The IndiaGate Menu and Price List

Craving authentic Indian flavours in Malaysia? Explore the latest tantalizing dishes on India Gate’s menu to transport our taste buds to a spice-filled culinary paradise! India Gate is one of the well-known restaurants and a haven of melting-in-mouth and Spicy cuisine in Malaysia. Kuala Lumper is a hub for India Gate because Kuala Lumper territory Of Malaysia has 6 outlets of IndiaGrate.

With a diverse menu, IndiaGate is one of the best Restaurants that Serve Indian Style Meal. IndiaGate Menu Have something to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. I first visited India Gate after half a year of its opening. I went from Penang to Cyberjaya after a drive of more than 4 hours. After arriving there, I was Over the moon to Explore India Cuisine at India Gate.

Everyone was cozy, and IndiaGate Indian Style cuisine satisfied my craving for a spicy Indian Meal in Malaysia. The staff is Friendly, and the atmosphere inside the Restaurant gives a feel like an Indian Local place. The cuisine is Expensive, but Malaysia’s spicy and finger-licking taste is worthwhile.

Let’s Check the Latest IndiaGrate menu and price list. Remember, all prices bellowed are juast a guide, and IndiaGate can change prices anytime without Notifying anyone.

IndiaGate Menu Malaysia

IndiaGate Latest Menu And Price List

IndiaGate Diver Menu is Arranged in the Following Categories.

Ramadan Special

ItemPrice (RM)
Mud Crab RendangRM 169.00
Nagoor Mutton KurmaRM 29.90
Karachi Murug TikkaRM 21.90
Pepper Chicken with Boiled PeanutsRM 19.90
Afghan KulchaRM 12.90
Ramadan Special ThandaiRM 12.90

Gong Xi Fa Cai Special

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice List
Mud Crab with Pepper SauceHard shell crabs cooked with homemade black pepper sauce. Served with salad.RM 169.90
Shanghai Schezwan Seafood PlatterMixed seafood, pineapple, and sweetcorn cooked with authentic schezwan sauce. Served with salad.RM 159.90
Hong Kong ChickenSpicy chicken sautéed with onion, capsicum, garlic, ginger & chili with homemade schezwan sauce and garnished with cashew nuts.RM 19.90
Schezwan Fried Veg BallsMixed veg balls deep-fried and sautéed with onion, capsicum & garlic with homemade schezwan sauce and garnished with spring onion.RM 14.90
Baby Corn Golden FryBlanched baby corn coated with homemade spices. Hot as a snack with a side of ketchup. Works best with any fried rice or noodles.RM 13.90


India Gate Menu And Price List Malaysia (1) Coffee with Tandoori Chicken Salad
Menu ItemsPrice List
FattoushRM 8.90
Arabic SaladRM 8.90
Kachumber SaladRM 8.90
Green SaladRM 9.90
Yogurt SaladRM 10.90
Tandoori Chicken SaladRM 16.90

Appetizers (Veg / Non-Veg)

Menu ItemsPrice List
Peanut MasalaRM 6.90
Raw Banana Tawa FryRM 11.90
Masala PapadRM 11.90
Baby Corn Pepper FryRM 12.90
Chilli Baby CornRM 12.90
Gobi 65RM 12.90
Tandoori Sweet PotatoesRM 12.90
Veg ManchurianRM 13.90
Gobi ManchurianRM 13.90
Chilli MushroomRM 16.90
Mushroom ManchurianRM 16.90
Paneer 65RM 18.90
Paneer PodimasRM 22.90
Chilli PaneerRM 22.90
Hyderabadi Chilli PaneerRM 22.90
Paneer MajesticRM 22.90
Paneer TikkaRM 23.90
Paneer Malai TikkaRM 29.90
PapadamRM 2.50 (5 pcs)
Chicken 65 (Bone)RM 15.90
Chicken 65 (Boneless)RM 16.90
Chicken Lollipop (4 pcs)RM 18.90
Dragon ChickenRM 18.90
Chilli ChickenRM 17.90
Hyderabadi Chilli ChickenRM 18.90
Chicken ManchurianRM 17.90
Fish 65RM 17.90
Honey Chicken WingsRM 18.90
Andhra Lemon Chicken (Dry)RM 18.90
Chicken MajesticRM 18.90
Kodi Mirapakaya (Dry)RM 18.90
Kodi VepuduRM 18.90
Chilli FishRM 19.90
Hyderabadi Chilli FishRM 19.90
Prawn 65RM 23.90
Calamari 65RM 23.90
Chilli PrawnRM 24.90
Chilli CalamariRM 24.90
Mutton UlarthiyathuRM 25.90

Biriyani (Bucket / bamboo / Biryani)

Biryani is one of the most celebrated options India Gates serves in Malaysia. It is a perfect option if you are looking for Something spicy to satisfy your hunger. IndiaGate Biryani category offers Diverse menu options, which make it unique From Other Restaurants in the Local Market.

