Maria’s Steak cafe Menu and Price List

Maria’s Steak Café specializes in preparing a Diverse variety of Steaks like Standard Steaks, Beef and Lamb Steaks, and much more in Steaks. If You are a non-Vege and Looking for a variety of Steaks, Maria’s Steak Café can be like Heaven for Steak lovers.

Maria’s Steak is a Malaysian Homegrown Name that First opened in Greentown, Ipoh, Malaysia. In 1999 by Maria and Philip. The Household name Maria’s Steak wasn’t started as a steak Restaurant. But in the early days of business, they started by serving Pastries and Pies with Quality and fine Services. Marias’s Steak Gained Popularity in Ipoh and other areas.

Now, they are on everyone’s lips for offering a diverse variety of Steaks with a wide range of Drinks variety. To check out the latest Maria’s Steak café menu, scroll down. I have shared the latest menu with Prices and Newly added dishes and drinks. if you are visiting Maria’s Steak café to satisfy your Craving for steaks. Check the menu, and also let me know what you are going to Try on your next visit.

Maria’s Steak Café Menu and price List Malaysia

Maria's Steak Cafe Menu Malaysia Window View

Marias Steak café menu is sorted into the following categories.

Mediterranean Menu

Mediterranean Set Menu – Beef SelectionGrilled Beef Tenderloin (with saute vegetables & parsnip): -Excellent source of iron -Boosts immunity -Balances blood pressure -Lowers risk of kidney stonesRM 170.00
Mediterranean Set Menu – Non beef SelectionGrilled Salmon (with cous cous MedDiet Style): -Lower risk of cardiovascular disease, Dementia & Alzheimer -Decreases inflamation -Repairs damaged cellsRM 75.00
Mediterranean – Salad (Ala-carte)Apple & kale with greek yoghurt salad: -Lowers cholesterol & blood pressure -Prevents cancer -Promotes liver health -Powerful antioxidant Orange & spinach with poppy seed vinaigrette salad: -Maintain bone health -Boost immunity -Lowers cholesterol -Boost skin & hair healthRM 15.00
Mediterranean – Soup (Ala-carte)Pumpkin Soup: -Highly nutritious -Reduces risk of Chronic diseases -Boost immunity -Protects eyesight Minestrone Soup: -Great source of protein, fiber & iron -Boosts energy -Keeps the gut healthy -Boost immunityRM 10.00

Greatest Deals!!!

6 COOKED Aus Wagyu MB9 Rib Eye COMBOSizes between 220g-270gRM 1,350.00
6 [RAW] Aus Wagyu MB9 Rib Eye COMBOSizes between 220g-270gRM 1,125.00
4 COOKED Aus Wagyu MB9 Rib Eye COMBOSizes between 220g-270gRM 975.00
4 [RAW] Aus Wagyu MB9 Rib Eye COMBOSizes between 220g-270gRM 750.00
2 COOKED Aus Wagyu MB9 Rib Eye COMBOSizes between 220g-270gRM 525.00
2 [RAW] Aus Wagyu MB9 Rib Eye COMBOSizes between 220g-270gRM 450.00


Maria’s Steak Café Offers a diverse variety of options in Starter Dishes to let customers Start the Experience with some starters. A wide range of Starters Perfectly Complements the main cuisine and improves the taste of the Main steak options. Starters Traditional Salad, Smoked Salmon Salad, Apple and kale Yoghurt Salad, and Orange and Baby Spinach Salad are some of my Recommendations for you. If you are visiting, you must try the following options.

Maria’s Steak Café Prices are higher than others in my opinion the Price you pay they offer a lip-smacking meal which is worthwhile. Staters At Maria’s Steak Café lie between the Range of RM 8.00 to RM 62.00.

