The Daily Grind Menu and Price List

Are you in search of juicy fresh burgers, coffee, or homemade cakes? The Daily Grind can be a spot to satisfy your appetite for a lip-smacking, juicy burger crafted using 100% premium-quality fresh beef, lamb, and chicken. The Daily Grind First opened in December 2008, Kuala Lumpur’s first gourmet burger restaurant.

The Daily Grind Menu offers a diverse variety of Burgers Prepared Using the Best Quality Imported Halal Meat. They Use Premium Quality Beef, Lamb, and Chicken. All the Patties for Burgers are Molded in-house and Ensure the Quality and Freshness of every pet, which Gives every Burger a perfect and Melting Mouth Taste.

The Daily Grind is a perfect spot if you are seeking a Spot that offers a Diverse Variety of Options in Burgers. Suppose I Share my Experience with You Guys. IfThat it is like a heaven-after burger King’s Burgers. I have Been Tasting the Daily Grind Mouth-watering Burgers for more than a decade, and this Burger wasn’t Disappointing my Taste Buds.

I like their Classic Beef Burger, Crispy Chicken Salad, and Meatball Spaghetti. These options are Really delicious. If You Are visiting the Daily Grind, I Recommend You Try these Options, too. Below, I have also shared the Latest Menu and Price List Before Your Visit. You can check the Latest Daily Grind Menu and Select What to Try First.

The Daily Grind Menu and Price List Malaysia

The Daily Grind menu and price list Malaysia

Light Bites & Salads

Light Bites and Salads Offers a Diverse Variety of options like Habibi Salad, Crispy Chicken Salad, Blue Mussels and clams, and more you can explore to Satisfy Your Taste. Light Bites and salads are like Starters. You can also choose these options as Combinations with the Main Course.

Light Bites and Salads are a bit costly, but the taste will never disappoint you in this price range. This Category cost lies between RM 16.00 and RM 36.00.

The Daily Grand Burgers,  and Side Bites
ItemPrice (RM)
TDG Caesar SaladRM 36.00
StoreHub Beep best sellerRM 35.00
StoreHub Beep best sellerRM 33.00
Blue Mussels & ClamsRM 28.00
Glazy Asian Wings DuoRM 28.00
StoreHub Beep best sellerRM 26.00
StoreHub Beep best sellerRM 25.00
Irish Potato NachosRM 25.00
Corn Dog BitesRM 23.00
Dog’s DinnerRM 23.00
Soup of the DayRM 16.00


The Daily Grind Menu offers a diverse variety of best-quality burgers crafted using the Best-quality imported halal meat like beef, lamb, and chicken. They grind and mold the meat to perfection and also use homemade sauce that perfectly complements the meat and offers every customer a lip-smacking taste in every bite of a juicy burger. Burgers are Cost friendly and Cost between RM 28.00 to RM 42.00

The Daily Grand Burgers, snacks and Drinks
ItemPrice (RM)
Triple Stack BurgerRM 42.00
Japanese Yodel BurgerRM 37.00
Portobello Paleo BurgerRM 37.00
Sloppy JoeRM 35.00
Pulled Beef BurgerRM 35.00
Mini Burger SamplerRM 33.00
Classic Beef BurgerRM 28.00

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Other Burgers

ItemPrice (RM)
Down by the Sea BurgerRM 39.00
Downtown BurgerRM 37.00
Green with Envy (V)RM 29.00
Classic Chicken BurgerRM 28.00

Comfort Dishes

The Daily Grind Menu also has a wide range of comfort Dishes. Comfort Dishes, Eggs & Avocado, Super Awesome Bowl, and Meatball Spaghetti Are some Recommended dishes from My Experience. You can try eggs and avocados for breakfast. That will keep you energetic till the last Hour of the day. This dish’s cost lies between RM 32.00 and RM 58.00.

The Daily Grand Burgers, snacks fish and Chips
ItemPrice (RM)
Lobster Mac & CheeseRM 55.00
O’MEGA SalmonRM 48.00
Fish & ChipsRM 42.00
Brisket & WafflesRM 37.00
TDG Big BreakfastRM 37.00
Rosemary & Lemon Roasted ChickenRM 36.00
Southern Fried ChickenRM 36.00
Seafood SpaghettiRM 35.00
Meatball SpaghettiRM 35.00
Bangers & MashRM 33.00
Hangover BreakfastRM 33.00
Super Awesome BowlRM 32.00
Egg & AvoRM 32.00


The Daily Grand Burgers, snacks and Drinks (2)
Menu ItemsPrice List
Old Fashioned WaffleRM 28
Churros WafflesRM 26
Coco Goes NutsRM 20
The Daily Grand Burgers, snacks and Drinks (1)

Best Selling Items at The Daily Grind Menu

I have listed 6 of the top best-selling items in The Daily Grind Menu Malaysia. These options are crowd favorites loved by Many locals because of their lip-smacking taste.    

  • Seafood Spaghetti
  • Fish & Chips
  • Meatball Spaghetti
  • Lobster Mac & Cheese
  • Classic Beef Burger
  • Rosemary & Lemon Chicken

Alternatives Of the Daily Grind Malaysia

Are you seeking an alternative to the Daily Grind across Malaysia? Below, I have shared 4 alternatives that you can try. Some alternatives can be Bit Expensive. So, if you think of something, you can Contribute here. You can Share your comments below. I will update it as soon as possible.

Contact the Daily Grind Malaysia

Do You want to ask the Daily Grind any Questions? You can ask them Your Questions Related to the Daily Grand on their Website. To Stay Up to date about the latest deals and Promotions about the Daily Grand, Follow them on their Official Social Media handles.

Faqs about the Daily Grind Malaysia

Does the Daily Grind use Halal Meat in Burgers?

Yes, The Daily Grind uses 100 Premiums Quality imported Halal Meat in their Burgers.

What are the opening hours of The Daily Grind Restaurant Malaysia?

All Outlets are open at 11 am and close at 10 pm.

Where can you order food from, The Daily Grind Restaurant Malaysia?

If you want to get your meal at your Doorstep. You can order meals using the third-party delivery network Foodpanda and Enjoy your Meals from the comfort of your couch.

What is the price range at The Daily Grind Restaurant Malaysia?

The Daily Grind Restaurant Meal and Coffee lays RM 16.00 to RM 68.00.

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