Biryani is one of my favourite options in Indian cuisine. When I went to IndiaGate, I had to try their Chicken Biryani Costs RM 18.90.

India Gate Menu And Price List Malaysia
India Gate Menu And Price List Malaysia (3) Biryani
Menu ItemsPrice List
Veg Bucket Biriyani with free 1.25L CokeRM 99.90
Non-Veg Plain Bucket Biriyani with free 1.25L CokeRM 99.90
Egg Bucket Biriyani with free 1.25L CokeRM 109.90
Chicken Bucket Biriyani with free 1.25L CokeRM 139.90
Fish Bucket Biriyani with free 1.25L CokeRM 159.90
Mutton Bucket Biriyani with free 1.25L CokeRM 169.90
Prawn Bucket Biriyani with free 1.25L CokeRM 179.90
Bamboo Biryani 
Veg Bamboo BiriyaniRM 15.90
Chicken Bamboo BiriyaniRM 19.90
Mutton Bamboo BiriyaniRM 25.90
Lamb Shank Bamboo BiriyaniRM 49.90
Plain Biriyani RiceRM 13.90
Vegetable BiriyaniRM 15.90
Egg BiriyaniRM 16.90
Chicken BiriyaniRM 18.90
Mutton BiriyaniRM 24.90
Prawn BiriyaniRM 25.90

Variety rice

After Finger licking Biryani, the most popular option is Rice. Here, IndiaGate wins the hearts and minds of everyone by offering a wide array of Rice Options on the Menu. All rice options lie between RM 15.90 and RM 35.90. I have already tried all options in Rice Options, and every rice option Satisfies me.

Here are some of my favourite options in the Rice Category: Veg Pulao, Tandoori Chicken Rice, Mix Tandoor Rice Platter, Mutton Sheek Kebab Rice, Mutton Sheek Kebab Rice, Vegetable Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, IndiaGate Special Mix Fried Rice, and Chicken Tikka Rice.

IndiaGate Menu And Price List Malaysia (7) Bamboo Rice
Menu ItemsPrice List
Steam RiceRM 5.90
Jeera RiceRM 10.90
Curd RiceRM 12.90
Veg PulaoRM 13.90
Mushroom PulaoRM 13.90

Tandoori with Biriyani Rice

Menu ItemsPrice List
Tandoori Chicken RiceRM 23.90
Chicken Tikka RiceRM 23.90
Malai Tikka RiceRM 25.90
Chicken Sheek Kebab RiceRM 29.90
Tangdi Chicken RiceRM 26.90
Mutton Sheek Kebab RiceRM 35.90
Tandoori Fish Fillet RiceRM 28.90
Tandoori Prawn RiceRM 35.90
Mix Tandoor Rice PlatterRM 39.90

Fried Rice

Menu ItemsPrice List
Vegetable Fried RiceRM 11.90
Egg Fried RiceRM 12.90
Chicken Fried RiceRM 13.90
Schezwan Veg Fried RiceRM 13.90
Schezwan Chicken Fried RiceRM 15.90
Prawn Fried RiceRM 18.90
Mutton Fried RiceRM 18.90
IndiaGate Special Mix Fried RiceRM 19.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
Naatu Kozhi Kozhambu (Mud Pot Country Chicken Curry)RM 74.90
Meen Thala Kozhambu (Mud Pot Fish Head Curry)RM 84.90
Nandu Kozhambu (Mud Pot Crab Curry)RM 89.90
Naatu Aatu Kozhambu (Mud Pot Country Mutton Gravy)RM 109.90

Signature Curry

In Signature Currey Andhra Chicken Curry is an option to Satisfy my Craving for lip-smacking Indian Cuisine. This Category costs around RM 11.90 to RM 29.90

