Azuma Sushi Menu and Price List

Have you tried the exquisite sushi and flavours of Japan at Azuma Sushi yet? Their authentic dishes offer a delightful culinary trip without leaving town! With diverse Food Options, Azuma Sushi is one of the most celebrated destinations for offering Japanese food at Friendly Rates.

If you are seeking a spot that offers traditional Japanese cuisine, then Azuma Sushi Is the Perfect spot to Satisfy your Hunger Without breaking the bank. Some People Also see Azuma Sushi as an Azuma Japanese Restaurant. Azuma Sushi is an unbeatable place when it comes to melting-in-mouth Japanese dishes.

Two days ago, while going through Queensbay Mall being a foodie, I craved something different and started looking for something that I could try and satisfy my hunger. Azuma Sushi was the restaurant that came first in my mind because of its specialties, offering Japanese food and diverse options. I ordered some stuff like Tamago Sushi, Chicken Teriyaki, Shake Maki, and Teppanyaki Salmon.

I have been visiting Azuma Sushi for a long time, and whenever I visit, I see one Similarity to their cozy Atmosphere, Newly Renovated, Nice Staff, and heavenly Japanese food. Their food is super tasty, which I recommend you try. I want to rate them 5/5 Stars in dining, Staff, and atmosphere in My All-Recent Experiences.

If you are looking for the Latest Azuma Sushi Menu and Price List. I have shared it below. You can check it. Remember, the Prices can be changed at any time; this article is just a guiding light for you.

Azuma Sushi Menu and Price List Malaysia

Azuma Sushi Menu and Price List in Front of Azuma Sushi


Sushi Moriawase at Azuma Sushi Menu  Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
so01.fuyu 6pcsRM 22.47
so02.natsu 6pcs 1 rollRM 22.47
SO03.Haru (6ppcs + 1Roll)RM 38.69
so04.aki 6pcsRM 25.18

Sashimi Moriawase

Sashimi Moriawase at Azuma Sushi Menu Malaysia
Sashimi MoriawasePrice (RM)
Matsu SashimiRM 112.41
Sanshu Sashimi (3 Pieces)RM 33.23
Sanshu Sashimi (4 Pieces)RM 42.67
Sanshu Sashimi (5 Pieces)RM 53.42
Take SashimiRM 66.83


ItemPrice (RM)
Hokkigai SashimiRM 30.53
Toro SashimiRM 78.81
Maguro Sashimi (5 Pieces)RM 19.82
Maguro Sashimi (7 Pieces)RM 26.61
Shiro Maguro Sashimi (5 Pieces)RM 18.55
Shiro Maguro Sashimi (7 Pieces)RM 25.18
Shake Harasu SashimiRM 22.53
Hamachi Sashimi (5 Pieces)RM 29.26
Hamachi Sashimi (7 Pieces)RM 40.02
Shake Sashimi (3 Pieces)RM 12.03
Shake Sashimi (5 Pieces)RM 18.55
Shake Sashimi (7 Pieces)RM 25.18
Amaebi SashimiRM 26.24
Tako Sashimi (5 Pieces)RM 18.55
Tako Sashimi (7 Pieces)RM 25.18
Hotate SashimiRM 45.37
Ika SashimiRM 15.85

Nigiri Sushi

ItemPrice (RM)
Ni HotateRM 10.49
Ebi TempuraRM 10.49
ToroRM 25.18
TamagoRM 2.23
ShakeRM 3.39
Shiro MaguroRM 4.56
Nama HotateRM 14.47
MaguroRM 7.79
HamachiRM 10.49
HokiggaiRM 10.49
AmaebiRM 10.49
Shake HarasuRM 6.41
TakoRM 7.84
IkaRM 4.56
AwabiRM 3.39
Kaori Bako KaniRM 3.39
Una TamaRM 11.77
UnagiRM 9.12
Kaori Bako Kani MentaiRM 4.56
Una ChizuRM 11.77
Tamago MentaiRM 3.39
EbiRM 4.56
Awabi MentaiRM 6.41
Ika MentaiRM 7.84
Ebi MentaiRM 7.84
Ebi ChizuRM 7.84
Shake MentaiRM 7.84
Shake Harasu AburiRM 7.84
Shake ChizuRM 7.84
Nama Hotate AburiRM 15.85
Nama Hotate ChizuRM 18.18
Ni Hotate MentaiRM 11.77

