Zero O’clock Menu and Price List

Are you seeking a Spot To get a Cozy, peaceful, and Relaxing Environment while enjoying Your Mouthwatering Meal with Your Loved Ones? Zero O’clock Café Is a Hot Spot in Kyochon. It can be a spot where you can consider having a peaceful and comfortable environment, and every bite tastes Superb.

Zero O’clock has served a Diverse variety of Lip-Smacking snacks and a variety of Delectable Coffees and Teas since 2021. Homegrown Brand opened in Kyochon. They Specialize in Preparing a Variety of Snacks, Coffee, and tea. There is something for everyone for the whole Day, whether You are looking for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, And snacks with tea and Coffee at any time.

I was having trouble finding Their Dine Menu on the Internet, so I decided to Visit Zero O’clock and also share the latest Zero O’clock Menu with You guys. So finally, I am here writing about This café and their Menu. If You are in search of a Zero O’clock Menu with Updated Prices below, I have shared the complete Zero O’Clock Menu with prices. Let’s Begin our Adventure with Culinary snacks and Drinks.

Zero O’clock Menu (delivery and Dine In)

Eggwich Series

Eggwich series offers a Diverse variety of Snacks prepared from eggs, spices, and some Special Ingredients, which are perfect snacks for Breakfast with Coffee or Tea as Your Preference; I Prefer Tea and something with Coffee. In the Eggwich series, my Recommendations for you are Cheese Eggwich, Beef Patty Cheese Eggwich, Cheesy Supreme Eggwich, and Avocado Eggwich. Every Item in the Menu is full Of Proteins and Nutrients which Keep the Body Active till the Last Hour.

Zero O’Clock Offers every Dish and drink in Reasonable Prices, so anyone can enjoy it without getting worried About the Budget. Eggwich series Costs around RM 12.00 to RM 26.40. and this one Person can fulfill their appetite in a Budget of Around RM 20 to RM 30.

Chicken Luncheon Eggwich
Eggwich TypeDescriptionPrice (RM)
Scrambled EggwichA delicious breakfast sandwich featuring a fluffy scrambled egg, savory sauce, and crisp lettuce for a satisfying and flavorful morning bite.RM 12.00
Cheese EggwichA delightful breakfast sandwich featuring a fluffy scrambled egg and a generous layer of sharp cheddar cheese, creating a savory and satisfying morning delight.RM 14.40
Chicken Slice EggwichA satisfying breakfast sandwich featuring tender slices of chicken and a fluffy scrambled egg, creating a hearty and flavorful morning delight.RM 18.00
Cheesy Crispy Chicken EggwichA delectable breakfast sandwich featuring crispy chicken, a luscious handcrafted cheese sauce, and a fluffy scrambled egg, creating a savory and indulgent morning delight.RM 21.60
Beef Patty Cheese EggwichA hearty breakfast sandwich featuring a savory beef patty, a generous slice of cheddar cheese, and a fluffy scrambled egg, creating a satisfying and flavorful morning delight.RM 18.60
Fried Fish Fillet EggwichA delightful breakfast sandwich featuring crispy fried fish fillet, a fluffy scrambled egg, and a generous slice of cheddar cheese, creating a flavorful and satisfying morning treat.RM 19.80
Avocado EggwichA delightful breakfast sandwich featuring creamy slices of fresh avocado, a fluffy scrambled egg, and a generous slice of cheddar cheese, creating a flavorful and satisfying morning delight.RM 19.80
Double Hash EggwichA hearty breakfast sandwich featuring two layers of crispy hash browns, a velvety cheese sauce, and a fluffy scrambled egg, creating a savory and satisfying morning delight.RM 19.20
Mozzalognese EggwichA savory breakfast sandwich featuring a flavorful Bolognese sauce, creamy mozzarella cheese, and a generous slice of cheddar cheese, all layered with a fluffy scrambled egg, creating a delicious and satisfying morning delight.RM 18.60
Kimchi EggwichA flavorful breakfast sandwich featuring tangy and spicy kimchi, a fluffy scrambled egg, and a generous layer of cheddar cheese, creating a unique and satisfying morning bite.RM 18.60
Korean Spicy Cheesy Chicken EggwichA zesty breakfast sandwich featuring tender Korean-style fried chicken coated in spicy Korean Spicy Sauce and creamy Cheese sauce, along with a fluffy scrambled egg, creating a bold and satisfying morning delight.RM 22.20
Cheesy Supreme EggwichAn indulgent breakfast sandwich that reigns supreme, featuring crispy fried chicken, a golden hashbrown, a generous blend of melted cheeses, and a savory sauce, all harmoniously layered together.RM 26.40

