Dolly Dim sum Menu and Price List

If you are a Dim Sum Lover, then Dolly Dim Sum restaurant is a perfect place or in the Spotlight for Dim Sum. Dolly Dim Sum Specialized prepares a diverse variety of Dim Sum Dishes Like Steamed Dim Sum, Baked Or Fried Dim Sum, Cheong Fun, Congee, and a lot of Other meal options to Satisfy Everyone’s Cravings whether you are a Chinese Food Lover Looking for Rice Or Vegetable Options Dolly Dim Sum is Always Ready to serve.

Dolly Dim Sum is a homegrown Malaysian Restaurant that was Started by 2 sisters with an Aim to focus on traditional Oriental cuisine, considering dim sum as an art form. Dolly, a central character in the restaurant, represents modern oriental chic. The founder Of Dolly Dim Sum Also owns Some Other brands Like Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar and Bankara Ramen.

Dolly Dim Sum serves a wide range Of Meal Options on their Menu, so if you are going to Visit Dolly Dim Sum and want to check out the most Recent And updated Dolly Dim sum Menu with the price I have shared below, here you can get an idea About the Price and your Budget. Reminder: this article is just a Guiding light For All locals and Tourists. Here, I have shared all the information required and my Personal Experience at Dim Sum Outlet in KL Pavilion. Let’s Continue Of Adventure

Dolly Dim Sum Menu Malaysia

Steamed Dim sum

Steamed Dim Sum is One of the most popular Chinese Dishes offered by Dolly Dim sum in their menu. They Offer plenty of Mouth-Watering Dim Sum Dish Options that you can Try to Satisfy your Craving for something Delectable. All Dim Sum, like Steamed, fired, And Baked Dim Sum Options, are prepared using halal Meal sources from Halal certified Suppliers and Maintain the Quality of food.

At Dolly Dim Sum, the Chef prepares every dish Carefully and With perfection, which Gives every Dim sum A Melting Mouth taste in every Bite.

Steamed Dim sum Category Menu At Dolly Dim Sum
Crystal Prawn DumplingPrawns and chives wrapped in translucent dumpling skinRM 11.50
Har GaoClassic prawn “Har Gao” dumplingRM 11.90
Homemade Fish BallSteamed fresh fish balls on a bed of edamameRM 8.90
Loh Mai GaiSteamed glutinous rice with roasted chicken and mushroomsRM 10.90
Roasted BBQ BunWhite fluffy buns with Dolly’s signature honey BBQ meat fillingRM 9.80
Siew MaiTender chicken and prawn “Siew Mai” steamed with mushroomsRM 11.60
Signature Egg Custard BunSteamed white buns with flowing salted egg yolk caramelRM 10.80
Spicy Chicken FeetBraised chicken feet marinated in a delicious spicy sauceRM 11.80
Squid in Seafood SauceFreshly sliced squid in a homemade seafood sauceRM 11.80
Steamed Beef BallFreshly ground beef balls with aged mandarin peelRM 10.80
Steamed Chicken WingsSteamed with fragrant garlic oil and leekRM 9.90
Sweet and Sour Beancurd Skin RollServed in a delicious plum sauce with black fungus, chili, and vinegarRM 10.90
Szechuan Dumpling (4 pcs)Juicy prawn dumplings drizzled in a spicy tangy sauceRM 13.80
Thai-Style Prawn ParcelChicken and prawn served in a sweet and spicy Thai chili sauceRM 10.30

Fried and Baked Dim Sum

Fried and Baked Dim Sum Category at Dolly Dim Sum Menu Malaysia
Baked Egg TartTraditional, oven-baked flaky egg custard puff pastryRM 9.50
Black Pepper Beef PuffA rare baked treat using Australian Ribeye, a twist on puff pastry filled with black pepper beefRM 15.50
Chewy Meat CroquetteMeat-filled glutinous dumplings with chewy skinRM 8.90
Dolly Mozza RollBeancurd skin rolls stuffed with prawn and melted mozzarella cheeseRM 13.50
Dolly’s Fried Chicken Wings (6 pcs)Delicious chicken wings marinated with garlic and fried to perfectionRM 15.90
Golden Fish CrackerFish paste with cheese spread in between cream crackers, deep-fried to a golden crispRM 9.50
Panfried Radish CakeRadish cake pan-fried with sun-dried shrimp and dried scallopRM 9.30
Salad Prawn DumplingPrawn dumplings served with a sweet mayonnaise-lemon dipRM 11.50
Smoked Duck WrapSucculent shredded smoked duck and vegetables wrapped in our handmade doughRM 11.50
Vegetarian Spring RollSpring roll filled with finely-sliced cabbage, mushrooms, and carrotsRM 8.90
Yam CroquetteCroquette filled with diced flavored meat, mushrooms, and peasRM 9.90

Cheong Fun

Cheong Fun Is also another Popular Authentic Chinese Food Option offered in the Dolly Dim Sum menu. In this category, Cheong Fun – BBQ Chicken is one of my favorite options on their Menu. This Cheong fun Costs around RM 5.00 to RM 14.80 which is Reasonably Priced and can be accessible for Everyone.

