Tealive Menu and Price List Malaysia

Are you a tea enthusiast? And always looking for unique Flavors and Creations of a variety of teas like a sip of heaven. Tealive is a Bucket list destination for the unique creation of coffee, Fruit tea, and bubble Tea. Tealive is not just a bubble shop for enthusiasts of Coffee and Tea but also a place like heaven for a flavor explosion of the best Quality Fruit Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, and Bubble Tea.

Tealive is a household name in Malaysian bubble tea restaurant chains and offers a wide range of tantalizing tea, coffee, and drinks on the Tealive menu in Malaysia. If you Leave no stone unturned for top-notch quality and delicious bubble Tea, then Tealive is a hotspot of high-quality tea, coffee, and Drinks that you must try.

This Article is about the latest Tealive menu items, price list, amazing Deals, and Latest Promotions from Tealive Malaysia.

Tea live Menu and Price List Malaysia

Tea Live Menu Is Classified in to Various Categories like.

New Pokemon Yogurt Smoothie

Cramel Cookie Yogurt SmoothieRM 13.02
Mango Yogurt SmoothieRM 10.28
Red Grapes Yogurt SmoothieRM 10.28
Strawberry Yogurt SmoothieRM 10.28
Vanilla Yogurt SmoothieRM 9.34

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Thai Tea

ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Thai Pearl Milk TeaExperience Thailand in our Thai pearl milk: tea, rich tea, creamy milk and chewy pearlsRM 8.02
Cream Cloud Thai Milk TeaSavor the heavenly blend of Thai tea topped with a fluffy cream cloud, indulgence in every sipRM 10.28
Thai ChamExperience Thai charm in a sip with our Thai Cham – a delightful blend of Thai tea and coffeeRM 8.34

Sugar Leves at Tealive

Normal Sugar

Half Sugar

Slight Sugar

Non Sugar

Atlantean Popcorn Chicken

Menu Items(Regular) Prices(Large) Prices
Cream Cloud Winter Melon TeaRM 7.36RM 8.40
Winter Melon Coco SmoothieRM 10.19RM 11.23
Winter Melon Roasted Milk Tea with Grass JellyRM 8.30RM 9.34

Italian Hazelnut Indulgence

Menu items(L) Price List(R) Price List
Purple Cha Cha ChocRM 8.49RM 8.49
Purple Cha Cha SmoothieRM 8.49RM 8.49
Sakura Oolong Berry SmoothieRM 8.49RM 8.49

Bread History Menu With Updated Prices Malaysia

Milk Tea

Earl Grey Milk Tea, Milk Tea (Signature Original Classic Roasted), Malty Milk Tea (Horlicks) at Tealive menu Malaysia
Menu Items(R) Price List(L) Price List
Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk TeaRM 7.45RM 8.40
Original Pearl Milk TeaRM 7.45RM 8.21
Roasted Milk Tea with Grass JellyRM 7.45RM 8.21
Black Diamond Roasted Milk TeaRM 8.50RM 9.62
Red Bean Pearl Milk TeaRM 8.11RM 9.15
Hazelnut Milk TeaRM 7.26RM 8.30
Milk Tea (Signature)RM 6.23RM 7.26
Milk Tea (Ori)RM 6.13RM 7.17
Earl Grey Milk TeaRM 7.26RM 8.30
Malty Milk Tea (Horlicks)RM 7.26RM 8.30
Classic Roasted Milk TeaRM 6.13RM 7.17

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Nishio Matcha Smoothie with Red Bean, Nishio Matcha Milk Tea with Red Bean, Nishio Matcha with Warm Pearls at Tealive menu malaysia
Menu Items(R) Price List(L) Price List
Nishio Fire Matcha Milk TeaRM 9.81RM 10.85
Nishio Matcha LatteRM 9.81RM 10.85
Cream Clound Nishio Fire Matcha SmoothieRM 12.74
Nishio Matcha with Signature Warm PearlsRM 10.75RM 11.79

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Signature Bang Bang

Bang Bang Chocolate with Brown Sugar Warm Pearls, Bang Bang Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Warm Pearls, Bang Bang Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Warm Pearls In Signature bang At Tealive menu malaysia
Menu Item(R) Price List(L) Price List
Bang Bang Milk TeaRM 8.40RM 9.34
Bang Bang Fresh MilkRM 8.40RM 9.34
Bang Bang ChocolateRM 9.34RM 10.28

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Aren Palm Sugar

Aren Black Diamond Milk, Aren Nishio Matcha Latte, Aren Signature Coffee in Aren palm sugar category at Tealive menu Malaysia
Menu Items(R) Price List(L) Price List
Aren Black Diamond MilkRM 9.25RM 10.28
Aren Black Diamond OatmilkRM 11.60RM 12.64
Aren Coco PuddingRM 9.25RM 10.28
Aren Original Pearl Milk TeaRM 9.25RM 10.28


Malty Smoothie (Horlicks), Lychee Sago Tea Smoothie, Mango Passionfruit Smoothie at Tealive menu malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Strawberry Oreo SmoothieRM 12.17
Vanilla Cookies & Cream SmoothieRM 12.17
Belgian Lotus Biscoff SmoothieRM 12.74
Double Caramel Smoothie With PearlRM 12.17
Coco Oreo SmoothieRM 9.62

