DTandoor Menu and Prices

Have You Ever tried North Indian Cuisine with Spice Tightly Packed In Every Bite? DTandoor Is a Well well-known restaurant in Malaysia that Offers a Diverse variety of Melting-in-mouth North Indian Cuisine. They offer Delicious meals like Butter Chicken Masala, Hyderabad Biryani, Biryani Rice, and a Lot More to Try.

Abdul Malik Abdullah from Penang Come Up with a Passion for the restaurant business, and their Story Started In 1984. In 1990, He Moved to Australia for further studies. After Working with Different Restaurants in KL & Selangor,

D’Tandoor restaurant first opened in 1993 in Damansara, Utama, with co-founder Tan Hun Kim; with Massive Growth, DTandoor Became Malaysia’s Biggest North Indian Restaurant, with Around 7 Outlets Across Malaysia.

DTandoor Menu is Like a Rainbow Full of Colours. If You Are Searching for Spice in Malaysia, DTandoor Menu Has Something to Satisfy Your Appetite. If You are Searching DTandoor Menu, Your Search Ended Here bellow I have Shared The Latest Menu With Prices That You can Explore and Chose What to Try.

I have also Shared My Personal Experience that You Should Read and Made Your Mind Clearer About DTandoor. Note: I am Not Affiliated with Any Specific Restaurant. I Just Love Exploring lip Smacking Taste of Malaysian Cuisine and finding Hidden Gems Across Malaysia.

Complete DTandoor Menu Malaysia

Dtandoor Menu Shuruat

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Onion BhajiChopped onions dipped in a chickpea batter & crisp fried served with mint sauceRM 15.50
Chooza TikkaBoneless spring chicken fillets marinated overnight in a selection of spices & cooked in tandoorRM 39.70
Lamb Sheesh RampuriMarinated lamb – minced, flavored with onions & green spices pressed on a skewer & smoke roasted over charcoalRM 39.70
Paneer ShaslikHomemade cubes of cottage cheese grilled with tomatoes, capsicums & onionsRM 34.40
Vegetable PakoraSavory vegetable fritters, mildly spiced, dipped in batter & deep-friedRM 15.50
Seafood PlatterPrawn & fish fillet grilled in tandoorRM 62.65
Chicken Cheese SamosaCottage cheese pcs dipped in spicy gram flour & golden fruitRM 25.50
Lamb Cheese SamosasIndian triangle minced mutton stuffed curry puff, 3 cocktail size pcs per servingRM 27.50
Vegetable SamosasRM 15.50
PapadomDeep-fried dough of black gram bean flour, with dried heat & flipped over an open flame until crunchyRM 5.75

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Dtandoor Menu Soups

Menu ItemsPrice List
Vegetable SoupRM 13.65
Mushroom SoupRM 15.95
Dhall SoupRM 13.65
Chicken SoupRM 15.95
Chicken Corn SoupRM 17.15
Chicken & Vegetable SoupRM 18.30
Seafood SoupRM 25.15
Mutton SoupRM 26.30

Dtandoor Menu Tandoori Khazanah

Menu ItemsPrice List
Tandoori Chickenfrom RM 40.25
Tandoori Chicken Sizzlingfrom RM 44.25
Tandoori Lamb Sheesh RampuriRM 39.65
Mahi TikkaRM 49.30
Siakap SizzlingRM 76.95
Tandoori Chooza TikkaRM 39.65
Tandoori Malai TikkaRM 49.30

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Dtandoor Menu Murgh

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Chicken KadaiA rich flavorsome curry, with crushed tomato, capsicum, green chili in a thick masala sauce & paprikaRM 39.65
Butter Chicken MasalaButter chicken is a dish originating in Punjab consisting of chicken braised in a spiced gravy made with cream, tomatoes & butterRM 45.90
Chicken Tikka MasalaChicken tikka masala is composed of chicken tikka, boneless chunks of chicken marinated in spices, yogurt that are roasted in a tandoor & served in a creamy curry sauceRM 42.43
Chicken VindalooChicken cooked in South Indian style enriched with special spices sauteed with dried chili & curry leafRM 42.40
Malai TikkaChicken boneless baked with spices, cream & almondRM 39.80
Chicken VaruvalThe dried version of a chicken curry. Bite-sized pcs coated in a deep masala flavour are best enjoyedRM 41.30