Inari Sushi & Gunkan Sushi

ItemPrice (RM)
Kani CornRM 3.39
Corn MayoRM 2.23
TobikoRM 7.79
EbikoRM 4.56
Wasabi EbikoRM 4.56
Kuro EbikoRM 4.56
NegitoroRM 6.41
Tuna SaradaRM 3.39
Shake SaradaRM 3.39
Kani MayoRM 3.39
Chuka LidakoRM 6.41
Chuka KurageRM 6.41
Inari Soft Shell CrabRM 15.85
Chuka WakemeRM 4.56
Inari Tuna SaradaRM 4.56
Inari Shake SaradaRM 4.56
Inari Kani MayoRM 4.56
Chuka HotateRM 6.41
InariRM 2.23
Inari EbikoRM 7.79
Inari Kani Mayo AburiyakiRM 4.56
Inari MentaiRM 3.39
IkuraRM 17.12
Shake OyakoRM 11.77

The Toast House Menu in Malaysia offers a wide variety of meals and drinks like nasi lemak, roti canai, kaya toast, and teh tarik.

Maki Mono

Maki Mono Azuma Sushi Menu Malaysia
ItemPrice (RM)
Kani Mayo MakiRM 14.47
Dragon RollRM 21.20
Crispy Shake MakiRM 22.53
Una Chizu MakiRM 31.96
Kaki Furai MakiRM 25.18
Shake Mentai MakiRM 25.18
Stamina MakiRM 25.18
California MakiRM 9.12
Shake Tataki MakiRM 23.90
Tuna Sarada MakiRM 9.12
Smoke Duck MakiRM 26.61
Unakyu MakiRM 18.55
Soft Shell Crab MakiRM 21.20
Ebi Ten MakiRM 18.55
Spider Mentai MakiRM 26.61
Kappa MakiRM 2.23
Shake MakiRM 4.56
Hana SanshokuRM 15.64
Tamago MakiRM 2.23
Oshinko MakiRM 2.23
Tekka MakiRM 4.56
Negi Toro MakiRM 11.77
Kaori Bako Kani MakiRM 3.39
Futo MakiRM 4.56
Kanpyo MakiRM 3.39
Hana EbikoRM 9.12
Hana TobikoRM 10.49
Hana Kuro EbikoRM 9.12
Hana Tuna MayoRM 9.12
Hana Wasabi EbikoRM 9.12
Hani Kani MayoRM 9.12


ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Yasai TemakiHand Roll with VegetablesRM 7.63
Cheese TemakiHand Roll with Cheese & VegetablesRM 8.90
Shake Kawa TemakiHand Roll with Crispy Salmon Skin, Cucumber, Lettuce & MayonnaiseRM 8.90
California TemakiHand Roll with Avocado, Cucumber, Lettuce, Shrimp Roe & MayonnaiseRM 10.18
Shake Oyako TemakiHand Roll with Salmon, Salmon Roe & VegetableRM 16.54
Soft Shell Crab TemakiHand Roll with Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Cucumber & MayonnaiseRM 16.54
Ebi Ten TemakiHand Roll with Deep Fried PrawnRM 11.45
Shake TemakiHand Roll with SalmonRM 10.18
Maguro TemakiHand Roll with Red TunaRM 10.18

A La Carte

ItemPrice (RM)
Gyuniku Enoki MakiRM 19.82
Kinoko Butter YakiRM 15.85
Chicken TeriyakiRM 18.55
Gyuniku Butter YakiRM 25.18
Gyuniku TeriyakiRM 23.90
Yasai ItameRM 10.49
Smoked Duck Aburi YakiRM 21.20
Gindara Kinoko Butter YakiRM 66.78

Sushi King’s diverse new menu showcases an array of sushi rolls, sashimi, bento boxes, and more made with fresh ingredients.


ItemPrice (RM)
NattoRM 6.41
Yaki GyozaRM 17.12
EdamameRM 7.79
Nama Tako WasabiRM 15.85
HiyayakkoRM 6.41
TakoyakiRM 10.49
KimuchiRM 7.79
Tamago Mentai Aburi YakiRM 21.20
Tamago YakiRM 17.12
Salted Egg EdamameRM 13.20
Chuka LidakoRM 11.77
Chuka KurageRM 11.77
Chuka WakameRM 7.79
Chuka HotateRM 11.77
Ikura Shoyu ZukeRM 26.55
Potato SaradaRM 9.12


