Dome Café Menu and Price List

Are you Seeking a Café that offers a Variety of Coffee like Espreski, Affogato, cappuccino, and latte? I am Back with a Café which You Are looking for. Patria Jeffries and Phil May, founders of Dome Café, First, started serving hearty drinks and coffee in Perth, Australia, in 1993. Dome Café First Opened its Doors in the Malaysian Café Market in 1995 in Kuala Lumpers.

In Years, They Opened Many Outlets in Most Crowded Areas like shopping malls and airports. Today, Dome Café owns more than 18 Outlets Across Malaysia. Dome Café specializes in preparing a diverse variety of top-class and heavenly drinks. About a decade ago, when I was in Kuala Lumpur for studies. In 2015, I first tried Dome Café  Heartly Drinks.

After That Experience, Dome Café Made a place in my Mind for Nice Drinks and Lip-Smacking Food. Now, whenever I visit Kuala Lumpur on the weekend or for work tasks, I always make my breakfast at Dome Café. Recently, I was in Kuala Lumpur with my Siblings to Spend My Weekend and Explore New Spots in Subang Jaya.

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Penang on Friday night as I planned. The first thing was to have breakfast with my siblings at Dome Café. There, I ordered Eggs on Toast, Pancake Stack, Garlic Bread, and Caramel Nut Crunch. The Egg Was Nicely cooked, and the bread was Properly Toasted. The Whole Breakfast offers a Decent Taste.

Dome Café’s interior is cozy and offers fine dining; sitting is comfortable. Staff Treat Everyone nicely and help. Service is Fast, They Served my order in a moment. This Café Deserves 5 Star Rating. If you have made up your Mind to visit Dome and Planning, I have shared the Latest Dome Café Menu Malaysia Bellow. Here, you decide what you will try first or what to try if you are visiting for the first time.

Dome Café Menu and Price List Malaysia

Dome Café Outlet Malaysia

All Day Breakfast

Dome Café Is Always Ready to Serve You your Favorite Dish At any time, Whether it’s Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In the All Day Breakfast Category, Dome Café offers Meal options like egg and toast. Start your day with a healthy and Protein Meal. That will Keep You energetic till the Eleventh hour. In Breakfast

You should try Egg and Toast, Eggs Hollandaise Smoked Salmon, or Big Breakfast. All Day Breakfast Will Cost You Around RM 18.00 To RM 38.00.

Dome Café Menu Break Fast Malaysia
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Big BreakfastChoice of eggs with grilled beef rasher or chicken pastrami, baked beans, mushrooms, chipolata, tater tots, grilled tomatoes with mixed grain toastfrom RM38.00
Eggs on ToastChoice of eggs, served with 2 slices of mixed grain toast and butterfrom RM18.00
Sausages and Egg on ToastChoice of eggs and chipolata served with 2 slices of mixed grain toast and butterfrom RM26.00
Croissant with Fine PreservesLightly toasted, buttery croissant served with butter and raspberry preserve for a hint of sweetnessfrom RM16.00
Omelette Eggs on ToastHearty omelette, served with slices of mixed grain toast, butter and side saladfrom RM28.00

Sandwiches and Wraps

The Sandwiches Category offers a Wide Range of Lip-Smacking sandwich options. All menu options at Dome Café are prepared and fresh using fresh-sourced ingredients. In the Sandwiches Category, Roasted Beef and Chicken Caesar are my favorites, and I also Recommend You Try these Options. Sandwiches Category Costs Between RM 30.00 to RM 36.00.

This Price Range Is a bit Expensive, but when I look at the taste Of Sandwiches. The taste Is Really delicious. I also recommend that we get the same experience at a lower price from Other Restaurants.

