J CO Menu and Price List

Having Great Memories with Family and Friends on Snacks and Coffee is Incredible. We spend much of our time enjoying having a variety of meals with Family and Friends and having a lot of adventures. I am Here with a Spot where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends and make a lot of new Memories by enjoying snacks and Coffee.

J CO Donut and Coffee is an Indonesian restaurant or a Coffee Shop First opened in Indonesia in 2006. With the Support of Regular Customers and visitors the very next year, they opened their doors to the Malaysian Market in 2007. They Come up with an aim to discover delectable new toppings they Combine with Local flavors and offer a fusion of tastes from different regions.

They keep crafting a new variety of snacks and beverages to sustain visitors to the Coffee Shop. I have tried their snacks, and I recommend you visit this hidden gem to Satisfy your craving. Below, I have compiled the whole J CO Menu Malaysia. Here, you can check out the Latest Menu items with prices, and below, you can also Read how my experience was with J CO Donuts and Coffee.

Complete J CO Donuts & Coffee Menu

J.CO In Outlet Menu

Limited Time Offer – Donuts

J.Co Donuts 1

This Limited Time Offer is like a gift. If you are looking for new tastes, try the options listed below, which cost around RM 3.50. With This Price Budget, anyone can enjoy a smacking meal without getting worried about the Budget.

Donut TypeDescriptionPrice (RM)
TropikayaTart donut dipped in pandan chocolate, topped with kaya jam, and garnished with coconut flakesRM 3.90

Limited Time Offer – Beverages

I have tried some of these Drinks like Hot / Iced Sunny Latte and Hot Cinnamon Latte. These both were really Delicious and Quench My Thirst with Delectable Flavours, This All-Beverages Costs Around RM 16.80. with Which is closer to other Competitors of J CO Donuts and Coffee.

ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Iced TeanacoladaRefreshing iced tea blended with tropical flavors, served with a hint of coconut essencefrom RM 16.80

Cool Frozen Yogurt

Menu ItemsIngredientsPrice List
 Cool to GoFrozen yogurtRM 24.90

J Club

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
 Club Sandwich Red VelvetSink your teeth into this delightful red velvet Sprinkle donut topped with sweet & crunchy nuts layered with fluffy cream cheese. Fluffy, crunchy & yummyRM 4.90
 Club Sandwich Cheesy RichAre you a cheese lover?RM 4.90

Donut Set and Bundle

Do you want to have a Party or want to Celebrate your Happy Moments with your family and friends? Their Bundles are perfect for your celebration with a group of People. These options are options that offer substantial value Of Money for a group of people. Quality is Sure in Every bite of donuts. These options cost around RM 20.00 to RM 35.00. so have fun with your Family and Celebrate your happy moments with them.

J.CO Donuts set and Bundle
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Donut BundleComes with 1L beverageRM 40.95
JCO Half Dozen Donuts6 Assorted pcsRM 22.70
JCO One Dozen DonutsPopularRM 37.65


The Donuts Category is one of the most popular Categories in the J CO Donut and Coffee Menu. They offer a diverse variety of Delectable Donuts to every customer and prepare fresh on order. To Maintain quality, they Talk about all Quality Measures and source the Best Quality Ingredients from Local Suppliers. Their diverse variety sets them apart from Others in the market.