Dtandoor Menu Gosht

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Lamb Keema MattarKeema mattar is a classic dried curry featuring lamb or mutton & peas in a delightfully simple spicy fragrant gravyRM 49.35
Lamb MadrasiMadrasi mutton is a specialty of the city of Madras, India. Madrasi mutton recipe is prepared in hot curry sauce & has a tangy yet spicy flavourRM 48.15
Lamb KoftaMinced mutton shaped into meatballs, deep-fried & served in a special curry sauceRM 49.35
Lamb Rogan JoshTender lamb cubes cooked in a special vindaloo sauce, with a blend of aromatic spices & potatoesRM 48.15
Lamb VaruvalThe dried version of lamb curry. Bite-sized pcs coated in a deep masala flavour best enjoyed with rice or rotiRM 53
Lamb MasalaLamb cooked in a special spiced gravyRM 33.25
Lamb VindalooTender lamb cubes cooked in a special vindaloo sauce, with a blend of aromatic spices & potatoesRM 44.25

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Dtandoor Menu The Beef Delights

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Beef VindalooTender beef cubes cooked in a special vindaloo sauce, with a blend of aromatic spices & potatoesRM 34.40
Beef MasalaBeef cubes cooked with special spices finished with a thick gravyRM 34.40
Beef Jal FrezyBeef pcs cooked in a medium masala, tomato & onion sauce. Comes with stir-fried peppers, garnished with spring onion, coriander & gingerRM 34.40

Dtandoor Menu Seafood

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Prawn KashmiriPrawns cooked in sweetish gravy with cashew nutsRM 53.45
Prawn MadrasiSpicy prawn dish cooked in a minty & gingerly base curry with onions & spicesRM 53.45
Prawn MasalaAn exotic dish of large juicy prawns sautéed with ginger, garlic & tomatoesRM 47.70
Prawn VindalooFiery prawns prepared with vindaloo sauceRM 47.70
Fish MethiThick fish curry with spices & fenugreek leavesRM 38.50
Fish Jal TooriFillet fish seasoned, marinated in chef’s secret recipe & pan-fried with curry leavesRM 48.85

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Dtandoor Menu Vegetarian

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Vegetarian Paneer ShaslikHomemade cubes of cottage cheese grilled with tomatoes, capsicums & onionsRM 34.35
Malai KoftaFried balls of potato and paneer in a rich, creamy mild gravy made with sweet onions and tomatoesRM 31.60
Channa MasalaChickpeas in a creamy sauce spiced with garam masala, fennel, cumin, with tomatoes, garlic, ginger, & corianderRM 21.25
Mixed Vegetarian SauteedMixed vegetables sauteed with butter, salt & black pepperRM 28.60
Shabnam SeloniMushrooms cooked in special gravy, garnished with cashew nuts & creamRM 22.85
Aloo Gobi PunjabiCauliflower, potatoes, sauteed with fresh tomatoes, ginger, green chilies & ground corianderRM 21.25
Bengan BarthaMinced grilled eggplant with tomato, onion, herbs & spiceRM 25.15
Paneer KadaiDelicious curry made with paneer, bell pepper, onion & Indian spicesRM 24.70
Paneer Butter MasalaRich, creamy curry made with paneer, spices, onions, tomatoes, cashews, & butterRM 28.15
Palak PaneerA puree of spinach, tomatoes, green chilies garnished with coriander leaves & fresh ginger with cubes of fresh cottage cheeseRM 34.35
Bendi MasalaLady’s finger cooked dried with spices, garnished with yoghurt & tomatoesRM 20.55
Brinjal MasalaBrinjal cooked in thick gravyRM 20.10
Mattar PaneerGreen peas cooked with our fresh homemade cheese & a host of spices served with creamy gravyRM 22.40
Dhall TarkhaCreamy lentils cooked with aromatics, spices, tangy tomatoes, topped with a final tadka or seasoning of spices, chili & garlicRM 20.55
Mixed DhallButter fried black lentils cooked with yellow lentils with special gravy & spicesRM 21.25