Dome Café Sandwiches
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Roasted BeefA truly scrumptious roasted beef sandwich with cheese, tomatoes, gherkin on toasted sourdough bread to perfection served with fresh salad base and tomato chutneyfrom RM37.00
Chicken CaesarPesto chicken with beef bacon bits or chicken pastrami, cos lettuce, parmesan cheese drizzled with caesar dressing served with wedges and tomato chutney. Chicken option availablefrom RM35.00
Chicken Cheese AvocadoHeart and filling with pesto chicken, romaine lettuce, avocado, cheese and sweet chili mayonnaise served with a side of wedges and tomato chutneyfrom RM37.00
Vegetarian SandwichGrilled eggplant, zucchini and red capsicum with feta cheese, lettuce and basil pesto in a soft flat bread serve with tomato chutney and wedges. Vegetarian friendlyfrom RM30.50
Club SandwichPesto chicken, spinach, crispy beef rasher, fresh tomato, mustard mayonnaise and tomato chutney between toasted toast and served with fries. Chicken option availablefrom RM38.00

Salad & Soups

On Dome Café’s menu, you can enjoy a diverse variety of salads and soups. In soup, wild mushroom soup and Caesar salad smoked salmon are my favorite options. I also recommend dishes in this category. This Category Priced Between RM 24.50 to RM 34.00

Dome Café Salads and Soups Menu and Price List Malaysia
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Minestrone SoupTraditional chunky minestrone soup topped with pesto. Served with fresh garlic toast, this is a hearty meal. Vegetarian friendlyfrom RM24.50
Dome SaladDome’s special salad of lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, garlic bread and lemon dressing. Light and delicious. Vegetarian friendlyfrom RM29.50
Wild Mushroom SoupRecommended. Rich and creamy, filled with mushrooms and topped with croutons. Served with fresh garlic toastfrom RM26.00
Caesar SaladDome’s special caesar salad, choice of beef rasher or chicken pastrami with shaved parmesan, cos lettuce, croutons and classic caesar dressingfrom RM29.50
Smoked Salmon Caesar SaladDome’s special caesar salad smoked salmon with shaved parmesan, cos lettuce, croutons and classic caesar dressingfrom RM37.00

Hot Kitchen

Hot Kitchen is one of the most celebrated Categories in the Dome Café Menu. This category offers meal options like roasted chicken with mushroom sauce, Fisherman’s Platter, Catch of The Day, salmon steak, and Much-to-give Treats to your taste buds.

In the Hot Kitchen Category, Salmon Steak, Fish and chips, Red Fish, Fisherman’s Platter, and  Crispy Chicken Burger are my Favorite Options. The Whole Menu is Bit Expensive. Hot Kitchen Category Will Costs You Between RM 35.00 To RM 80.00

Dome Café Menu Hot Kitchen
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Crispy Chicken BurgerCrispy friend chicken served in a toasted fluffy bun with gherkins, fresh tomatoes, cheese, crisp onions and aioli garlic saucefrom RM35.00
Dome Special Mee CurryCurry mee with spicy flavour and rich taste of the gravy. Served with fish cake, boiled egg, shredded chicken, long beans, bean sprouts, tofu puffs and garnished with sliced chili, fried shallots and corianderfrom RM30.00
Char Kuey TeowChargrilled kuey teow with sauteed shrimp, fish cake and bean sprouts. Garnished with sliced chili, coriander and fried shallotsfrom RM30.00
Roasted Chicken with Mushroom SauceTender roasted chicken marinated with herbs and spices, served with mushroom gravy, fries and fresh garden saladfrom RM37.00
Fisherman’s PlatterA seafood medley of lightly battered prawns, salt and pepper squid and crispy fish bites. Served with tangy tartar saucefrom RM50.00
Fish N Chips Red FishRecommended. Dome’s lightly battered golden deep-fried fish served with fresh garden salad, fries and tartar saucefrom RM45.00
Salmon SteakGrilled Norwegian salmon fillet with a choice of boiled potatoes or buttered basmati rice. Served together fresh garden salad and a choice of creamy Joinville sauce or teriyaki saucefrom RM56.00
Catch of The DayDelicious grilled fish marinated with cajun spices, cumin and lemon juice. Served with sauteed vegetables, buttered basmati rice and creamy Joinville saucefrom RM47.00

Dome Set Meals

In Dome Set Meals, You can get a Variety of meals on one plate. If you want to try many tastes in one plate, then Dome Set meals like chicken pie takeaway version & 1 drink choice of hot latte, iced lemon tea or coke, or 1 spicy olio pasta choice of chicken vegetable, chicken or beef & 1 drink choice of iced lemon tea or coke. Meal Set Category Prices Range Between RM 25.00 to RM 47.00.