Croissant Series

In the Croissant Series, Zero O’Clock Offers a couple of options like the Original Butter Croissant and Baked Chicken Ham and Cheese Croissant. Both Options Costs around Rm 12.65 and RM 17.05. these options are prepared using High-Quality Ingredients Sourced from Local Suppliers to Maintain the Quality and taste Of Every Bite

Price ListDescriptionPrice List
Original Butter CroissantClassic flaky pastry with premium butter.RM 12.65
Baked Chicken Ham & Cheese CroissantFlaky croissant filled with chicken ham, cheddar, and lettuce.RM 17.05

Toast Series

If You are looking for Breakfast Meal Options, they Have got you covered by offering Toast Series. In this category, Options cost around  RM 12.00, which Is affordable for everyone. There are no options for recommendations because the Toast Series contains only 1 dish or Option.

Price ListDescriptionPrice List
Peanut Butter French ToastThick bread slices soaked in peanut butter-infused custard, cooked to perfection.RM 12.00

Polo Bun Series

Polo Bun TypeDescriptionPrice (RM)
Golden Polo BunSweet, buttery topping over a fluffy bun, baked golden-brown.RM 8.40
Cheese Polo BunSweet, buttery crust topped with savory cheddar cheese slices.RM 9.60
Butter Polo BunFlaky exterior with a creamy butter block inside.RM 10.20
Ice Cream Polo BunCrispy polo bun filled with your favorite ice cream for a sweet treat with a crunch.RM 10.80

Featured Series

Featured SetDescriptionPrice (RM)
Zero Ramyeon SetEnjoy a satisfying meal with our Zero Ramyeon Set. It includes one indulgent Cheesy Ramyeon and your choice of another delightful drink. Create your perfect combination and savor a delicious experience.RM 26.50
Zero Eggwich SetCreate your perfect breakfast combination with our Zero Eggwich Set. Choose one delectable Eggwich and pair it with a refreshing drink. It’s a satisfying way to start your day just the way you like it.RM 31.80
Zero Dessert SetTreat yourself to a delightful dessert experience with our Zero Dessert Set. Choose one scrumptious cake and pair it with a refreshing drink. Satisfy your sweet cravings and enjoy a relaxing treat.RM 24.38

Ramyeon Series

Chocolate Banana Waffle
Ramyeon SeriesDescriptionPrice
Cheesy RamyeonA delightful Korean noodle dish that combines the comfort of ramyeon noodles with creamy melted cheese and the added savory touch of flakes of seaweed.RM 14.50
Kimchi Soup RamyeonA vibrant Korean dish that combines the bold flavors of fresh kimchi soup with the chewy goodness of tteokbokki, all served with comforting ramyeon noodles for a spicy adventure.RM 20

Fried Snacks Series

The Fired Snacks series is one of the most popular Categories at café Because it offers Crispy and Lip-Smacking Options like twisted fires, Potato Wedges, and a lot to try on your own. In this Category, I recommend you try Loaded Cheesy Fries.