ItemPrice (RM)
Shishamo (Grilled capelin fish)RM 7.79
Shake Shiyaki / Teriyaki (Grilled salmon)RM 26.61
Shake Mentai Yaki (Grilled salmon with cod fish roe mayo)RM 29.26
Tori Shichimi Mayo Yaki (Grilled chicken skewer with special spicy mayo)RM 13.20
Shake Kabuto Shioyaki / Teriyaki (Grilled salmon fish head)RM 19.82
Ni Hotate Teriyaki (Grilled baby scallop with teriyaki sauce)RM 23.90
Unagi Kabayaki (S) (Grilled eel with kabayaki sauce)RM 31.96
Saba Shioyaki / Teriyaki (Grilled mackerel fish)RM 21.20
Yakitori (Grilled chicken skewer)RM 10.49
Ebi Mentai Yaki (Grilled prawn with cod roe mayonnaise)RM 23.90
Kaki Chizu Yaki (Grilled oyster & assorted mushroom with cheese mayo)RM 11.77
Hotate Mentai Yaki (Grilled scallop & assorted mushroom with cheese mayonnaise)RM 17.12
Shake Toro Shioyaki / Teriyaki (Grilled salmon belly)RM 34.61
Hotate To Spicy Chizu Yaki (Grilled half shell scallop with cheese mayo & special spicy mayo)RM 33.23
Surume Ika To Kinoko Mentai Yaki (Grilled japanese squid & assorted mushroom with cod fish roe mayo)RM 26.61
Surume Ika Sugata Yaki Shioyaki / Teriyaki (Grilled japanese whole squid)RM 34.61
Gindara Mentai Yaki (Grilled cod fish with cod roe mayonnaise)RM 66.83
Sanma Shioyaki (Grilled pacific saury with salt)RM 18.55
Gindara Shioyaki / Teriyaki (Grilled cod fish)RM 65.51

Tempura & Agemono

ItemPrice (RM)
Shimeji Karaage (Deep fried crispy shimeji mushroom)RM 11.77
Tempura Mariawase (Deep fried prawn & assorted vegetables in batter)RM 17.12
Ika Geso Karaage (Deep fried squid tentacles)RM 17.12
Kabocha Korakke (Deep-fried golden breaded pumpkin croquette)RM 9.12
Kaki Furai (Deep-fried golden breaded oyster)RM 25.18
Yasai Tempura (Deep-fried assorted vegetables in batter)RM 10.49
Ebi Tempura (Deep-fried prawn in batter)RM 17.12
Wakatori Karaage (Deep-fried marinated chicken)RM 14.47
Ko Ebi Karaage (Deep-fried baby shrimp)RM 17.12
Soft Shell Crab Karaage (Deep-fried soft shell crab)RM 23.90
Salted Egg Ko Ebi Karaage (Deep-fried baby shrimp with salted egg)RM 21.20


ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Miruku Spicy RamenNoodles Milk Soup with Mussel Clam & Shell ScallopRM 40.00
Tempura Soba / UdonNoodles soup with tempuraRM 34.34
Kimuchi Ramen / UdonNoodles Spicy Kimchi Soup with Chicken MeatRM 30.53
Miso RamenNoodles Bean Paste Soup with Chicken MeatRM 27.98
Shoyu RamenNoodles Shoyu Paste Soup with Chicken MeatRM 26.71
Kitsune Soba / UdonNoodles Soup with Sweet BeancurdRM 25.44
Nabeyaki Udon / SobaNoodles Soup with Prawn Tempura, Chicken, Vegetables in Hot PotRM 35.62
Niku Udon / SobaNoodles Soup with Slice BeefRM 34.34
Azuma Yaki SobaStir-fried Noodles with Cod Fish Roe Mayonnaise, Seafood, Chicken & Vegetables with Special Spicy SauceRM 35.62
Katayaki SobaDeep Fried Noodles with Special GravyRM 35.62
Yaki Soba / UdonStir Fried Noodle with Seafood, Chicken & VegetablesRM 31.80
Cha SobaCold Green Tea NoodlesRM 25.44
Zaru SobaCold buckwheat noodlesRM 24.17


Menu ItemsPrice List
Teppanyaki SalmonRM 27.88
Teppanyaki Kurama EbiRM 29.26
Teppanyaki ChickenRM 18.55
Teppanyaki HotateRM 34.61
Teppanyaki Surume IkaRM 34.61

Donburi & Gohanmono

Menu ItemsPrice List
Ebi Curry DonRM 22.53
Chicken Teriyaki DonRM 15.85
Yaki Niku DonRM 18.55
Tai Kabayaki DonRM 22.53
Una DonRM 33.23
Ebi Tama DonRM 18.55
Ten DonRM 15.85
Shake Oyako DonRM 29.26
Wakadori Shogayaki DonRM 18.55
Oyako DonRM 15.85
Curry RiceRM 21.20
Chicken Katsu DonRM 17.12
Chicken Katsu Curry Cheese DonRM 31.96
Kakiage DonRM 18.55
Soft Shell Crab DonRM 25.18
Gohan (Steamed Rice)RM 3.71
Ninniku Yaki MeshiRM 10.49
Nameko Yaki MeshiRM 11.77
Sakura Ebi Yaki MeshiRM 14.47
Shake Yaki MeshiRM 15.85

