Kee Nguyen Menu and Price List

Are You in Search of a restaurant that specializes in offering Vietnamese Taste to Guests? Kee Nguyen is a Vietnamese coffee shop that offers a variety of coffees. Kee Nguyen Offers authentic Vietnamese Street Coffee. They Have a Goal to Make Every Customer Feel like the Customer is Quenching his thirst in Vietnam. Kee Nguyen has been Serving Traditional Coffee since June 2019.

Kee Nguyen Offers a Diverse Variety of authentic Vietnamese coffee. Whether you are looking for Coffee for Breakfast Or after Dinner, Kee Nguyen’s menu has heavenly Vietnamese traditional Coffee and Milk options. There is something for everyone. Whether you are a coffee lover or a non-coffee drinker

While Writing About Kee Nguyen, I planned to visit the nearest Kee Nguyen Vietnamese coffee Outlet after finishing up my lunch at McDonald’s. I decided to Try the Vietnamese Coffee of Kee Nguyen. So, I searched for the nearest outlet in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

There, I asked the Service Crew which one the most selling items on the menu. The Staff Member Suggested Coconut coffee and Vietnamese Coffee. So, I prepared my mind for Vietnamese coffee and ordered it. That was a great experience with kee Nguyen coffee. The coffee was really delectable, and the prices were affordable. The whole menu prices Lie between RM 4.00 and RM 13.00

Kee Nguyen made a Positive Image for its Coffee. I also suggest you try their Coffee. Kee Nguyen is one of the best Restaurants in Malaysia That offers heavenly Vietnamese Coffee. Below, I have shared the Latest Updated Kee Nguyen Menu and Price list. Here, you can check out all available menu items with Prices.

Kee Nguyen Menu and Price List Malaysia

Kee Nguyen Menu and Price List Malaysia

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee offers 4 options: Condensed Milk, Black Coffee, Latte, and Americano. Vietnamese Coffee offers options like hot coffee and cold coffee. Kee Nguyen Also offers Size Variations like regular and Large. So, a customer can Choose Any Options Easily as their Thirst. These options are really Affordable. They cost around RM 4.00 to RM 9.00

Kee Nguyen Menu Vietnamese coffee
Vietnamese CoffeeDescriptionPrice (RM)
Condensed MilkCà phê sữa. Our signature. Kee’pers choiceRM 6.40
BlackCà phê đen. Strong & originalRM 5.60
LatteBạc xiu. Daily DelightRM 7.20
AmericanoVietnamicano. Light & easy classicRM 4.80

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Special Coffee

Special Coffee at Kee Nguyen menu offers a Diverse Variety of Unique Options in Coffee Like Yogurt, coke, coconut, Mocha, and Egg coffee. In Special Coffee, I have tried Coke, Yogurt, and Egg Coffee. I have only a Few Words; this coffee taste was new to me in Malaysia Because this Innovative Option, kee Nguyen, Is apart from other coffee shops.

Special Coffee also offers Size and Temperature. You can choose Hot and iced Coffee in 2 different sizes, regular and large. This series costs between RM 8.00 and RM 11.00.

Kee Nguyen Menu Special Coffee
Special CoffeeDescriptionPrice (RM)
Yogurt CoffeeSữa chua cà phê. The most fancy. Kee’pers choiceRM 8.80
Coke CoffeeCà phê Coke. Adventurous tasteRM 8.00
Coconut CoffeeCà phê dừa. Creamy & yummy. Kee’pers choiceRM 8.80
Mocha CoffeeCà phê mocha. Classic choiceRM 8.80
Salt CoffeeRM 8.80

Hazelnut Coffee Series

Kee Nguyen Also Offers options for hazelnuts. This Category offers options like regular and large. This Category also offers Different Sizes and options in Hot and iced Hazelnut coffee. The Category costs around RM 7.00 to RM 13.00.

Hazelnut Coffee SeriesPrice (RM)
Coconut HazelnutRM 10.40
Salt HazelnutRM 10.40
Latte HazelnutRM 8.80
Condensed HazelnutRM 8.00
Black HazelnutRM 7.20
Mocha HazelnutRM 10.40

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Kee Nguyen Menu Images

Best selling items in Kee Nguyen Menu

Below, I have Listed Some of the Most Popular options in the Kee Nguyen Menu. These menu items are the crowd’s favorite.

  • Coconut Coffee
  • Latte
  • Mocha Coffee
  • Yogurt Coffee
  • Salt Coffee
  • Latte Hazelnut

Alternatives of Kee Nguyen

If you are looking for Restaurants that offer Vietnamese coffee In Dine-in. I have listed some alternatives that can be competitors or kee Nguyen in Malaysia.

  • VNKopi Vietnam Coffee
  • Cộng Caphe
  • Vietnam Coffee Chow Kit
  • Raflis Vietnam Coffee

Kee Nguyen Malaysia Locations and Opening Hours

Kee Nguyen Malaysian Owns More than 37 outlets across Malaysia, and I have listed some below.

  • Kee Nguyen – Vietnam Coffee (PJ)
    No. 17B-Sublot1, Jalan 14/20, Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
    Business Hours : Monday – Saturday (9.30am – 7pm). Sunday (Closed)
  • Kee Nguyen – Vietnam Coffee (SS19)
    27, Jalan SS 19/6, Ss 19, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
    Business Hours : Everyday (8.00am – 8pm)

Contact Kee Nguyen Malaysia

You can contact Kee Nguyen through their official website and social media. If you want to Stay the Latest about the Latest deals and Promotions, don’t Forget to Follow Kee Nguyen’s Official Social Media Handles.

FAQs about Nguyen Malaysia

is Kee Nguyen Halal Certified?

Yes, Kee Nguyen Claim That They Are Halal Certifed.

How Many Outlets Does Kee Nguyen Own in Malaysia?

Kee Nguyen owns more than 37 outlets across Malaysia, the maximum being in Kuala Lumper. 

In what price range does Kee Nguyen offer Coffee?

Kee Nguyen Offers all Vietnamese Coffee in the Price Range of RM 4.00 to RM 13.00. Every drink is pocket-friendly, and anyone can enjoy it without worrying about the budget.

Who is the founder of Kee Nguyen?

Kee Nguyen, A home-grown Vietnamese Coffee Brand founded in 2019 by Radius Khor and Henry Tan

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