Sushi King Menu & Price List Malaysia

Are you a Japanese food lover? Then, it’s a go-to destination for you to enjoy a taste of Japanese food at your place. Sushi King’s menu offers Malaysians a wide variety of delicious Japanese cuisine. It is one of the most celebrated sushi Restaurants that serves Japanese taste in their dishes.

The Sushi King Menu has been serving delicious Japanese-tasting meals for many decades since 1995. This restaurant offers a variety of food to fulfill everyone’s appetite at very reasonable prices. So, you can enjoy food without worrying about Breaking the piggy bank.

This article is about the latest menu & price list at Sushi King Malaysia.

Sushi King menu and Price List Malaysia

It offers a diverse range of Finger-licking Japanese taste food. Sushi King’s success in Malaysia is its commitment to quality, freshness, and affordability, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all sushi enthusiasts. The Sushi King menu caters to all tastes and has a variety of delicious arranged in various categories.

Special Sushi

ItemPrice (RM)
Sushi MoriawaseRM 23.21
Double Cheesy Ebi Ten RollRM 13.67
Salmon Cheese RollRM 15.79
Rainbow RollRM 23.21


Yakiniku Ebi Fry BentoTenpura Chicken Nanban BentoMixed Aji Fry Bento, and Mixed Chicken Bento at sushi king Malaysia

The Bento box is one of customers’ most convenient and Satisfying options. This Dishes chef Prepares carefully, which gives the meal perfection in terms of taste, texture, and preservation. (Recommendation) You should try one of their most popular and bestselling items on the menu: Grand Mixed Bento.

It’s a perfect option if you are craving the Japanese taste in your local area. No matter you are going for a quick lunch or dinner with family and friends.

Yakiniku Chicken Nanban BentoDeep-fried chicken with Japanese-style tartar sauce, pan-fried beef and vegetables, served with edamame and piri piri renkon.RM 21.09
Grand Mixed BentoDeep-fried salmon and chicken with spicy sauce and mayonnaise, teriyaki chicken patty served with edamame and piri piri renkon.RM 21.09
Mixed Aji Fry BentoAssorted deep-fried fish bento.RM 22.15
Unagi MakunouchiRice with charcoal grilled unagi, Japanese deep-fried chicken with Japanese-style tartar sauce served with egg mayonnaise, vegetables, omelette, fish cake and piri piri renkon.RM 27.33
Mixed Chicken BentoAssorted chicken bento.RM 22.15
Salmon MakunouchiRice with deep-fried Norwegian salmon, raw Norwegian salmon, served with egg mayonnaise, vegetables, omelette, fish cake and piri piri renkon.RM 27.33

With 31 flavors to choose, Baskin Robbins menu serves up cold, creamy ice cream scoops galore, from rocky road to cherry cheesecake and more.


A blow of rice with offering topping complementing with that bowl is amazing. If you are looking for satisfying meal options to kill your hunger, it’s another popular category on the Sushi King menu. It offers a variety of finger-licking rice bowls that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you coming back repeatedly for this delicious meal.

Yakiniku & Chicken Katsu Don, Yakiniku Don, JFC Plate- Spicy and JFC Plate- Original At Sushi king menu malaysia
Chicken Katsu DonRice with deep-fried chicken, spicy sauce, mayonnaise, and spring onions.RM16.22
Chicken Katsu Don with Onsen EggChicken katsu don topped with onsen egg.RM17.17
Unagi Don SingleRice with charcoal grilled eel, omelette, teriyaki sauce, and spring onions.RM30.63
Yakiniku DonRice with beef, onion, BBQ sauce, and spring onion.RM18.97
Unagi Tamago DonRice with charcoal grilled eel, egg, and spring onions.RM20.03
Yakiniku & Chicken Katsu DonRice with pan-fried beef in BBQ sauce and deep-fried chicken with spicy sauce, mayonnaise, and spring onion.RM24.27
Unagi Don DoubleDouble portion of rice with charcoal grilled eel, omelette, teriyaki sauce, and spring onions.RM49.71
Akauo Teriyaki DonRice with grilled red fish in teriyaki sauce, omelette, and spring onions.RM18.97
Black Pepper Tori Itame DonRice with black pepper chicken stir-fry.RM15.79
Cheesy Oyako DonRice with chicken, egg, onions, and cheese.RM16.85

Chicken Rice Shop latest menu brings hearty Hainanese chicken rice and tasty Asian delights at affordable prices to the masses, with signature plates starting from RM5 at over 150 outlets nationwide.


