Simple Life Menu and Price List

Are your health conscious and Searching for a spot that offers a Diverse variety of Melting-in-mouth health vegetarians? Your search ends Here. I will talk about a Spot where you will get a diverse variety of Fresh and Healthy vegetarian meals prepared using fresh And High premium quality Ingredients. Simple Life is a Spot that offers a wide range of healthy meals on its menu.

Simple Life Healthy vegetarian restaurant started operation in 1992 by Tracy Ngo as a shop offering organic products in Malacca. With Great success and Love from customers, they opened their first restaurant on May 13, 2011, in Klang Valley, Sunway Pyramid. As Time passed, they expanded to multiple locations across Malaysia and became known for Offering a Variety of healthy meals to vegetarian lovers,

 Simple Life is Like A Heaven of Healthy food For Vegetarian Food Lover. They Offer a diverse variety of Simple Life Delights, salads, healthy bread, and a lot of healthier Friendly on their menu. So, if you are looking for a Simple Life menu below, I have Compiled their Latest Menu with Prices; also, if you are interested in reading my experience, I have shared my review about Simple Life.

Complete Simple Life Menu Malaysia

Simple Life Delights

Menu ItemsPrice List
Nyonya Asam Abalone MushroomRM 16.90
Rendang Pumpkin & Mushroom LegRM 16.90


In the Salad category, Simple Life offers a variety of Healthy salad Options Like Mango Green Salad, dragon fruit green Salad, and Mixed Fruit rojak. All Options are prepared using high-quality Ingredients to offer every customer a perfect flavour, taste and top-notch experience. This salad option costs around RM 16.00 to RM 22.00

Menu ItemsPrice List
Mango Green SaladRM 22.00
Dragon Fruit Green SaladRM 22.00
Mixed Fruit RojakRM 16.00

Healthy Bread

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Toasted Wholemeal Bread with Kaya and ButtereggRM 5.90


If You want healthy food in town, consider visiting Simple Life And Trying their Main category meal options. In main, my favourite e meal option is Fried Egg Tomato, and I suggest you try this Melting mouth meal option. Simple Life is not just offering melting-in-mouth meals but also Offers a top-notch experience at pocket-friendly rates. The main category costs around RM 17.00 to RM 30.00

ItemDescriptionPrice (MYR)
Lei ChaLei cha paste. Note that for the lei cha paste, please add 250ml of hot water before consumptionRM 24
Thai Style Organic BeancurdServed with fried 10 grain rice, soup of the day, salad, spicy & eggRM 22
Kong Poh Lion Mane MushroomAll set meals are served with main course, 10 grain rice, salad, soup of the day and 2 side dishes of the dayRM 30
Tomato Concasse MacaroniServed with soup of the day, organic beancurd, sweet potato fries & drinkRM 17
Mixed Ginger PasteServed with fried 10 grain rice, soup of the day & saladRM 22
XO Paste Oyster MushroomRM 28.50
Assorted Braised Soy RollContains eggRM 27.50
Vegetarian Asam Seaweed BeancurdAll set meals are served with main course, 10 grain rice, salad, soup of the day and 2 side dishes of the dayRM 28.50
Organic Beancurd Hot PotRM 27.50
Vegetable Curry PotAll set meals are served with main course, 10 grain rice, salad, soup of the day and 2 side dishes of the dayRM 27.50
Fried Egg TomatoContains eggRM 25

Multi-Grain Porridge

ItemPrice (MYR)
Peanut 10 Grain PorridgeRM 18.50
Sweet Corn 10 Grain PorridgeRM 18.50

Brown Rice Noodles

ItemDescriptionPrice (MYR)
Chilli Padi Fried NoodleSpicy, choice of noodles availableRM 19.50
Tomato Concasse SpaghettiRM 24
Nyonya LaksaSpicy, choice of noodles availableRM 20.50
Organic Black Bean Soup with NoodleChoice of noodles availableRM 19.50


ItemPrice (MYR)
Mixed Mushroom PlatterRM 17
AcarRM 8
Thai Style Fried Organic BeancurdRM 16
Spicy Oyster MushroomRM 17


Menu ItemsPrice List
Pear White Fungus LonganRM 9
Seven-Color BeansRM 9


ItemPrice (MYR)
Pineapple + Passion Fruit + Chia Seed (Iced)RM 9.70
Lemon + Orange + Lime + Mint Leaf + Honey + Chia SeedRM 10
Lime + Cucumber + Mint Leaf + Honey + Chia SeedRM 10
Fresh Lemon + Honey + Chia SeedRM 9.70
Carrot + Tomato + LemonRM 13.50
Mango + Pineapple + OrangeRM 13.50
Pineapple + OrangeRM 12.50
Dragon Fruit + PineappleRM 12.50
100% Pure Fresh Apple JuiceRM 12.50
100% Pure Fresh Orange JuiceRM 12.50
100% Pure Fresh Watermelon JuiceRM 10
100% Pure Fresh Pineapple JuiceRM 10

Popular selling items at Simple Life Menu

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant offers a wide range of Healthier Meal Options. If You are looking for Some of the most popular options at a healthy Vegetarian Restaurant. I have listed the top 6 popular Menu options you can try if you are visiting This Spot For the First time. These popular Menu options are listed based on Customers who Mostly Order In outlets Or Online.

