Koffie Lane Menu and Price List

Are You a Coffee Lover and looking for a Caffeine Boost while taking a Lunch Break from work or on holiday? Koffie Lane, a Hidden Gem, can be a good spot for you to satisfy Your craving for lip-smacking buttermilk Chicken and a variety of coffee, tea, and Fresh Drinks. They own Coffee Shops in Multiple Locations. They opened their first Coffee shop in Kajang, and recently, they opened their 2nd Outlet in Petaling Jaya.

This talk about interior design is Encouraged from the colonial era, and it Includes an exterior painted in white, floors with a checkered pattern, and furnishings made of dark wood if you are a food and coffee enthusiast. To complete your experience with Coffee and Malting in Mouth Snacks, consider trying this hidden gem that offers a diverse variety of food. It is a very reasonable price compared to international Brands Like Tealive or Chatime.

Suppose you want to check the Koffie Lane Menu before you visit the café or order from Koffie Lane. I have shared the complete Koffie Lane menu with newly added Menu items and updated Prices so you can get a Better Idea about what perfectly fits your Budget and what you will try on your next visit. Also, Share your experience with me down Bellow in the discussion field.

Complete Koffie Lane Menu

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea SetRM59.90

Barista Special

In Batista Special, Koffie Lane offers a variety of unique drinks at affordable rates. These options are accessible to everyone. If you want to try some unique drinks, I recommend you try the following items: Italian Shaken Espresso, Vanilla Rosemary Latte, and  A27 Drip Coffee. These recommendations are my favorite drinks prepared by Koffie Lane. This unique option costs Around RM 12.00 to RM 17.90.

Zesty Lemon CitronKorean sweet honey lemon beverages.RM7.90
Chai LatteA delicious combination of milk and authentic chai tea, enjoyed hot or cold.RM11.90
ChocolateClassic hot chocolate made with cocoa and milk.RM11.90
A27 Drip CoffeeSpecial drip coffee using Ethiopia Guji Gerberico beans with our unique A27 dripper.RM12.00
Matcha LatteA refreshing matcha latte, enjoyed hot or iced.RM12.90
Blueberry LatteA dreamy latte made with all-natural sweet blueberry compote.RM13.90
Strawberry LatteA delightful latte with the sweetness of strawberries.RM13.90
Sunrise ZestpressoVibrant flavors of orange and espresso, perfect for a refreshing morning pick-me-up.RM14.90
Vanilla Rosemary LatteA unique latte with rosemary syrup, vanilla flavor, steamed milk, and espresso.RM14.90
Vanilla Velvet Rose LatteSmooth and luxurious essence of a classic rose vanilla latte.RM14.90
Biscoff LatteEspresso mixed with biscoff spread, caramel, biscoff crumbles, and whipped cream.RM15.90
Caramel MacchiatoRich caramel-flavored espresso topped with milk foam and caramel syrup.RM15.90
Italian Shaken EspressoEnergizing espresso shaken with creaminess and a hint of vanilla.RM16.90
Strawberry Matcha LatteA unique combination of matcha and strawberry flavors in a latte.RM16.90
Scottish LatteSpecially crafted latte with toffee nut flavor notes.RM17.90


Espresso is one of the most popular coffees also served at Koffie Lane in Malaysia. This offers a variety of authentic Flavours in espresso. In espresso, I like Biscoff late, Cappuccino, Babyccino, and Affogato. These coffee options are perfect for me to quench my thirst. These are also some of the recommendations that you can try while visiting the Café. This Coffee Option costs Between RM 5.00 and RM 15.90.

Koffie Lane Espresso coffee Menu
BabyccinoFoamy milk with no coffee. Specially craft for kids to enjoy their beverages. Comes with lotus biscoff biscuit! Your little one surely will enjoy it.RM5.00
Black KoffieOur Americano super premium medium roast coffee is robust, complex, and satisfying with a bold, toffee flavor that’s enhanced by a nutty hazelnut finish.RM8.90
Cafe’ LatteOn the lighter side, our Cafe Latte is made from medium-roast beans for a rich and balanced taste.RM10.90
CappuccinoYou’ll find notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut in this balanced, medium roast coffee. Its sweet, smooth flavor makes it a natural companion to cappuccinos.RM10.90
Cold Brew by KLSingle OriginGaroka Medium Roast Tangerin, Black Raisin, Prune
CortadoA double barista shot!RM10.90
Flat WhiteA slightly creamy latte with the same amount of espresso and milk as a cappuccino but with a thinner layer of microfoam.RM10.90
MochaA caffeinated beverage made from brewed dark coffee beans and chocolate.RM12.90

The expansive Bubble bee menu offers Malaysian favorites like nasi lemak, roti canai, and a variety of tantalizing curry dishes.


