Chatto Menu and Price List

Chatto is a Homegrown Pure Malaysian Brand Founded by Terence Lee in 2017 in the southern area of Malaysia and is still Expanding Quickly around the map. Currently, Chatto Owns Its outlets in the following countries: Australia, Brunei, Canada, and is expanding to more countries. Nowadays Chatto Owns more than 30 Outlets in Malaysia, and they are Opening More outlets To Serve People premium Tea.

Chatto Is a Local Brand, so to Compete with Other giants in the Market they Followed some Strategies like Chatto’s Selection of Items In the menu for Offering Drinks and Snacks, Team Training to Serve Every Customer an Excellent Experience, Marketing Support, and most Wallet Friendly Price, this Some strategies Make Chatto Apart from Other International Brands In the market.

Chatto Is a Specialty in preparing and offering premium Tea, Gourmet Coffee, Snacks, and Desserts. From Its Humble Beginning till Now, Chatto has Become an Apple of Everyone’s eye For Offering unique Items in Accessible Rates. It is not just a Place Famous among locals but also attracts the attention of Many Tourists. The Fragrance of  Tea, Coffee, Desserts, and Snacks attracts a lot of Food Enthusiasts.

I have a Bunch of Memories at Chatto with my Family and Friends. Whenever I plan for tea at Chatto. I always Invite someone to take tea with me. About  3 months before I visited last with my Siblings. I visit Every Restaurant after a long gap so whenever I visit, I see new Menu items and Unique Taste and Flavours. So recently, when I visited with my Besties, I saw Many New Options.

Chatto Malaysia Interior Design

I Ordered some of my new and some of my Favorite Options like Signature Tea and milk tea milk Foam. Ir Tea always makes me feel Relaxed, and in the last 5 years, their Tea and Snack taste is Still the Same as Before; after Gaining Popularity and making a place in the hearts of people, they are still Offering the Best Quality.

Their Trained Staff Talk Nicely to Everyone and Help if someone is stuck in Choosing what to Try; their Staff Help and suggest the Best-selling items on the Menu. I will rate their food and Service 5/5 as excellent and recommend you to Visit Chatto.

Below, I have also compiled the Latest Chatto Menu and Price List. Note:” All the Prices Listed on the website are just guiding Lights to give you a better idea about menu items newly added and Prices. Let’s start a culinary adventure.

Chatto Menu and Price List Malaysia

Chatto coffee tea meal and desserts

Super Charcoal Series

DrinkDescriptionPrice Range (RM)
Super Charcoal Vanilla Cookies Ice Blended (Non-Coffee)Ice blended with charcoal, vanilla, and cookie crushes (No whipped cream for delivery)from RM 17.90
Super Charcoal Vanilla LattePerfect mix of coffee, vanilla, and charcoalfrom RM 13.90

Macham Series

Macham Series offers a couple of Options in Drinks, coffee, and tea, Like Ma-Cham Black Tea Coffee and Ma-Cham Hojicha Coffee. In the Macham Category, I Have Tasted, and I recommend You try Ma-Cham Black Tea Coffee, which offers a nice Taste and Satisfies everyone’s tastebuds. Macham categories have Drinks Offered at RM 13.90.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Ma-Cham Black Tea CoffeeRM 13.90
Ma-Cham Hojicha CoffeeRM 13.90

Signature Tea

Being a Tea Lover, the Signature Tea Category is closer to my heart. Chatto is like a Paradise for tea enthusiasts. Chatto is not just the talk of the town for offering a diverse variety but also in the hearts of Customers for its Delectable taste and affordable Prices. In Signature Tea, my Recommendations are Oolong Milk Tea, Milk Tea Milk Foam, and Charcoal Oolong Milk Tea with Topping. I also recommend you Try unique Options Like Brown Rice Tea, Milk Foam, and Wintermelon Tea.

Every tea tastes different from Many other Shops across Malaysia. Signature Category offers Drinks in the Price Range of RM  9.90 to RM 14.90, which attract the attention of everyone in the Market.

