Bean Jr Menu and Price List

Are you out during lunch Break or seeking out snacks and desserts to enjoy with your friends or family? Bean Jr is one of the most celebrated destinations with specialties in crafting lip-smacking, and unique Snacks. Bean Jr is an attraction point for all, whether you are a local or travelling to Malaysia. They are famous among many for offering Premium quality Snacks at Pocket-Friendly Prices.

Bean Jr is a Hotspot for those seeking out a diverse variety of unique and melting-in-mouth snacks. Bean Jr Menu is Colorful, like Colors in a Rainbow. There is something for everyone, whether you are craving hot or cold options like Brain Power (Tau Fu Fah – Cold) and Brain Power (Tau Fu Fah – Hot).

Being a passionate foodie and Digital Creator, I don’t let the chance slip through my fingers when it comes to exploring new tastes around me. So, I recently got a chance to visit Bean Jr with my friends, where I saw some new flavours and ordered. I was excited to try their Fruit Series, and this Series really tasted like a heavenly drink and satisfied my taste buds.

Are you looking for the latest Bean Jr Menu and Price list? I have shared the latest Menu with Prices for Your ease in getting a better idea about the Bean Jr Menu before visiting. I am working all the time to update the latest menu items and price lists, but I still recommend you visit the official source.

Bean Jr Menu and Price List Malaysia

Bean Jr Menu Is arranged in the following categories.

Bean Jr Menu And Price List Malaysia

Only For Ramadan & Raya

Only For Ramadan & RayaDescriptionPrice
Rosy MarySyrup Bandung Soy Shaved Ice, Black Pearls, Grass Jelly, Vanilla Ice CreamRM 15.80
Syrup To My BandungSyrup Bandung Soy Shaved Ice, Peanuts, Red Bean, CendolRM 15.80

Soy Hor Fun

Soy Hor Fun (New)DescriptionPrice
N2. Berry Miss U Man(Go)Soy shaved ice, sago, pandan soy hor fun, mango, strawberry, grass jelly, and mini taro ballsRM 17.80
N3. Kiss You OnlySoy shaved ice, sago, sweet potato soy hor fun, pandan soy hor fun, red bean, glutinous rice balls, taro balls, and pop pop yogurtRM 18.80
N4. BojioSoy shaved ice, sago, sweet potato soy hor fun, taro balls, strawberry, and soy gelato. Soy gelato might be melted when arrivedRM 18.80

Hot Food (New)

Hot Food (New)DescriptionPrice
Signature Mee SiamMee Hun stir fry with special sauce, Egg, Sambal, CucumberRM 9.80
Signature Mee Siam With Curry ChickenMee Hun stir fry with special sauce, Egg, Sambal, Cucumber, Curry Chicken, PotatoRM 19.80
Signature Mee Siam With Fried DrumstickMee Hun stir fry with special sauce, Egg, Sambal, Cucumber, signature Deep fried chicken drumstickRM 19.80
Nasi LemakCoconut rice, peanut, anchovies, egg, sambal, cucumberRM 9.80
Nasi Lemak With Curry ChickenCoconut rice, peanut, anchovies, egg, sambal, cucumber, curry chicken, potatoRM 19.80
Nasi Lemak With Fried DrumstickCoconut rice, peanut, anchovies, egg, sambal, cucumber, signature deep fried chicken drumstickRM 19.80
Spaghetti BologneseSpaghetti, tomato, minced chicken, mixed herbsRM 16.80

Signature Bean Jr

Signature Bean Jr category offers some of the most popular and delicious options loved by people of all ages. This category contains lip-smacking options like mango heaven, which is one of my favourite options, honeydew and soy cha. All These options are affordable and cost around RM 17 to RM 18

Bean Jr SignaturesDescriptionPrice
Mango Heaven (S1)Soy Shaved Ice, Tau Fu Fah, Mango, Sago, PameloRM 16.80
Honey Dew (S2)Soy Shaved Ice, Tau Fu Fah, Honeydew, SagoRM 15.80
Soya Cha Cha (S3)Soy Shaved Ice, Tau Fu Fah, Mini Taro Balls, Sago, Honey Yam, Sweet PotatoRM 15.80
Mala Tau Fu Fa (C1)Hot Tau Fu Fah, Chili, Chili Pepper, Peanut, Sesame, Pickled Veggie, Spring OnionRM 10.80

Tau Fu Fah

If you are in search of heavenly Drinks to Satisfy your Appetite, then tau fu fah is a category containing options to satisfy your Craving with their premium quality drinks. All the Drinks are crafted with fresh ingredients Sourced on a daily basis that give every drink perfection in Taste and texture.

