De Wan By Chef Wan Menu

Are You looking for A Lip-Smacking meal and A Passionate Foodie looking for local Malay and Asian Cuisine? De Wan By Chef Malaysia, a Renowned Restaurant, is Always Ready to Serve Everyone a diverse Variety of mouthwatering Flavours. This restaurant is one of the most celebrated Spots that Offers Premium Quality and taste.

Datuk Dr Redzuawan bin Ismail, also known as Chef Wan, has won numerous awards and is recognized as a chef, TV host, author, entrepreneur, and business owner. He Authored a dozen cookbooks and co-founded the Chef Wan Group of Restaurants.

De Wan 1958 by Chef Wan is designed to showcase authentic Malaysian cuisine on the world stage. The restaurant offers a tour of Malaysia’s diverse flavors, embodying the rich food cultures from different regions Focus on creating intimate dining experiences with dishes reflecting Malaysian spices and flavors.

So, If You are Craving Authentic Spices and Searching for the Latest De Wan By Chef Wan Menu with the Most Updated Prices, I have shared the Latest Menu Source From Official Sources. Remember, this Blog is a Guiding light for all the locals and tourists making their Minds to Visit This Renowned Restaurant. The menu I am going to share is the Latest, and I will try my best to keep it Up to date.

Complete De Wan Menu Malaysia

7th Edition Tiffin Set Menu

If you are Hungry while at Lunch and Looking for something lip-smacking, consider this Tiffin Set Options. These options are Really Delicious. If you want to Order these Options, remember you will have to order An hour Before visiting or pick up. This Tiffin is One Of the Most Delicious Meals I have personally Tried in my entire life. These Tiffin Options cost around RM 128.00 and 118.00. Recommend You to start with Ayam Kapitan.

7th Edition Tiffin Set Menu at De Wan Menu
Menu ItemsPrice ListOrdeer Before
Tiffin Set A: Kambing MasalaRM 128.001 Hour
Tiffin Set B: Ayam KapitanRM 118.001 Hour

Ready To Eat Frozen Packs

Menu ItemsPrice List
Kambing Kuzi (300g)RM 68.00
Daging Rendang Selangor Pack (300g)RM 68.00
Ayam Panggang Pencok Pack (300g)RM 32.00
Ayam Kapitan Pack (300g)RM 32.00
Kuah Gulai Kawah (500g)RM 22.00


Appetizers Are An Essential Part of the Whole Dining Experience. This appetizer is prepared Using Fresh and High-Quality Ingredients and offers A Lip-smacking taste for everyone till the Last Bite. In appetizers, I recommend you try  Chef Wan’s Spring Roll Wraps Because of their melting Mouth Taste and Tasty Flavors. Appetizers Costs around RM 38.00 to RM 42.00.

Aneka Satay – Mix (6 Sticks)RM 48.00
Aneka Satay – Beef (6 Sticks)RM 46.00
Aneka Satay – Lamb (6 Sticks)RM 50.00
Aneka Satay – Chicken (6 Sticks)RM 42.00
Satar Ikan and Pepes AyamRM 38.00

Salad / Soup

If you are seeking Lip-smacking Soup and salad Options, Then this category is for You. In Salad and Soups, they Offer a Diverse Variety of Options. In Soup, my favourite option is Sup Tulang Kambing Merah, and in salads, Kerabu Pomelo with Crispy Prawn Cheeks is my favourite of all these Options.

These Crispy Prawn Cheeks Offer a really Delectable taste. This option costs Around RM 32.00 to RM 42.00. The whole Menu Is a Bit expensive but worth it when it comes to The Mouthwatering taste.

Salad and Soup at De Wan Menu Malaysia
Kerabu Pucuk Paku with KerangRM 42.00
Kerabu Pomelo with Soft-Shell CrabRM 48.00
Cik Ani’s Tauhu IstimewaRM 32.00
Kerabu Mango with Crispy Salmon SkinRM 32.00
Sup Tulang Kambing MerahRM 38.00
Sup Perut IkanRM 38.00
Sup Ayam KampungRM 28.00

My Laksa serves up authentic Nyonya laksa and other Peranakan delicacies like otak-otak and curry mee, bringing traditional Malaysian flavors to the table.