Their loaded Cheesy Fries are really tasty, like food From Heaven, and their Cheesy Look increases your Hunger and Satisfies your appetite by Offering a lip-smacking taste till Its Last Bite. The fired Snacks Category is not just famous for its taste but also Offers dishes In pocket Friendly Prices. All items’ Costs around RM 9.00 to RM 36.00

Rainforest Fried Rice & Blue Roti Ais Krim
French FriesCrispy outside, fluffy inside. The ultimate snack!RM 9
Twisted FriesFun spiral-shaped fries!RM 11
Potato WedgesThick-cut, crispy, and seasoned!RM 11
Loaded Cheesy FriesDive into a flavorful feast with our Loaded Cheesy Fries. Our perfectly golden fries are generously smothered in our signature cheese sauce, creating a creamy, savory delight that’s both comforting and irresistible.RM 12.10
Loaded Cheesy WedgesIrresistible wedges of crispy potato goodness, generously topped with creamy cheese sauce and a burst of savory flavors. A delightful treat that satisfies your cheesy cravings.RM 12.10
Onion RingsCrispy, golden rings of sliced onions coated in a flavorful batter and fried to perfection. A classic snack that’s irresistibly crunchy and savory.RM 12.10
Chicken NuggetsBite-sized pieces of tender, juicy chicken, lightly breaded and fried to a golden crisp. Perfectly poppable and bursting with savory flavor, these nuggets are a delightful snack or meal option.RM 12.10
Chicken PopcornsIrresistible bite-sized pieces of tender chicken, coated in a crispy and flavorful breading. These poppable delights are perfect for snacking and bursting with savory goodness, making them a crowd-pleasing favorite.RM 13.20
NachosDive into a fiesta of flavors with our loaded nachos. Crispy tortilla chips are generously topped with savory bolognese sauce, velvety cheese sauce, and a blanket of melted cheese. It’s a mouthwatering combination that’s perfect for sharing or savoring all to yourself.RM 19.80
Kid’s MealA delightful and balanced meal designed especially for kids. Our Kid’s Meal includes a serving of sweet and tender corn kernels, crispy chicken nuggets, fresh lettuce for a touch of greens, golden fries for that familiar favorite, and fluffy scrambled eggs. It’s a tasty and satisfying choice for young appetites.RM 12

Waffle Series

The Waffle and Coffee Series Are Also Another Most Celebrated Category. In this category, They Offer a Diverse Variety of delectable Snacks that offer the Best Quality and taste in every Bite. Suppose you are looking for something light with tea at Lunch or evening. I highly recommend you try Zero O’clock Waffles category options with tea. These options cost around RM 9.50 to RM 20.40, and Croffles Costs Around RM 12.10 to RM 18.70

Banana chocolate waffle
Plain Belgian WaffleClassic Belgian waffle with a crispy exterior and fluffy interior.RM 9.50
Classic Belgian WaffleBelgian waffle served with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and honey syrup.RM 11.50
Banana Chocolate WaffleWaffle topped with ice cream, banana slices, chocolate rolls, and chocolate sauce.RM 17.50
Brown Sugar Pearl WaffleWaffle infused with brown sugar pearls, topped with whipped cream and ice cream.RM 15.50

Croffle Series

Truffle Mushroom Pizza & Classic Hojicha
Original CroffleFusion of croissant and waffle, flaky outside, soft inside.RM 12.10
Cheddar CroffleCroffle with savory cheddar cheese, golden and crisp exterior.RM 14.30
Cheesy CroffleCroffle with cheese sauce and melted cheese, perfect blend of textures and flavors.RM 14.85
Peanut Butter Jam CroffleCroffle with peanut butter and jam, sweet and nutty combination.RM 15.40
Choco CroffleCroffle with chocolate flakes and sauce, rich cocoa treat.RM 15.40
Oreo CroffleCroffle with crumbled Oreo cookies and whipped cream, indulgent Oreo experience.RM 15.40
Brown Sugar Pearl CroffleCroffle with chewy brown sugar pearls, sweet indulgence.RM 15.40
Lotus Biscoff CroffleCroffle with Lotus Biscoff biscotti and caramel sauce, exquisite flavors and caramelized goodness.RM 17.60
Mini CroffleBite-sized version of original croffle, convenient and satisfying snack on the go.RM 12.10

