavorRM6.00
Ikan Bilis DonutDonut with crispy ikan bilis (anchovies)RM6.00
Red Bean DonutDonut with red bean fillingRM5.00
French Style Croissant 50gTraditional French croissantRM5.00
Chocolate RollRM5.25
Apple LatticeRM5.00

Popular Menu Items at Nasken Coffee Menu

Nasken Coffee menu food

I have listed the top 6 Popular Items offered By Nasken Coffee in their Menu. I also recommend You try the following options to make Nasken Coffee a Destination for the Next Tours while craving delectable desserts and a caffeine Boost. These 6 top options are a Favorite Of many Customers. I am sure That You will love these options in the first Sip of coffee and a bite of snacks and desserts.

  1. Latte Caramel Macchiato
  2. Seafood Aglio Olio
  3. Chicken Chop
  4. Chocolate
  5. Carbonara
  6. Latte Roasted Hazelnut

Alternatives Of Nasken Coffee Malaysia

Nasken Coffee In outlet

It didn’t take too long to find Items Alternatives because I always keep my eyes on every old and newly Opened Coffee shop and visit them to try their Snacks and coffee. So, I listed 5 alternatives by their prices, Variety, and taste Of Snacks. I also recommend You Try GiGi coffee if You want to try an alternative because they offer almost the same prices and a diverse variety as Nasken Coffee.

Locations Near me Nasken Coffee Malaysia

Locate your nearest Outlet from the Outlet listed below, and to reserve a Table, Contact the Following contact no Given in Front of the Outlet and enjoy your snacks and coffee.

Nasken Coffee Malaysia
Location & AddressContact Number
Nasken Coffee KB MALL Kiosk – 1, Jalan Hamzah, Bandar Kota Bharu, 15050 Kota Bharu, Kelantan01118597769
Nasken Coffee Wakaf Siku Kiosk – LOT 421 TINGKAT BAWAH KAMPUNG LANGGAR, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, SEKSYEN 21, 15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan01118597769
Nasken Coffee Colek Bini Salor – Lot 1137, Jalan Wakaf Che Yeh – Salor – Pasir Mas, Kampung Chabang 3, 15100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia01118597769
Nasken Coffee Express Laman Firdaus Kuala Krai – Lot PT9487, Laman Firdaus, No.19, Jalan LF 1, Bandar Baru, 18000 Kuala Krai, Kelantan01118597769
Nasken Coffee Rantau Panjang – Pt 2144 & Pt 2145 – bawah, Taman Jaya Indah, BGL Kulim, 17200 Rantau Panjang, Kelantan01118597769
Nasken Coffee Kompleks Mutiara Gua Musang – SB5, TINGKAT BAWAH, KOMPLEKS MUTIARA, BANDAR LAMA, 18300 Gua Musang, Kelantan+60197152637 (Aisyah)
Nasken Coffee Pasir Tumboh – Lot 3924-1-1, Jalan Pasir Puteh, Bandar Satelit Pasir Tumboh, 15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan+6019-7799608
Nasken Coffee Kok Lanas – PT 5095, Tingkat 2, Kompleks Perniagaan Saidina Ali, 16450 Kok Lanas, Kelantan+6019-9509608
Nasken Coffee Jerteh – Lot 60186, Kampung Mak Sara, 22000 Jerteh, Terengganu+6013-6597320
Nasken Coffee Pasir Puteh – PT 3076 Mukim Pengkalan Jalan Pasir Puteh Sentral 2/2 16800 Pasir Puteh, Kelantan+6013-6648891 (Minul)
Nasken Coffee Pasir Pekan – 1685, Jalan SBJ Putra 3, Desa Sri Putra, 16210 Tumpat, Kelantan+609-7406621
Nasken Coffee Tanah Merah – Lot 1057 (A) Dan (B) Tanah Rezab Keretapi, Jalan Pasir Mas, 17500 Tanah Merah, Kelantan+6019-5979608
Nasken Coffee Lembah Sireh – Pt 469, Seksyen 17, Jambatan Sultan Yahya Petra, Lembah Sireh, 15050 Kota Bharu, Kelantan+6019-7370019
Nasken Coffee Troika – 1-3 & 1-4, Troika Kota Bharu, Jalan Mahmood 15200 Bandar Kota Bharu, Kelantan+6019-4199608
Nasken Coffee KTCC – G16 KTCC Mall, Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin 20400 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu+6019-7919608
Nasken Coffee Tumpat – No. 7, (34 & 35, PT4009 & PT4238) Jalan Setia 3, Bandar Bentara Tumpat 16200 Tumpat, Kelantan Darul Naim+6018-9430665
Nasken Coffee Jalan Guchil Bayam – PT 658-659, Jalan Guchil Bayam, 15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan+6019-9109131 (Farah)
Nasken Coffee Mydin Tunjong – G-07, F&B Ground Floor, Mydin Mall Tunjong, Lot Pt 666, Jalan Kuala Krai, Bandar Baru Tunjong, 16010, Kota Bharu, Kelantan+6013-7435156 (Syamil)
Nasken Coffee Ostia Bangi – No.B-G-6, Blok B, Jalan Ostia Utama, Taman Ostia Bangi, 43650, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor+6010-5736262(Shima)
Nasken Coffee Mini Zoo Kuala Krai – Mini Zoo Kuala Krai, 18000, Kuala Krai, Kelantan+6017-9052456(Haikal)
Nasken Coffee Jelawat – Lot 16, PT 4343, Uptown Jelawat, Bachok, Kelantan+6014-9164030(Haikal)
Nasken Coffee Rimba Square, Terengganu – Lot PT 37791, Tingkat Bawah, Rimba Square, Jalan Gong Pak Damat, 21300, Kuala Terengganu+6013-3101387 (Izwan)
Nasken Coffee Tune Hotel – Level 1, Open Café (Tune Hotel KBCC), Jalan Hamzah, 15050 Kota Bharu, Kelantan+6011-19872690
Nasken Coffee IM7 Kuantan – A11, A13 & A15 Ground Floor, Bandar Indera Mahkota 25200 Kuantan, Pahang+6016-4449007
Nasken Coffee Pengkalan Chepa – Lot 1870 B&C, Batu 2, Jln Pengkalan Chepa, 15400 Kota Bharu, Kelantan+6019-8809608
Nasken Coffee Pasir Mas – Lot 1378/A Jalan JKR 17000 Pasir Mas Kelantan+6019-4809608
Nasken Coffee Sungai Besi – Ground and First Floor No. 53 & 53-1 Jalan Tasik Utama 6, Medan Niaga Tasik Damai, The Trillium, Lake Fields Sungai Besi 570

