Wing Zone Menu and Price List

Are you a Spice Snacks lover and want to eat the Hottest Snacks to Satisfy Your craving for Hot Spicy Meal? I have recently experienced a Spot Prefect, which can be a perfect Spot For everyone who Loves Hot and Spice Snacks. Wing Zone is a Most Celebrated Spot for offering a diverse Variety of Wings and Grilled Options with a variation of spice Levels like mild, medium, hot, and Hottest.

Wing Zone is an American Restaurant that first Opened in Florida in 1993. Before it started, 2 friends, Matt Friedman and Adam Scott, in 1991, Got the opportunity to Serve buffalo wings to more than 40000 students on the university campus University late at Night. With Their consistency and aim to serve Everyone lip-smacking meal wings, They Become on everyone’s lips.

Now, they own More than 90 outlets at the National and International Levels. Currently, Wing Some Own Outlets In Malaysia at the following Locations: Kampar, Ipoh, and Meru. They are also planning to expand More across Malaysia and Other Regions around the Map. Wing Zone Menu offers a Diverse variety of spicy Meals and Specializes in crafting a variety of wings.

If you want to Explore the Latest Wing Zone Menu, I have sorted Bellow, where you can check the prices of all the latest menu items added recently with Prices. I have also shared My real experience with Wing Zone in Ipoh Malaysia, outlet addresses and opening hours, and a Lot. You can find more. Let’s Move to the Menu.

Complete Wing Zone Menu Malaysia

Flavorholics Celebration Pack

Flavorholics Celebration Pack is A huge Package of Meals offering a diverse variety of meals in One Package. These Options are valuable if we are with friends, Family, or Loved Ones. This option, Buddy Pack, offers a variety of Meals, Including 2-3 Pax. 20 Pcs wings. Jumbo premium wedge fries, 2 dressings & celery. All bundles are priced Between RM 74.90 and RM 160.90. these options are worthwhile for a group of People.

some crispy sticky wings , Thai style spicy sweet sauce, and choice of boneless or classicsome crispy sticky wings , Thai style spicy sweet sauce, and choice of boneless or classic
Menu ItemsPrice List
Buddy PackRM 74.90
Family PackRM 113.90
Party PackRM 160.90

Local Favorite Entrees

Menu ItemsPrice List
FlavorLock Drums with Aromatic Rice And Grilled VegetablesRM 22.90
Drumsticks (Starting from)RM 18.90
Flavorholic Nasi Ayam with Grilled VegetablesRM 22.90

Flavorholic Entrees

Mango Habanero Wings (Bone In)
Menu ItemsdescriptionPrice List
E1. Boneless6 PcsRM 27.90
E2. Original Wings7 PcsRM 27.90
E3. Chicken Tender3 PcsRM 27.90
E4. Premium Beef BurgerPremium Beef Cheeseburger served with Premium Wedge Fries & Refreshing BeverageRM 29.90
E5. Supreme Grilled Chicken SandwichSupreme Grilled Chicken Sandwich served with Premium Wedge Fries & Refreshing BeverageRM 29.90
E6. Supreme Chicken Tender SandwichSupreme Chicken Tender Sandwich served with Premium Wedge Fries & Refreshing BeverageRM 29.90
E7. Kids Meal2 Pcs chicken tender with smiley friesRM 16.90
E8. Drumsticks2 PcsRM 26.90
E9. Garden SaladGarden Salad served with Premium Wedge Fries, Fresh Vegetables & Refreshing BeverageRM 24.90
E10. Caesar SaladCaesar Salad served with Premium Wedge Fries, Fresh Vegetables & Refreshing BeverageRM 24.90
E11. Supreme Grilled Chicken TortillaSupreme Grilled Chicken Tortilla served with Kettle Chip & Refreshing BeverageRM 29.90
E12. Supreme Chicken Tender TortillaSupreme Chicken Tender Tortilla served with Kettle Chip & Refreshing BeverageRM 29.90
E13. Premium Grilled Beef TortillaPremium Grilled Beef Tortilla served with Kettle Chip & Refreshing BeverageRM 29.90
Colossal Burger Meal10oz Chicken Sandwich served with Wedge Fries & Refreshing BeverageRM 30.90

From the Grill

Original Wings, 10 pieces, combo. All flats. Buffalo Bliss sauce
Menu ItemsPrice List
Double Stack Premium Beef BurgerRM 31.90
Supreme Grilled Chicken SandwichRM 25.90
Premium Beef CheeseburgerRM 25.90
Premium Beef Cheese TortillaRM 25.90
Supreme Grilled Chicken TortillaRM 25.90
Supreme Chicken Tender SandwichRM 25.90
Supreme Chicken Tender TortillaRM 25.90

Buffalo Wings

Funnel Fries, Fried Pickles, Seasoned Fries, Sweet Samurai, and Buffalo Ranch
Menu ItemsPrice List
Buffalo WingsRM 20.90

Buffalo Wing Baskets

Buffalo Wing is one of the most celebrated Categories Because Wing Zone Cheff is an expert in preparing Wings Snacks. Buffalo wing Baskets Are served with Prime Wedge Fries for just RM 26.50. Be careful while choosing the Spice Level. Don’t Dare to choose the hottest If you like To eat Normal Spices.

