La Juiceria Menu & Price List

La Juiceria is one of the famous brands in Malaysia that came up with a mission to make Malaysians healthier and happier by serving healthy juice and meal options. La Juiceria is a homegrown Malaysian Brand founded in 2013 and is famous for offering a diverse variety of healthy drinks and Juices. Not just drinks and juice, la Juiceria also has diverse meal options.

La Juiceria Menu Malaysia offers diverse menu options, mouthwatering healthy drinks, juice, and melting-in-mouth Snack options. La Juiceria is a haven of food for food enthusiasts. It’s a Hot spot Among people of all ages. The la Juiceria menu will never disappoint you if you seek a healthy juice option. It offers healthy and delicious options without Bang for your buck:

In this article, I have shared all the information about la Juiceria menu, calories, price list locations, opening hours. So, Let’s start exploring the culinary food at La Juiceria menu Malaysia. Note All the Images Used Bellow Credit Goes to La Juiceria

La Juiceria Menu Malaysia

La Juiceria Latest Menu And Price LIst Malaysia

La Juiceria Diverse Menu Is sorted into the following categories.

World Health Day: Keto 20% OFF

ItemPrice (RM)
Keto Bowl (V)RM 24.90
Spicy Korean Caulirice Bowl (V)RM 24.90
Pesto Caulirice Bowl (V)RM 24.90
NEW Keto Nyonya Laksa Goreng TofuRM 19.90
Add on protein for Keto MenuRM 0.00

Keto Konjac Noodle

ItemPrice (RM)
NEW Keto Nyonya Laksa Goreng ChickenRM 23.90
NEW Keto Nyonya Laksa Goreng BeefRM 26.90
Spicy Korean KonjacRM 21.90
Keto Penang Mee MamakRM 21.90

Japanese Curry Poke Bowl

ItemStarting Price (RM)
NEW Japanese Curry Chicken Poke BowlFrom RM 24.90
NEW Japanese Curry Tofu Poke BowlFrom RM 22.90
NEW Japanese Curry Australian Beef Poke BowlFrom RM 27.90
NEW Japanese Curry Salmon Poke BowlFrom RM 28.90

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If you are looking for oats-based Meal Options. In that case, la Juiceria has got you covered by offering an array of options in the super OATSOME category, like Pink Flamango, OATSOME Bundle, Immunity Bundle, and OATSOME Choco, which are fully packed with vitamins and Nutrients. Oats-based options cost around RM 20.90 to RM 65.00.

ItemPrice (RM)
NEW OV03. Moonlit DreamRM 20.90
OV01. Pink FlamangoRM 20.90
OV2. OATSOME ChocoRM 20.90
OATSOME BundleRM 36.00
OATSOME Immunity BundleRM 65.00

Gift of Health: Juices, Immunity Booster & More

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice List
Immunity Pack Gift BoxFrom juice packs, immunity booster to jute bag. Sending gift of health to your loved ones.RM 60.00
Immunity PackImmunity PackRM 30.00
Juice Pack (6 bottles)Juice Pack (6 bottles)RM 70.00
Jute BagJute BagRM 25.00

Keto Low-Carb

Keto Carb is one of Malaysia’s most celebrated meals on the la Juiceria menu among Health-Conscious Individuals. La Juiceria has something for everyone by serving every taste, whether looking for healthy plant-based food, pasta, or wraps. They have everything on their diverse menu.

Keto Low Carb lies Between RM 21.90 and RM 24.90. The keto carb Category has friendly meals, so you can enjoy finger-licking healthy meals without breaking the bank.

Menu ItemsPrice List
KLC09. Spicy Korean KonjacRM 21.90
Keto Nasi LemakRM 21.90
Keto Fried Rice (V)RM 21.90
Keto Penang Mee MamakRM 21.90
Keto Curry LaksaRM 24.90

Caulirice Bowl

The Caulirice bowl is prepared with a combination of the following ingredients: cauliflower rice, fresh vegetables, and a choice of protein/ every bowl is crafted using Freshly Sourced ingredients, which give it perfection in taste and texture, and they Make sure that the whole meal in tightly packed with lip-smacking flavors. La Juiceria Caulirice Bowl will Surely Satisfy your hunger and leave you wanting more.