If You are In a fog looking for where to start Your experience, I suggest you start your Culinary Adventure with the following Items. The following Items are Closer to the Heart Of Customers

  1. Lei Cha
  2. Thai Style Organic Beancurd
  3. Kong Poh Lion Mane Mushroom
  4. Fried Egg Tomato
  5. Organic Black Bean Soup with Noodle
  6. Tomato Concasse Macaroni

Alternatives of Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant

If You are searching for Spots That offer Healthy meals like Simple Life offers, I have Visited many Spots And tried their Meal. Below, I will list some of the spots That you should Try If You are looking for Healthy meals in the Town. In this List, House of Kambing is My Favorite Because of its Unique Concept of Serving From Farm to Table.

Where to order from Simple Life Restaurant

Simple Life Offers Delivery Service using Their Party Delivery Partner Like Foodpanda and Grabfood. Suppose you are tired And Don’t Want to Drive to the Restaurant. Pick Your Phone, Use the Food Panda App, and place Your Favorite healthy Meal Options From a Simple, Life Healthy, Vegetarian Restaurant.

My review about Simple Life Vegetarian Restaurant

Rarely did I have the chance to explore other Cities to find spots that offer melting-in-mouth And Healthy meals to their Customers. So recently, while travelling to KL, I Planned to use my precious time Carefully and explore and try as many foods and Restaurants as possible. I researched where to start and Where I will get Healthy and Vege Meal.

I got my starting point, Simple Life healthy vegetarian Restaurant, where I found a variety of Healthy and vegetarian Meals. So, while travelling to KL, I had lunch there and Ordered Fried Egg Tomato, Organic Mee Hoon Kueh with Organic Black Bean Soup, and 100% Pure Fresh Orange Juice. The restaurant offers a good Ambiance and a Peaceful Environment. The staff in the outlet is friendly and talks to everyone nicely. After the meal is ordered, they deliver it in just a moment.

I started My experience with something light fried Egg Tomato, and No doubt that the Options were delicious. And Offered a Lip-smacking taste in every bite. Organic Mee Hoon Kueh with Organic Black Bean tastes superb and Offers a Melting mouth experience with every bite of the meal. The orange juice I tried was fresh and Offered a delectable taste in every sip till the end. I suggest you try a simple life restaurant.

Even though it was my first experience with Simple Life, my experience was smooth, and I also recommend you consider Simple Life for Healthy and Vege Food. I rated them 4.8 out of 5.0 Stars.

Reach Out Simple Life Vegetarian Restaurant

For any inquiries, visit Simple Life’s social media Pages and Contact them. Here, I am not suggesting you contact them on their Official website if there are many pages missing. I am sure they will contact you back during their working Hours. If you want to get the latest Updates about their deals and Promotions, I recommend you follow their official social media handles.

Faqs about Simple Life

Is Simple Life Halal Certified?

According to their Post on their Facebook Page, they claim that they are halal certified. Still, unfortunately, I found nothing on the Malaysia Halal Portal with the keywords “Simple Life” or “Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian restaurant.”

Does Simple Life Vegetarian Restaurant Offer Delivery Service?

Yes, Simple Life Offers Delivery Services And Deliver meals to customers’ doorsteps with the help of third-party delivery partners like Foodpanda.

What type of Meal Simple Life serves customers?

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian restaurant offers Diverse melting-in-mouth organic, natural, and nutritious meals.

When Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant First Opened?

This celebrated Spot started serving Melting in mouth Healthy Meal in 1992.

The name’s Vincent lim, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m absolutely mad about Malaysian food. Like, legit obsessed. Some people dream about tropical beaches or partying all night – I fantasize about stuffing my face with the most mind-blowing dishes this country has to offer. Pretty weird huh? But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

See, I’m a true blue Malaysian foodie, born and raised. While most kids had posters of celebrities or athletes on their walls, I was pinning up pictures of sizzling satay and kaya toast. My friends would beg their parents for the latest video games or toys – I just wanted them to take me to try nasi kerabu or laksa Sarawak. You could say I was wired differently right from the start.