Live Fish

Live Fish with some Other dishes at Dee Wan By Chef Wan
Live FishPrice
Ikan Ketutu (Soon Hock or Marble Goby)RM 488.00
Kerapu Harimau Estuary (Grouper)RM 258.00
Lambang Patin (Silver Catfish)RM 198.00
Ikan Jenahak (Silver Snapper)RM 198.00
Ikan Siakap (Sea Bass)RM 178.00
Ikan Tilapia Merah (Red Tilapia)RM 98.00
Ikan Nyok-nyok (Bigeye Trevally)RM 158.00
Ikan Jelawat/ Ikan Sultan (Hoven’s Carp)RM 108.00
Ikan Senangin (Threadfin)RM 168.00
Ikan Tenggiri (Mackerel)RM 168.00
Tong Seng (Australian Red Garoupa)RM 328.00


Bakar-Bakar De Wan By CHef Wan
Jumbo Sotong (per piece)RM 88.00
Ekor BakarRM 78.00
Udang Bakar Sambal PetaiRM 88.00
Lamb RackRM 298.00
Short Ribs Bakar MaduRM 108.00
Slipper LobsterRM 108.00
Campur-Campur Tasting PlatterRM 298.00

Mains To Share

In this Category, De Wan BY Chef Wan Offers a Diverse variety of options from veg to veg., so if You are a vegetarian at De Wan, Don’t Worry; This Category Has Something for You. This Main Category contains something for everyone no Metter You’re a Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian. De Wan Menu is also Famous Because of Its Diversity. This Main Menu Costs between RM 30.00 And RM 98.00

Mains To Share At Menu in De Wan By CHef Wan Malaysia
Main DishPrice
Ayam Buah KeluakRM 48.00
Ayam Kampung Rendang PulauRM 48.00
Ayam Masak Tomato and PruneRM 48.00
Daging BesamahRM 98.00
Daging DendengRM 98.00
Short Ribs Asam PedasRM 98.00
Kambing KurmaRM 68.00
Lamb Shank Opor HijauRM 88.00
Telur Itik Masak Lemak Cili PadiRM 32.00
Gulai Itik Serati with JackfruitRM 98.00
Sotong Kari Hijau Telur AsinRM 78.00
Sotong Kari De.Wan 1958RM 78.00
Sotong Goreng Masam ManisRM 78.00
Sotong Goreng KunyitRM 78.00
Sotong Sambal PetaiRM 82.00
Sotong Lemak Cili PadiRM 78.00
Fillet Asam PedasRM 78.00
Fillet Goreng Masam ManisRM 78.00
Fillet Steamed Aneka RasaRM 78.00
Udang Harimau Gulai Lemak KalioRM 78.00
Udang Harimau Goreng Masam ManisRM 78.00
Udang Harimau Kari Hijau Telur AsinRM 78.00
Udang Harimau Udang Steamed Aneka RasaRM 78.00
Udang Harimau Sambal PetaiRM 82.00
Udang Harimau Udang Kari De.Wan 1958RM 78.00
Udang Harimau Sambal Berlado Buah KedondongRM 78.00
Soft-shell Crab Kari Hijau Telur AsinRM 68.00
Soft-shell Crab Goreng Masam ManisRM 68.00
Soft-shell Crab Sambal PetaiRM 68.00
Nyonya Chap-ChaiRM 32.00
Terung Sambal UdangRM 38.00
Cendawan Kukur Lemak Cili PadiRM 38.00
Bendi Goreng Jintan HalusRM 32.00
Tempe Goreng Petai Ikan BilisRM 38.00
Pajeri Nanas Terung MudaRM 32.00
Asparagus Rendang Serunding AyamRM 48.00

Side Dishes

Side DishPrice
Ayam Goreng Kid StyleRM 38.00
Nasi Goreng Malinja Kid StyleRM 36.00
Telur Dadar Cili BawangRM 18.00
Sambal Petai BawangRM 28.00
Ulaman Desa Sambal TempoyakRM 28.00
Ikan Pekasam and Jeruk MamanRM 32.00
MantouRM 12.00
ChakoiRM 16.00


Rice Meal At De Wan By CHef Menu
Nasi Pandan DelimaRM 8.00
Nasi Bunga TelangRM 8.00
Nasi PutihRM 8.00

Sugar Bun delights with its signature freshly-baked buns and wide array of Asian fusion dishes, bringing creative flavors to the table.

