Vins Restaurant Menu and Price List

Let’s Satisfy Our Craving for Italian Cuisine prepared using locally produced ingredients in Malaysia. Back in time in July 2009, Vins Restaurant opened in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur. To Serve Malaysians an Italian Style Food Crafted Using Local Ingredients.

Vins Restaurant Specialized in Preparing a diverse variety of Italian Regions Cuisine for Delivery and Dine in Guests. With a wide range of lip-smacking cuisine, Vins Restaurant is one of the most celebrated destinations for those who are looking to satisfy their craving for Italian cuisine. It’s also a hot spot because it offers the best Quality meal in Light on-the-pocket Prices.

If you are looking for an Updated Vins Restaurant Menu Prices Malaysia. You are on the Right Spot. Whether you are looking for a delivery or dine-in menu, I have covered both menus below; let’s check out the Latest prices At Vin Restaurant.

Vin’s Restaurant dine in and delivery Menu Malaysia

Vins Restaurant Menu Is Sorted in the following categories listed below for the ease of customers to choose their favorite options.

Artisan Handmade Pizzas 48 Hour Fermentation


Menu ItemsPrice List
Porcini & Baby Portobello SoupRM 29.00
Roasted Pumpkin Soup (Vegan)RM 22.00
Fresh Feta & Avocado Salad (V)RM 38.00
Calabria Lamb MeatballsRM 42.00
Chili Beetroot Vegan Meatball (Vegan)RM 36.00
Artisanal Sausages with Thyme AioliRM 49.00
Veneto Crab CakeRM 42.00
Baby Mushrooms with Honey Lemon CashewsRM 33.00
Organic Tomato Crunch SaladRM 29.00


Artisan Handmade Pizzas 48 Hour Fermentation
Menu ItemsPrice List
Cremini & Porcini MushroomRM 43.00
Basil Mozzarella with Walnut Pesto (V)RM 44.00
Sicilian Smoked DuckRM 49.00
Paprika Lamb & Cumin MintRM 49.00
Garlic Chili Sea PrawnsRM 49.00
Truffle Angus PizzaRM 68.00
Hot Paprika Veg Mince Mushroom Onion PizzaRM 49.00
Sweet Onion and Basil Pizza (Vegan)RM 49.00

Sushi Zanmai diverse new menu features creative maki rolls, fresh nigiri sushi, and specialty dishes that highlight high-quality seafood and seasonings.

Handmade pasta

Artisan Handmade Pizzas 48 Hour Fermentation
Menu ItemsPrice List
Chili Chorizo with SpaghettiniRM 39.00
Basil Chicken Pecorino RomanoRM 41.00
Basil Pesto with Beetroot Crumble (Non-Vegan)RM 36.00
Duck Bacon Garlic PecorinoRM 48.00
Marlborough Mussel & Tawau PrawnRM 42.00
Salmon & Sweet Basil MascarponeRM 49.00
Vins Classic Aglio Olio (Vegetarian)RM 29.00
Prawn DiavolloRM 42.00

Nandos’ menu showcases peri-peri chicken alongside side dishes like coleslaw, corn, and chips, emphasizing fresh flavors and spices.

On the Grill

on the grill
Menu ItemsPrice List
Calabria Chili ChickenRM 42.00
Barramundi with Candied Walnut PestoRM 53.00
South Island Lamb Rack with Smoked RosemaryRM 82.00
Porcini Rubbed Ribeye with Creamy BurrataRM 138.00

The toast House Menu offers a wide variety of freshly baked artisanal toasts, salads, and coffee beverages made with quality ingredients.