If you are looking for the most budget-friendly spot for drinks and Snacks, you can consider Bean Jr in your list of budget-friendly spots. Tau Fu Fah Category costs between RM 13 and RM 19. I Tau Fu Fah I have tasted all of them, and these are my favourite Drinks at Bean Jr Brain Power in Hot, balls party in cold and hot and Hometown cold

Tau Fu Fah creations in Bean Jr Menu Malaysia
Tau Fu FahDescriptionPrice
Brain Power (T1)Honey Yam, Gingko, Red BeanRM 11.80
Tofu Riffic (T2)5 Colors Taro Balls, Peachgum, Grass JellyRM 16.80
Dairy Godmother (T3)Barlie, Gingko, Rice Balls, Soy Bean CurdRM 13.80
Power Rangers (T4)Mini Taro Balls, Black PearlsRM 12.80
Hometown Favorite (T5)Cendol, Honey Yam, Sweet Potato BallsRM 11.80
Three Fairies (T7)Grass Jelly, Matcha Balls, Sweet Potato Balls, Black PearlsRM 12.80
Balls Party (T8)Black Pearls, Glutinous Rice Balls, Taro BallsRM 13.80

Coolblog’s ever-changing menu features local favorites like nasi lemak, roti canai, and Hainanese chicken rice made with fresh, quality ingredients.

Soy Bingsu

Soy BingsuDescriptionPrice
Ice Ice Baby (I1)GULA Melaka Soy Shaved Ice, 5 Colour Taro Balls, Black PearlsRM 18.80
Nuts About You (I2)Gula Melaka Soy Shaved Ice, Crushed Peanuts, Red Bean, Matcha BallsRM 15.80
Hey Mickey (I3)Chocolate Soy Shaved Ice, Oreo, Cornflakes, Strawberry, Vanilla Ice CreamRM 17.80
Choco-Lot Nana (I4)Chocolate Soy Shaved Ice, Salted Gula Melaka Granola, Banana, Vanilla Ice CreamRM 16.80
Mango Tango (I5)Mango Soy Shaved Ice, Fresh Mango, Vanilla Ice Cream, Almond FlakesRM 18.80

Soy Milk Shaved Ice

Bean Jr Menu have a variety of options prepared using Soy milk and ice. The Soy milk shaved ice category offers options like Soy Happy, Soy Into You, Soymate, and Soy in Love. All these options are priced between RM 15 to RM 18. In the soy milk category, I have tasted soy happy and soy mate, which satisfy my tastebuds and left me wanting more.

soya milk Drinks Menu and Price List Bean Jr Malaysia
Soy Milk Shaved IceDescriptionPrice
Soy Happy (G1)Peanut, Red Bean, Sweet Potato Ball, Taro Ball, Matcha BallRM 14.80
Soy Into You (G2)Cendol, Honey Yam, Sweet Potato BallRM 13.80
Soymate (G3)Tau Fu Fah, Peachgum, Rice Balls, Honey Yam, Sweet Potato BallsRM 16.80
Soy in Love (G4)Red Bean, Mini Taro Balls, Glutinous RiceballsRM 15.80

Soy Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Taro SoybeanRM 8.80
Black Sesame SoybeanRM 9.80
Watermelon SoymilkRM 8.80
Black Pearls SoybeanRM 9.80
ABC SoybeanRM 9.80
Mini Taro Balls SoybeanRM 9.80
Grass Jelly & Barley SoybeanRM 9.80

Lemon Jade Ice

Menu ItemsPrice List
Sunset MiamiRM 13.00


Menu ItemPrice
Chocolate Banana WaffleRM 8.80
Gula Melaka WaffleRM 6.80
Homemade Kaya Butter WaffleRM 6.80
Oreo WaffleRM 8.80
Strawberry WaffleRM 8.80
Apam WaffleRM 8.80

Fruit Series

Fruits SeriesDescriptionPrice
Mango-Nificient (F1)Soy shaved ice, mango, taro balls & black pearlsRM 14.80
Just Dew It (F2)Soy shaved ice, honey dew, black pearls & sagoRM 13.80
Double Trouble (F3)Soy shaved ice, honey dew, mango & sagoRM 14.80
Mango Party (F4)Soy shaved ice, mango, mini taro balls & sagoRM 14.80
Shine of Black (F5)Soy Shaved Ice, Grass Jelly Base, Mango, Black Pearls, Mini Taro BallsRM 16.80