Item ItemsDescriptionPrice List
2 PlatesCustomers need to buy 2 plates of sushi.RM0.01
4 PlatesCustomers need to buy 4 plates of sushi.RM0.01


Salmon Skin Piri PiriDeep-fried salmon skin with spicy sauce.RM4.24
IIdako KurageSeasoned baby octopus and seasoned jellyfish.RM6.36
Chuka Iidako (B)Seasoned baby octopus.RM6.36
Chuka Wakame (B)Seasoned seaweed.RM4.24
Chuka Kurage (B)Seasoned jellyfish.RM5.30
EdamameGreen soybeans.RM4.24

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Black Pepper Ramen Noodles, Spicy Ramen Noodles, Yuzu Tenpura Udon,Yuzu Tenpura Udon and Yuzu Tenpura Udon At sushi king menu malaysia

The menu item you must try at Sushi King is their selection of melting-in-mouth noodles options. From the classic ramen to the flavorful udon, every dish is prepared with Care and offers various flavors. It makes Sushi King a go-to destination in Malaysia for delicious noodles options at a pocket-friendly cost.

NEW Spicy Gyu Ramen NoodleJapanese egg noodles in spicy broth, topped with pan-fried beef with kimchi, marinated egg, vegetables, and seaweed.RM22.79
Yuzu Tenpura UdonJapanese wheat noodles in citrus fruit-based soup, served with tempura prawn and vegetables.RM17.91
Yuzu Nabeyaki UdonJapanese wheat noodles, sweet bean curd skin, chicken, tempura prawn, and crab stick served in citrus fruit-based soup.RM17.91
Beef UdonJapanese wheat noodles, sweet bean curd skin, beef, and bean curd served in soybean-based soup.RM18.97
Ebi Ten Curry UdonJapanese wheat noodles in curry soup, topped with tempura prawn and crab stick.RM16.85
Spicy Ramen NoodlesJapanese egg noodles in spicy broth, topped with minced chicken, egg, and vegetables.RM20.67
Shoyu Ramen NoodlesJapanese egg noodles in soy sauce-based broth, topped with grilled chicken, egg, and vegetables.RM20.67
Black Pepper Ramen NoodlesJapanese egg noodles in black pepper-flavored broth.RM17.91

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Japanese Curry

Omu Curry, Chicken Curry, Yakiniku Curry And Chicken Katsu Curry  At sushi king menu Malaysia

Are you in search of Japanese food in your local area? Then Sushi King has something for you on their menu to satisfy your craving for Japanese food. This category has the most popular delicious options like Chicken Katsu Curry and Yakiniku Curry that you should try the next time you are at Sushi King.

Japanese CurryDescriptionPrice
Chicken Katsu CurryDeep-fried chicken with rice and Japanese curry, served with a side dish.RM17.91
Omu CurryJapanese curry served with omelette.RM17.91

Stop by Auntie Anne’s and let the mouthwatering aroma of oven-fresh pretzels straight from the bakery tempt you to customize your own with tasty toppings for a satisfying snack or light meal.


Tori Soboro AgedashiDeep-fried beancurd and minced chicken with tempura gravy.RM 6.25
Soft Shell Crab Ebi Ten MoriDeep-fried soft shell crab, prawn, lotus root, snap peas served with tempura gravy.RM 17.91
Chicken GyozaDeep-fried chicken dumpling sprinkled with in-house curry powder.RM 6.25
Ebi TenDeep-fried prawn, lotus root served with tempura gravy.RM 11.24
Chicken NanbanDeep-fried chicken and vegetables with Japanese-style tartar sauce.RM 8.48
TakoyakiDeep-fried octopus ball with okonomi sauce.RM 7.31
Salmon Kama Piri PiriDeep-fried salmon collar with spicy sauce.RM 6.25
Black Pepper Chicken KatsuDeep-fried chicken with black pepper sauce served with piri piri renkon.RM 14.73
Ika KaraageDeep-fried squid served with mayonnaise.RM 9.43
Cheesy TakoyakiDeep-fried octopus ball with cheese sauce.RM 8.37
Aji FryDeep-fried horse mackerel and long beans with Japanese-style tartar sauce served with piri piri renkon.RM 17.91
Spicy KaraageJapanese deep-fried chicken coated with in-house Japanese spicy sauce.RM 13.67
Cheesy KaraageJapanese deep-fried chicken coated with cheese sauce.RM 13.67
Original KaraageJapanese deep-fried chicken served with mayonnaise.RM 12.61