Menu ItemsPrice List
Rosemary FriesRM 19.00
Parmesan Crusted Garlic BreadRM 26.00

Dine IN Menu at Vins Restaurant

Smalls (Cicchetti)

Menu ItemPrice List
Baby Mushrooms with Honey Lemon CashewsRM 33.00
Calamari & Kampung EggRM 34.00
Brandy Flamed Sea PrawnsRM 36.00
Calabria lamb MeatballsRM 42.00
Chili Beetroot Vegan MeatballsRM 36.00
Veneto Crab CakeRM 42.00
Artisanal Sausages with Thyme AioliRM 49.00

Pizza Hut Malaysia’s menu features their signature pan pizzas along with pasta, wings, desserts, and more, catering to local tastes with offerings like Nasi Lemak pizza.

To Finish (Dolce)

TO FINISH (DOLCE) at Vins Restaurant Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Satin Toffee Cake with Dulce de LecheRM 26.00
Vanilla Mascarpone & Salted Caramel PecanRM 33.00
Guanaja Warm Chocolate Cake with Sea SaltRM 32.00

Shawarma King’s diverse menu of chicken, beef or mixed shawarma wraps and platters offers hungry customers a delightful choice of Middle Eastern flavors.


Vins Restauant BEERVins Restaurant Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Guinness BtlRM 22.00
Carlsberg Half PintRM 17.00
Kronenbourg PintRM 34.00
Asahi Half PintRM 21.00
HH Kroonenberg PintRM 28.00
Kronenbourg 3 Pint PromoRM 95.00
Carlsberg 3 Pint PromoRM 70.00
Carlsberg PintRM 26.00
Carlsberg 10 Half Pint PromoRM 160.00
HH Asahi PintRM 26.00
HH Asahi Half PintRM 18.00
HH Carlsberg PintRM 22.00
HH Carlsberg Half PintRM 13.00
Asahi PintRM 32.00
Asahi 3 Pint PromoRM 90.00

House Specialties

Vins Restaurant Menu And Price List
Menu ItemsPrice List
Rhubarb Grape RossoRM 24.00
Il Capo MargaritaRM 42.00
The Basil GinRM 38.00
The SicilianRM 38.00
Apple Smoked RieslingRM 36.00
Orange Parfait Malbec RMRM 36.00
Vin’s Whiskey SourRM 40.00

Bubbly/Fortified Wine        

Menu ItemsPrice List
Piper Heidsieck Rose Sauvage, Champagne FranceRM 490.00
Dow’s L.B.V Port 2012 GLSRM 29.00


LIQUORS Menu At Vins Restaurant Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
CointreauRM 23.00
HendricksRM 36.00
Balvenie 12 YrsRM 38.00
Hennessy VSOPRM 36.00
JamesonRM 26.00
Citadelle GinRM 28.00
Auchentoshan 3 Wood VRM 35.00
BeefeaterRM 24.00
Tanqueray No 10RM 28.00
StolichnayaRM 24.00
Roku GinRM 28.00
Jose CuervoRM 24.00
Nikka FTBRM 38.00
Macallan 18 YrsRM 2,150.00
Tanqueray No 10RM 48.00
Ron Zacapa RumRM 34.00
BacardiRM 26.00
Lemon DropsRM 28.00
Lagavulin 16 YrsRM 38.00
Balvenie 12 YrsRM 590.00
Auchentoshan 3 WoodRM 560.00
JamesonRM 430.00
Lagavulin 16 YrsRM 560.00
StolichnayaRM 360.00
HendricksRM 480.00
Macallan 12 YrsRM 68.00
Macallan 12 YrsRM 560.00
JamesonRM 44.00
Nikka Taketsuru 21 Years BOTTLERM 4,900.00
Ballantine’s 30Y BTLRM 2,670.00
Patron TequilaRM 28.00
StolichnayaRM 40.00
Ron Zacapa RumRM 60.00
Roku GinRM 48.00
Patron TequilaRM 48.00
Lagavulin 16 YrsRM 68.00
Hennessy VSOPRM 64.00
HendricksRM 64.00
Citadelle GinRM 48.00
BeefeaterRM 40.00
Balvenie 12 YrsRM 68.00
BacardiRM 44.00
Auchentoshan 3 WoodRM 62.00
Ron Zacapa RumRM 600.00
Tanqueray 10RM 450.00
Citadelle GinRM 450.00
Roku GinRM 450.00
Patron TequilaRM 490.00
Nikka FTBRM 500.00
Hennessy VSOPRM 550.00
BeefeaterRM 398.00
BacardiRM 350.00
Nikka FTBRM 68.00
Jaeger Bombs VRM 20.00
Tequila ShotsRM 20.00