J.Co Donuts
Donut NameDescriptionPrice (RM)
Blueberry More1 Pc. Two thumbs up!! Delicious act by blueberry and cream cheese. We’re sure that Charlie’s Angels will love u!RM 3.90
Avocado Dicaprio1 Pc. The most eligible bachelor only at J.CO! My heart will go on and on after a bite of this delightful avocado and chocolate crunch.RM 3.90
Cheese Cakelicious1 Pc. Dig into a cult favorite oreo cookies and creamy cheesecake combo-absolutely cakeliciousRM 3.90
Al Capone1 Pc. Recipe from Rome, almonds from California, white chocolate from Belgium, oh, mammamia!RM 3.90
Bella Donna1 Pc. A tasty mix of white chocolate glaze and roasted peanuts, with a perfect complement of light mocha cream filling.RM 3.90
Choco Caviar Chocolate1 Pc. Premium chocolate meets caviar, one bite won’t be enough! Hmmm YummyRM 3.90
Mississippi1 Pc. A river of melted choco stream & choco sprinkles rock my tast buds!RM 3.90
Coco Loco1 Pc. Dark chocolate on the inside and outside? only one answer, that’s Coco Loco for you!RM 3.90
Black Swan1 Pc. Consist of premium dark chocolate with creamy peanut butter filling. Not to mention the touch of white chocolate and toasted nuts. Simply irresistible.RM 3.90
Milosaurus1 Pc. Filled with chocolate malt whipped cream, topped with milk chocolate & garnished with milo powder. We know you want it!RM 3.90
Crunchy 21 Pc. Crunching is fun, yet crunchy crunchy are double funRM 3.90
Sugar Ais1 Pc. Craving for mum’s donuts? Try sugar ice!RM 3.90
Tira Miss U1 Pc. Dear Tira, it’s been so long I haven’t met. Now I really miss you!RM 3.90
Oreology1 Pc. Biology=lousy, geology=sleepy, oreology=yummy!RM 3.90
Berry Spears1 Pc. Donut filled with whipped cream cheese, dipped in strawberry jam, and garnished with white chocolate flakes.RM 3.90
Choco Caviar Strawberry1 Pc. Sprinkle premium chocolate with strawberry that will tickle your mouth!RM 3.90
Copa Banana1 Pc. Rich chocolate, mix with banana makes you go aloha!RM 3.90
Jacky Chunk1 Pc. Chunky chunk donut topping with chocolate makes you go haiiyahh!!!RM 3.90
Green Tease1 Pc. Donut filled with green tea cream, dipped in green tea chocolate and garnished with white chocolate.RM 3.90
Why Nut1 Pc. Stop wondering why, don’t torture yourself now. Nuts combined with chocolate, will make you go wow!RM 3.90
Don Mochino1 Pc. Dark Belgium chocolate topping perfected with light cappuccino cream filling. Pleasure you shouldn’t feel guilty aboutRM 3.90
Heaven Berry1 Pc. Get the strawberry & be in heaven. It’s heaven berry!RM 3.90
Snow White1 Pc. A donut for princess, topped with vanilla filled by snow cream, it wakes you up for its priceless flavourRM 3.90
Glazzy1 Pc. First bite: crunchy, second bite: melty, third bite: it makes u glazzyRM 3.90

Bottled Beverages

J.CO Drinks
BeveragePrice (RM)
Iced Brown Sugar LatteRM 25
Iced AmericanoRM 25
Iced J. CoccinoRM 25
Iced LatteRM 25
Iced ChocolateRM 25
Iced Mocha EspressoRM 25
Iced Lemon TeaRM 20


J.CO COffee Malaysia
CoffeePrice (from RM)
Iced J. CoccinoRM 14.60
Iced Caffe LatteRM 14.40
Iced AmericanoRM 11
Iced Caramel J. CoccinoRM 16.65
Iced Mocha EspressoRM 16.15
Iced Hazelnut LatteRM 16.65
Iced TiramisuRM 16.35
Iced Brown Sugar LatteRM 14.40
Hot Caffe LatteRM 14.40
Hot AmericanoRM 11
Hot Caramel J. CoccinoRM 16.70
Hot Mocha EspressoRM 16.15
Hot J. CoccinoRM 14.60
Hot Tiramisu LatteRM 16.35
Hot Hazelnut LatteRM 16.65


J.CO chocolate and tea
ChocolatePrice (from RM)
Iced Hazelnut ChocolateRM 16.35
Iced ChocolateRM 14.65
Iced White ChocolateRM 16.65
Hot Chocolate MintRM 16.70
Hot ChocolateRM 14.70
Hot White ChocolateRM 16.70


