Pak Panjab Menu and Price List

Have you ever before tried a Blend Of authentic Pakistani, Indian, and Malaysian Cuisine Flavours? If you are dreaming of trying authentic Pakistani Cuisine or added it as a task to your bucket List. So, I am here with a hot spot that serves authentic flavors in Malaysia. Pak Panjab restaurant is in the spotlight in offering a diverse variety of authentic Pakistani and Indian Cuisine.

Pak Panjab Restaurant is a Pakistani Restaurant that first opened in Malaysia in 2013, and since then, they have been serving lip-smacking meals. They specialize in Preparing Mouthwatering Punjabi food like roti and naan. Currently, they Own Multiple locations in Malaysia, like Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Kuala Lumpur.

This Place is really an eye-catching Place, or an Attraction point for all Pakistani food lovers or people visiting from Pakistan. The best thing is that it is easy on the wallet and affordable for everyone, and Pak Panjab Restaurant didn’t Compromise on Quality even after offering meals at reasonable prices.

If you want to visit Pak Panjab Restaurant and are looking for the Latest Pak Panjab Menu. Be ready to start Your Culinary Adventure with me and share your experience with me. Below, I have arranged the Latest Pak Panjab Menu with Prices. Let’s check out the Menu and visit Outlet or Place Order from Grab Food or Foodpanda.

Pak Panjab Menu (Pickup and delivery)

Pak Panjab Restaurant Malaysia front Side outlet view

Special Breakfast

In special Breakfast Halwa, Puri with chana is One of the most popular menu items in this category. In Breakfast, when I visit this Restaurant, during Breakfast time, I prefer to eat Puri, Halwa Chana, and Special Fresh Dahi. Here, you can have Breakfast for Just RM 20 to RM 40. Their Lassi is a Must-try option when you visit them.

ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Lam PayaRM 16.50
Special Baspati White RiceRM 6.00
Beef NehariKarachi style, fresh beef cooked in Karachi nehari styleRM 24.90
Saag MakhniFresh saw cooked with butter in Punjabi styleRM 23.90
2 Puri, Halwa and ChanaRM 14.90
Chana MasalaRM 8.90
Special Fresh DahiRM 7.90
Anda PayazRM 10.90
Anda Chicken KoftaRM 12.90
Special LassiRM 7.50
Beef PayaRM 17.90
2 Eggs OmeletteRM 8.90
Aloo Achari MasalaRM 16.90


Pak Panjab restaurant offers a variety of Starter items on their Menu. All the Items are prepared Freshly using the best Quality ingredients and spices. In this category, all options are really delicious and offer Rich Flavours. But if you want to try something creamy, I recommend you try their Russian Salad, and if you want to go with Spicy and Hot Menu Items, all others Are recommended to try. This Starters Costs around RM 5.90 to RM 20.00.

Pak Panjab Restaurant Salad (1) (1)
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Vegetable Pakora1 PktRM 7.90
Crispy Namak Paray1 PktRM 7.90
Chana ChaatRM 14.90
Dahi BhallayRM 8.90
Fresh SaladRM 5.50
Russian SaladRM 24.90
Kachumer SaladRM 10.00
RaitaRM 5.90
Chicken Pakora & SauceRM 20.00

BBQ Dishes

In BBQ Dishes, Pak Panjab Offers a Diverse Variety of Lip-Smacking meals. They are Enough to Satisfy anyone’s craving for a mouthwatering and spicy meal. In BBQ Dishes, I recommend you try Chicken Tikka (Leg) / Boti, Beef Tikka Boti Boneless, Chicken Kebab, and BBQ Grilled Fish. These options are also my Favorite Options. I sometimes chose this place to satisfy my tastebuds. This Options Costs Abound RM 7.90 to Rm 29.90.