If you are seeking a food full of nutrition, health, and reasonably priced, then La Juiceria has something to what you are looking for. This category cost lies between RM 24.90 and RM 39/90.

Spicy Korean Cauliflower Rice Bowl (270 kcal)
Pesto Cauliflower Rice Bowl (V) (362 kcal)
Menu ItemsPrice List
Spicy Korean Cauliflower Rice BowlRM 24.90
Pesto Cauliflower Rice Bowl (V)RM 24.90
Keto Bowl (V)RM 24.90
Truffle Caulirice Bowl (V)RM 39.90

Vins restaurant has introduced a revamped menu featuring classic French dishes like coq au vin, bouillabaisse, and profiteroles prepared with fresh local ingredients.

Signature Salad

Signature Salads are among the most popular categories in the la Juiceria menu for Health-Conscious Individuals. All the salads are prepared daily using freshly sourced ingredients from local Sellers. La Juiceria Is Committed to promoting a Healthy and Happy lifestyle. Express in La Juiceria’s menu by featuring diverse options prepared by plants.

Signature Category costs between RM 22.90 and RM 23.90. So, Health Conscious is enjoying the salad without worrying about the Prices.

Kale Quinoa Chicken Salad
Caesar Salad
Menu ItemsPrice List
Kale Asada Mushroom SaladRM 22.90
Kale Quinoa Chicken SaladRM 23.90
Bangkok SaladRM 23.90
Caesar SaladRM 23.90
Lean & GreenRM 23.90

Farm to Table Salad

ItemPrice (RM)
Kale Mushroom Asada Salad (V)RM 23.90
Kale Quinoa Chicken SaladRM 24.90
Bangkok SaladRM 24.90
Caesar SaladRM 24.90
Lean & GreenRM 24.90

Super Poke Bowls

In addition to Signature Salad, Super Poke Bowls is a household name for offering healthy Meals to those seeking quick and nutritious food. Their bowls combine ingredients like avocado, salmon, mushroom, and much more, making them perfect in flavor and Texture.

Super poke bowls are finger-licking options to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds, and this category lies between RM 20.90 and RM 33.90.

Teriyaki Chicken Grain Bowl (676 kcal)
Teriyaki Tofu Poke Bowl (V) (473 kcal)
ItemStarting Price (RM)
Teriyaki Chicken Grain BowlFrom RM 23.90
Teriyaki Tofu Poke Bowl (V)From RM 21.90
Teriyaki Australian Beef Poke BowlFrom RM 26.90
Mushroom Asada Poke Bowl (V)From RM 24.90
Torched Salmon Poke BowlFrom RM 25.90
Tokyo BowlFrom RM 25.90
Tamagoyaki Avocado Mentaiko Poke BowlFrom RM 27.90
Salmon Avocado Mentaiko Poke BowlFrom RM 34.90

Warm Superbowls

This Category contains Some of the most popular and best-selling menu items like nasi lemak bowl. These options are Carefully Crafted to Serve different dietary preferences. For those looking for nutritious meals, La Juiceria is a destination where you can Satisfy your taste buds for a heavenly meal menu.

Protein Power Bowl 2.0 (V) (842 kcal)
Fried Rice Quinoa (V) (411kcal)
Fried Rice Quinoa (V)RM22.90
Super Nasi Lemak BowlFrom RM23.90
Buddha Bowl (V)From RM22.90

Build Your Salad

With a wide variety of Fresh and Organic ingredients, guests can make their salads by combining the Ingredients. They Can Craft unique tastes at the la Juiceria menu in Build Your Salad to satisfy their craving for healthy and delicious options that perfectly fit their taste and preference.

Build Your Salad category has three Size options: Petite, Medium, and Grand. So, a user can select its desired size to satisfy their appetite. This option Petite Costs Around RM 18.90, the Medium Costs RM 24.90, and the grand size price is around RM 28.90.