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Roti at DTandoor Menu

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Tandoori RotiIndian flatbread made of a mix of wheat flour & all-purpose flour maida. It’s called tandoori as it is made in a tandoor or a clay ovenRM 7.45
Garlic NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flour topped with finely chopped garlic & coriander leavesRM 8.05
Butter NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flour glazed with butterRM 9.05
Plain NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flourRM 7.45
Cheese NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flour stuffed with cheeseRM 12.05
Puree3 Pcs. Deep-fried bread made from unleavened whole-wheat flour that originated in the Indian subcontinentRM 17.80
Lacha ParathaMulti-layered Indian bread made of whole wheat flourRM 7.90
Maharaja NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flour stuffed with minced chicken & spices with sesame toppingRM 14.85
Kashmiri NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flour stuffed with dry fruitsRM 14.35
Vegetable ParathaAuthentic Punjabi mixed vegetable paratha whole wheat bread stuffed with mixed vegetablesRM 12.05
Aloo Masala NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flour stuffed with spiced potatoesRM 13.65
Garlic Butter NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flour topped with finely chopped garlic, coriander leaves & butterRM 12.05
Garlic Cheese NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flour topped with finely chopped garlic, coriander leaves & cheeseRM 13.20
Garlic Butter Cheese NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flour topped with finely chopped garlic, coriander leaves, butter & cheeseRM 15.50
Keema NaanNorth Indian specialty bread made from dough of refined plain flour stuffed with spiced minced muttonRM 19.55
Mixed BreadbasketA combination of garlic naan, butter naan, lacha paratha & tandoori rotiRM 36.20

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Lamb Shank

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Lamb Shank MasalaLamb shank bruised in the Indian manner in special spiced gravyRM 42.35
Lamb Shank MandySpecial long-grain rice cooked and smoked in Arabic style served with perfectly stewed lamb shankRM 59.15
Lamb Shank Musallam MandyA combination of mandy rice, minced mutton, and lamb shank masala which is garnished and mixed with cashew nuts & raisinsRM 78

Rice Dishes at DTandoor Menu

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Hyderabad BriyaniSucculent pieces of mutton cooked with special basmati rice & spices from the princely house of HyderabadRM 46.55
Mandy Rice ChickenSpecial basmati long-grain rice with chicken cooked in smoky Arabic styleRM 39.65
Mandy Rice LambSpecial basmati long-grain rice with lamb cooked in smoky Arabic styleRM 47.70
Plain Basmati RiceRM 10.20
Mughlai Murgh BriyaniChicken, fragrant pearl rice cooked, flavored with Indian spices & herbsRM 38.50
Jeera Pulao PilafNorth Indian style rice mildly flavored with cumin seeds & a touch of gheeRM 16
Vegetable BriyaniAssortment of garden vegetables cooked with basmati riceRM 28.60
Bamboo Chicken BriyaniChicken cooked in a bamboo pipe, extracting rich bamboo flavorRM 45.85
Bamboo Lamb BriyaniLamb cooked in a bamboo pipe, extracting rich bamboo flavorRM 56.90
Bamboo Seafood BriyaniSeafood cooked in a bamboo pipe, extracting rich bamboo flavorRM 52.30
Biryani RiceRM 13.65
Seafood BriyaniRM 45.85
Lamb Shank BriyaniRM 64.25

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D’tandoor Specialty

Menu itemsDescriptionPrice List
Nawabi Mixed TandoorChef’s recommendation of chicken, fish, prawns & sheesh kebabRM 105.70
Raan SikandriRoasted to perfection, whole lamb leg marinated & cooked on a very slow fire, truly a classic experience. 24-hour notice is requiredRM 270.80
Murgh Mussalam AkhbariRM 116.00