Cheong Fun Category At Dolly Dim SUm Menu Food
Cheong Fun – BBQ ChickenDelicate rice rolls steamed with BBQ chicken to perfectionRM 11.50
Cheong Fun – Crispy ShrimpShrimp and turnip filling double wrapped in a crispy cheong funRM 15.80
Cheong Fun – PrawnDelicate rice rolls steamed with prawn to perfection and served hotRM 13.90


Congee Chinese menu Category At dolly Dim Sum
Congee Century Egg and Shredded ChickenSilken congee cooked with imported pearl rice, topped with century egg and shredded chickenRM 11.90
Congee Salted Egg and Shredded ChickenSilken congee cooked with imported pearl rice, topped with salted egg and shredded chickenRM 11.90

Rice And Noodles

Rice And Noodles Category Menu At Dolly Dim Sum Menu Malaysia
Belacan Crab Fried RiceSpicy fried rice with tender crabmeat, egg, baby kailan…RM 37.50
Cantonese-Style Yin-Yang NoodlesVermicelli and “Hor Fun” noodles cooked with egg gravy …RM 27.50
Crispy Egg NoodlesDeep fried “Shang Mee” with Grouper fish, chicken, mush…RM 28.50
Meatless Fried RiceVegetarian fried rice with plant-based “meat”, fine Fre…RM 23.50
Royal Golden Fried RiceFried rice with prawns and omega egg topped with ebikoRM 25.50
Salted Fish Fried RiceFried rice with long beans, salted fish, egg and chicke…RM 23.50
Steamed RiceRM 3.50
Thai-Style Fried RiceFried rice in piquant Thai sauce with prawns, squid, eg…RM 25.50
Wok-Fried Beef Kway TeowWok-fried flat noodles served with premium Australian r…RM 26.90

Wok Specials

Wok Specials At DOlly Dim SUm Malaysia
Fried Radish Cake with PrawnsA wok favourite of fried prawns, radish cake, egg, bean…RM 23.50
Lemongrass ChickenLemongrass chicken stir-fried with onion, capsicums and…RM 25.50
Plum Sauce ChickenFull of “wok-hei”, tender chicken in special plum sauce…RM 26.90
Salted Egg PrawnSea prawns coated with salted egg and stir-fried with c…RM 35.90
Sweet & Sour ChickenTender battered chicken in a sweet and sour sauce with …RM 27.90


This category at Dolly Dim Sum is just for those who are looking for vegetable options or are vegetarian. Dolly Dim Sum Menu has something for everyone On the menu, whether you are a vegetarian or Non-vegetarian. These vegetarian options cost around RM 23.00 to RM 36.00

Vegetables Meal Menu At DOlly Dim SUm Malaysia
Sautéed Fine French BeansFine French Beans sautéed with dried shrimp and gingko …RM 25.90
Stir-Fried Broccoli with PrawnsFresh broccoli stir-fried with succulent prawnsRM 27.90
Stir-Fried Hong Kong Kai LanChinese leafy baby kale stir-fried with garlicRM 23.90


Desserts something sweet at Dolly Dim Sum Malaysia
Iced Sea Coconut SurpriseSea coconut, lychee, and longan served in an iced lemon …RM 9.50
Mango DelightChilled mango purée served with freshly cut mango cubes…RM 11.90
Sesame Mochi BallChewy mochi balls filled with finely ground peanutsRM 8.90
Snowskin Durian MochiDelicate snow-skin mochi balls filled with creamy premi…RM 13.90

Popular Selling items at Dolly Dim Sum

Dolly Dim Sum Offers a Diverse Variety of Lip-Smacking Meal Options. So, if You Throw a curveball And Staring At Menu, What to Order from diverse Dim Sum Options, Then I have Shared Some Of The Most Popular Options 5 Options that you should consider trying if you are Stuck. These Options are Sourced From the Official Source based on the Customers who Placed orders at Dolly Dim Sum.