Chatto Tea and coffee Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
HojichaRM 9.90
Kee Mun TeaRM 9.90
Oolong TeaRM 9.90
Brown Rice TeaRM 9.90
Wintermelon TeaRM 9.90
Hojicha Milk TeaRM 11.90
Kee Mun Milk TeaRM 11.90
Oolong Milk TeaRM 11.90
Hojicha Milk FoamRM 13.90
Kee Mun Tea Milk FoamRM 13.90
Oolong Tea Milk FoamRM 13.90
Brown Rice Tea Milk FoamRM 13.90
Wintermelon Tea Milk FoamRM 13.90
Milk Tea Milk FoamRM 14.90
Milk Hojicha with ToppingRM 13.90
Charcoal Oolong Milk Tea with ToppingRM 13.90

Specialty Tea

Specialty tea is one of the most celebrated categories in the Chatto Whole Menu. Whether you are a Passionate foodie or love to try new Drinks, I suggest everyone try their Specialty tea. I am continuously trying their New Flavours, and Every Taste makes me feel like a Unique taste that I haven’t tried Before. Specialty tea prices are RM 11.90.

Chatto Specialty tea Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Lemon Plum Kee Mun TeaRM 11.90
Yakult HojichaRM 11.90
Passionfruit PlumRM 11.90
Honey LemonRM 11.90
Lemon PlumRM 11.90
Passionfruit QQ HojichaRM 11.90
Wintermelon Tea With LemonRM 11.90


DrinkDescriptionPrice Range (RM)
Bancha (Green Tea)Sweeter and richer umami flavour with a refreshing aftertaste.from RM 12.90
Four Season Oolong TeaA high mountain tea, smooth and floral with sweet notes.from RM 12.90
Osmanthus Oolong TeaA fresh taste of oolong tea and sweet Osmanthus taste.from RM 12.90
Black Tea With Blended RoseMellow and sweet flavour with notes of rose.from RM 12.90
Kung Fu Black TeaSmooth and naturally sweet with the aroma of honey.from RM 12.90
Orange Hojicha BoomRefreshing mix of fresh orange, hojicha & white pearl.from RM 15.90
Sunny Side Up Peach TeaCombination of peach & kee mun tea topped with thick milk foam.from RM 15.90
Tropical Fruit Oolong BurstPunchy passion fruit mixed with juicy watermelon and orange.from RM 16.90
Watermelon Oolong SensationFresh mix of juicy watermelon with Chatto oolong tea and white pearl.from RM 16.90

Wellness Series

Wellness Series Also offers a variety of drink options; in the Wellness Series, Brown Sugar Ginger Milk Tea is one of the Favorite tea options because of its added ingredients, while Preparing Tea Like Ginger makes it a perfect choice for cold days of winter. Wellness Series offers tea in Price Variation of RM 9.90 to RM 11.90, which makes this option accessible to a wide range Of customers.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Brown Sugar Ginger TeaRM 9.90
Brown Sugar Ginger Milk TeaRM 11.90
Longan Red Dates TeaRM 9.90
Longan Red Dates Milk TeaRM 11.90

House Blend Coffee

Chatto Malaysia coffee cup
Menu ItemsPrice List
AmericanoRM 8.90
Caffe LatteRM 10.90
Brown Sugar Charcoal LatteRM 12.90
Caramel MacchiatoRM 12.90
Mocha MacchiatoRM 12.90
Hazelnut LatteRM 12.90
Rose LatteRM 12.90
Ultimate Spanish LatteRM 12.90

Non-Coffee Series

Menu ItemsPrice List
Hojicha MilkRM 13.90
Black Sesame MilkRM 13.90
Triple Chocolate MilkRM 13.90
Caramel MilkRM 13.90
Brown Sugar MilkRM 13.90
Hazelnut MilkRM 13.90
Rose MilkRM 13.90
BabycinoRM 11.90
Brown Sugar Milk with ToppingRM 14.90
Caramel Milk with ToppingRM 14.90
Matcha Milk with ToppingRM 14.90
Wintermelon Milk with ToppingRM 14.90
Bold Cocoa Milk with OreoRM 16.90
Matcha Milk Milk FoamRM 16.90

