Halab Penang Menu and Price list

We all are Familiar with Penang, which is in the limelight in the World when it comes to lip-smacking, Spicy, Flavourous and healthy Meals. This Place is also known as the Paradise of Melting in Mouth Meal. In Today’s Blog, I am Going to Talk about a Restaurant That Is Committed to serving locals and Tourists Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Halab Penang has Specialties in Preparing authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine with Fresh and Prime Quality Ingredients. They Are Committed to Serve Every Customer a Prime Quality Meal with friendly and helping Staff, With Fine Dining and Airy Sitting Area. Their menu offers a diverse variety of heavenly Drinks and cuisine and has much for everyone.

All the Items in the Halab Penang Menu Are Listed below, and I Am Keep Updated with New Menu Items and prices as They Change. The Complete Menu is Compiled by Bellow. Let’s Choose our Favorite Options before visiting.

Halab Penang Menu and Price list Malaysia

Appetizer & Salad

Halab Penang Offer a Wide Range Of salad and appetizers to Start the Experience at the Table. I really like their Delicious Menu options. Spicy Salad and Coleslaw Salad Are my Favorite Options in this category. If I discuss the Prices at Halab Penang, it’s a Mid-range Restaurant. Their Dishes are Not too Expensive. This Category Cost Range Between RM 11.50 to RM 51.85.

ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
HummusCold appetizerRM 19.55
MoutabalCold appetizerRM 19.55
Black OlivesCold appetizerRM 19.55
Grape LeavesCold appetizerRM 19.55
MuhammaraCold appetizerRM 19.55
Baba GanoushCold appetizerRM 19.55
Falafel PlatterHot appetizerRM 19.55
Lamb Spring RollHot appetizerRM 20.40
Vegetable Spring RollHot appetizerRM 17.25
Cheese Spring RollHot appetizerRM 20.40
ShakshoukaHot appetizerRM 17.25
Eggs with LambHot appetizerRM 17.25
Hummus BeirutiCold appetizerRM 19.55
Hummus LambCold appetizerRM 21.85
Hummus ShawarmaCold appetizerRM 21.85
LabnehCold appetizerRM 17.25
Grilled KibbehHot appetizerRM 42
Fried KibbehHot appetizerRM 33.60
Eggs with MushroomHot appetizerRM 17.25
Fried EggsHot appetizerRM 14.95
Margarine FattahHot appetizerRM 28.75
Foul with Olive OilHot appetizerRM 23
Foul with TahiniHot appetizerRM 23
Potato WedgesHot appetizerRM 17.25
French FriesHot appetizerRM 12
TaboulehCracked wheat mixed with chopped parsley, tomatoes, and onions, dressed with olive oil and fresh lemonRM 19.55
Greek SaladRM 21.85
Arabic SaladRM 19.55
Caesar SaladRM 21.85
Halab FattoushRM 21.85
Spicy SaladRM 19.55
FattoushRM 19.55
Yogurt SaladRM 11.50

Soup & Sandwiches

Chicken Soup, and Mushroom Soup are so Good at Taste and Prices. In Sandwiches I have all Their Sandwiches. Whenever I visit Halab Penang at Lunchtime, I Prefer to bite their Sandwiches. These options are Really delicious and Come in a very affordable Price Range From RM 13.80 to RM 18.90.

Halab Penang Menu Starter Chicken Soup
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Chicken Shawarma SandwichA flavorful sandwich filled with tender chicken shawarmaRM 13
Falafel SandwichA delicious sandwich featuring crispy falafel pattiesRM 9
Kebab SandwichA popular choice, this sandwich is filled with savory kebab meatRM 18.80
Shish Tawook SandwichA delightful sandwich with succulent shish tawook (grilled chicken)RM 17.90
Mushroom SoupCreamy soup made with mushroomsRM 13.80
Lentil SoupHearty soup made with lentilsRM 13.80
Chicken SoupComforting chicken soupRM 13.80

Main Course

The Main Course is one of the most Celebrated Categories in The Whole Menu. This Category offers all the Main menu items Halab Penang specialties. On the main Couse menu, I really love Their Chicken Biryani, Oven Chicken Potato, and Chicken Fajita. This Category Cost Lies Between RM 24 to RM 48. So, A wide range of Customers can Satisfy Their Craving for lip-smacking meals.

ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Chicken MandiHalf a chicken served with fragrant Mandi riceRM 38
Chicken BiryaniHalf a chicken served with aromatic Biryani riceRM 38
Chicken MakloubaHalf a chicken served with flavorful Maklouba riceRM 38
Chicken PeaHalf a chicken served with pea-infused riceRM 38
Faraka LambSyrian roasted wheat, lamb, and green peasRM 48
Lamb MandiAromatic Mandi rice served with succulent lambRM 48
Lamb MakloubaFlavorful Maklouba rice accompanied by tender lambRM 48
Lamb BiryaniFragrant Biryani rice served with delicious lambRM 48
Oven Chicken PotatoOven-baked chicken served with seasoned potatoesRM 38
Okra LambLamb cooked with okraRM 42
White RicePlain white riceRM 12
Chicken FajitaFajita-style chicken served with accompanimentsRM 40
Oven Lamb with VegetablesOven-baked lamb served with assorted vegetablesRM 42
Lamb PeaLamb cooked with peasRM 42
Daoud BashaTraditional Middle Eastern dish with meatballs and tomato sauceRM 42
Lamb BeansLamb cooked with beansRM 36
Kibbeh LabaniehKibbeh served in a yogurt-based sauceRM 36
Shish BarakLebanese dumplings filled with meat in yogurt sauceRM 36
Shakriya LambLamb cooked in a creamy yogurt sauceRM 42


Halab Penang’s Shawarma Platter offers a Heavenly, Melting Mouth Taste That I am unable to Explain in words. I Also Recommend you Try this Spicy and delicious Shawarma. This Shawarma option costs between RM 31.90 and RM 37.90. This shawarma is unbeatable When it comes to Taste and Spice.

Halab Penang Menu Shawarma Shawarma Platter
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Arabic ShawarmaA popular choice, this Arabic-style shawarma is flavorful and satisfyingRM 34.20
Shawarma PlatterEnjoy a generous serving of shawarma with this platterRM 34.20
Shawarma HalabIndulge in the authentic taste of Shawarma HalabRM 37.20
Shawarma with RiceShawarma served with a side of riceRM 31.90

BBQ & Grills

With a Diverse Variety of BBQs and Grills, they Also Win the Hearts of Many Guests than other Restaurants in the Market. Their Authenticity, Quality and Taste Win the Hearts of Every Newbie, Tourist or Local. BBQ And Grills Lamb Kabab, Grilled Chicken with Cheese, and Half Kg Lamb Cube are my Favorite Options in this Category.

Halab Penang Menu Grill And BBQ Khash Khash kebab
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice List
Arayes Lamb and CheeseMinced lamb with parsley, herbs and cheese baked on Lebanese bread. Served with garlic sauce.RM 36.60
Lamb Kebab RegularGround grilled meat. Served with garlic sauce.RM 42.00
Grilled Chicken and CheeseCharcoal grilled chicken with cheese, lemon and black pepper sauce. Served with garlic sauce.RM 36.60
Grilled DrumstickCharcoal grilled chicken drumsticks with lemon and black pepper sauce. Served with garlic sauce.RM 33.60
Arayes LambRM 33.60
Khash Khash KebabRM 45.60
Mixed Grill HalabLamb kebab, lamb cubes, shish tawook, lamb chop, grilled prawn and chicken. Served with garlic sauce.RM 84.00
MaajoqahRM 42.00
Lamb ChopsRM 60.00
Mixed Grill RegularLamb kebab, lamb cubes, shish tawook and chicken. Served with garlic sauce.RM 60.00
Grilled ChickenRM 33.60
Shish TawookRM 33.60
Lamb CubeRM 42.00


Halab Penang Menu Spaghettis Lamb Spaghettis
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Mushroom & Cheese SpaghettiSpaghetti pasta served with savory mushrooms and cheese sauceRM 30.00
Chicken SpaghettiSpaghetti pasta served with tender chicken piecesRM 30.00
Meat SpaghettiSpaghetti pasta served with flavorful meat sauceRM 30.00
Vegetable SpaghettiSpaghetti pasta served with assorted vegetablesRM 30.00