Blueberry Lime MocktailRM15.90
Cranberry SensationA vibrant blend of tart and sweet, delivering a refreshing burst in every sip.RM15.90
Mango OasisRM15.90
Passion QueenQueen, we’re ready for your thirst quenching needs. Passion Queen is our special mocktail of passionfruit and lemonade!RM14.90
Summer Strawberry CitrusRM14.90

Milkshakes & Frappe

Ice Blended & Milkshakes and Tea drinks at Koffie Lane Malaysia
Caramel Macchiato FrappeRM17.50
Chocolate Chip FrappucinoRM16.90
Cookies ň KreméRM18.90
Dark MochaRM16.90

Other Beverages

Soft DrinkRM5.00
Evian Mineral WaterRM6.90

Pintea’s menu offers a tantalizing array of local Malaysian dishes like nasi lemak, laksa, and roti canai that reflect the diversity of flavors in the country.

Patisseries & Cakes

Koffie Lane Psalteries and Cakes
Afternoon Tea Set 💐🕊️RM59.90
Strawberry Bliss TartRM18.00
Raspberry PistachiosRM18.00
Peachy Delight TartRM18.00
Pandan Gula MelakaRM18.00
Burntcheese CakeRM18.00
Berry Blossom TartRM18.00
Lime Meringue TartRM16.50
Victoria SandwichRM16.00
British Scone 🇬🇧RM8.90
Chocolate RollRM7.50
Chicken PieRM6.80
Japanese Cream PuffRM6.50
English MuffinRM6.50

Rise and Shine

Koffie Lane Rise and shine category menu Item
Croissants SandwichRM21.90
Eggs BenedictRM19.90
Eggy SourdoughRM8.90
Italian Baked EggsRM22.90
KL English BreakfastRM30.90
Paris-Style CroissantsRM23.90
Tropical French ToastRM24.90

Breakfast Classics

If you are seeking breakfast options or lite for breakfast, then I recommend you visit Koffie Lane Café to satisfy your appetite for a mouthwatering, healthy, and full protein breakfast. Koffie Lane offers Breakfast options like Italian Baked Eggs, Sandwiches, and Eggs Benedict. This option Costs Between RM 8.90 and RM 22.90. in this price range, 1 person can have his Breakfast for RM 20 to RM 40.

Eggy SourdoughRM8.90
Gourmet GranolaRM15.90
Eggs BenedictRM19.90
Croissants SandwichRM21.90
Italian Baked EggsRM22.90
Paris-Style CroissantsRM23.90
Tropical French ToastRM24.90
KL’s English BreakfastRM28.90


Appetizers offered At Koffie Lane really offer Heavenly taste and perfectly Complement the Main Course. I have tried options all starters till now and like their Home Fries and Cheesy Wedges. It costs Me around RM 12.90 to try each item, and these options are also some recommendations for you that you can consider trying.

Ceasar SaladRM11.90
Cheesy WedgesRM15.90
Golden Onion RingsRM15.90
Home FriesRM15.90
Korean TteokbokkiRM13.90
Wild Mushroom SoupRM18.90

Chef’s Special

chef special with Milkshake
Bloodshot BurgerRM30.90
Farmer’s Fish N ChipsRM26.90
Grilled ChickenRM28.90
Italian Baked EggsRM22.90
Italian Chicken RouladeRM32.90
Korean Hot WingsRM23.90
Malaysian Wantan MeeRM19.80
Norway Salmon TuscanRM36.90
Smoky 80’sRM31.90

Oven Pizza

Classic MargheritaRM22.00
New York SliceRM31.90


Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Chicken Cutlet Fried RiceFlavor-packed fried rice with chicken cutlet, sure to tantalize your taste budsRM 20.90
Kamheong ChickenAromatic kam heong chicken served with riceRM 19.90
Creamy Buttermilk ChickenTender, crispy buttermilk chicken topped with homestyle gravy, served over riceRM 19.90