Customize your dessert

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Hot Tau Fu Fah (M1)Yellow bean tau fu fahRM 4.90
Cold Tau Fu Fah (M2)Yellow bean tau fu fahRM 5.90
Hot Soybean (M5)Yellow bean soybeanRM 4.90
Iced Soybean (M6)Yellow bean soybeanRM 4.90
Soy Bean (Cold – Bottle) (M6B)Yellow bean soybeanRM 6.90
Grass Jelly (M7)Serve with Brown Sugar and soymilkRM 6.90
Grass Jelly with Soy Shaved Ice (M8)Serve With Brown Sugar and SoymilkRM 7.90
Hot Black Soybean (M9)RM 5.90
Iced Black Soybean (M10)RM 5.90
Black Soybean (Iced – Bottle) (M10B)RM 7.90
Lemon Jade Ice (M11)RM 5.90


Snacks and Desserts Bean Jr Menu And Prices Malaysia
Menu ItemPrice
Taro Ball Muah CheeRM 8.80
Mini CakoiRM 5.80
Kaya CakoiRM 6.80
Golden Pumpkin SticksRM 9.80
Popcorn ChickenRM 1.80
Mala QQ TofuRM 9.80


Drinks In Bean Jr Menu Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Hot SoybeanRM 5.70
Hot Black SoybeanRM 6.70
Taro SoybeanRM 9.60
Black Sesame SoybeanRM 10.60
Avocado Soybean (Favorite)RM 11.60
Black Pearls SoybeanRM 10.60
ABC SoybeanRM 10.60
Mini Taro Balls SoybeanRM 10.60
Grass Jelly & Barley SoybeanRM 10.60
Watermelon SoymilkRM 9.60
Soy Bean (Cold – Bottle)RM 6.90
Black Soybean (Cold – Bottle)RM 7.90
Soy Bean (Cold)RM 5.70
Black Soy Bean (Cold)RM 6.70

Tigar Sugar’s new menu offers delicious classic and innovative desserts like their signature mango sticky rice and pandan chiffon cake, showcasing diverse Malaysian flavors.

Top Selling items At Bean Jr Menu Malaysia

Bean Jr specializes in preparing a variety of drinks, but I have listed some of the most popular top-selling items on the Bean Jr Menu in Malaysia.

  1. Taro Ball Muah Chee
  2. Tofu Riffic
  3. Balls Party
  4. Double Trouble
  5. Power Rangers
  6. Brain Power

Alternatives of Bean Jr Malaysia

Here, I have listed some of the alternatives that can be considered as an alternative to Bean Jr, but if you find some other options, you can try exploring the food industry. The sky is the limit. So, if you find some other alternative options, visit them, try their food, and share your experience with Me.

  • OldTown White Coffee
  • Kopitiam
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Pacific Coffee
  • Tiong Nam

History of bean Jr Malaysia

Back in time, the cofounder of Bean Jr opened a dessert shop named Yugar Dessert House in Plaza Arkadia, Desa Parkcity in Kuala Lumper, in 2019. In June 2020, Bean jr first opened its headquarters in Kepong, and after a month, in July 2020, it opened its first outlet in Sri Petaling. In a Couple of years, Bean Jr became one of the most celebrated spots for offering Melting Mouth Snacks, desserts, and Drinks.

Where to order food from Bean Jr

Bean Jr. has all Outlets in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia. So they offer delivery in specific areas if you are craving some lip-smacking dessert options or snacks and Drinks. Unfortunately, they don’t Have a Delivery service, but they are available on Grab Food and Foodpanda. They order food from Bean Jr Malaysia Using third-party delivery networks like Food Panda and Grab Food.

Contact Bean Jr Malaysia.

To Contact Bean Jr Malaysia, visit their official website and follow them on Social media for the most recent updates and Promotions.

FAQs about Bean Jr Malaysia

How much does Bean Jr cost in Malaysia?

All Drinks and Snacks at Bean Jr cost between RM 5 to RM 20.

What options should I try on my first visit to Bean Jr Malaysia?

There are options that you can consider on your first visit to Bean Jr Malaysia.

  1. Power Rangers
  2. Balls Party
  3. Mango-Nificient
  4. Tofu Riffic
  5. Hello It’s Mango
  6. Taro Ball Muah Chee

Does Bean Jr offer halal food?

Yes, they claim that they use all halal ingredients in the preparation of snacks, desserts and drinks.

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