Down To Bones Menu, Price and Review

Are you being BBQ Lover and Looking for a Destination That offers a Diverse Variety of meat options on its Menu?  Your Search ended here, down to Bones, a Destinations Known for Its Offering a Diverse Variety of Melting mouth Cuisine Ribs, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Pasta, Burgers, and Delectable Drinks Collections.

Down To Bones Is Not Just Know Because of its Unique Name but also Offers lip-smacking food and In outlet Unforgettable Experience with a Cozy Ambiance and top-notch quality Flavours and Taste Packed In every Bite. They gained Their Popularity Across Malaysia Just Because Of their Offering Premium Quality and Perfection In every Dish.

Down to Bones Menu Features a Diverse Variety of Melting in Mouth Cuisine to Satisfy Everyone’s Appetite. So, If You are Hunting for Down to Bones’s Latest Menu with Prices, Your Search ends here. I have Sorted latest Down to Bones Menu with Prices And also Shared My Experience in an Outlet at Down-to-Bones.

Let’s Start Our Journey to Culinary adventures. Reminder: I am not affiliated with any restaurant or cafe across Malaysia to Write Reviews for them. I am An Independent Individual who loves to explore and share my Experiences.

Complete Dawn to Bone Menu Malaysia

Lunch Set (Mon – Fri, 12pm-3.30pm)

Menu ItemsPrice List
Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti + 1 DrinkRM13.90
Aglio “Porky” Olio + 1 DrinkFrom RM15.90
Butter Sauce Spaghetti + 1 DrinkRM15.90
Sambal Bak Kwa SpaghettiRM15.90
Chicken v2.0 + 1 DrinkRM17.90
Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken + 1 DrinkRM17.90


Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Ultra RibsMarket-sourced two stick pork ribs in DTB sauce, sides platterRM34.00
Super RibsMarket-sourced two stick pork ribs coated in cheese glaze and Super Ring crumbles, sides platterRM34.00
Coriander RibsMarket-sourced two stick pork ribs in Thai inspired sweet and spicy sauce topped with coriander & lime, sides platterRM34.00
LambLamb shoulder with fresh mint sauce, sides platterRM45.00
Chicken V2.0Grilled herbed boneless chicken thigh with Malaysian butter sauce, sides platterRM26.00
Crispy Buttermilk Fried ChickenFried buttermilk-soaked boneless chicken thigh with french onion sauce & cheese sauce, sides platterRM26.00

Explore More At Prices Malaysia

Ever After Updated Menu With Prices Explore now


Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Aglio Olio *Spicy /w “baby” Ribs/Fried Pork (depending on availability)Spaghetti in sautéed garlic with “baby” ribs * spicyRM24.00
Aglio Olio *Non Spicy /w “baby” Ribs/Fried Pork (depending on availability)Spaghetti in sautéed garlic with “baby” ribs * non spicyRM24.00
Butter Sauce SpaghettiCreamy butter sauce with pork chunks & pork sausages * non spicyRM24.00
Creamy Mushroom SpaghettiFresh shiitake mushrooms with spaghetti & cream * non spicyRM24.00
Sambal Bak Kwa SpaghettiBak kwa sambal, grilled bak kwa & crispy papadum * spicyRM24.00

Nasi Lemak by Lemak

Menu ItemsPrice List
Nasi Lemak Ayam BerempahRM24.00
Nasi Lemak Crispy Buttermilk Fried ChickenRM24.00


Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Crispy Chicken BurgerWhole fried chicken thigh, brioche bun, honey coleslaw, fresh apple slices with side of friesRM26.00

D-laksa stands tall as one of Malaysia’s most iconic culinary gems, its regional variations a delightful testament to the nation’s deliciously diverse cultural tapestry.


Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Mushroom SoupFresh creamy mushroom soup with butter toast sliceRM13.00
Mash & DogMash potatoes with sausageRM14.00
Coleslaw3 scoops of fresh cabbage & carrots with mayonnaise dressingRM9.00
Toasted Bread x 21 slice of buttered toasted handmade breadRM4.50
Hot Wings6 pieces of fried chicken drummetes and wings coated with tangy “Kampung Koh” inspired hot sauceRM19.00
Spare Rib BitesSharing size trimmed crispy fried bone-in spareribs, Japanese mayo, lemon wedgeRM20.00
Soft Bone BitesCrispy fried pork soft bone, Wasabi mayoRM20.00
Super Ring Fried MushroomFried oyster mushrooms topped with powdered Super RingRM15.00
FriesComes with Fries Sauce and Wasabi MayoFrom RM15.00


Menu itemsPrice List
1 X Carlsberg (325ml)RM12.00
2 X Carlsberg (325ml)RM20.00
Bottled WaterRM3.00
Kopi IcedRM6.00
Kopi O IcedRM5.50
Teh IcedRM6.00
Teh O IcedRM5.50
Teh O LemonRM6.50
Cham IcedRM6.50
Hai Lam IcedRM6.50

Popular Selling items at Down To Bones Menu

Down To Bones offers a Diverse Variety of Delectable Ribs and a Lot More Variety of Melting-in-mouth Snacks to Satisfy an individual’s Hunger. Down to Bones is Not Just known for its Unique Name but Also Has a Diverse Menu. If You are Seeking their Most Popular or Hot Selling items, Your Search ends Here. I have Listed Some of the Most popular Selling items.

This List Is Sourced from Some of the Most Recent Orders Made by Customers At Down to Bones.

  1. Ultra Ribs
  2. Aglio Olio Spicy /w “baby” Ribs/Fried Pork

Alternatives of Down to Bones Malaysia

Are you in search of other Destinations across Malaysia Instead of Trying Down to Bones? I have Listed Some Sports that You can Explore. I visited This This Both Listed Spots and Sure About the Quality And cozy Ambiance.

Steakhouse specializes in Offering Broad an Array Of Melting in melting-mouthing steaks on their Menu. Nasi Kander Pelita specializes in Preparing a Diverse Variety of Melting-in-mouth Mouth Nasi Lemak.

Down To Bone Delivery

Down to Bones Offer Delivery Service Using Oddle And also use Third Party Delivery Network to Delivery Meal to Customer doorstep. So, if You are Home Back from Work and Feeling Tired and Don’t Want to go Out and Buy Food, I Recommend You Place Your Order from Down to Bone Using Foodpanda.

Just Wait for A Moment for Your Meal and they Will Delivery Fresh and Mouthwatering Meal Before it reaches room temperature.

My Review about Down to Bones

Down to Bones Is One of the Most Celebrated BBQ Spots for Offering a Variety of melting-mouth Cuisine: Ribs, Lamb, Chicken, and Pork. So, a week ago, I got Suggestions to Visit Down to Bone and Try Their Broad Array of Ribs. They only own a single outlet In Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

After realizing Down to Bones was quite far from my home, I booked a cab and arrived at the Down to Bones outlet in almost 20 to 25 minutes. In Outlet Down to Bones, the ambiance was Okay, with good Space to Walk in. I Ordered Coriander Ribs, Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti, Crispy Chicken Burger, Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah, and Bottled Water.

The meal was Perfectly Cooked, and They Flavours Were tightly packed, and every Bite was Like food from Heaven. I Really Appreciate their Service, and the Staff Manage Everything Nicely. I Highly Recommend You must try Their Coriander Ribs. They Deserve 4.6 stars out Of 5.0 Stars Of Rating overall.

Down to Bones Near Me Locations

NameDown To Bones @OUG
Address8, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Regular Hours12:00 PM – 3:30 PM, 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Phone+60 3-7972 0130

Reach Out Down to Bones

 Do you have Any Querry Regarding Down to Bones? Consider Visiting Contacting Them Through Their Official Social media Pages, Leave Your Querry in Massage, They Will Contact Your Back as Soon As they will Be Available.

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Faqs About Down to Bones

Is Down to Bones Halal Certified?

Unfortunately, Down to Bones is Not Halal Certified by Jakim Because they Serve Pork on Their Menu.

What Type of Meal Down to Bones offers on their Menu?

Down to Bones is Known for Offering a Diverse Variety of melting-mouth Meats, Burgers, Pastas, and Much more.

What Price of Meal Down to Bones Offers Their Menu?

Down To Bones Offers meals priced Between RM 3.00 To RM 45.00, Which Way is Reasonable. Anyone can Enjoy it without Getting Worried About breaking the Bank.

Do Down to Bones Offers Delivery Service?

Yes, Down to Bones Offers Delivery Service Using Third Party Delivery Networks Like Foodpanda.

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