Maria's Steak Cafe Starters
Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Smoked Salmon SaladCapers, olives, tomatoes, served with balsamic vinaigretteRM 52.00
Orange & Baby Spinach SaladBaby spinach, cucumber, walnut, orange, cheddar cheese, pickled red onion, served with poppy seed vinaigretteRM 32.00
Fresh Oxtail w Garlic BreadMade with oxtail, served with garlic breadRM 32.00
Caesar Salad w Smoked SalmonSmoked salmon, croutons, walnuts, cheeseRM 29.00
Apple & Kale Yoghurt SaladDried cranberry, kale, red apple, walnut, pickled onion, served with Greek yoghurt & pure honeyRM 28.00
Spicy Mussels with Garlic BreadSpicy tomato base sauce, served with garlic breadRM 25.00
Oriental SaladAn Asian flavor, topped with mushroomsRM 15.00
Caesar SaladBeef bacon, croutons, walnuts, cheeseRM 15.00
Traditional SaladYour choice of thousand island or vinaigrette dressingRM 13.00
Soup of the DayRM 12.00
Fresh Pumpkin SoupMade with pumpkinRM 12.00
Fresh Onion SoupMade with onionRM 12.00
Fresh Mushroom SoupMade with mushroomRM 12.00
Garlic BreadFragrant crunchy garlic breadRM 8.00

Carl’s Jr. in Malaysia offers classic American fare like chargrilled burgers, crispy chicken sandwiches, and creamy shakes, catering to local tastes with options like the Portobello Mushroom Burger and Banana Pie featuring flavors popular in the region.


Sets offer a wider range of options in one plate. These options are a bit costly but offer a variety of meal options like Soups, black pepper chicken, honey Mustard Chicken, Drinks, and desserts. If you are planning to invite your friend or family and throw a party, then choose these options because the separate ordering of every item will be more expressive and will break the Bank. Sets are priced Around RM 348.00 to RM 79-0.00

Maria's Steak Cafe set Menu Malaysia
Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Maria’s Family Set Premium (4 Pax)V2RM 790.00
Maria’s Family Set Standard (4 Pax)2 x Mushroom Soup  2 x Pumpkin Soup 1 x Black Pepper Chicken 1 x Honey Mustard Chicken 2 x Grainfed Rib Eye (200g-220g) 4 x Moist Chocolate CakeRM 348.00

Standard Steaks

The standard Steak category is one of the most popular categories, While Maria’s Steak Café Menu offers 3 steak options in Weight Variation. Angus Grassfed Tenderloin is a recommended dish in this category. Standard categories offer 3 options, and 2 of them are about RM 100.00, Lying between RM 85.00 to RM 148.00.

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Angus Grassfed Tenderloin (180g-220g)Premium Angus grass-fed tenderloinRM 148.00
Aus Hereford Rib Eye (200-220g)Australian Hereford rib eye steakRM 126.00
Argentinian Grassfed Striploin (200g-220g)StoreHub Beep best sellerRM 85.00

Premium Steaks

Premium Steaks are also Another popular category that offers Far and wide options. Maria’s Steak Café offers a few expensive dishes, but they also offer the best quality, Freshness, surety, and Taste for the money we pay to buy Steaks. Premium Steak options are priced around RM 116.00 to RM 280.00.

Maria's Steak Cafe Steaks Malaysia
Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Wagyu A5 Miyazaki Rib EyeThree-time “Wagyu Olympics” champion, highest quality beef in Japan (Price/100g)RM 280.00
Aus Wagyu MB9 Rib EyeAustralian Wagyu MB9 Rib Eye (Price/100g)RM 170.00
Wagyu MB7 TenderloinWagyu MB7 Tenderloin (Price/100g)RM 155.00
Aus Wagyu MB7 Rib EyeAustralian Wagyu MB7 Rib Eye (Price/100g)RM 148.00
US Prime Angus Rib EyeUS Prime Angus Rib Eye (Price/100g)RM 116.00
Wagyu A5 Miyazaki StriploinThree-time “Wagyu Olympics” champion, highest quality beef in Japan (SOLD OUT)RM 280.00

Other Mains

In another main category, Maria’s Steak Café Covering all the bases and Tries to Satisfy everyone’s craving for a mouth-watering meal. Maria’s Steak Café offers diverse options, and there is something for everyone to Satisfy their Craving.