Set Meal

Menu ItemsDescriptinoPrice List
Buka Puasa PackageA Combo Meal of Butter Chicken Masala, Fish Methi, Bendi Masala, and Dhall Tarqa together with your favorite Mandy Rice and Garlic Naan. The meal includes UAE Kurma (Dates) & 100 Plus. The box serves 4 Pax.RM 130

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Children Special

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Fried ChickenCrispy on the outside, with a flavorful crust that contrasts and complements the tender meatRM 16.65
Egg OmeletteRM 12.00
Mushroom OmeletteRM 14.35
Fried RiceRM 17.10
Potato ChipsRM 12.05

Relishes & Accompliments

Menu itemsDescriptionPrice List
Raita SpecialAn assortment of vegetables in creamy beaten yoghurtRM 13.20
DahiPlain yogurtRM 12.05
Mixed SaladFresh assortment of greensRM 12.05
Mango ChutneyRM 9.75
Mint SauceRM 5.60


Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Mango KulfiTreat your taste buds to one of the most authentic flavors of kulfi. The mango sensation kulfi combines the refreshing taste of mangoes with a luscious blend of dairy to make you feel like you are in paradiseRM 17.10
RasmalaiMade of milk, cream, garnished with almonds & this delightful dessert is not too sweet yet very pleasantRM 20.10
Gulab JamoonMilk dumplings deep-fried in oil & soaked in rose-scented sugar syrupRM 14.35
Gajar HalwaCombination of nuts, milk, sugar, khoya & ghee with grated carrotRM 14.80
Almond KulfiIndian ice cream made with milk, fresh cream, almonds & cardamomRM 15.50


Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
MiloHigh in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and mineralsRM 7.90
Iced Lemon TeaBrewed tea with a twist of lemon. Served with ice.RM 9.00
Teh TarikCreamy and rich “pulled” milk tea served hotRM 5.90
NescafeAromatic, hot, creamy drink made with Nescafe coffeeRM 7.90
Bru CoffeeAromatic and smooth flavors from coffeeRM 9.00
LassiSweet & sourRM 9.00
CoffeeAromatic and hotRM 7.90
TeaClassic tea served hot!RM 9.00
Mango LassiRM 11.50
Masala TeaRM 9.00
Iced Press Fruit JuiceRM 9.00
Fruit PunchRM 9.50
Mint TeaRM 5.90
Aerated BeverageRM 9.00
D’tandoor Special CoffeeRM 9.00
D’Tandoor Special Almond Based MilkshakeRM 14.50
Lemongrass Laici MojitoRM 11.50

Popular Selling items at DTandoor Menu

DTandoor Is one of the Most Celebrated North Indian Restaurants known for Offering a Vast range of Lip-smacking Snacks. You are Visiting DTandoor And Confused about What to Order From this Diverse Variety of Flavourful Meal full of Spice And taste. Bellow I have Share Some Of the most popular Meal Options that You can Try.

I Tried Butter Chicken Masala, and that was really melting In my Mouth, full of spices in Every bite. I highly recommend you Try Their Butter Chicken Masala.

  1. Fish Methi
  2. Hyderabad Briyani
  3. Butter Chicken Masala
  4. Palak Paneer
  5. Aloo Gobi Punjabi
  6. Biryani Rice

Alternatives of DTandoor Menu Malaysia

If You are Searching for Alternatives to DTandoor, your Search ends Here. I have shared some alternatives that You can Consider trying Following Listed Restaurants. I tried this following Listed Spots and Had superb Experience on Some and Average on Some other.  

As well as Pak Panjab Restaurants is One of my Mot Favorite Destinations of All I have visited to Find Perfect Alternatives of DTandoor.