Halab Penang Menu Seafood Fired Fish
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Grilled SalmonSucculent salmon fillet grilled to perfectionRM 60.00
Grilled FishTender fish fillet grilled to perfectionRM 60.00
Fried FishCrispy and golden-brown fried fishRM 60.00
Grilled PrawnJuicy prawns grilled to perfectionRM 55.00
Fried PrawnCrispy and delicious fried prawnsRM 55.00


Menu ItemsPrice List
Garlic SauceRM 3.00
Tomato Chilli SauceRM 2.00
Pita BreadRM 4.00
Plain RiceRM 12.00

Fresh Juice

If you are Health conscious like me, Halab Penang has Got you Covered by Offering a Diverse Variety of Fresh juices. In the Fresh Juice Category, Banana Milk Juice, Kiwi Juice, Carrot Juice, Apple Juice, and Lemonade are the Options Close to my Heart on Their menu. This Juice Options costs Between RM 4.80 to RM 19.90

Halab Penang Menu Fresh Juice Orange Juice (1)
ItemPrice (RM)
Orange JuiceRM 17
Watermelon JuiceRM 18
Lemon JuiceRM 17
Mango JuiceRM 16.10
Apple JuiceRM 18
Carrot JuiceRM 18
Iced Lemon TeaRM 9
PepsiRM 4.80
Mineral WaterRM 4.80
Pineapple JuiceRM 18
Strawberry JuiceRM 18
Kiwi JuiceRM 18
Papaya JuiceRM 18
Dragon Fruit JuiceRM 20
Avocado JuiceRM 20
Banana Milk JuiceRM 18
Grape JuiceRM 20
Melon JuiceRM 18
Iced ChocolateRM 11.50
Iced NescafeRM 11.50
Earn YogurtRM 11.50
7 UpRM 4.80
Coca-colaRM 4.80
Coca-cola DietRM 4.80
Mirinda OrangeRM 4.80
Mirinda StrawberryRM 4.80
Pepsi DietRM 4.80


Halab Penang Menu Cocktail Halab Cocktail
CocktailPrice (RM)
Halab CocktailRM 29.90
Fruit CocktailRM 22.80
Fakhfakhina CocktailRM 22.80
Emperor CocktailRM 22.80
Tropical CocktailRM 22.80


Halab Penang Menu Milk Shakes Milkshakes
MilkshakePrice (RM)
Vanilla MilkshakeRM 19.90
Caramel MilkshakeRM 19.90
Nescafe MilkshakeRM 19.90
Oreo MilkshakeRM 19.90
Strawberry MilkshakeRM 19.90
Kit Kat MilkshakeRM 19.90
Nutella MilkshakeRM 19.90
Pina Colada MilkshakeRM 19.90


Halab Penang Menu Tea Adani Tea cup
Menu ItemsPrice List
Cup of Turkish CoffeeRM 10.00
Cup of Red TeaRM 5.75
Cup of Adani TeaRM 8.05
Cup of NescafeRM 5.75
Cup of Green TeaRM 5.75

Baskin Bear offers ice cream flavors like cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, and strawberry cheesecake, along with sundaes, shakes, cakes, and other frozen treats to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Halab Penang Menu Desserts Pudding
Menu ItemsPrice List
Nabulsa KnavaRM 28.00
Arabic SweetsRM 28.75
Nutella SaladRM 28.75
Fruit SaladRM 28.75
Mixed Fruit PlatterRM 11.50
Banana SplitRM 23.00
Fuchini CrepeRM 28.75
Banana CrepeRM 28.75
Fruit CrepeRM 28.75
Marshmallow StickRM 20.70
Strawberry StickRM 20.70
Halab Special ChocolateRM 28.75
Banana StickRM 20.70
Rice & MilkRM 11.50
PuddingRM 11.50
Cream CaramelRM 11.50
Oreo CheeseRM 23.00
Tutti FruttiRM 23.00

Baskin Robbins offers 31 flavors of ice cream like Jamoca Almond Fudge and Pralines ‘n Cream along with sundaes, milkshakes, cakes, and ice cream cakes in its Malaysia locations.