Maria's Steak Cafe Dine In Malaysia
Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Pan Fried Canadian SeabassPremium white cod, with sake sauceRM155.00
N.Z. Baby Cutlets3 pieces of cutlets, with mint sauceRM108.00
N.Z. Lamb LoinLamb striploin, with mint sauceRM85.00
N.Z. Roast LambServed with traditional brown sauce & sauté vegetablesRM60.00
Grilled Salmon FilletChilled, with tangerine sauceRM55.00
Fish & ChipsFresh local garoupaRM29.00
Pure Beef Burger & ChipsAustralian beef, slice cheese, tomato, gherkins, pineapple, oliveRM29.00
Chicken ParmigianaBread-crumbed & topped with tomato salsa sauce & cheeseRM28.00
Spaghetti Aglio Olio (Seafood)Tossed in seafood, olive oil, garlic, and chili flakesRM26.00
Spaghetti BologneseTomato meat sauce (beef or chicken)RM22.00
Black Pepper ChickenDeep-fried, topped with black pepper sauce, served with friesRM22.00
Honey Mustard Chicken (Grilled)Grilled, topped with honey mustard sauce, served with sauté vegetablesRM22.00
Spaghetti Aglio Olio (Vegetarian)Tossed in vegetable, olive oil, garlic, and chili flakesRM20.00
Spaghetti Aglio Olio (Plain)Tossed in olive oil, garlic, and chili flakesRM16.00

The aromatic smells of nasi lemak, rich curry laksa, and fluffy roti canai waft through the air at Dome Cafe, where hungry diners are tempted by tantalizing local specialties and sweet treats like creamy cendol.

Side Dishes

All side dishes on their menu Complement the main course, improve the taste, and offer every customer a Premium Experience with their meal. Steak Fries, Sauteed Vegetable, and Roast Potatoes are some recommendations for you. Maria’s Steak Café covers everyone, whether you are a  vegetarian or non-vegetarian. These Side wishes cost between RM 10.00 and RM 18.00.

Maria's Steak Cafe Menu Malaysia Sides
Menu ItemsPrice List
Sauteed VegetableRM18.00
Creamed SpinachRM16.00
Steak FriesRM15.00
Roast PotatoesRM15.00
Wild Rocket SaladRM13.00
Mashed PotatoRM10.00
Skin on FriesRM10.00
Crispy Onion StringsRM10.00


Maria's Steak Cafe Menu Malaysia Desserts
Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Carrot Walnut CakeMoist carrot mix with walnut cakeRM12.00
Banana Walnut CakeTasty banana walnut cakeRM12.00
Prune CakeDelicious prune cakeRM12.00
Moist Chocolate CakePicture for illustration purpose only. No ice-creamRM12.00

Hot Drinks

Menu ItemsPrice List
Hot ChocolateRM11.00
Flat WhiteRM11.00
Hot Honey LemonRM10.00
Hot TeaRM9.00
Hot Lemon TeaRM9.00
Espresso MacchiatoRM9.00

Ice Drinks

Menu ItemsPrice List
Passion Peach SparkerRM15.00
Passion MojitoRM15.00
Passion CoolerRM15.00
Green Apple MojitoRM15.00
Green Apple Lychee SparkerRM15.00
Ice Passion Peach TeaRM12.00
Ice Passion Lychee TeaRM12.00
Ice Green Apple Lychee TeaRM12.00
Ice CoffeeRM11.00
Ice ChocolateRM11.00
Ice CappuccinoRM11.00
Ice Café LatteRM11.00
Ice Honey LemonRM10.00
Honey SodaRM10.00
Fresh JuicesRM10.00
Ice Lemon TeaRM9.00
Coke ZeroRM7.00

Top of Form

Mineral Water

Menu ItemsDescriptionsPrice List
San PellegrinoSparklingRM14.00
Acqua PannaNatural mineral waterRM13.00