India Gate Menu And Price List Malaysia (4) Curry
Menu ItemsPrice List
Dhal Palak (Veg)RM 11.90
Gobi Masala (Veg)RM 13.90
Mushroom Matar Masala (Veg)RM 17.90
Andhra Chicken Curry (Non-Veg)RM 19.90
Andhra Mutton Curry (Non-Veg)RM 25.90
Andhra Royyala Kurma (Non-Veg)RM 29.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
Mutton Pepper SoupRM 13.90
Cream of Mushroom SoupRM 8.90
Cream of Chicken SoupRM 8.90
Cream of Fresh Broccoli SoupRM 8.90
Sweet Corn SoupRM 8.40


Menu ItemsPrice List
Vegetable NoodlesRM 13.90
Schezwan Veg Fried NoodlesRM 13.90
Egg NoodlesRM 14.90
Hakka Veg NoodlesRM 14.90
Chicken NoodlesRM 15.90
Schezwan Chicken NoodlesRM 16.90
Hakka Chicken NoodlesRM 16.90
Mutton NoodlesRM 18.90
Prawn NoodlesRM 19.90
IndiaGate Special NoodlesRM 20.90


Tandoori offers a mouth option if you are planning to visit IndiaGate. Tandoori is the option you must try once. Tandoori, Chicken Tikka, fish tandoori, grilled fish, and IndiaGate  Mix Tandoori Platter are some of the options in my favorite cuisine list. I also suggest you try these heavenly Indian Cuisine Options.

Menu ItmesPrice List
Chicken TandooriRM 14.90
Chicken TikkaRM 19.90
Chicken Malai TikkaRM 21.90
Fish TikkaRM 21.90
Chicken Sheek KebabRM 24.90
Grilled Tandoori Fish FilletRM 22.90
Tangdi Kebab (4 pcs Chicken)RM 24.90
Tandoori PrawnsRM 29.90
Mutton Sheek KebabRM 28.90
Double Sheek KebabRM 34.90
IndiaGate Mix Tandoori PlatterRM 49.90

Paneer Dishes

Menu ItemsPrice List
Matar PaneerRM 22.90
Palak PaneerRM 22.90
Paneer Tikka MasalaRM 22.90
Kadai PaneerRM 22.90
Paneer Butter MasalaRM 22.90
Paneer Kofta CurryRM 24.90

Main Cuisine

Here is what we all are waiting for: “Main Course”. Main Cuisine has 3 Sections in the IndiaGate Menu: the Veg option to cover all vegetarians and satisfy their appetite, and chicken, mutton, and Seafood to Serve non-vegetarians. India Gate’s Diverse Menu Covers everything in Their diverse menu. The main Cuisine cost is budget-friendly and lies between RM 11.90 to RM 54.90.

These Diverse options here are of the option I fell in love with are Mushroom Masala, Mix Vegetable, Chicken Masala, Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken (Signature), Chicken Sheek Masala, Hyderabadi Lamb Shank, Fish Tikka Masala, King Fish Pan Fried and Pomfret Fish.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Dhal TadkaRM 11.90
Dhal MakhniRM 13.90
Aloo JeeraRM 13.90
Aloo MatarRM 13.90
Aloo GobiRM 14.90
Baingan BhartaRM 14.90
Bhindi MasalaRM 15.90
Channa MasalaRM 15.90
Mix VegetableRM 16.90
Vegetable KurmaRM 16.90
Mushroom MasalaRM 17.90
Chicken MasalaRM 20.90
Tawa ChickenRM 20.90
Chicken Bharta CalcuttaRM 20.90
Kadai ChickenRM 20.90
Chicken VaruvalRM 20.90
Chicken VindalooRM 20.90
Malabar ChickenRM 20.90
Chettinad Pepper ChickenRM 21.90
Chicken Tikka MasalaRM 22.90
Nilgiri Pudina ChickenRM 22.90
Butter Chicken (Signature)RM 23.90
Mughlai Chicken CurryRM 23.90
Chicken Sheek MasalaRM 24.90
Dhal GhoshRM 24.90
Palak GhoshRM 24.90
Mutton ChukkaRM 24.90
Mutton Sheek MasalaRM 24.90
Mutton VaruvalRM 24.90
Rogan GhoshRM 25.90
Mughlai Mutton KurmaRM 26.90
Mutton ChettinadRM 25.90
Mutton CapsicumRM 25.90
Kheema MatarRM 25.90
Hyderabadi Lamb ShankRM 54.90
Sea Food 
King Fish Pan FriedRM 14.90
Fish Tikka MasalaRM 21.90
Meenu Kolumbu (Fish Curry)RM 22.90
Malabar Fish CurryRM 23.90
Pomfret Fish (Pan Fried)RM 23.90
Chettinad Calamari Pepper Fry (Sotong)RM 24.90
Prawn MasalaRM 24.90
Chettinad Prawn Pepper FryRM 25.90
Meen PollichathuRM 27.90
Nandu Varuval (Crab Chettinadu)RM 33.90