In-House Hand Brew Series

Hand BrewDescriptionPrice
Hand Brew Milk TeaVelvety blend of premium tea leaves and creamy milk, pure indulgence.RM 11
Hand Brew Milk CoffeeRich symphony of handcrafted coffee beans and velvety milk, perfect coffee experience.RM 12.50
Hand Brew YuenyeungHarmonious blend of coffee and tea, unique fusion of flavors.RM 13
Hand Brew Black TeaBold and invigorating cup of handcrafted tea, steeped to perfection.RM 8.50
Hand Brew Pearl Milk TeaExquisite fusion of chewy tapioca pearls and creamy milk tea, delightful burst of flavor.RM 13.50
Hand Brew Pearl Milk CoffeeEnticing blend of chewy tapioca pearls and rich coffee, fusion of textures and flavors.RM 14.50
Hand Brew Pearl YuenyeungDelightful fusion of chewy tapioca pearls, coffee, and tea, invigorating flavor combination.RM 15

Iced Tea Series

Iced TeaDescriptionPrice
Prosperity PeachRefreshing blend of fruity peach tea served over ice with white pearls for a cool and satisfying sip.RM 14
Blissful OrangeZesty blend of mandarin orange-infused tea with coconut jelly, served over ice for a delightful tropical twist.RM 16
Roar-In MangoVibrant fusion of sweet mango-infused tea with fresh lemon, a cool and invigorating tropical delight.RM 16.80

Brown Sugar Series

Brown Sugar SeriesDescriptionPrice
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Milk TeaHarmony of smoky roasted brown sugar, chewy tapioca pearls, and creamy milk tea.RM 15
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Milk CoffeeRich smokiness of roasted brown sugar with chewy tapioca pearls and velvety coffee.RM 16
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl YuenyeungFusion of smoky roasted brown sugar, chewy tapioca pearls, coffee, and tea.RM 16.50
Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh MilkVelvety smoothness of fresh milk combined with the smoky sweetness of roasted brown sugar and pearls.RM 16

Espresso Series

Espresso SeriesDescriptionPrice
EspressoBold and concentrated shot of rich, aromatic coffee.RM 8
AmericanoSmooth coffee made by diluting espresso with hot water.RM 11
Long BlackBold coffee created by pouring double espresso over a small amount of hot water.RM 11
Caffè LatteVelvety blend of espresso and steamed milk.RM 13.50
CappuccinoClassic Italian coffee masterpiece with espresso, steamed milk, and frothy milk foam.RM 13.50
Rose LatteFragrant fusion of rose and steamed milk.RM 14
MochaHarmonious fusion of espresso and chocolate.RM 14.50
AffogatoItalian dessert of hot espresso poured over vanilla ice cream.RM 13

Ade Series

Yuzu AdeRefreshing citrus delight with yuzu puree and sparkling water.RM 14.50
Pear AdeNaturally sweet treat crafted from ripe pear puree.RM 14.50
Mango AdeVibrant delight with succulent mango puree and sparkling water.RM 14.50
Strawberry AdeInvigorating creation with ripe strawberry puree and sparkling water.RM 14.50
Blueberry AdeTangy delight with succulent blueberry puree and sparkling water.RM 14.50
Raspberry AdeTangy creation with succulent raspberry puree and sparkling water.RM 14.50
Passionfruit AdeExotic delight with tangy passionfruit puree and sparkling water.RM 14.50
Blue LagoonVisually stunning creation with citrus flavor and blue Curacao.RM 15.50

Milk Series

Mango MilkCreamy fusion of ripe mango puree and fresh milk, tropical and indulgent.RM 15
Strawberry MilkLuscious blend of fresh milk and ripe strawberry puree, dairy richness with fruity sweetness.RM 15
Blueberry MilkVelvety concoction blending fresh milk with ripe blueberries, dairy comfort with berrylicious sweetness.RM 15
Raspberry MilkDelightful blend of fresh milk and tangy raspberries, dairy comfort with berrylicious tartness.RM 15