Mushi & Owan Mono

Menu ItemsPrice List
ChawanmushiRM 7.79
Ikura ChawanmushiRM 18.55
Asari Miso ShiruRM 6.41
Miso ShiruRM 5.14
Nameko Miso ShiruRM 7.79


Menu ItemsPrice List
Sashimi SetRM 44.31
Shake Mentai SetRM 37.31
Shake Shioyaki / Teriyaki SetRM 33.81
Smoke Duck Aburi SetRM 26.82
Gyu Shogayaki SetRM 29.15
Chicken Teriyaki SetRM 27.98
Tempura SetRM 27.98
Gyuniku Kimuchee SetRM 30.32
Shake Sashimi SetRM 32.65
Saba Shioyaki / Teriyaki SetRM 29.15
Shake Taru Taru SetRM 36.15

Premium Latte

Menu ItemsPrice List
Royal Milk Tea (Hot/Cold)RM 9.80
Tokyo Coffee Milk Tea (Hot/Cold)RM 9.80
Hojicha Latte Hot/ColdRM 9.80
Chocolate Latte Hot/ColdRM 9.80
Matcha Latte Hot/ColdRM 9.80


Menu ItemsPrice List
Mango Juice12.80
Mangosteen Juice12.80
Orange, Passion Fruit & Carrot Juice12.80
Mangosteen, Lychee & Mulberry Juice12.80
Carrot Juice9.80
Apple Juice9.80
Orange Juice9.80
FrappePrice (RM)
FF04: Chocolate Fudge10.90
FF05: Cappuccino Fudge10.90
FF06: Mocha Fudge10.90
LycheeRM 6.80
Passion FruitRM 6.80
MelonRM 6.80
JasmineRM 6.80
FrappePrice (RM)
Caramel Macchiato10.80

Bask Bear coffee Menu serves a wide array of hot and cold coffee drinks, teas, and baked goods like cinnamon rolls and chocolate croissants at its cozy cafes across Malaysia.

Sweet Ice Cream and Desserts

Menu ItemsPrice List
DK04: Goma AisukuriimuRM 7.80
DK05: Japanese Milk Melon AisukuriimuRM 7.80
DK06: Japanese Coffee AisukuriimuRM 7.80
DK07: Japanese Milk Tea AisukuriimuRM 7.80
Macha aisukuriimuRM 7.80
Hojicha aisukuriimuRM 7.80
Passion Fruit aisukuriimuRM 7.80

Baskin Robbins Menu offers 31 flavors of ice cream like Pralines ‘n Cream, Jamoca Almond Fudge, and Mint Chocolate Chip made with premium ingredients and creative mix-ins.

Best Selling items in Azuma Sushi Menu

Azuma Sushi Specialties in preparing top-notch Japanese Dishes to serve Malaysia a taste of Japanese Cuisine. Here, I listed some of the top Popular options that you Must try, and this option is Crowds Favorite.

  • Saba Shioyaki / Teriyaki Set
  • Chawan Mushi
  • Ninniku Yaki Meshi
  • Chicken Teriyaki Set
  • Cha Soba

Alternatives of Azuma Sushi

I have listed some of the alternatives that can compete with Azuma Sushi and Offer almost the Same Atmosphere and Dining in Malaysia.

Contact Azuma Sushi Malaysia

To Get the most Recent updates, follow them on social media and check menu prices at Azuma Sushi’s Official Website Order. You can also contact them Via TEL NO # +673 234 4111 Email azumasushimalaysia(@)

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FAQs about Azuma Sushi

What Payments methods Does Azuma Sushi accept?

Azuma Japanese Restaurant accepts payments in Cash, Credit Card (except AMEX), Boost, Touch and Go, Alipay and Online Bank In.

Do they offer halal Food?

Yes, They Claim That they use all halal ingredients in all dishes, but they did not obtain a halal certificate because of Serving beer.

Where to order Food from Azuma Sushi?

They offer delivery services using a third-party delivery service, so you can order Food using the Foodpanda app From Azuma Sushi Malaysia.

Azuma Sushi Originated from Which Country?

Azuma Sushi Starts in W Japan and Offers Japanese Food Around the Globe.

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