Naan With BBQ
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Kalwi Tikka4 Pcs GRILL DRUMSTICKRM 23.00
Chicken Tikka(Leg)RM 14.90
Chicken Kebab1 PcRM 7.90
Mutton Kebab1 PcRM 8.90
Beef Kebab1 PcRM 7.90
Chicken Kabab Khara MasalaSpecial chicken BBQ kabab cooked with sauteed vegetable & masalaRM 24.90
Chicken Rashimi Kabab2 PcsRM 20.90
Chicken Cheese Kebab2 PcsRM 17.90
Mutton Cheese Kabab2 PcsRM 21.90
Mutton Kabab Khara MasalaSpecial mutton BBQ kabab cook with sauteed vegetable & masalaRM 29.90
Beef Cheese Kabab2 PcsRM 18.90
Beef Kabab Khara MasalaSpecial beef kabab cooked with sauteed vegetable & masalaRM 25.90
BBQ Grill FishRM 20.00
Chicken Tikka BotiRM 15.90
Chicken Malai BotiRM 15.90
Chicken Green Boti BonelessRM 20.90
Chicken Namkeen Boti BonelessRM 18.90
Turkish BotiRM 18.90
Mutton Tikka Boti BonelessRM 26.90
Beef Tikka Boti BonelessRM 21.90
Special Punjabi Chicken BotiRM 22.90
Chicken Boti BonelessRM 19.90
Shishtaouk Boti BonelessRM 20.00

Naan, Roti, and Pratha

Naan, Roti, and Paratha are also a Part OF breakfast. Here, you can get vibes like having a meal to Satisfy Your hunger or tastebuds. In naan, roti, and Pratha Tandoori Roti, Cheesy Mutton Naan, Daal & Raita, and Cheesy Beef Paratha, Daal & Raita are some recommendations for you that you should try while visiting. This option lies between RM 2.90 to RM 20.90.

Pak Panjab Restaurant Naan Rotti and Paratha
ItemPrice (RM)
Cheese NaanRM 12.90
Tandoori RotiRM 2.90
Garlic NaanRM 7.90
Garlic Cheese Naan + DAALRM 14.90
Plain NaanRM 3.50
2 Chapati and DaalRM 6.90
Plain Pratha +DaalRM 4.90
Special Aloo Cheesy Naan, Daal & RaitaRM 13.90
Allo Pratha with RaithaRM 8.90
2 Butter Naan & DaalRM 8.90
Cheesy Mutton Naan, Daal & RaitaRM 20.90
Chicken Malai Boti Naan, Daal & RaitaRM 17.90
Chicken Tikka Boti Naan, Daal & RaitaRM 17.90
Special Double Cheese Naan and DaalRM 16.90
Chicken Keema Paratha, Daal and RaitaRM 14.90
Chilli Cheese Naan & DaalRM 14.90
Cheesy Onion Naan & DaalRM 12.90
Special Aloo Naan and RaitaRM 9.90
Onion Paratha and DaalRM 8.00
Special Punjani KulchaRM 5.00
Tandoori Paratha & DaalRM 6.90
Special Chicken Keema Naan and RaitaRM 14.90
Cheesy Chicken Naan, Daal & RaitaRM 16.90
Cheesy Beef Naan, Daal & RaitaRM 18.90
Special Kashmiri Naan & DaalRM 16.90
Gobi Naan & RaitaRM 10.00
Special Paneer Naan & DaalRM 15.00
2 Peshawari Roti & DaalRM 8.90
Kulwanji Naan & DaalRM 5.00
Pudina Naan & DaalRM 8.90
Achari Naan & DaalRM 10.00
Special Paneer Paratha & DaalRM 16.00
Aloo Cheese Paratha, Daal & RaitaRM 14.90
Garlic Cheese Paratha & DaalRM 14.90
Double Garlic Cheesy Paratha & DaalRM 16.90
Special Cheesy Paratha & DaalRM 12.90
Double Cheesy Paratha & DaalRM 16.90
Chilli Cheese Paratha & DaalRM 13.90
Garlic Paratha & DaalRM 8.90
Achari Paratha & DaalRM 9.90
Gobi Paratha & RaitaRM 10.90
Pudina Paratha & DaalRM 8.90
Lachha Paratha & DaalRM 6.90
Jeera Paratha & DaalRM 6.90
Cheesy Chicken Paratha & DaalRM 16.90
Cheesy Beef Paratha, Daal & RaitaRM 16.90
Cheesy Mutton Paratha, Daal & RaitaRM 20.90