Menu ItemsdescriptionPrice List
Buffalo Wing BasketServed with premium wedge friesRM 26.50

Chicken Tenders

Menu ItemsPrixe List
Chicken TenderRM 18.90

Fresh Salads

Menu ItemsPrice List
Garden SaladRM 20.90
Caesar SaladRM 20.90

On the Side

Menu ItemsPrice List
Kettle ChipsRM 12.90
Mozzarella SticksRM 22.90
Smiley FriesRM 11.90
Aromatic RiceRM 5.90
RanchRM 5.90
Extra FlavorRM 5.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
Soft BeverageRM 7.90

Popular items at Wing Zone Menu Malaysia

I have listed the Top 5 popular best-selling items on the Wing Zone Menu in Malaysia. The options listed Below are a choice of Many customers of Wing Zone. I also like some options like Original Wings Chicken Tender and Boneless, and I recommend that if you’re a newbie, try the following options shared by Bellow to Satisfy your appetite. Surely you will come back for more again.

  1. Original Wings
  2. Buffalo Wings
  3. Buffalo Wing Basket
  4. Boneless

Alternatives Of Wing Zone Malaysia

Wing Zone Menu and Price List

These 5 Restaurants offer lip-smacking meals like Wing Zone in Malaysia. After testing all alternative options, I am recommending you Try the Following 5 as alternatives to Wing Zone in offering melting-in-mouth wing options. But when I come to Variety Wing Zone, it Wins Hearts by serving far and wide Options.

Locations, and Opening Hours at Wing Zone

If you want to Avoid waiting while sitting, Don’t Choose A Time Between 7 pm and 8 pm. Also, It’s Your Choice. If you want to Visit And enjoy the hustle and bustle at a Restaurant while sitting and waiting for the meal, you should surely visit during Busy Hours.

Outlet NameAddressOpening Hours
Petronas Lebuh Meru RayaSusuran Meru Raya, Bandar Meru Raya, 30030 Ipoh, Perak10:30 am–10:30 pm
Wing Zone Ipoh20 Persiaran Greentown 1, Greentown Business Center, 30450 Ipoh, Perak10:30 am–10:30 pm
Wing Zone Kampar2251, Jalan Batu Sinar, Taman Bandar Baru, 31900 Kampar, Perak10:30 am–10:30 pm

Review about Wing Zone Malaysia

While I am writing this Blog, I am In Ipoh, and when You see this Blog, It will be around 4 Days Later. Today was a fun day of my life because it was my Cousin’s Birthday today, and I am Here in Ipoh to celebrate his Day. After all Stiff had Done In the afternoon, I decided to surprise Him by Bringing Him to the restaurant to satisfy Our Taste Buds with a Spicy Meal. I knew Wing Zone from the beginning of the year 2023.

We arrived At Around 7:40  for dinner, and there was the hustle and bustle in Restaurant Drinks during Busy Hours. So, after a struggle of Moment, we Place our Order and found a Free Table. I made a mistake in that I didn’t reserve a Table before Visiting. We Ordered Original Wings, chicken Tender, Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken, Caesar Salad, Supreme Chicken Tender Sandwich, and some Side dishes With Spice Level Hot.

In Just a Moment, they Served Us our Ordered Meal wing, Zone Original wings, fresh and Spicy, Bringing tears to my eyes. The Best thing was all the stuff were prepared freshly and offered a premium taste; all the meal was really mouthwatering, and their Hotness satisfied your craving for a spicy meal. They should Be ready for busy Hours to take and serve Orders as soon as possible. I will Rate them 4.6 out of 5 Rating.

Contact Wing Zone Malaysia

Are you a food Enthusiast, or do you always keep your eyes on Deals and discounts offered by restaurants and delivery networks? So Following Wing Zone on Social Media Handles to Get all the latest Updates About discounts and Promotions on Wing Zone. To Reach out to Wing Zone, navigate to their official website.

Faqs About Wing Zone

When First Wing Zone Opened?

Wing Zone opened its first store in Gainesville, Florida, in 1993.

How Many Outlets Wing Zone Owns around the map?

Wing Zone Owns More than 90 outlets Around the Globe, and recently, according to the latest Data, Wing Zone Planned To expand to India and open More than 50 outlets there.

Is Wing Zone Halal?

Yes, Surely Wing Zone Is Halal Certified by Jakim in Malaysia.

Does Wing Zone Accept Credit Card Payments?

Yes, Wing Zone accepts payments Through Credit cards.

Does Wing Zone Take Reservations?

Yes, they accept reservations. To reserve your table, visit their Website or reach them using their social media Account. 

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