Fruit Juice

Mango Fruit Juice With Mango BitesRM 6.51RM 7.45
Passion Fruit With PulpsRM 6.51RM 7.45
Red Grapes Fruits Juice With Aloe VeraRM 6.51RM 7.45

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Sparkling Fruit Tea

Sparkling Lychee Tea with 3Q Jelly Sparkling Lemonade Tea with 3Q Jelly Sparkling Lychee Tea with Chia Seed
Menu Items(R) Price List(L) Price List
Sparkling Mango TeaRM 7.45RM 8.40
Sparkling Passion Fruit TeaRM 7.45RM 8.40
Soarkling Red Grapes TeaRM 7.45RM 8.40
Sparkling Honey Lemon with Aloe VeraRM 8.02RM 8.96

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Fruity Smoothie

Menu itemsPrice Lsit
StrawBarry Pudding SmoothieRM 9.34
Cream Clound Grape Velvet SmoothieRM 10.28
Cream Clound Mango Passion Fruit SmoothieRM 10.28

Tealive Eats – Banjir

Earl Grey Tea Jasmine Green Tea Rose Puer Tea
Menu ItemsPrice List
JPN Curry FiresRM 5.57
Jpn Curry LoadedRM 8.40
Jpn Curry popcornChickRM 9.34
Cheezy Spicy Korean PCRM 9.34
Ori FriesRM 4.62
Chzy FrieRM 5.57
Km Spicy FriesRM 5.57
Chzy Km Spicy FriesRM 5.57
Chzy LoadedRM 8.40
Km Spicy LoadedRM 8.40
Chzy Km Spicy LoadedRM 8.40
Cheezy Chicken Roll BanhirRM 9.34
Cheezy Popcorn Chicken BanjirRM 9.34
Korean Spicy Chicken Roll BanjirRM 9.34
Korean Spicy Popcorn CHicken BanjirRM 9.34
Original Chicken RollRM 8.40
Original Popcorn ChickenRM 8.40
Donut Ball Choco LavaRM 5.57
Donut Ball Glizaed TiraRM 5.57

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Tealive Eats – Toastea

Menu ItemsPrice List
Cheesy BeefRM 13.11
Spicy BeefRM 13.11
Toastea Cheezy ChicRM 14.06
Toastea Chicslc & EggRM 10.28
Toastea DDChicSlc & EggRM 15.00
Toastea Egg And CheeseRM 9.34
Toastea HBrown And EggRM 14.06
Toastea HBrownChicSlcRM 14.06
Toastea K Spicy ChicRM 14.06

Tealive Eats Meals

Menu ItemsPrice List
Jpn Curry Mac & CRM 9.34
Jpn Curry Mac & C with PCRM 12.17
Carbonara Mac & CRM 9.34
Carbonara Mac & C With PCRM 12.17
Bolog Chic Mac & CRM 9.34
Bolog Chic Mac & C with PCRM 12.17


Coco Latte, Malty Coco (Horlicks), Hazelnut Coco at coco category in tealive menu malaysia
Menu Items(R) Price list(L) Price List
Signature CocoRM 7.45RM 8.40
Hazelnut CocoRM 7.64RM 8.68
Coco LatteRM 8.02RM 9.06
Aren Caremal Coco With PuddingRM 9.34RM 10.28


Coco Mocha, Signature Coffee at Tealive menu
Menu Items(R) Price List(L) Price List
Signature CoffeeRM 9.34RM 8.11
Caramel MacchiatoRM 11.89RM 10.00
Venila MacchiatoRM 10.28RM 9.06
Hazelnut LatteRM 10.28RM 9.06
Aren Caremal LatteRM 11.89RM 10.00
Brown Sugar LatteRM 10.28RM 9.06
Black Diamond Signature CoffeeRM 10.28
Bang Bang CoffeeRM 10.47
Belgian Lotus Buscott CoffeeRM 14.06
AmericanoRM 7.45RM 8.51
Cafe LateRM 9.06RM 7.64
CappucinoRM 9.06RM 7.64
Coco MatcheRM 11.89RM 10.00

Cafe Bites

Menu ItemsPrice List
Banana Choco Chips MuffinRM 6.89
Double Choco Chip MuffinRM 6.89
Nutty ButterScotch MuffinRM 6.89

Best Selling Items at Tealive Malaysia

Here are some of the most popular and best Selling Tealive Menu Items Malaysia

  1. Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea
  2. Strawberry Matcha
  3. Superior Coco
  4. Classic Roasted Milk Tea
  5. Fruit Tea

Alternatives of Tealive Malaysia

Here are some of the alternatives of Tealive Malaysia

History of Tealive Malaysia

Latest Tealive menu and Price list Malaysia

After a dispute, Bryan Loo rebranded 162 Chatime outlets as Tealive in 2017, wiping out 90% of Chatime’s market share in Malaysia and establishing Tealive as a top bubble tea brand.

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Tealive owns more than 800 outlets around the map.

Here are some of the most popular drinks on Tealive Malaysia

  1. Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea
  2. Strawberry Matcha
  3. Superior Coco
  4. Classic Roasted Milk Tea
  5. Fruit Tea

Here are some of the alternatives to tea: live and offer the same experience at competitive prices.

  • Gong Cha
  • The Alley

You can order food from Tealive’s Official Malaysia website, Food Panda, and Grab Foods.

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