Luck Bros Kopi menu and Price List

Are you A Tourist Visiting Malaysia For the First Time? Luck Bros Kopi has Grabbed Your attention while Passing from Petaling Street. I suggest you visit this talk of the town Small Café to Satisfy Your Appetite for Lip-Smacking Malaysia Local Food Like Nasi Lemak, Ayam Goreng, Curry Puff, and a lot more to Explore in Their Menu.

Luck Bros Kopi is a Malaysia-owned Café First Branded As Luckin Kopi, but recently, They rebranded their Café as Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia. They are famous and have made a good place in customer’s hearts for offering a diverse variety of lip-smacking local cuisine at affordable prices. Nasi Lemak and Mee Siam Ayam Goreng are some Of their Signature Dishes.

Luck Bros Kopi Offers a Diverse Variety of Menu options, and if You are searching For the Luck Bros Kopi Menu, I have shared the most up-to-date menu With the latest Prices below. So, if You are searching for Menu, your Search Ends up Here. Down Bellow, I have also shared My Experience at Luck Bos Kopi Malaysia.

Complete Luck Bros Kopi menu Malaysia

Luck Bros Best Hot Deals

If You keep your eyes on deals and Promotions, then This Category and This 2nd Category Are also For you. Both Categories offer a Variety of Dela, Like Lunch top Pick, which contains the main Meal, curry puff, and One drink. This all-deal costs Around RM 7.90 to RM 42.80, which is, In My Opinion, a Reasonable number for lip-smacking Cuisine.

Hot deals at Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia
Deal TypeItems IncludedPrice
Lunch Top Pick1 Main + 1 Curry Puff + 1 DrinkRM 22.80
High Tea Top Pick1 Curry Puff + 1 DrinkRM 8.38
Hot DealsLocal Cuisine For 2RM 45.37

BBQ Nights kl serves up mouthwatering barbecue dishes like juicy burgers, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and smokey chicken wings that will satisfy any meat lover’s cravings.

Best Best Gila

Deal TypeItems IncludedPrice
Hot Deals (BUY 2 FREE 1)Kopi / TehRM 10.50
Hot Deals (BUY 2 FREE 1)ABC/CendolRM 18.87

Best Sellers

If you are searching for best sellers at Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia, this category is For You to Satisfy Your Craving, you Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia Best Sellers. This option costs around RM 4.50 to RM 16.90

Chicken or best sellers Items
Nasi Lemak Panggong Ayam GorengRM 17.91
Signature Mee Siam Ayam GorengRM 17.91
Salted Egg Chicken Chop RiceRM 18.97
Luck Bros 3 In 1 (Kopi Teh Cham)RM 15.80
White Kopi Kaw KawRM 4.77
Hainan Kopi Kaw KawRM 4.77
Cendol (Cold Only)RM 9.43

Ala Carte

There is something for everyone. Whether you are searching for A la Carte, Deals, or Sets, everything is available. La carte Options contain Options Like Nasi Lemak, One of the most popular dishes Across Malaysia A La Carte; my Favorite options are Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken, Chicken Chop, and Fried Chicken With Waffle Fries. I also suggest You try the following options. 

These options cost around RM 9.90 to RM 23.90, which are light on the pocket, and anyone can enjoy them without worrying about a tight Budget.

Nasi Lemak Ayam Dagang, Salted Egg Chicken Chop, Kopi Kaw Kaw, Luck Bros White Kopi in A la Carte Luck Bros Kopi Menu Malaysia
Curry Puff (3pcs)RM 10.50
Curry Puff (Buy 6 Free 1)RM 20.99
Nasi Lemak Curry ChickenRM 17.91
Nasi Lemak Sambal PetaiRM 17.91
Nasi Lemak Sambal PrawnRM 20.99
Nasi Lemak Sambal SotongRM 20.99
Mi Sedap Ayam GorengRM 17.91
Sambal Kantan Chicken Chop RiceRM 25.33
Chicken ChopRM 21.10
Fried Chicken With Waffle FriesRM 22.15
Yee Mee (Dry)RM 17.91

The diverse McDonald’s Malaysia menu features classic burgers, chicken, fish, rice, wraps, desserts and more, catering to local tastes.


Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia Shareable
Curry Puff (Buy 6 Free 1)RM 20.99
Curry Puff (3pcs)RM 10.50
Curry Puff (1pc)RM 4.13
Penang Fruit RojakRM 11.50

Tea Garden Malaysia offers a wide variety of local favorites like nasi lemak, roti canai, and laksa, appealing to locals and tourists craving authentic Malaysian cuisine.