Smoothies Series

Price ListDescriptionPrice List
Mango SmoothiesCreamy and tropical delight with ripe mango puree, offering a refreshing burst of mango.RM 15.00
Strawberry SmoothiesVelvety blend with fresh strawberry puree, lusciously sweet and refreshing.RM 15.00
Blueberry SmoothiesVelvety fusion with ripe blueberry puree, refreshing and antioxidant rich.RM 15.00
Raspberry SmoothiesCreamy and tangy blend with ripe raspberry puree, refreshing burst of berry tartness.RM 15.00
Avocado Milk SmoothiesWholesome blend of ripe avocados and fresh milk, creamy and nutritious.RM 23.72
Avocado Chocolate SmoothiesIndulgent fusion of creamy avocados and luscious chocolate, a velvety and decadent treat.RM 23.72
Coconut Milk SmoothiesSmooth and creamy fusion of pure coconut milk and fresh milk, rich and refreshing.RM 15.00
Coconut CappuccinoClassic cappuccino with rich espresso and a tropical hint of coconut for a harmonious indulgence.RM 18.00

Yogurt Smoothies Series

Yogurt SmoothieDescriptionPrice
Mango YogurtCreamy and tropical delight blending ripe mango puree with smooth yogurt, exotic experience.RM 16
Strawberry YogurtCreamy and fruity blend combining ripe strawberry puree with smooth yogurt, refreshing experience.RM 16
Blueberry YogurtCreamy and berrylicious treat blending blueberry puree with smooth yogurt, fruity delight.RM 16
Raspberry YogurtCreamy and tangy delight combining raspberry puree with smooth yogurt, fruity experience.RM 16

Frappe Series

Cookies And Cream FrappéIndulgent icy treat blending crushed chocolate cookies with creamy goodness for a sweet and crunchy experience.RM 17.50
Double Chocolate Chip FrappéDecadent icy delight with rich chocolate flavors and double chocolate chips for an irresistibly chocolatey experience.RM 17.50
Dark Chocolate FrappéIndulgent icy delight featuring intense and bittersweet essence of dark chocolate for a sophisticated experience.RM 17.50
Mocha FrappéCaffeinated icy treat blending bold espresso with rich chocolate for a velvety and energizing coffee-chocolate fusion.RM 17.50
Matcha FrappéRefreshing frozen delight with vibrant matcha green tea flavors and creamy indulgence for a delightful matcha experience.RM 21
Choco Mint FrappéRefreshing icy treat combining rich chocolate flavors with a cool hint of mint for a harmonious mint-chocolate experience.RM 21.28
Minty HolidayCool beverage with refreshing minty freshness and delightful flavors reminiscent of a tropical holiday.RM 23.40
Espresso FrappéEnergizing frozen coffee capturing bold and robust essence of espresso for a velvety and invigorating coffee experience.RM 17
Vanilla Espresso FrappéAromatic frozen coffee delight combining bold espresso with sweet warmth of vanilla for a soothing coffee experience.RM 18
Hazelnut Espresso FrappéNutty frozen coffee creation marrying bold espresso with creamy hazelnut essence for an indulgent coffee experience.RM 18
Caramel Espresso FrappéIndulgent frozen coffee treat blending bold espresso with buttery caramel notes for a velvety caramel-infused experience.RM 18

Non-Coffee Beverages

Lemon TeaRefreshing and tangy beverage combining zesty lemon with soothing tea for a revitalizing taste.RM 9
Lemon BlackcurrantZesty and fruity fusion of lemon and blackcurrant for a refreshing and vibrant taste.RM 11.50
Honey LemonSoothing blend of sweet honey and zesty lemon for a comforting and revitalizing drink.RM 10.50
ChocolateRich and indulgent treat with smooth cocoa for a comforting chocolate experience.RM 13
Matcha LatteHarmonious blend of Japanese matcha green tea with steamed milk for a creamy and authentic matcha experience.RM 15.50

Featured Items at Zero O’clock Menu

Zero O Clock Front Door

The café features these 4 following items at Zero O’Clock, so you Must consider trying the following options.