Pakistani Dastarkhwan

rice n Biryani, Curry and Naan
DishPrice (RM)
Mutton Karahi (Half kg)RM 45.90
Lohari Desi Murgh Karahi (Full)RM 75
Chicken Boneless Mahkni Handi (1 Kg)RM 75
Mutton Badami Handi (Half kg)RM 49.90
Chicken KarahiRM 35.90
Mutton Achari KarahiRM 45.90
Chicken Tandoori MasalaRM 39
Chicken AchariRM 37
Chicken White HandiRM 42
Chicken JalfraziRM 38
Chicken Black Pepper HandiRM 42
Beef KarahiRM 65
Mutton Rajistani KarahiRM 48
Mutton Peshawari KarahiRM 45
Aloo Mutton GoshtRM 29.90
Butter Mutton KarahiRM 44.90
Mutton Ginger KarahiRM 44.90
Mutton JalfareziRM 45
Mutton Namkeen KarahiRM 43.90
Beef Khara MasalaRM 38
Beef Makhani HandiRM 40
Chicken Tikka KarahiRM 38.90
Butter Chicken KarahiRM 38.90
Chicken White MasalaRM 38
Murgh Bunah MasalaRM 38

Special Rice

Pak Panjab Restaurant Biryani
DishPrice (RM)
Special Spicy Tikka BiryaniRM 23.90
Mutton PulaoRM 25.90
Chicken BiryaniRM 17.90
Special Baspati White RiceRM 6
Mutton BiryaniRM 25.90
Chicken Achari PulaoRM 20.90
Hyderabadi Tikka PulaoRM 22.90
Chana PulaoRM 10
Vegetable PulaoRM 10.90
Mutter PulaoRM 10
Daal ChawalRM 8.90
Afghani Beef PulaoRM 22.90

Special Tawa & Taka Tak

DishPrice (RM)
Beef KeemaRM 20.90
Chicken KeemaRM 18.90
Mutton KeemaRM 22.90

Special Vege

If you are a vegetarian, then Pak Panjab Restaurant also has sorted a variety of Vege dishes for you. There is something for everyone, whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. In particular, Vege Daal Mash Makhni Tadka and Chana Masala are some of my favorites and recommendations that you should Try. This Category Costs Between RM 8.90 to RM 41.90.

Pak Panjab Restaurant Vege Palak Paneer
DishPrice (RM)
Allo GobiRM 10.90
Chana MasalaRM 8.90
Aloo PalakRM 17.90
Mixed VegeRM 12.90
Bhindi MasalaRM 18.90
Palak PaneerRM 41.90
Paneer MasalaRM 39.90
Daal Mash Makhni TadkaRM 18.90

Desserts and Sweets

DishPrice (RM)
Moti Choor Laddo (2 Pcs)RM 5.90
Gulab Jamun (2 Pcs)RM 5.90
Special Badam Laddo (Per pcs)RM 5
Patisa (3 Pcs)RM 8.90
Special Khoya Barfi (Per kg)RM 80
Mix Sweets (Per kg)RM 50
Khoya Barfi (4 Pcs)RM 11.90
Rasguly (2 Pcs)RM 7.90
Special Qalaqand (250g)RM 25.90
Special KheerRM 8
Jalebi (5 Pc)RM 10
Special Gajar HalwaRM 12.90
Namak ParayRM 8.90
Ras MalaiRM 10
Suji HalwaRM 8.90

DipnDip offers a diverse menu of made-to-order crepes, waffles, and hot chocolates with over 30 sweet and savory fillings to satisfy any craving.