  1. Egg Custard Bun
  2. Classic Siew Mai Dumpling
  3. Crystal Prawn Dumpling
  4. Baked Mini Egg Tart
  5. Roasted BBQ Bun and Dolly Mozza Roll

Alternatives Of Dolly Dim Sum Malaysia

If You are searching for Restaurants some other Options around Dolly Dim Sum, I have experience with some Of the alternatives around Dolly Dim Sum Restaurants. Consider visiting the following restaurant. All these are Chinese restaurants that offer mouth-watering Dim Sum Dish Options. It was a Bit Challenging, but I have Some options for you that you can visit.

My Review about Dolly Dim Sum Malaysia

Dolly Dim Sum Is One OF the Hidden Gems I have visited for the first time. So recently, while exploring Pavilion KL in Jalan Bukit Bintang, I discovered the vibrant atmosphere of Bukit Bintang. Suddenly, I decided to stop exploring to Fulfill my craving for Something Lip Smacking. Its Interior and Fragrance Grab the attention of All the locals and tourists.

I Entered The Restaurant and was surprised By its Modern Interior. So I get the table And Order Some options to satisfy My Craving. I ordered Dolly’s Fried Chicken Wings, Roasted BBQ Bun, and Mango Delight. I am Impressed by their Mouth-watering meal, and the Staff Is Kind and helpful, but if you are visiting during Busy Hours, you can Face long Queues to Order your meal. 

So arrive a bit earlier from Busy Hours to get The Proper And impressive Experience. I want to Rate this Hidden Gem 4.5/5 Stars.

Dolly Dim Sum Delivery

Suppose you want to order Your favorite Dim Sum dish Options. So, Dolly Dim Sum Malaysia Offers both Deliver And takeaway Options on orders. It’s Your Choice if you want to Drive to Dolly Dim Dum and pick up Your Meal Yourself. So simple: Place Your Order by Selecting Pickup Options before Ordering on the Dolly Dim Sum Official website.

Suppose you want to Order Your Meal At Your Door Step They also Offer Options below Pickup for delivery. They Are not Delivering through a third-party delivery Network. They have their Order-taking System and Delivery Service. So navigate to their Official website and Place your Order. Enjoy your Meal from the comfort of your couch.

Dolly Dim Sum Near Me Locations

Currently, Dolly Dim Sum is Serving at the Following Locations across Malaysia. If You are in the following areas, Then you can Find Your Nearest One Outlet to try Dolly Dim Sum melting mouth Dim Sum Meal Options.

  • Suria KLCC
  • NU Sentral
  • Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
  • Sunway Putra Mall
  • IOI City Mall
  • Sunway Pyramid
  • The Curve
  • KL East
  • Setia City
  • Aeon Shah Alam
  • East Coast Mall (Kuantan)
  • AEON Tebrau City (Johor Bahru)

Reach Out Dolly Dim Sum

If you have any Questions Related to reservations, Catering, or Halal Certifications. In that case, you can Clarify Your Doubts by Contacting Dolly Dim Sum on their official website or via social media DM. If you want to see the most Recent Updated About Dolly Dim sum, like Promotions and Deals, Follow them On their official social media Accounts. They Are Always Active and share new deals and Discounts.

Faqs About Dolly Dim Sum

Is Dolly Dim Sum Halal?

Dolly Dim Sum Malaysia Claims that they Are not officially Certified By Jakim, but They are Pork and Alcohol-Free and Also Source Meal From Halal Certified Suppliers.

Does Dolly Dim Sum Accept Reservations?

Yes, Dolly Dim Sum Accept Reservations. If you want to make a reservation, consider contacting your Nearest Outlet 

  • Suria KLCC 012 6787842 NU
  • Sentral 012 3018161
  • Pavilion 012 5787842
  • Sunway Putra 011 10405617 IOI
  • City 012 2642018
  • Sunway Pyramid 012 2018161
  • Curve 012 6477842
  • KL East 012 516 0897
  • Setia City 012 5163211
  • AEON Shah Alam 012 9654457
  • East Coast Mall 014 2282209
  • AEON Tebrau City 012 3456 359

Does Dolly Dim Sum Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, Absolutely; Dolly Dim Sum accepts payment through Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Some Local Mobile Wallets.

What Price Range of meals does Dolly Dim Sum Malaysia offer?

Dolly Dim Sum Malaysia Offers all the meal options at Reasonable Prices, Around RM 3.50 to RM 36.00.

What type of Restaurant Is Dolly Dim Sum?

Dolly Dim Sum Malaysia is a Chinese Restaurant that offers a variety of Chinese And Local meals.

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