Vin’s Fresh Juice

Menu ItemsPrice List
Fresh Orange&AppleRM 22.00
Fresh AppleRM 18.00
Fresh OrangeRM 18.00
Fresh CarrotRM 18.00


Menu ItemsPrice List
Double EspressoRM 15.00
Latte/CappucinoRM 15.00

Ro Leaf Tea

Menu ItemsPrice List
Just JasmineRM 12.00
Purple LavenderRM 12.00
Peach Green TeaRM 12.00
Lemongrass & GingerRM 12.00
English BreakfastRM 12.00
Peach Green TeaRM 12.00

Liquid Chocolate

Menu ItemsPrice List
Indulgent IcedRM 18.00
Signature HotRM 16.00


Menu ItemsPrice List
Sole Italian Still Mineral WaterRM 18.00
Sole Italian Sparkling WaterRM 18.00

Premium Shakes

Menu ItemsPrice List
Toasted Almond ChocolateRM 24.00
Triple Berry MilkshakeRM 26.00

 Lis ting White wine

Menu ItemsPrice List
Evans & Tate Margaret River Classic Semillon Sauvignon BlancRM 196.00
Les Tannes Organic ChardonnayRM 175.00
Cranswick Lakefield ChardonnayRM 160.00
Saint Clair Marlborough Origin Sauvignon BlancRM 195.00
E.Guigal Cotes Du Rhone BlancRM 195.00
Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon BlancRM 220.00
Dr. Loosen Riesling QualitatsweinRM 192.00
Banfi Le Rime Toscana IGTRM 185.00
Chateau Beauregard Ducourt Entre Deux Mers BlancRM 195.00
Alois Lageder Riff Pinot Grigio VenezieRM 165.00
Saracco Vino Bianco Moscato d’AstiRM 185.00
Sacred Hill Whitecliff Marlborough Sauvignon BlancRM 185.00
Evans & Tate Metricup Road ChardonnayRM 215.00
Peter Lehmann Wildcard ChardonnayRM 170.00

Lis Ting Red Tea

Menu ItemsPrice LIst
Mas Des Tannes Classic Rouge OrganicRM 175.00
Mauro Molino Doc Dolcetto D’albaRM 185.00
Luis Felipe Edwards Reserva CarmenereRM 160.00
Errazuriz Estate Series Cabernet SauvignonRM 170.00
Saint Clair Marlborough Pinot NoirRM 210.00
Querciabella Camartina Toscana Rosso IGTRM 680.00
Torbreck Woodcutter’s ShirazRM 240.00
Villa Maria Private Bin Pinot NoirRM 250.00
Cafaggio Chianti Classico Reserva DOCGRM 240.00
Barone Ricasoli ChiantiRM 195.00
Barone Ricasoli Brolio Chianti Classico Reserva DOCGRM 305.00
Wirra Wirra Church BlockRM 205.00
Querciabella Chianti Classico DOCGRM 295.00
Evans & Tate Margaret River Classic ShirazRM 180.00
Casanova Di Neri Brunello Di MontalcinoRM 388.00
Cesari Merlot Della Venezie IGTRM 160.00
E. Guigal Cotes Du Rhone RougeRM 185.00
Pio Cesare Barbera D’albaRM 250.00
Sacred Hill Whitecliff Marlborough Pinot NoirRM 185.00
Pio Cesare Barolo DOCGRM 560.00
Pio Cesare Barbaresco DOCGRM 560.00
Peter Lehmann Wildcard Shiraz CabernetRM 175.00
Cesari Amarone della Valpolicella DOCRM 328.00
Banfi Col Di Sasso ToscanaRM 180.00