Yemeni cuisines

Menu ItemsPrice List
Yemeni Cuisine
Mofa FishRM 75.00
SaltaRM 40.00
Fahsah LambRM 47.00
Prawn SalonaRM 56.00
Lamb SalonaRM 50.00
Chicken SalonaRM 43.50
Akda lambRM 50.00
Akda chickenRM 43.50
Red beansRM 31.00
Lamb LiverRM 47.00
Pita breadRM 5.00
Mulawah breadRM 7.50
Yemeni Sweets
Arika HalabRM 31.00
Maasoub HalabRM 35.00
Fata datesRM 31.00

Best Selling Items at Halab Penang

Hey! Are you in Search of the top most Popular Items in the Halab Penang Menu? Your Search ends Here. I have Arranged A list of the top-selling popular items at Halab Penang That You Can Try When You Visit next time.

  1. Chicken Mandi (Half)
  2. Lamb Kebab (Regular)
  3. Arabic Shawarma
  4. Lamb Mandi
  5. Kebab Sandwich
  6. Lamb Maklouba

Alternatives Of Halab Penang

I have experienced these 2 Restaurants here in KL, and Penang Halab Penang is Unbeatable in Taste, Service and Environment; still, if you want to Try alternatives, you can Visit These 2 Restaurants.

  • Al-Shami Restaurant
  • Al-Quds Restaurant

My Review about Halab Penang

I have Lunch at Halab Penang Every Weekend whenever I go Hiking. I went Hiking early and spent a lot of my time enjoying nature Views. At Lunch, I went back to Halab Penang Sandwiches and Shawarmas because the Meal tasted like Heaven. Their Food Never Disappoint When it comes to Taste.

I have been Tasting Their Lip-smacking, authentic Middle Eastern Meal Since 2021. I am Totally Satisfied by their services and Dining Experience and The Facility to Order food Anytime. They Deserve a Rating of 4.6 out of 5. Overall.

Halab Penang Branches

Halab KL35, Jalan Berangan, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Halab Penang381, Chulia St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Halab KL Beremi7, Jalan Beremi, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Story Of Halab Penang

Halab Penang is a Malaysian Homegrown Brand Founded on September 28, 2018, in Penang 381 Chulia Street, 10200, Penang, Malaysia. They Were Committed to offering locals and tourists Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine because of offering Premium Quality Products to Customers.

Now Halab Penang Is Serving Melting-in-mouth cuisine Across Malaysia at 2 more locations. Halab KL Beremi: 7, Jalan Beremi, Bukit Bintang, 50200, Kuala Lumpur and Halab KL: 35, Jalan Berangan, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Where To Order from Halab Penang

If you Returned home and want to Enjoy Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine at Home While watching your Favorite TV show. Halab Penang Offer Delivery Service and Deliver You Meal to Your Door Step. You must Place Your Order using your Phone. They Offer Delivery Services by Third-party Networks. So, you can Easily Place an order in Just a Few Clicks.

Contact Halab Penang

Halab Penang offers support and takes Feedback on its Official Website. So, Easily Ask them A Query about Their Food, Services, and Opening Hours. If you want to Stay in touch with Halab Penang, follow them on social media. They Also Update Deals and Discounts on Daily Bases.

Faqs about Halab Penang

How many outlets does Halab Penang own In Malaysia?

They Owns About 3 to 4 outlets across Malaysia in Penang and Kuala Lumper.

Does Halab Penang Accept Credit Cards?

Halab Penang accepts payments by Cash Credit, Debit cards and Other Local Wallets.

What are the opening hours at Halab Penang?

Halab Penang Opening Hours are 10 am–3 am

What are the top 5 Menu items at Halab Penang?

The top 5 Most Popular Menu items are listed below 

  1. Chicken Mandi (Half)
  2. Lamb Kebab (Regular)
  3. Arabic Shawarma
  4. Lamb Mandi
  5. Kebab Sandwich
  6. Lamb Maklouba

What is the price range of Halab Penang?

All food on the Halab Penang Menu Lies Between RM 2.90 and RM 180.

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