Cheesy RamyeonA delightful Korean noodle dish that combines the comfort of ramyeon noodles with creamy melted cheese and the added savory touch of flakes of seaweed.RM 14.50
Zero Dessert SetTreat yourself to a delightful dessert experience with our Zero Dessert Set. Choose one scrumptious cake and pair it with a refreshing drink of your choice.RM 24.38
Baked Chicken Ham & Cheese CroissantA warm, flaky croissant generously filled with tender chicken ham and creamy cheddar cheese, topped with fresh lettuce.RM 17.05
Chicken PopcornsBite-sized pieces of tender chicken, coated in a crispy and flavorful breading. Perfect for snacking.RM 13.20
Beef Patty Cheese EggwichA hearty breakfast sandwich featuring a savory beef patty, cheddar cheese, and fluffy scrambled egg.RM 18.60
Zero Ramyeon SetEnjoy a satisfying meal with our Zero Ramyeon Set, featuring Cheesy Ramyeon and your choice of drink.RM 26.50

Alternatives of Zero O’clock Café Malaysia

Zero O Clock malaysia Front view

Consider trying the Following 5 alternatives of Zero O’clock café because they also offer a diverse variety of meals like Zero O’clock Do, but there are variations in Prices. You will get different prices for each Place and their Quality too.

My Review about Zero O’clock Café

Zero O'clock Cafe Open sitting area

I Highly Recommend Zero O’clock Café If you are seeking some Lite Bites with Coffee and Tea. I have been trying their Snacks from the Beginning of 2023 whenever I visit their Area. So, On New Year, My Friend Invited me to do Some Adventures and Explore New Places in Kyochon. On Saturday, I took a Flight Ticket toward Kyochon from Penang.

It took a bit longer because of the stop In Kl. Finally, I arrived, had Dinner, and Enjoyed the 2024 New Year Fireworks with My Friend. The Next Morning, I got up early And drove toward the Zero O’Clock Outlet in Jalan Stutong. I Had Breakfast at Its Opening Hours, around 11:00 am. I Ordered Cheesy Crispy Chicken egg, Cheese egg, Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea, and Coffee.

In the restaurant, the atmosphere was Comfortable and Relaxing, the Interior was nicely Designed, and the staff was kind and helpful. Everyone talked Like they were Friendly and Knew everyone. Snacks and Coffee tastes Superb and Must Try. (5 Out Of 5 Stars)

Zero O’clock café Opening Hour and Locations

Outlet NameAddressHoursPhone No #
Zero O’Clock Cafe (Level 2, Block 3)Saradise Edge Saradise, Jalan Stutong, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak10 am–10 pm+60165765587
Zero O’Clock Cafe (Level 1, Plaza Merdeka)88, Pearl Street, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak10 am–9:30 pm+60104506830

Reach Out Zero O’clock Malaysia

To Clarify Your Queries about Zero O’clock, visit their official Social Media Account and DM them your query. They Will reply to you back soon with the Answer to Your Query. For further information, visit the Zero O’Clock Official website. For the Latest news About discounts and offers on Zero O’clock, follow their Official social media or visit Regularly.

Faqs About Zero O’clock Café

Is Zero O’clock Halal Certified and Offer Halal Meal?

Yes, Zero O’clock Offers 100% Halal Meal and Halal Certified, according to Official Sources of Zero O Clock café. If you still Want to make Sure, Visit the Malaysia Halal Portal for Verification.

What are the specialties of Zero O’clock Café Malaysia?

Zero O’clock Café specializes in Preparing and Serving a diverse Variety of Lip-Smacking Snacks and delectable Drinks for People Looking for Something Light with Drinks.

When Zero O’clock First Opened in Malaysia?

Zero O’clock Has Served Mouthwatering Snacks and Drinks Since 2021.

Does Zero O’clock Accept Payments Through Credit Cards?

Yes, they Accept Payments With credit cards. Also, Debit cards and NFC mobile payments.

The name’s Vincent lim, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m absolutely mad about Malaysian food. Like, legit obsessed. Some people dream about tropical beaches or partying all night – I fantasize about stuffing my face with the most mind-blowing dishes this country has to offer. Pretty weird huh? But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

See, I’m a true blue Malaysian foodie, born and raised. While most kids had posters of celebrities or athletes on their walls, I was pinning up pictures of sizzling satay and kaya toast. My friends would beg their parents for the latest video games or toys – I just wanted them to take me to try nasi kerabu or laksa Sarawak. You could say I was wired differently right from the start.