Der Cabin Bistro Menu and Price List

Der Cabin Bistro Is One of the most celebrated spots across Malaysia for Offering a Diverse Variety of melting-in-mouth Cuisine. If You are Searching for a spot Known for Its Lip-Smacking Taste, then your search ends here: der Cabin Bistro Is a Spot known for its Broad Menu Options. The menu at Der Cabin Bistro is a Collection of both tradition and innovation.

From classic comfort foods like Finger, Burgers, Pasta Party, From the Sea, Cool Ice, Fresh Fruit Juices, and Chicken Dinner to inventive twists on familiar favourites, each dish is crafted with care and creativity. Local ingredients take Center stage, ensuring that every bite is bursting with freshness and flavour.

Der Cabin Bistro’s Menu contains a Diverse Variety of Melting in Mouth Traditional Cuisine. If you are searching for a der Cabin Bistro Menu, your search is Complete Here. I have Shared a der Cabin Bistro menu with Updated Prices and Menu Items. I Also Shared My Experience below that You Can Read and Imaging the Quality and Service at Der Cabin.

Reminder: I am Not affiliated with Any Restaurant or Café. I explore Every Restaurant just for You and To Satisfy My Craving.

Complete Der Cabin Bistro Malaysia

Finger Food

Menu ItemsPrice List
Homemade Mushroom SoupRM 8.70

Today’s Specialty

Menu ItemsPrice List
Lamb ShoulderRM 29.00
Grilled SalmonRM 34.00
Der Cabin Beef SteakRM 37.80

Chicken Dinner

Menu ItemsPrice List
Cabin Chicken ChopRM 9.50
XXL Chicken ChopRM 16.30
Grilled Chicken ChopRM 17.50
Cheesy Chicken BallRM 12.50
Snow White ChickenRM 17.50
Mushroom ChickenRM 16.30
Mushroom Grilled MushroomRM 17.50
Double Grilled Chicken ChopRM 25.20

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Menu ItemsPrice List
Cabin Burger (Beef)RM 20.10
Double Decker Burger (Beef)RM 32.80
Cabin Cheeseburger (Beef)RM 21.30

Pasta Party

Menu ItemsPrice List
Aglio Olio PastaRM 16.30
Chilli, Garlic & Shrimp PastaRM 21.50
Chicken Alfredo PastaRM 21.50
Aglio Seafood PastaRM 20.10
Beef Bolognese PastaRM 21.50
Meatballs PastaRM 21.50
Der Cabin PastaRM 21.50
Thai Chicken PastaRM 17.50
Thai Seafood PastaRM 21.50
Der’ Cabin Mac N CheeseRM 21.50
Salted Egg Chicken PastaRM 21.50
Salted Egg Seafood PastaRM 22.70
Meatballs Alfredo PastaRM 21.50

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From The Sea

Menu ItemsPrice List
Fish & ChipsRM 16.30
Fish Fillet with Marinara SauceRM 20.10
Fish Fillet with Mushroom SauceRM 20.10

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Cool Ice

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
A&W Root BeerIcedRM 5.00
LemonadeIcedRM 6.90
Iced LemonRM 4.70
Iced Lemon TeaBrewed tea with a twist of lemon. Served with ice.RM 5.90
Iced Milk TeaRM 5.90
Iced NescafeRM 6.20
Iced Honey LemonRM 6.20
Van Houten Iced ChocolateRM 8.70
Iced Hazelnut CoffeeRM 11.30
Iced Caramel CoffeeRM 11.30
Iced Milk CoffeeRM 5.90

Fresh Fruit Juices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Asam BoiMade from lime juice, sour plum (asam boi), sugar, and water. (For red only)RM 8.70
Green AppleRM 8.70
WatermelonRM 8.70
OrangeRM 8.70
Apple & Asam BoiRM 10.00
Orange & Asam BoiRM 10.00
Orange & AppleRM 10.00
Watermelon + OrangeRM 10.00

For Kiddies

Menu ItemsPrice List
Kid’s Cabonara PastaRM 8.70
Kid’s Fish & FriesRM 7.50
Kid’s Chicken FingerRM 6.20

Popular Selling items At Der Cabin Bistro

Der Cabin Bistro Malaysia Offers Broad Array of Mouthwatering Snacks to These Customers. If You are Confused in Where to Start Your Culinary Experience at Der Cabin Bistro. I have Shared Some of the Most Popular Selling Items at Der Cabin Bistro Malaysia. Cabin And grilled Chicken Chops are Some of my favorite menus Options at Der Cabin Bistro.