Immunity Booster

The Fresh Fruits and Vegetables blend prepares immunity boosters, which works as an immunity booster. Immunity Boosters are some options that come with Low Calories. If you Put your health first, La Juiceria is a place you must Consider. With calorie immunity, boosters also offer prices Light on the wallet, Around RM 6.00 to RM 9.99.

The Energizer (31.1kcal)
Reset Shot (29.7 kcal)
Turmeric JamuRM9.99
Ginger JamuRM9.99
The Energizer (31.1 kcal)RM6.00
Reset Shot (29.7 kcal)RM6.00
Detox Shot (23.1 kcal)RM6.00
The Defender (11 kcal)RM6.00
Green Booster (31 kcal)RM6.00
Vital Shot (11 kcal)RM6.00

Plant-Based Smoothie

La Juiceria offers a Wide Variety of plant-based menu options like detox green, Super Acai, and Much to Explore in the Plant-based category. This category lies between RM 10.90 and RM 17.90.

Acai Berry
Detox Green
Pink FlamingoFrom RM15.90
Golden TurmericFrom RM16.90
Detox GreenFrom RM15.90
Super AcaiFrom RM17.90
Acai BerryFrom RM15.90
Passionista MangoFrom RM14.90
Mangga MillionaireFrom RM14.90
Watermelon SlushFrom RM10.90
Dr ProteinFrom RM17.90
Maple Avocado SmoothieRM18.90

Cold-pressed Juices

Goodness Greens (69 kcal)
Orange Power (53 kcal)
Goodness Greens (69 kcal)RM13.99
Love W (116 kcal)RM13.99
Mint Lemonade (97 kcal)RM13.99
PAM (155 kcal)RM13.99
Cold-pressed Fruit Tea (160 kcal)RM13.99


Carbonara Mushroom Pasta (V) (890 kcal)
Truffle Carbonara Pasta (V)  (956kcal)
Pesto Pasta (V)RM24.00
Carbonara Mushroom Pasta (V) (890 kcal)RM24.00
Bolognese Chicken & Grilled VeggiesRM24.00


Pesto Tofu Wrap (V) (658kcal)
Mushroom Asada Avocado Wrap (V)
Nasi Lemak WrapRM27.90
Pulled Beef Avocado WrapRM27.90
BBQ Chicken Avocado WrapRM26.90
Bangkok WrapRM24.90
Caesar WrapRM24.90
Pesto Tofu Wrap (V)RM22.90
Mushroom Asada Avocado Wrap (V)RM26.90
Breakfast WrapFrom RM15.90
Kids – Bolognese Chicken PastaRM13.90
Kids – Carbonara PastaRM13.90

Kids Menu

La Juiceria has something for everyone, whether you are a kid. They have sorted a separate category for kids containing Healthy and energetic drinks. Kids meal contain Calories between 400 to 500 and Costs around RM 13.90.

Kids - Mac & Cheese (483 kcal)
Kids - Bolognese Chicken (432 kcal)
Menu ItemsKcalPrice List
Kids – Mac & Cheese483 kcalRM 13.90
Kids – Bolognese Chicken432 kcalRM 13.90
Kids – Carbonara452 kcalRM 13.90

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All Day Breakfast

To Start the day, La Juiceria has options full of Energy and nutrients that will keep you active all day. All-day breakfast contains options like avocado big breakfast, truffle Omelette, and avocado toast. These options will cost you between RM 14.50 to 32.90.