Ice Blended

Menu ItemsPrice List
Signature Coffee Ice BlendedRM 15.90
Dark Mocha Ice BlendedRM 17.90
Caramel Latte Ice BlendedRM 17.90
Oreo Coffee Ice BlendedRM 17.90
Oreo Mocha Ice BlendedRM 17.90
Coconut Coffee Ice BlendedRM 18.90
Oreo Ice BlendedRM 16.90
Hojicha Ice BlendedRM 16.90
Triple Chocolate Chip Ice BlendedRM 16.90

Yogurt Smoothie Series

If you are in the market for the search of Healthy smoothie options, Chatto also offers A variety of options in Smoothies. Chatto became my 2nd Choice, Llaollao Smoothies. A Mango Smoothie Is one of my favorite options in smoothies because of its lip-smacking taste. These options are priced at Around RM 17.90; anyone can enjoy their smoothie without Breaking the Bank.

Menu ItemsPrice List
White Peach SmoothieRM 17.90
Mix Berries SmoothieRM 17.90
Mango SmoothieRM 17.90

Plant-Based Series

In Plant Based Series, Chatto offers a variety of Snacks Like Sandwiches, Burgers, and Bowls. Chatto covers every Customer by Offering A variety of Categories, and there is something for everyone, whether you are going for tea, coffee, snacks, Vege Options, or Non-Vege Options. Chatto menu is colorful, like 7 colors in Rainbow. My food Recommendations for you are Plant-based: Shiitake Mushroom Sandwich, Beefless Burger, and Fishless Wrap.

You can Enjoy Plant-Based Dishes for Just RM 17.90 to 26.90. which is affordable for everyone, and this price range is Wallet-friendly.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Shiitake Mushroom SandwichRM 17.90
Fishless Kimchi SandwichRM 18.90
Shiitake Mushroom BurgerRM 17.90
Beefless BurgerRM 23.90
Jobbie Peanut Veggie WrapRM 17.90
Fishless WrapRM 18.90
Plant-Based Party BowlRM 26.90

Ko-Korean Noodle Series

Ko-Korean Noodles Series offers Noodles Options loved by everyone. These options are prepared using freshly sourced ingredients. Chatto Korean Noodle and Korean Noodles with chicken Slice and chop must try options.

These options offer a lip-smacking taste that will Satisfy your Craving for a spicy and melting-in-mouth meal. This option costs Around RM14.00 To RM 21.90.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Korean Noodle W/ Chicken ChopRM 21.90
Korean Noodle W/ Chicken SliceRM 19.90
Korean Noodle (Original)RM 14.00

Japanese Golden Curry Meals

If you Turn over every rock to Satisfy your craving for lip-smacking authentic Japanese cuisine. In that case, Chatto Also has got you covered by offering various Japanese Bento options at Pocket-Friendly Prices.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Salmon Curry BentoRM 24.90
Chicken Katsu Curry BentoRM 18.90
Gyoza Curry BentoRM 18.90

Waffle Teriyaki

Menu ItemsPrice List
CustardRM 7.50
Red Bean CustardRM 8.50
Matcha Red BeanRM 8.50
Chocolate CustardRM 8.50
Cheesy TunaRM 9.90
Cheesy CornRM 9.90
Cheesy Chicken SliceRM 9.90
Tang Yuan TaiyakiRM 9.90

Light Bites

To have some light food, Chatto also offers a diverse variety of options to Satisfy everyone’s craving for Heavenly Snacks. I have tried all the Lights Bites till now and am waiting for something new to be added to Light Bites. In light bites menu sections Cheesy French Fries, Chicken Popcorn, Japanese Chicken Gyoza, and Tempura Chicken Nugget. Light Bites are really Reasonably priced, Around Just RM 11.90 to RM 21.90.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Tempura Chicken NuggetRM 11.90
Japanese Chicken GyozaRM 11.90
TakoyakiRM 12.90
Chicken PopcornRM 12.90
French FriesRM 12.90
Fried ScallopRM 13.90
Cheesy French FriesRM 14.90
5 In 1 BIG COMBORM 21.90

Signature Sandwich

SandwichDescriptionPrice Range (RM)
Cheese Hash Brown SandwichConsists of sesame sauce & nacho cheese sauce.from RM 14.90
Double Chicken Slices & Cheese SandwichConsists of chicken slices & cheese.from RM 14.90
Kimchi Chicken SandwichConsists of fried chicken chop, kimchi, mayonnaise & nacho cheese sauce.from RM 16.90
Teriyaki Chicken SandwichConsists of fried chicken chop, sesame sauce & teriyaki sauce.from RM 16.90
Korean Spicy Chicken SandwichConsists of fried chicken chop & Korean spicy sauce.from RM 16.90