For Little One

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Kids Fried RiceYummy fried rice with eggs, baby spinach, choice of beef or salmon, served with fresh fruitRM 14.90
Kiddy PastaCreamy pasta with choices of beef bacon or chicken slice, designed for kids (2 – 10 years old)RM 14.90

Cakes Selection

Menu ItemsPrice List
Wally WalnutRM 16.00
Matcha Red BeanRM 16.00
Matcha GateauRM 16.00
Grandma’s PistachioRM 16.00
Earl Grey CitrusRM 16.00
Cocoa NoirRM 16.00
Basque CheesecakeRM 16.00
Choco Banana CakeRM 7.90

Sweet Treats

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Tropical French ToastFrench toast with passionfruit, maple syrup, strawberries, and blueberriesRM 23.90
Chocolate SouffléFinest chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream (Not available for Beep delivery)RM 23.90
Bruxxles BlissSweet Belgian waffles with various fillings, toppings, and saucesRM 21.90
Mona LisaButter croissant with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and fresh berriesRM 16.90
Fruity FujiRM 15.90
Crème BrûléeClassic creamy and crispy Crème BrûléeRM 10.90

Popular selling items at Koffie Lane

Koffie Lane In Outlet Menu

Koffie Lane offers a diverse variety of drinks, from coffee to tea, and a variety of Snacks. From this diverse variety of drinks and snacks, I have listed the top 5 popular items that you can consider trying if you are visiting as a Newbie or a tourist in Malaysia. I have also tasted the following Menu Items, and I Recommend you try the following options.

  1. Italian Chicken Roulade
  2. Cranberry Sensation
  3. Italian Shaken Espresso
  4. Tropical French Toast
  5. Creamy buttermilk chicken

Alternatives of Koffie Lane

If Koffie Lane is Not open around, then you can also consider trying coffee of Gigi Coffee or Tealive. But in Kajang, Selangor, if you want to try its alternatives, I have listed 4 alternatives that offer a diverse variety of snacks, coffee, and tea, so you can consider trying the following Hot Spots To satisfy your craving and for caffeine boost during Lunch break.

  1. Marjorina Café
  2. Secret Recipe Prima Saujana
  3. Soul Crew

My Review About Koffie Lane

Koffie Lane Malaysia Outlet front

Koffie Lane is one of my Favorite Locations to get coffee and a cup of tea after International Locations Like Tealike. Koffie Lane is so close to where I live in Selangor. It’s like away from my place, 5 to 10 minutes of walk. I decided to visit this café on the weekends at dinner time at 8:30 pm for Dine in if I talk about the white-washed exterior, checkered floors, and dark wooden furnishings.

It is an open place and easy to walk in. Fine leg space between chairs and table. An airy and comfortable place for coffee and tea. So, I ordered Italian Chicken Roulade, Chocolate, Chocolate Nutella, Grilled Chicken, and a coffee drink. Koffie Lane Grilled Chicken is average, and the chocolate Nutella cake was mouthwatering and offered a delectable taste in every bite. Coffee is a must-try option if you are visiting or ordering from Koffie Lane.

Reach out Koffie Lane Malaysia

To contact Koffie Lane, find them on social media and DM them your Query. They will get you back as soon as possible. To get the latest updates about the Newly Launched Deal and promotions, follow Koffie Lane on their Official social media Listed Below. If you want to order I have listed in this List below.

Faqs about Koffie Lane Malaysia

What is the price range of the Koffie Lane menu?

Koffie Lane Whole menu Costs Between RM 10.00 to RM 36.90. There are no menu items that cost over RM 40.00.

Is Koffie Lane Halal?

Yes, Koffie Lane offers halal meals and a Muslim café.

What are the top-selling popular items at Koffie Lane?

Koffie Lane Offers a variety of cuisines and drinks. Bellow, I have sorted the top 6 Items in Koffie Lane Menu Malaysia.

  1. Sunny Pasta
  2. Creamy Buttermilk Chicken
  3. Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice
  4. Aglio Olio
  5. Ceasar Salad
  6. Wild Mushroom Soup

Who Is the Owner of Koffie Lane?

I found Some information on linked in about the Owner or founder of Koffie Lane. Nur Liyana Madihah Zakaria is the Founder, Baker, and cook at Koffie Lane.

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