TeaPrice (from RM)
Iced Lemon TeaRM 13.35
Iced Green TeaRM 12.85
Iced Green Tea LatteRM 16.25
Hot Green Tea LatteRM 16.20
Mango Peach TeaRM 14.90
Iced Lychee TeaRM 15.65
Iced Lychee Berry TeaRM 14.90


FrappePrice (from RM)
Avocado FrappeRM 16.65
J. Coccino FrappeRM 16.40
Caramel FrappeRM 16.85
Mocha Espresso FrappeRM 16.85
Chocolate FrappeRM 16.65
White Chocolate FrappeRM 17.05
Oreo FrappeRM 17.00
Green Tea FrappeRM 17.25
Choco Mint FrappeRM 17.25
Hazelnut Chocolate FrappeRM 17.15
Strawberry Yogurt FrappeRM 16.65
Choco Forest FrappeRM 17.25
Blueberry Yogurt FrappeRM 16.65

Popular Selling items at J CO Donuts and coffee Malaysia

Below, I have listed the top 6 popular and selling items at J CO Donuts and Coffee. The following items are recommended that you should try whether you are a newbie or a Tourist in Malaysia. If you are at J CO and confused about what to try first in their diverse menu, then the following options make a good place in the hearts of customers who visit J CO for Coffee and sweets, and you should Also Consider the following.

  1. JCO Half Dozen Donuts
  2. J. Cool to Go
  3. Avocado Frappe
  4. JCO One Dozen Donuts
  5. Iced Caramel J. Coccino
  6. Iced Chocolate

Alternatives of J CO Donuts and Coffee

In any case, try some different restaurants near J CO, donuts and coffee that offer the same experience, coffee, and desserts at close enough prices. I recommend you try the following alternatives. Of the Restaurants I have visited around the Big Apple, Donuts is my first choice after J.CO When it comes to services, prices, and a diverse variety of Donuts and coffee.

So, Consider the following options as alternatives or competitors of J CO Malaysia. Must try these 4 Restaurants to satisfy your appetite. And for a caffeine boost.

  • Eight Ounce Coffee
  • Bean Brothers
  • Big Apple Donuts & Coffee
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

My Review at J CO Donut and Coffee

J.CO Outlet Front View

J CO is Really a Talk of the town, Offering a diverse variety of sweet snacks and desserts. So, for a long time, it’s been my 2nd, Choice. It’s whenever it comes to melting mouth Snacks and Caffeine Boosts with Coffee. So, Last day, I was craving some coffee and light Snacks. When I checked, Big Apple Donuts and Coffee was close to my Area Near Me.

So, I came back home and ordered some light snacks and Coffee using Foodpanda with A Special Discount. I Ordered Some Snacks like Iced Chocolate, Caramello Crunch, and Crunchy 2. Their Donuts are really Soft and nicely Prepared, offering a Superb Taste, and are Fluffy. I Received my Order in just a Moment on my doorstep with the smell of Fresh Donuts. I recommend you try their Donuts if you are looking for Quality and Taste.

Reach Out J Co Donut and coffee

For Any inquiries, reach out to J CO Donuts and Coffee using their Official website, then navigate to the Contact Us page and submit your query or ask your questions if you are interested in getting the latest News and updates about the Deals and Promotions on J CO Donut and coffee.

Faqs about J CO Donuts and Coffee Malaysia

Is J CO Offer Halal Snacks?

Yes, J COIs Halal Certified and Offer Halal Snacks.

When did J CO First Opened, and where?

J CO Originated from Indonesia, and they first opened their Outlet in 2006.

When did J CO First enter the Malaysian Market?

J CO First Opened their Outlet in 2007 in Malaysia.

What Kind of Food does J CO offer?

J CO Serves a diverse variety of Snacks and Coffee on their Menu that can Satisfy the Craving for Lip lip-smacking sweet Snacks and a Caffeine Boost.

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