Career Opportunities at Nasken Coffee

On 13 Jan 2024, Nasken Coffee posted on their Social media that They are hiring for the following positions. If you are interested in working with Nasken Coffee, fill out the form. For further information, contact Nasken Coffee at 010- 2569608 Timing From 10 am-4.30 pm and dressing formal, Semi formal. NOTE: WHILE MALING NASKEN COFFEE DONT FORGET TO REPLACE (AT) WITH (@). THIS MEASURE IS TAKEN TO SECURE EMAILS FROM BOTS SPAMMING THE INBOX

  • Chef/Cooker
  • Barista Assistant
  • Part-time Crew.

Review At Nasken Coffee

Espresso Orange Juice new and Apple Juice Spanish Latte

Nasken Coffee Is a new Talk of the Town I am going to talk about. I have recently found This Place to Get a Caffeine Boost, and for the first time, I visited Nasken Coffee Wilayah Persekutuan KL Outlet in the Morning for breakfast. That day, I was planning a Travel to Malaka. So, I arrived early and Ordered Chicken Chop, Pancake, Toast Bread, Biscoff, and Spanish Latte coffee.

Even In the early Morning, All the Meals and drinks were freshly prepared. Fresh and crispy toast bread, their meal like chicken chop were really Delicious and Melting in Mouth. Suppose I fulfill my appetite and continue My Journey to Malaka. They deserve a Rating of 5 stars because that time was early, and the staff was active and served Me my ordered meal in just a Moment.

So, in Simple Words, I like their Services, Meals, and Staff way of talking, and each and everything Is perfect. You can consider this as a perfect post for breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Reach out Nasken Coffee Malaysia

To Reach out to Nasken Coffee Malaysia, navigate to their official website’s Contact Us Page. If you are interested in getting up to date on the Latest News, deals, and Promotions, regularly check their Website News and promotion page and follow Nasken Coffee On their Social media accounts.

Faqs about Nasken Coffee

When did First Nasken Coffee open in Malaysia?

Nasken Coffee Is a Malaysia Homegrown Brand Founded In 2019 December from Kelantan.

What is the specialty of Nasken Coffee Malaysia?

Nasken Coffee Is a Malaysian-owned Coffee Shop specializing in preparing and offering a diverse Variety of Snacks, Coffee, and non-coffee drinks.

Does Nasken Coffee Accept Payment Through Credit Cards?

Yes, They Accept Payment With credit cards. So, you can Easily Pay Using Your Credit Card.

What are the opening hours at Nasken Coffee?

Nasken Coffee opens early at 7 am, so if You want to have breakfast early in the morning, it’s possible to Close at 11 pm. Note* Some outlets Open At 8 am. So before visiting Nasken Coffee Late Night or early morning place, make sure the outlet you are going to visit is open at that time.

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