Japanese Bento

Menu itemsPrice List
Fried Scallop BentoRM 18.90
Japanese Chicken Gyoza BentoRM 18.90
Chicken Katsu BentoRM 18.90
Korean Spicy Chicken BentoRM 18.90
Teriyaki Saba BentoRM 19.90

Some Poke Series

Menu ItemsPrice List
Some Vege PokeRM 17.90
Some Tuna PokeRM 19.90
Some Chicken – Pop PokeRM 19.90
Some Chicken Katsu PokeRM 21.90
Some Korean Spicy Chicken PokeRM 21.90
Some Teri – Saba PokeRM 22.90
Some Mini Vege PokeRM 13.90
Some Mini Tuna PokeRM 15.90
Some Mini Chicken – Pop PokeRM 15.90

Charcoal Buns

Menu ItemsPrice List
Smoked Chicken Charcoal BunRM 17.90
Smoked Duck Charcoal BunRM 17.90
Smoked Salmon Charcoal BunRM 20.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
Smoked Chicken CiabattaRM 17.90
Chicken Slice & Cheese CiabattaRM 17.90
Smoked Duck CiabattaRM 17.90
Jobbie Peanut & Blue Berry CiabattaRM 17.90
Smoked Salmon CiabattaRM 20.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
Smoked Chicken CroissantRM 17.90
Chicken Slice & Cheese CroissantRM 17.90
Smoked Duck CroissantRM 17.90
Jobbie Peanut & Blue Berry CroissantRM 17.90
Smoked Salmon CroissantRM 20.90

Popular Chatto Menu Items

I have Listed to Top 3 Most popular Chatto menu options that you must try whenever you visit your Nearest Chatto outlet.

  1. Charcoal Oolong Milk Tea With Topping
  2. Some Chicken – Pop Poke
  3. Oolong Milk Tea
  4. Ultimate Spanish Latte
  5. Some Mini Chicken – Pop Poke
  6. Korean Spicy Chicken Sandwich

alternatives of Chatto Malaysia

Chatto Menu and Price List Malaysia

Chatto Malaysia, as a home-grown Brand, Is Unbeatable in Everything, whether it’s about taste or Reasonable Prices. I have listed some alternative options that you can try  as competitors of Chatto

Where to Order from Chatto Malaysia

If you are at home and want to have your meal at your doorstep, Chatto also offers delivery Services using their party Food delivery networks like Foodpanda and GrabFood. For, you can easily order from any of these. Within a moment, they will deliver your snacks and drinks. So you can enjoy your favorite options with Your family or friends.

Contact Chatto Malaysia

Chatto offers a contact form on its website. Fill it with authentic information and submit it with your questions, or DM them on social media. If you are interested in knowing about the latest Promotions, also follow Chatto Malaysia’s official Social Media Handles.

Faqs about Chatto Malaysia

How is the Founder of Chatto Malaysia?

Terence Lee is the Founder of Chatto Malaysia. Started in 2017 in Malaysia and crafted his Unique Recipe and Make Innovative Drinks to avoid Competition in the market.

How Many Outlets Does Chatto Own in Malaysia?

Chatto owns more than 30 Outlets across Malaysia and also expended internationally in Australia, Brunei, and Canada.

Is Chatto Halal and offers halal Drinks and Snacks?

Yes, in 2021, Impian Ema’s outlet in Johor was awarded the Halal Certificate.

Does Chatto offer Business opportunities or a Partnerships program?

Yes, Chatto Malaysia offers opportunities. If you are interested in starting your own Business, visit their website and contact them through Email licensing. Chatto{AT} Note* Replace AT with @ while Sending Mail.

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See, I’m a true blue Malaysian foodie, born and raised. While most kids had posters of celebrities or athletes on their walls, I was pinning up pictures of sizzling satay and kaya toast. My friends would beg their parents for the latest video games or toys – I just wanted them to take me to try nasi kerabu or laksa Sarawak. You could say I was wired differently right from the start.