If You are still trying to decide what to Order, First Consider Ordering the following listed Items and Explore Lip Smacking Cuisine.

  1. Cabin Chicken Chop
  2. XXL Chicken Chop
  3. Cheesy Chicken Ball
  4. Grilled Chicken Chop
  5. Fish & Chips
  6. Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Alternatives of Der Cabin Bistro Malaysia

If You are Searching for Other Destinations like Der Cabin Bistro, Your Search ends here. I have Explored and Share Some of the alternatives to Der Cabin Bistro, and you will get a variety of Flavors on the following Spots like Der Cabin Bistro. Two Sons Bistro Is Also My Favorite Destination. I recommend that you visit if you are searching for restaurants like Der Cabin Bistro.

Der Cabin Bistro Near Me Locations

Restaurant NameDer’ Cabin Bistro
AddressPtd 174172, Plot L3 & L4, Gravity Green, Bandar Seri Alam, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia
Operating Hours4:30–11:30 PM
Phone+60 17-705 6254

My experience about Der cabin Bistro

Der Cabin Bistro Is a Spot in Johor Bahru Known For its Diverse Variety of Melting-mouth Cuisine Like Finger Food, Chicken Dinner, Burgers, Pasta Parties, From the Sea, Cool Ice, Fresh Fruit Juices, and Kiddies. So Recently, I Planned a Road Trip from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru and Explored All the Spots along the Road with Johor Bahru.

So Last Friday After I Finished my Work in the Evening. I Headed toward Johor Bahru and Make My Journey full of Joy and adventures by Exploring Lot Around the way. I have a lot More Spot Tried and Will Share My Experience with You. This journey took More Than Usual To arrive in Johor Bahru. Saturday, I decided to explore Johor Bahru and Locate der Cabin Bistro. 

Der Cabin offers outdoor Sitting and a really good experience, a Top-Notch Ambience, and a Peaceful Environment. So, I ordered Some Popular Selling Items for Me, Including Cabin Chicken Chop, Fish & Chips, and Grilled Chicken Chop. Their Staff Is Friendly and Serves Meals quickly as Soon as Possible and ensures the Quality of Meals and Flavours packed tightly in every bite.

All the Meal I Ordered and Try Were Prepared Freshly and They Ensure the high-quality Food. I Highly recommend You Must Try Their Chicken Chop if You Are visiting for the First time. I had a good experience at Der Cabin Bistro in Johor. If You are Coming To explore Johor Bahru Must Consider Exploring der Cabin Bistro. I Want to rate them With Around 4.8 Out Of 5.0 stars.

Where To Order from Der Cabin Bistro

Suppose You are tired at home and Want to Make an Order online. In that case, they Deliver Meal to Costumers Doorstep Using Third Party Delivery Networks Like Foodpanda., you can Place Your Order Using Foodpanda. They will Deliver Your Order Before the Meal Loses its weight.

Reach Out der Cabin Bistro

If You Have Any Queries regarding Der Cabin Bistro Malaysia, Visit Their Official social media Pages, and DM them Your Query To clear Your Doubts about Der Cabin Bistro. Because They Currently Don’t Have Any Website. Leave Your Massage. They Will Get You Back Soon.

If You Are a Food Enthusiast, keep Your Eyes on Amazing Deals and Discounts of Restaurants. Der Share Amazing Deals and Discounts On their social media pages, so follow them on their social media Pages Listed Below.

Faqs about Der Cabin Bistro

Is Der Cabin Bistro Halal Certified?

Unfortunately, I found Nothing about Der Cabin Bistro, but Some Recourses across the Internet Claim That they are Halal Certified.

What Type of Meal Der Cabin bistro Serve?

Der Cabin Bistro offers a variety of meals like Finger Food, Chicken Dinner, Burgers, Pasta Parties, From the Sea, Cool Ice, Fresh Fruit Juices, and For Kiddies.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Selling items at Der Cabin Bistro?

Der Cabin offers a Variety of lip-smacking Snacks to Satisfy Everyone’s Appetite. Below, I have Listed Some most Popular Selling items that You can try.

  • Cabin Chicken Chop
  • XXL Chicken Chop
  • Cheesy Chicken Ball
  • Grilled Chicken Chop
  • Fish & Chips
  • Chicken Alfredo Pasta

What Are the Opening Hours at Der Cabin Bistro Malaysia?

Der Cabin Bistro’s Opening and Closing Hours are 4:30–11:30 PM, but remember, Hours can Be Different for Events or occasions.

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