Truffle Omelette (689 kcal)
AL05. Big Breakfast (645kcal)
Menu ItemsKcalPrice List
Avocado Big Breakfast730 kcalRM 32.90
AL05. Big Breakfast645 kcalRM 27.90
Truffle Omelette689 kcalRM 27.90
Breakfast Wrap696 kcalRM 15.90
Avocado Toast395 kcalRM 14.50

WonderBrew Kombucha

WB03 Acai Berry Kombucha
WB01 Green Tea Kombucha
WB03 Acai Berry KombuchaRM12.90
WB01 Green Tea KombuchaRM10.90
WB02 Passionfruit Spearmint KombuchaRM10.90
WB04 Beet Root Basil KombuchaRM10.90

Plant-based coffee

Americano (6 kcal)
Latte (136 kcal)
Americano (6 kcal)From RM9.00
Espresso (6 kcal)From RM9.00
Latte (136 kcal)From RM12.00
Cappuccino (136 kcal)From RM12.00
Dirty Chai Latte (151 kcal)From RM16.50
Mocha (199 kcal)RM14.50

Caffeine Free Drinks

Turmeric LatteRM12.00
Premium Chai LatteRM14.00
HOT ChocolateRM12.50

Premium Artisan Tea

Ginger Green Tea (11 kcal)
Lemongrass Tea (13kcal)
Ginger Green Tea (11 kcal)RM12.00
Green Tea Sencha (2 kcal)RM8.00
Ginger Lemongrass Tea (13 kcal)RM12.00
Lemongrass Tea (13 kcal)RM8.00
Passion Fruit Peach TeaRM12.00
Peach Tea (2 kcal)RM8.00


Truffle Mushroom (210 kcal)
Menu ItemsPrice List
Truffle Mushroom (210 kcal)RM 16.90


SK01. Nachos with cheese dip (733kcal)
Menu itemsPrice List
SK01. Nachos with Cheese Dip (733 kcal)RM 14.00

Best Selling menu items at la Juiceria

La Juiceria is a celebrated spot for mouthwatering drinks and snacks, whether on a normal working day or a special occasion. I have picked some of the selling menu items at La Juiceria Malaysia.

  1. Truffle Carbonara Pasta
  2. Acai Bowl
  3. Green Tea Sencha
  4. Breakfast Wrap
  5. Fried Rice Quinoa

Alternatives of La Juiceria Malaysia

La Juiceria is an iconic place for its uniquely prepared juice that offers every guest a different experience at La Juiceria than other caffe in the market. But if you have tried all the delicious options on the La Juiceria menu here, here are some alternatives you should try after La Juiceria in Malaysia.

  • Juice Works
  • Eat Drink Heal
  • The Hive
  • Soulseeds
  • Loving Hut: 

La Juiceria drive in Order Locations and Contact details

La Juiceria Dive in order addreses

How to Orders from La Juiceria Malaysia

You cam Easily order from La Juiceria in Just 4 Steps

  • Login/ Create Account
  • Select pick up / Delivery
  • Make Payment
  • Enjoy your food

History of la Juiceria Malaysia

La Juiceria’ first cold Pressed juice was served in 2013 in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia, by Annabelle Co-Martinent. Annabelle Co-Martinent Migrant from Singapore to Kuala lumper with her husband. While living in KL, they discovered unique cold-pressed drinks and sold the first innovative, healthy, handcrafted drink. They devised a unique idea to serve plant-based drinks that can benefit Malaysians.

Contact La Juiceria Malaysia

To contact La Juiceria Malaysia, visit La Juiceria’s official website and find them on social media. You can also send an email to la Juiceria at info(AT) La Juiceria Help Line at. +603-9212 9750 .

FAQs la Juiceria Malaysia

How many la Juiceria in Malaysia?

According to resources, La Juiceria owns about 15 outlets in Malaysia.

Where to order from la Juiceria Malaysia?

You can order meals and drinks from la Juiceria using the official website and other delivery networks like GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Who is the founder of La Juiceria Malaysia?

Annabelle Co-Martinent founded la Juiceria Malaysia found la Juiceria in 2013.

What is the revenue of LA Juiceria?

La Juiceria SDN superfoods have a revenue of $7.1 Million.

Why is cold-pressed Juice better?

Cold pressed Juice preserves more vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables than other juice preparation methods. Cold pressed Typically doesn’t contain additional sugar, and serving freshly prepared juices also maximizes their nutritional value, as nutrients start degrading over time after juicing.

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