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Unagi KabayakiGrilled eel.RM 27.45
ShishamoGrilled capelin.RM 7.53
Karei TeriyakiGrilled Japanese halibut with teriyaki sauce and spring onions.RM 15.79
Saba TeriyakiGrilled mackerel with teriyaki sauce.RM 11.55
Black Pepper Tori ItameGrilled chicken with black pepper sauce.RM 14.73
YakinikuPan-fried Australian beef served with cabbage and sesame dressing.RM 21.09
Spicy YakinikuSpicy pan-fried beef served with cabbage and sesame dressing.RM 22.15
Unagi Kabayaki DoubleDouble portion of charcoal grilled eel with teriyaki sauce and spring onions.RM 48.65
Akauo TeriyakiGrilled red fish with teriyaki sauce and spring onions.RM 15.79

Jollibee Menu Malaysia offers classic Filipino favorites like Chickenjoy fried chicken, Jolly Spaghetti with signature sweet-style sauce, and mouthwatering burgers and sandwiches.


Salmon SashimiRaw salmon.RM 22.15
NEW Salmon Belly SashimiTorched raw Norwegian salmon belly.RM 20.03
Sashimi MoriawaseTorched raw Norwegian salmon belly, raw Norwegian salmon, and Atlantic flatfish fin muscle.RM 22.15


Chicken Salad, Karaage Egg Salad (Goma Wafu), and Wakame Salad

Sushi King offers a wide range of health options in salads or appetizers. It’s an important part of the whole dining experience. Salads play an essential role in the starting of the meal or while eating the meal. It complements all the meals and improves the taste of the meal. Wakame Salad is one of the most popular options at Sushi King.

Chicken SaladGrilled chicken with vegetables and dressing.RM14.73
Karaage Egg Salad (Goma / Wafu)Deep-fried chicken, egg mayonnaise, hard-boiled egg, and vegetables with dressing.RM15.79
Wakame SaladSeaweed and onions served with citrus-based dressing.RM5.19

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Miso soupJapanese soybean soup.RM3.18
RiceSteamed rice.RM2.12
Cheese SauceCheese sauce.RM2.12
Yuzu SoupRM3.18


Shoyu SauceSoy sauce.RM0.30
Nitsume SauceSweet soy sauce.RM1.00
WasabiJapanese horseradish paste.RM1.00

Mix ‘n Match 2 (Pick any 2 at RM 16.00 before tax))

Mix ‘n Match 2DescriptionPrice
Yakiniku Don (S)Yakiniku rice bowl (small).RM16.96
Spicy Yakiniku Don (S)Spicy yakiniku rice bowl (small).RM16.96
Ten Don (S)Tempura rice bowl (small).RM16.96
Spicy Chicken Katsu Don (S)Spicy chicken katsu rice bowl (small).RM16.96
Salmon Steak (S)Grilled salmon steak (small).RM16.96
Karaage Curry (S)Karaage curry rice (small).RM16.96
Piri Piri Chicken Don (S)Piri piri chicken rice bowl (small).RM16.96
Tenpura Udon (S)Tempura udon soup (small).RM16.96
Una Tama Don (S)Unagi tamago rice bowl (small).RM16.96
Kitsune Udon (S)Udon soup with fried tofu (small).RM16.96
Curry Udon (S)Udon soup with curry (small).RM16.96
Spicy Teri Tama Don (S)Spicy teriyaki tamago rice bowl (small).RM16.96
Teri Tama Don (S)Teriyaki tamago rice bowl (small).RM16.96
Big Rice SetLarge rice set.RM16.96
Aburi Engawa NigiriBlowtorched halibut fin nigiri.RM16.96
Norwegian Salmon Sashimi (S)Norwegian salmon sashimi (small).RM16.96
Norwegian Salmon NigiriNorwegian salmon nigiri.RM16.96