Red Wine Selections

Maria's Steak Cafe Menu Malaysia Drinks or beverages
Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Chateau PougetCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc (Bordeaux, France). A fresh crisp, medium-bodied wine with a plummy character & an emphasis on bright red fruits, earth & tobacco.RM485.00
Finca San Martin 1.5LTempranillo (Rioja, Spain). Full-bodied, very dry, and has flavors of raspberries, red currants, vanilla, caramel, and cocoa.RM420.00
Fusion VCabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot (Stellenbosch, South Africa). Full-bodied, very dry, and has flavors of dark fruits, spices, and fine oak, finishing with a sweet ending.RM400.00
Fleur de PedesclauxCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot (Pauillac, France). Medium-bodied, rich nose of berries with spice notes of cedar accompanied by soft tannins.RM320.00
The High NotePinot Noir (Central Otago, New Zealand). Medium-bodied, dry, and has flavors of blackberry, red summer fruits, fine oak, and silk tannins.RM305.00
Vina Alberdi ReservaTempranillo (La Rioja Alta, Spain). Medium-bodied, elegant notes of vanilla, toffee, coffee cream, cinnamon and hazelnuts accompanied by soft, sweet, rounded tannins and a pleasant final sensation.RM280.00
2 pi rCarignan, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah (Priorat, Spain). Full-bodied, dry, and has flavors of black raspberries, cherries, white flowers, and sweet tannins.RM270.00
Barossa PatchworkShiraz (Yalumba, South Australia). Full-bodied, dry, and has flavors of dark cherries, dried herbs, and dark chocolate.RM255.00
Finca San MartinTempranillo (Rioja, Spain). Full-bodied, very dry, and has flavors of raspberries, red currants, vanilla, caramel, and cocoa.RM220.00
J Bouchon ReservaMalbec (Maule Valley, Chile). Medium-bodied, intense black cherry aroma with hints of leather and snuff. Fruity with soft and nice tannins.RM198.00
Oxford LandingMerlot (South Eastern Australia). Medium-bodied, dry, and has flavors of plum, red berries, and hints of spices.RM170.00
Vineyard ReserveShiraz Cabernet (Maipo Valley, Chile). Medium-bodied, nose of black fruits, with mixed notes of spice and pepper. Well-structured taste with fruity aftertaste.RM155.00 (SOLD OUT)
Paso Del SolCabernet Sauvignon (Central Valley, Chile). Medium-bodied, dry, and has flavors of red fruits, hints of spices and balsamic.RM145.00 (SOLD OUT)


Menu ItemsQuantityPrices
Leffe Blond330mlRM28.00
Leffe Brune330mlRM28.00
Kronenbourg Blanc325mlRM24.00

Popular items at Maria’s Steak Café Menu

Maria's Steak Cafe Dine In Menu Malaysia

These are the Top 5 Popular and Best-selling items On Maria’s Steak Café menu in Malaysia. I recommend you check out these Popular options if you are planning to invite your family or friends for a treat on your achievements, birthdays, and events. Also, Share your Favorite options in the comments field.

  1. Fresh Mushroom Soup
  2. Garlic Bread
  3. Fresh Pumpkin Soup
  4. Argentinian Grassfed Striploin
  5. Spaghetti Bolognese
  6. Sauteed Vegetable

Alternatives of Maria’s Steak café Malaysia

If you want to try some alternatives of Maria’s Steak Café Malaysia. Below, I have listed 4 alternatives that you can consider. I have visited all those spots. Can you List these 4 options? These options are not by ranking. So, you can plan to visit any one of these restaurants.

  • The Steakhouse KL
  • Steaks & Lobsters Jogoya KL
  • Blackbyrd KL
  • The Beato SteakHouse

Contact Maria’s Steak Cafe

To ask Querry, I prefer you to message Them on social media because it is a faster way to connect them. Also, you can consider using Maria’s steak Café official website to contact Them.

Faqs about Maria’s Steak café

Is Maria’s Steak Café Halal Certified?

No, unfortunately, they are not Halal Certified Because of serving Pork and Drinks on their Menu.

What are the opening hours at Maria’s Steak Café?

Maria’s Steak Café Malaysia opens at noon and Close at 11:30 pm. Opening hours can be different on the event days. I am Sharing these opening Hours from my nearest outlet in Bangsar, so before visiting your Nearest Maria’s Steak Café Outlet Before Visit.

What Payment Method does Maria’s Steak Café in Malaysia?

They accept payments through Following Methods.

  1. Debit cards
  2. NFC mobile payments
  3. Credit cards

Does Maria’s Steak Café offer catering services?

Yes! They Offer catering services. You can book them For Events.