House Pouring Wine

Menu ItemsPrice List
Selbach Mosel Riesling QualitatsweinRM 36.00
House Pink MoscatoRM 26.00
Placido Pinot Grigio Delle VenezieRM 32.00
Redvale ChardonnayRM 28.00
Mussel Bay Sauvignon BlancRM 28.00
Mussel Bay Sauvignon BlancRM 130.00
Cranswick Lakefield Pink MoscatoRM 130.00
Placido Pinot Grigio Delle VenezieRM 148.00
Redvale ChardonnayRM 135.00
Selbach Mosel Riesling QualitatsweinRM 168.00

Home Pouring Red Wine

Menu ItemsPrice List
Redvale Shiraz GLSRM 28.00
Catena Zapata Alamos Malbec GLSRM 32.00
Tempus Two Silver Series Cabernet Sauvignon GLSRM 26.00
Placido Chianti DOCG GLSRM 32.00
Luis Felipe Edwards Pupilla Merlot GLSRM 26.00
Redvale Shiraz BTLRM 140.00
Luis Felipe Edwards Pupilla Merlot BTLRM 130.00
Catena Zapata Alamos Malbec BTLRM 155.00
Placido Chianti DOCG BTLRM 150.00
Tempus Two Silver Series Cabernet Sauvignon BTLRM 130.00

Best Selling top items at Vin Menu Malaysia

In This wide range of options, it is hard for anyone who is visiting for the first time, so I Want to Share some items that you can try. The last is just a suggestion. You can also choose anything perfect for you.

  1. Cremini & Porcini Mushroom 
  2. Porcini Rubbed Ribeye with Creamy Burrata
  3. South Island Lamb Rack with Smoked Rosemary
  4. Barramundi with Candied Walnut Pesto
  5. Calabria Chili Chicken
  6. Truffle Angus Pizza
  7. Sicilian Smoked Duck
  8. Basil Mozzarella with Walnut Pesto
  9. Paprika Lamb & Cumin Mint

Alternatives of Vin Restaurant Malaysia

Here are some considered alternative options you can try over Vin restaurant Malaysia.

My Review and Experience at Vin restaurant

I’ve been a regular customer at Vins for years now and keep coming back because of the consistently delicious food and great service. The cozy neighborhood vibe makes it one of my favorite spots in KL to grab dinner with friends or a nice date night.

On my most recent visit, I really enjoyed the smoked duck pizza, which had such unique and tasty flavors. The handmade pasta also stands out for its freshness and perfectly cooked al dente texture. The staff, especially the manager, is very friendly and accommodating as well.

I’d highly recommend Vins to anyone looking for a quality Italian meal with charm and warmth. This place never disappoints!

Contact Vins Restaurant Malaysia

Do you have a Querry about Vins Restaurant Malaysia or their food? Contact them on social media. Their social media team is active all the time and ready to give the best services, whether it’s delivery, dine-in or social media Services. Vins Official website

Faqs About Vin Restaurant

What are the most popular dishes at Vins Restaurant?

Some of the most popular dishes at Vin Restaurant include the 

  • Cremini & Porcini Mushroom Pizza 
  • the Basil Mozzarella with Walnut Pesto Pizza, 
  • the Sicilian Smoked Duck Pizza 
  • the Paprika Lamb & Cumin Mint Pizza
  • the Garlic Chili Sea Prawns Pizza
  • the Truffle Angus Pizza
  • the Calabria Chili Chicken
  • The barramundi with Candied Walnut Pesto
  • the South Island Lamb Rack with Smoked Rosemary
  • the Porcini Rubbed Ribeye with Creamy Burrata.

Does Vins Restaurant offer halal food?

Yes, they claim they offer 100% halal food on the Dine in Delivery menu.

How do you order food from Vins Restaurant Malaysia?

You have multiple options to use delivery service from Vins Restaurant, like Vin Restaurant’s official website, and other delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods.

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