Family Sets

Family SetPrice
Family Set A (4-5 pax)RM 498.00
Family Set B (4-5 pax)RM 698.00


Something Category at De wan By CHef Wan Malaysia
Something BubblyMint Lychee SodaRM 18.00
Assam Boi Pineapple MojitoRM 18.00
Fruity SangriaRM 18.00
Spiced Pineapple TonicRM 18.00
Coco PineRM 18.00
Paradise PunchRM 18.00
Minty Bliss BombRM 18.00
Rosey BandungRM 16.00
Something BrewedEspressoRM 8.00
Long BlackRM 10.00
LatteRM 13.00
CappucinoRM 13.00
MochachinoRM 13.00
De.Wan CoffeeRM 13.00
Melaka LatteRM 13.00
Something FizzyCoca-Cola LightRM 8.00
SpriteRM 8.00
Ginger AleRM 8.00
Something FloralBlooming Flower TeaRM 28.00
Butterfly Pea TeaRM 25.00
Lemongrass Ginger TeaRM 25.00
Harney & Sons (Exclusive Teas)RM 13.00
Something for EveryoneChocolateRM 13.00
Green Tea LatteRM 13.00
Teh TarikRM 8.00
Lemon TeaRM 8.00
Peach TeaRM 8.00
Honey LemonRM 8.00

Bottled Water

Mineral Water- Spritzer (550ml)RM 6.00
Acqua Panna (750ml)RM 20.00
San Pellegrino (sparkling) 750mlRM 20.00


Merchandises at chef Wan Menu Malaysia
Chef Wan’s Sambal Hijau Ikan MasinRM 23.00
Chef Wan’s Sambal Hitam BelimbingRM 23.00
Chef Wan’s Sambal Tempoyak PetaiRM 23.00
Chef Wan’s Acar BuahRM 23.00
A Tribute to Cik Ani Limited Edition Tote BagRM 30.00
A Tribute to Cik Ani Limited Edition ApronRM 30.00
Chef Wan’s Sambal setsRM 88.00
Chef Wan’s Flasket ThermosRM 68.00
Chef Wan UmbrellaRM 58.50

Popular selling items at De Wan Menu

If you are a Newbie and traveling across Malaysia, I recommend You to De Wan Restaurant at Lunch or Dinner to try their Lip-smacking Flavours Of food. So, if you are visiting for the first time And stuck on what to order, I recommend You try the 6 Most popular options on their Menu. This option is based On the orders of previous Customers.

  1. Cucur Udang
  2. Aneka Satay
  3. Kerabu Pucuk Paku with Kerang
  4. Pisang Gamilan
  5. Terung Sambal Udang
  6. Sup Ketam Singgang

Alternatives of De Wan Malaysia

If you are searching for an Alternative To De Wan Malaysia, I recommend You try the following options. They also offer a variety of Malay cuisine like De Wan, But in Taste, De Wan is My Personal Choice. For the taste of everywhere, I recommend you try other alternatives, and If you have any of your favourite Restaurants, Also Share them with me Because I also want to explore different Places to get the taste of different meals.

  • Restoran Rebung Chef Ismail
  • Cili Kampung
  • Sarkies
  • Restoran Nasi Kandar Line Clear

De Wan By Chef wan Delivery services

If you are at home and Craving lip-smacking food from De Wan By Chef Wan, then They offer Delivery Services and deliver fresh And Lip-Smacking meals to Customers’ Doorstep. So, if you are looking for how to order? Then, They offer Multiple delivery service options. You can Place an Order on the De Wan Official Website.

The Other Option They Offer Is to Deliver their Food Using their Party Delivery Partners like Foodpanda and Grabfood. Now it’s Your choice How You want to place an order. They will deliver your favourite Meal In the nick of time.

My Review about De Wan Malaysia

De Wab vt Chef Wan Interior Wall With Logo

De Wan Is a Malaysia-owned Restaurant that Is Like a Heaven full Of mouthwatering Flavours for every food Enthusiast Like Me. I have been in Deep Love with their Lip-Smacking food. So, around a half Month Ago, I Paid a visit to Give me a Treat On My Small Achievement.