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Chicken TeppanyakiPan-fried chicken and vegetables with Japanese teppanyaki sauce. (Hot plate and stove not included)RM14.73
Beef TeppanyakiPan-fried Australian beef and vegetables with Japanese teppanyaki sauce. (Hot plate and stove not included)RM18.97
Salmon TeppanyakiPan-fried Norwegian salmon and vegetables with Japanese teppanyaki sauce. (Hot plate and stove not included)RM23.21

Beverage And Dessert

Coke, Sprite, Hanjuku Cheese Cake, and Cottage Cheese At Sushi king Menu Malaysia

Sushi King offers a diverse range of delicious desserts and drinks in this category, beverages, and desserts. Whether you try Japanese Curry, noodles, or Bento, carbonated drinks perfectly combine with all the dishes. If we talk about desserts, there are delicious options to try to complete your meal and end the dining experience.

100 PlusIsotonic drinkRM4.24
Hot Shizuoka ChaHot Shizuoka green teaRM1.82
Iced Shizuoka ChaIced Shizuoka green teaRM1.82
VitagenProbiotic drinkRM2.12

Party Pack

Are you planning to throw a party for your friends? Here is an option to have a bundle of delicious meals to enjoy with your friends, have a lot of fun, and make golden memories. This option contains a variety of meal in one pack and promises to serve every preference and taste.

Menu ItemsPrice List
All-Time Favoritefrom RM 51.59
Classic Delightsfrom RM 30.69

A&W’s newly revamped menu in Malaysia offers classic American favorites like frosty mugs of root beer and juicy burgers at prices to fit every budget.


Unagi TemakiGrilled eel, omelette, fish roe, cucumber, and mayonnaise wrapped in seaweed.RM6.36
Soft Shell Crab TemakiDeep-fried soft shell crab, fish roe, cucumber, and mayonnaise wrapped in seaweed.RM6.36
Ebi Fry TemakiDeep-fried prawn, omelette, fish roe, cucumber, and mayonnaise wrapped in seaweed.RM6.36
California TemakiCrabstick, omelette, fish roe, cucumber, and mayonnaise wrapped in seaweed.RM6.36

Sushi King Alternative Restaurants

Here are the alternatives of Sushi King Malaysia if you want to explore separate places and food taste

Best Selling Items at Sushi king menu Malaysia

Here are the bestselling options. You should try all these delicious options.

  • Grand Mixed Bento
  • Salmon Steak Ebi Fry Bento
  • Yakiniku Chicken Nanban Bento
  • Tenpura Chicken Nanban Bento
  • Norwegian Salmon Treasure Sushi Pack
  • Piri Piri Chicken
  • Sushi King Signature Rolls
  • Chicken Katsu Curry
  • Yakiniku Curry

History of sushi king Malaysia

Sushi king Menu And Price list Malaysia

Sushi King’s first outlet was opened in Malaysia in 1995 by Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr Fumihiko Konishi at the mall Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Sushi King was a famous Japanese food chain. They are committed to serving Japanese taste across the globe.

After the opening of first outlet, it become popular among Malaysian people for its delicious sushi and taste of Japanese food. In just few years sushi king makes its fan base strong in Malaysia. Now according to the data sushi king owns more than 120 outlets in Malaysia and the owner has planned to open 200 more outlets in next five years

After the opening of the first outlet, it became popular among Malaysians for its delicious sushi and taste of Japanese food. In just a few years, Sushi king made its fan base strong in Malaysia. According to the data, sushi king owns more than 120 outlets in Malaysia, and the owner plans to open 200 more outlets in the next five years.

Contact sushi king Malaysia

To See the Most Recent updates, visit Sushi King Malaysia’s website and official social media accounts; for more information, mail them [email protected]


Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr. Fumihiko Konishi Is an owner/founder of Sushi King Malaysia.

There are many ways to order and get food delivery service from Sushi King Malaysia, such as AirAsia Food, Food Panda, Grab Foods, Sushi King Malaysia app, and Shopee Food.

Yes, the membership points will expire after a year from the date you redeemed them.

No, it is impossible because each customer can have only one Sushi King Malaysia app account.

Yes, you can enjoy Workable All members benefits after activating your account.

There are the competitors of sushi king Malaysia

  1. BK Brasil Operacao e Assessoria a Restaurantes,
  2. Unilever Food Solutions,
  3. Kopi Kenangan
  4. Subway

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