Egg Dishes

Menu ItemsPrice List
Double Fried EggRM 4.90
Double Bull’s EyeRM 4.90
Double OmeletteRM 5.90
Double Masala OmeletteRM 6.90
Egg PodimasRM 6.90
KalakiRM 11.90
Egg MasalaRM 11.90
Egg CurryRM 11.90
Masala Cheese OmeletteRM 11.90
Hyderabadi Chilli EggRM 11.90


Naan & Roti is another most loved category in Malaysia at IndiaGate, loved by many Guests. Naan and Roti are pocket-friendly, RM 4.90 to RM 24.90. some options I have suggested you should try are Kheema Naan, Kashmiri Royal Naan, and Aloo Parata.

India Gate Menu And Price List Malaysia (6) Roti
Menu ItemsPrice List
ChapatiRM 4.90
Plain NaanRM 4.90
Tandoori RotiRM 4.90
Lacha ParataRM 5.90
Butter NaanRM 5.90
Garlic NaanRM 5.90
Pudina ParataRM 5.90
Aloo ParataRM 6.90
Masala ParataRM 6.90
Onion Kulcha NaanRM 6.90
Aloo Kulcha NaanRM 6.90
Paneer Kulcha NaanRM 8.90
Kashmiri Royal NaanRM 9.90
India Gate Cheese NaanRM 9.90
India Gate Garlic Cheese NaanRM 11.90
Mix Naan BasketRM 22.90
Kheema NaanRM 24.60


Menu ItemsPrice List
Paanwala’s Sweet PaanRM 3.90
Vanilla Ice CreamRM 5.40
Chocolate Ice CreamRM 5.40
Strawberry Ice CreamRM 5.40
Butterscotch Ice CreamRM 5.40
Gulab Jamun (2 pcs)RM 9.90
Rasagula (2 pcs)RM 10.90
Gajar Ka HalwaRM 12.90
India Gate Special DessertRM 16.90

Matka Kulfi

Menu ItemsPrice List
Paanwala’s Sweet PaanRM 3.90
Vanilla Ice CreamRM 5.40
Chocolate Ice CreamRM 5.40
Strawberry Ice CreamRM 5.40
Gulab Jamun (2 pcs)RM 9.90
Gajar Ka HalwaRM 12.90
India Gate Special DessertRM 16.90
Pista KulfiRM 11.50
Almond KulfiRM 11.50
Saffron KulfiRM 11.50
Pandan Coconut KulfiRM 11.50
Rose KulfiRM 11.50
Gula Melaka KulfiRM 11.50

Signature Drinks

Menu ItemsPrice List
Royal Falooda – VanillaRM 17.90
Royal Falooda – ChocolateRM 17.90
Royal Falooda – StrawberryRM 17.90
Royal Mango Falooda – ChocolateRM 19.90
Country Milk (Karupatti Paal)RM 7.60
Jigarthanda RoseRM 14.90
Jigarthanda NannariRM 14.90
Jigarthanda PaanRM 15.90
Royal Mango Falooda – VanillaRM 19.90
Royal Mango Falooda – StrawberryRM 19.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
Buttermilk (Moru)RM 11.90
Sweet LassiRM 11.90
Salted LassiRM 11.90
Mango LassiRM 13.90
Strawberry LassiRM 13.90
Banana LassiRM 13.90
Mix Lassi (Mango, Banana & Strawberry)RM 14.40

Health Mix

Menu ItemsPrice List
Carrot & OrangeRM 11.10
Carrot, Apple & GingerRM 11.50
Apple & CinnamonRM 11.50
Cucumber & LimeRM 11.50
Orange & LemonRM 11.70
Pineapple & StrawberryRM 12.50
Orange, Pineapple, Mint & VimtoRM 12.90