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  • Restoran Nasi Kandar Saga
  • Daawat Restaurant Check Menu

DTandoor near Me Locations

OutletsStateAddressHotline Number
D’Tandoor AmpangKuala Lumpur82, Jalan Damai, Off, Jalan Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur011-6969 2020
D’Tandoor Subang JayaSubang Jaya7, Jalan SS 15/5a, SS 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor012-398 4055
Bukit MertajamBukit MertajamG-12B, Medan Perniagan, Taman Pauh Jaya, 13700 Perai, Pulau Pinang012-788 0474
D’Tandoor Pulau PinangPulau Pinang10-C-22, Precinct, 10, Jalan Tanjong Tokong, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Pinang019-430 2020
D’Tandoor PutrajayaPutrajayaLot A1-LG-1, Ayer@8, Jalan P8G, Presint 8, 62250 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya03-8893 1628
Damansara UtamaDamansara UtamaJalan SS 21/62, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor03-7880 2020
D’Tandoor Taman MayangTaman Mayang39, Jalan SS 26/15, Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor03-7880 2020

Where To order From DTandoor Malaysia

If You are Looking to order from DTandoor, they deliver customers meals using Various Services Like Their Own Delivery Service, Beet It, Fave, Foodpanda, DeliverEat, and Facebook. You can Choose Any of these Options to Make Your Order. They Deliver Every Customer’s Order while it’s still at its optimal temperature.

My Review about DTandoor

DTandoor Is one Of the Most Celebrated North Indian Restaurants Across Penang; if You Are Searching for Indian spices in Penang, I recommend You Visit DTandoor. I Have Been Whenever I Crave Spicy Snacks and Meals, I Must Prefer Visiting Indian Restaurants to Satisfy My Taste Buds.

DTandoor Is One of My Favorite Restaurants for Indian Spice. In a Recent Week, While Hanging out With Friends in the northwest area of George Town. We Had Lunch at DTandoor and Satisfy Our Craving for Spicy Meal. We Ordered Butter Chicken Masala, Bamboo Chicken Briyani, DTandoor special Coffee, and Mango Lassi.

Butter Chicken Masala Was good, and Bamboo Biryani Was Also Nice and recommended. Service is Average, but if You are Searching for spices in Penang, I recommend You try DTandoor. I Would Like to Rate Them With 4.4 out of 5.0 stars Rating.

Reach Out DTandoor

Do You Have Any Queries Regarding DTandoor? Consider Visiting DTandoor Official Website and Navigate To their Contact Us Page There, You will find the Contact Form as well as the Restaurant’s Physical Address and Hotline Number. Consider Contacting them At 012-7880346 or Leaving your Querry Mail admin(AT)dtandoor.com.

If You are a Passionate Foodie Love exploring Restaurants with amazing Discounts and Offers, I recommend You Follow DTandoor Official Social Media handles.

Faqs about DTandoor Malaysia

Is DTandoor Halal Certified by Jakim?

DTandoor Claim that they Are Halal certified By JAKIM and Offer High Quality and Fresh Meal.

Who is the CEO of DTandoor?

DTandoor was founded by Datuk Abdul Malik Abdullah in 1984.

What Price Range of Meal DTandoor Offers?

DTandoor Offers a Diverse Variety of meals at various Prices, And the menu Starts to Form Minimum Prices of RM 5.60 to RM 270.00; in My Opinion, these Prices are Bit Reasonable.

What Type of Restaurant is DTandoor Malaysia

DTandoor Is one of the Most Know Restaurants offers vast Array of north Indian Cuisine Across Malaysia.

The name’s Vincent lim, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m absolutely mad about Malaysian food. Like, legit obsessed. Some people dream about tropical beaches or partying all night – I fantasize about stuffing my face with the most mind-blowing dishes this country has to offer. Pretty weird huh? But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

See, I’m a true blue Malaysian foodie, born and raised. While most kids had posters of celebrities or athletes on their walls, I was pinning up pictures of sizzling satay and kaya toast. My friends would beg their parents for the latest video games or toys – I just wanted them to take me to try nasi kerabu or laksa Sarawak. You could say I was wired differently right from the start.