Toast Series

Toast Series at Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia
Traditional Bun SetRM 11.55
Traditional Toast SetRM 9.43
Half Boiled Egg (2pc)RM 3.71
Kaya Butter ToastRM 4.77
Apam Balik ToastRM 7.31
Kaya Butter Peanut BunRM 7.31
Apam Balik BunRM 7.31
Chocoluck BunRM 8.37
Banana Nutella ToastRM 10.50
Nutella & Peanut Butter Banana ToastRM 10.50

Signature Drinks

Signature drinks at Luck Bros Kopi
Kopi Kaw KawRM 4.77
Kopi C KawRM 4.77
Kopi O KawRM 4.24
Kopi Cincau Kaw Kaw (Cold Only)RM 8.48
Milo Kaw KawRM 6.89
Milo Dinasaur Kaw Kaw (Cold Only)RM 10.50


ABC (Cold Only)RM 9.43
Pandan Longan (Cold Only)RM 9.43
Roselle Rose Lychee Longan (Cold Only)RM 9.43
Blue Pea Longan (Cold Only)RM 9.43
Lemon TeaRM 7.31
Bandung Special (Cold Only)RM 9.43
SpriteRM 5.30
Coca ColaRM 5.30

Popular Selling items at Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia

Are You being a Tourist VisitinLuck Bros Kopi Malaysia For the First Time and are Confused About the Diverse variety of Dishes and Drinks on Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia’s Menu, then I suggest you start your Culinary experience At Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia. These Options are some of the most popular options on their Menu. So, If You are stuck and Don’t know where to start, the following Listed Options are my Top Recommendations for you.

These options are Based on the Recent Customer Order. So, the customer’s most loved items are listed below.

  1. Nasi Lemak Panggong Ayam Goreng
  2. Salted Egg Chicken Chop Rice
  3. Lunch Top Pick – 1 Main + 1 Curry Puff + 1 Drink
  4. Hot Deals (BUY 2 FREE 1) Kopi / Teh

Alternatives of Luck bros Kopi Malaysia

I have tried Some Other restaurants. If You Are Searching For More Meling in My Mouth while Visiting Malaysia. I recommend you try the following restaurant. You may like the following Spot for Asian Cuisine.

  • Papasan Canteen
  • Grandmama’s
  • Two Pesos

Where to Order From Luck Bros Kopi

Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia offers Multiple Options if You are searching For Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia. Like Oddle, beep It, and Foodpanda. I am Unsure if they accept Orders at Beepit or Oddle, But Foodpanda is a trusted delivery, Partner So I suggest you Order from Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia. Recently, I tried Luck Bros Kopi Delivery Service Through Foodpanda while I was, They Are Quite Fast and Deliver Warm Meal.

My Review about Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia

Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia In Outlet Image

So recently, I was craving local snacks and drinks like Nasi lemak. I have been trying this spot for Malaysia’s local cuisine for recent months. Recently Tired Them Twice While Going to Malacca and Coming Back from Malacca to Penang

So, I picked up my phone and ordered Using Foodpanda while in the Hotel, staying near Luck Bros Kopi. It took a Short Moment, And They Delivered My Meal In Just Around Half an Hour or Maybe Less than Half an Hour.

I also Visited Their Outlet, Petaling Street, Last Weekend while on a Road Tour From Penang to Malacca. Luck Bros Kopi is a Small Café On the side with a properly Designed Interior that will grab your attention for the First Time.

So, if you are confused about whether you should visit, I recommend You Visit This Place For a smacking meal. I had the Best Experience every time I visited, and I want to rate this place 5.0/5.0. They are the Best in the Area, and Their Prices are Also Reasonable.

Luck Bros Kopi Near Me Locations

Outlet NameAddressHours
LUCK BROS® Plus @ Puchong24, Jalan PPU 2A, Taman Perindustrian Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong, SelangorMon-Sun: 8am–1am
LUCK BROS® Kopi @ Kota Damansara2A-H, PUS TEKNOLOGI SUNSURIA JALAN TEKNOLOGI TAMAN SAINS SELANGOR 1, PJU 5, Kota Damansara, 47810 PJMon-Sun: 10am–10pm
LUCK BROS® Kopi @ Petaling Street14, Jalan Panggong, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah PersekutuanMon-Fri: 10am–12am<br> Fri-Sun: 9am–12am
LUCK BROS® Kopi @ KLIA2Unit No. 30,31 & 32 gateway@KLIA2, Terminal KLIA2, KLIA2 Departure HallMon-Sun: 5am–11pm

Reach Out Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia

For inquiries And Clarify Your Queries, you can contact them on their Official Website via Their Contact Us page Or Contact Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia Through Their Official social media Pages And Connect them VIA DM. Are You Interested in Getting the Latest Update about Deals And Promotions at Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia? Follow them On their Official Social Media Channels.

Faqs about Luck Bros Kopi

Is Luck Bros Kopi Halal?

Yes, Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia is Halal Certified By Jakim. For Further details, Visit the Malaysia Halal Portal and Check the details about Luck Bros Kopi.

Does Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia accept Payments through Credit Cards?

Yes, with Your ease, you can Pay Out At Luck Bros Malaysia Using Your Credit Card, Debit Card, and local Mobile wallet.

What Price Range of Food Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia Offer?

Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia offers all Food Prices ranging from RM 3.90 to RM 42.80

What type of restaurant Is Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia?

Luck Bros Kopi Malaysia is a Café That offers a Diverse variety of Malaysian local cuisines and a Wide Range of Drinks.

Does Luck Bros Kopi Accept Reservation?

Yes, Luck Bros Kopi Accept Reservation IF You want to Make Reservations, Contact Them At 01129891196

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