Sheak and Lassi

DishPrice (RM)
Mango LassiRM 12.90
Mango ShakeRM 12.90
Banana ShakeRM 11.90
Banana LassiRM 11.90


DishPrice (RM)
Watermelon JuiceRM 8.90
Carrot SusuRM 8.90
Orange JuiceRM 10.90
Apple JuiceRM 10.90
Special Mixed SheakRM 15.90
Plain LassiRM 6.90
Pak Punjab Special Rubry MilkRM 8.90
Special CocktailRM 16.90

Hot Beverages

DishPrice (RM)
Masala TeaRM 4.90
Hot MilkRM 5.90
Pakistani TeaRM 4.50

Popular Selling items at Pak Panjab Restaurant

Are you planning to try authentic Pakistani cuisine in Malaysia with rich Flavours and confused about what you should Try at Pak Panjab Restaurant? I have some of the top 6 Dishes at Pak Panjab Restaurant that You can consider while visiting. Among these Top-selling items, my favorites are Chicken Tikka and Chicken Biryani, which Offer a Rich taste in Every Bite.

  1. Kalwi Tikka
  2. Cheese Naan
  3. Chicken Tikka(Leg)
  4. Special Spicy Tikka Biryani
  5. Lam Paya
  6. 2 Puri, Halwa and Chana

Alternatives of Pak Panjab Restaurant Malaysia

I also visited some Other Restaurants around Pak Panjab That offer almost the Same Pakistani Meals, and I have shared some of the restaurants you should Also try after Visiting Pak Panjab Restaurants. These 5 listed Restaurants also offer lip-smacking meals That You should also Check.

  • Punjabi Sweets Restaurant
  • Punjabi Rasoi Sdn Bhd
  • Ras Balouch Restaurant
  • Arzu Restaurant

My Experiences at Pak Panjab Malaysia

About a Week Ago, I went to Kuala Lumpur for Some Business tasks, and my tour Was Planned for 3 days. I finished up my work in the first 2 Days and got an opportunity to explore Some Hidden Gems in Kuala Lumper. Sometime before, I heard about Pak Panjab restaurant in KL. So here, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, I found the Nearest Outlet, Pak Panjab Restaurant.

It took me Hardly 10 minutes to walk to the Restaurant. Its Interior is nice and gives vibes like a Pakistani Restaurant. So, in the Morning, I decided to Try Some Meals like Puri, Halwa and Chana, Plain Naan and Eggs Omelette, and  Mango Lassi. This place is like a Heaven of Smacking Meal. Meal Taste is Superb, and this place is Highly Recommended If you are looking for a Pakistani Meal. I rated them 5/5 overall.

Reach out Pak Panjab Restaurant

To Get the Answers to your Queries and inquiries, visit Pak Panjab Restaurant’s Official website and navigate to their Contact Us page. To See the Latest News Updates about the Pak Panjab Restaurant in Outlet Deals and Discounts, follow Their Official Social Media Handles.

Faqs about Pak Panjab Restaurant Malaysia

What Kind Of food Pak Panjab Restaurant offers in Malaysia?

Yes, Pak Panjab Restaurant offers a diverse variety of authentic Pakistani meals like Chicken Karachi, Chicken Biryani, and a lot of other Pakistani Spices.

Do They Accept Payment with Credit Cards?

They accept Payments Through s Credit cards, Debit cards, and NFC mobile payments.

When did Pak Panjab Restaurant First open?

Pak Panjab Restaurant first opened in Malaysia in 2013.

Does Pak Panjab Offer Catering services?

Yes, of course, they offer catering services.

The name’s Vincent lim, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m absolutely mad about Malaysian food. Like, legit obsessed. Some people dream about tropical beaches or partying all night – I fantasize about stuffing my face with the most mind-blowing dishes this country has to offer. Pretty weird huh? But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

See, I’m a true blue Malaysian foodie, born and raised. While most kids had posters of celebrities or athletes on their walls, I was pinning up pictures of sizzling satay and kaya toast. My friends would beg their parents for the latest video games or toys – I just wanted them to take me to try nasi kerabu or laksa Sarawak. You could say I was wired differently right from the start.