I ordered  Kerabu Pomelo with Crispy Prawn Cheeks and Chef Wan’s Spring Roll Wraps, and I didn’t get too many options for tea there, So I ordered Cappucino Coffee. I visited KL Outlet, and the Food Was Super Delicious, which melts in mouths. I recommend you visit this Place if you have a wide Budget and Try all their Options that offer mouthwatering Tastes.

Interior logo On Wall Of De Wan By Chef Wan Malaysia

 The Interior Of the Restaurant is Luxurious and designed modern with a Nice Ambience in the Restaurant. The staff In the Restaurant is perfect and kind to everyone, but if we look at Prices, There Is Nothing under RM 20 except rice and Drinks. All the Food Is Expensive. I want to give them 5 out of 5 in everything, but when it comes to Prices, it’s a bit Costly.

De Wan By Chef Wan Near Me Location

Outlet NameAddressPhone No
The LINC KLDe.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan, Lot 2 – 2, Level 2, No.360, Jalan Tun Razak, 50900 Kuala Lumpur,  Kuala Lumpur03 – 7890 6016
Bangsar Shopping CentreDe.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan, F1 & F6, Level 1, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 285, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur03 – 7890 6016
Bangi Resort HotelDe.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan, Bangi Resort Hotel, Off Persiaran Bandar, Bangi Golf Club, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor03 – 7890 6016

Nutrition Values About De.Wan By Chef Wan Malaysia

DishApproximate CaloriesApproximate Fat (g)Approximate Carbohydrates (g)Approximate Protein (g)
Nasi Lemak500-70020-4060-8010-20
Beef Rendang400-60020-3510-2030-40
Roti Canai200-30010-2020-305-10

Allergens Values Of De.Wan By Chef Wan Menu

DishPotential Allergens
Nasi LemakPeanuts, Shrimp paste (belacan), Shellfish
Beef RendangNone (unless specific allergens are added)
Chicken SatayPeanuts, Soy (in marinade), Gluten (in soy sauce)
Char Kway TeowShellfish, Gluten (in noodles), Soy (in sauce)
Mee GorengGluten (in noodles), Shellfish, Eggs
Roti CanaiGluten (in flour), Dairy (in butter or ghee)
LaksaShellfish, Gluten (in noodles), Peanuts
Hainanese Chicken RiceSoy (in sauce), Gluten (in soy sauce), Garlic
Curry LaksaShellfish, Gluten (in noodles), Peanuts
Rendang ChickenNone (unless specific allergens are added)
MurtabakGluten (in dough), Dairy (in filling), Eggs
Prawn MeeShellfish, Gluten (in noodles), Soy (in sauce)
Nasi GorengSoy (in sauce), Gluten (in soy sauce), Eggs
Penang Assam LaksaFish (in broth), Shellfish, Peanuts

Reach Out De Wan by Chef Wan

If you have any questions regarding De Wan, Navigate to De Wan’s official Website, reach out to them through their Contact Us page, and submit Your Query. Also, Consider Contacting them through their cell Number at 03-7890 6016. If you are interested in getting updates about the latest deals and promotions at De Wan By Chef Wan, then follow them on their Official Social Media Accounts.

Faqs about De Wan By chef Wan

Is De Wan by Chef Wan Halal?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find De Wan on the Malaysia Halal Portal.

Does De want to accept reservations?

Yes, De Wan By Chef Wan Accept Online Reservations. If you want to reserve your Place, visit their Official website, and navigate to their reservation, fill in the required information, and Make reservations at De Wan Malaysia.

Does De Wan offer Delivery Services?

Yes, Absolutely They Offer Delivery Services through Multiple Options. They have their order-taking system, and they Are registered with third-party delivery services like Foodpanda and Grabfood.

What Type Of Meal De Wan Serve on Their Menu?

De wan Malaysia Serve juicy charcoal-grilled chicken or beef skewers, marinated with local spices, served with a side of traditional steamed rice cakes.

What range Does De Wan Serve In their Menu in Malaysia?

De Wan Has A diverse Variety of Options in their Menu, ranging From RM 6.00 TO its peak, Around RM 2,688.00, which is Cny 2024.

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