Fresh Juice

Menu ItemsPrice List
Green AppleRM 8.50
OrangeRM 9.50
WatermelonRM 8.90
PineappleRM 9.50
LemonRM 8.50
Carrot JuiceRM 9.90
Lemon & MintRM 9.90
MangoRM 10.50


Menu ItemsPrice List
Vanilla MilkshakeRM 12.50
Chocolate MilkshakeRM 12.50
Strawberry MilkshakeRM 12.50
Mango MilkshakeRM 12.50
Banana MilkshakeRM 12.50
Mango & Strawberry MilkshakeRM 14.90
Mango & Chocolate MilkshakeRM 14.90
Banana & Chocolate MilkshakeRM 14.90

With an array of new specialty coffee drinks, fresh pastries, and tasty snacks, Bask bear coffee’s latest menu in Malaysia offers customers an innovative and elevated café experience.

Fresh Milk

Menu ItemsPrice List
Fresh MilkRM 5.50
Fresh Milk TeaRM 6.50
Fresh Milk Masala TeaRM 7.50
Fresh Milk NescafeRM 6.90
Fresh Milk Bru CoffeeRM 6.90
Badam MilkRM 7.50
Fresh Milk Masala Tea PotRM 21.50
Fresh Milk Bru Coffee PotRM 20.90
Fresh Milk Nescafe PotRM 20.90

Hot & Cold Drinks

Menu ItemsPrice List
Black TeaRM 3.90
Black CoffeeRM 4.10
Lemon TeaRM 4.50
Honey Lemon TeaRM 4.90
MiloRM 5.90
Mint Tea (Hot)RM 4.90
Mint Tea Pot (Hot)RM 15.90
Teh TarikRM 4.90
NescafeRM 5.50
India Gate Special Cold CoffeeRM 11.50
Teh Tarik (Masala)RM 5.90
Teh Tarik (Masala Pot)RM 17.90
Bru CoffeeRM 5.50
Coca ColaRM 4.50
SpriteRM 4.50
100 plusRM 4.50
Mineral WaterRM 4.00
LimcaRM 4.50
Thumbs UpRM 4.50
Paneer PakodaRM 18.90
KesariRM 7.90

Best Selling items at India Gate Menu Malaysia

In Diverse Options Culinary Indian meals, choosing what to eat first is hard. Don’t worry. I have some suggestions you must try when you visit India Gate Restaurant Malaysia.

  1. Tandoori Chicken
  2. Butter Chicken
  3. Chicken Tikka Masala
  4. Naan Bread
  5. Biryani
  6. Country Milk (Karupatti Paal)

Alternatives Of India Gate Restaurant Malaysia

Here are some Considerable India Gate Malaysia Alternatives.

  • Restoran Dindigul Thalappakatti
  • Restoran Hameediyah
  • Sri Nirwana Maju
  • Nasi Kandar Pelita

Opening Hours and Locations

Check IndiaGate Malaysia’s Opening Hours, locate your nearby IndiaGate Outlet, and Enjoy Indian Cuisine from the comfort of your couch.

Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar

Monday to Friday
12.00 noon to 12.00 midnight

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
11.00 am to 12.00 midnight

Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Monday to Sunday
7.00 am to 11.00 pm

Bandar Botanic, Klang

Monday to Sunday
7.00 am to 11.00 pm

Centrio S2, Seremban

Monday to Sunday
7.00 am to 11.00 pm

Aeon Big, Subang Jaya

Monday to Sunday
11.00 am to 11.00 pm

Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya

Monday to Sunday
7.00 am to 11.00 pm

Contact IndiaGate Malaysia

To Contact IndiaGate Malaysia Restaurant, Visit IndiaGate’s official website and follow them on social media for the latest updates about occasional Promotions and Deals.

FAQs about India Gate

Who is the owner of India Gate Restaurant?

Mr Saravanan Subramaniam is the founder and managing director of Indiagate Malaysia.

Is India Gate Malaysia halal?

Yes India Gate food is 100% halal 

where to order food from India Gate Malaysia?

India Gate offers food delivery services. You can check their website or other popular food delivery networks “Food Panda, Grab food and on their official android app on play store / app store.”India Gate offers food delivery services. You can check their website or other popular food delivery networks “Food Panda, Grab food and on their official android app on play store / app store.”

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