Menu ItemsPrice LIst
Take Away Chicken Pie SetRM 40.00
Carbonara Pasta SetRM 45.00
Pasta Spicy Olio (All Types) SetRM 45.00
Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Sauce SetRM 47.00
Chicken Hot Dog & MilkshakeRM 25.00


The Rice Category offers Malaysia’s Most Popular Dish, Nasi Lemak. These options are prepared fresh to Maintain the Quality and Taste of the Dish. In the Rice Category, Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Rempah is close to my heart because of its Melting Mouth Taste. Rice Category Costs RM 31.50.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng RempahRM 31.50
Nasi Lemak Beef RendangRM 31.50
Nasi Lemak Chicken RendangRM 31.50

Pizza & Pasta

Dome Café is like heaven for Pizza and pasta Lovers by offering a diverse variety of options. If you love to eat pasta, then the Dome Café pasta Category is just for you to fulfill your appetite. In the Pizza and pasta category, I recommend Carbonara, Vegetarian Spicy Olio, Pesto Chicken, and Cajun Chicken Pizza. If you have your favorite and want to recommend it to others, do comment down below.

Dome Café Crispy Pizza
Menu ItemsPrice List
CarbonaraRM 37.00
Spicy OlioRM 37.00
Vegetarian Spicy OlioRM 32.00
Creamy SeafoodRM 41.50
Beef Bolognese PastaRM 37.00
Beef LasagneRM 34.50
Spicy Chicken Mushroom Pasta SpaghettiRM 38.00
Pesto Vegetarian PastaRM 33.00
Pesto ChickenRM 37.00
Margherita PizzaRM 39.00
Cajun Chicken PizzaRM 39.00
The Tuscan PizzaRM 39.00
Chicken Pastrami & Pineapple PizzaRM 39.00

K-pop Special

Menu ItemsPrice LIst
K-pop Crispy Chicken GangjeongRM 21.00
K-pop Crispy Chicken Hot SauceRM 21.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Garlic BreadSliced soft toast smothered in garlic and herb butter, toasted until golden brownfrom RM15.50
Crunchy FriesGolden crunchy friesfrom RM17.00
Potato WedgesSpiced potato wedgesfrom RM19.00
Keropok LekorLocal favourite of deep-fried fish batter snack served with Thai chili saucefrom RM18.50


ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
Caramel Macadamia CheesecakeRich cream cheese mixture on a biscuit base, topped with macadamia nuts and caramel saucefrom RM19.00
Imperial Chocolate CakeRich chocolate mousse cake over a chocolate sponge, topped with chocolate ganache and decorated with chocolate curlsfrom RM20.00
Burnt CheesecakeCreamy cheese cake with beautiful burnt exteriorfrom RM22.00
TiramisuEspresso-flavoured sponge cake layered with a creamy mascarpone cheese filling, topped with candied sugar and nutsfrom RM20.00
Carrot CakeDome’s classic all time sweet and moist carrot cake with pineapples, walnuts and cinnamon topped with cream cheese icing, mixed nuts and coconut flakesfrom RM19.00
Banana Chocolate CakeMoist chocolate cake layered with sliced bananas and topped with chocolate glazefrom RM19.00
Lotus Biscoff CheesecakeCreamy cheese cake with biscoff base, topped with caramel biscoff and biscuit crumblesfrom RM20.00
Chocolate Fudge CakeChocolate fudge cake topped with rich luscious chocolatefrom RM19.00
Strawberry CheesecakeCreamy cheesecake with biscuit base, topped with strawberry jam and fresh berriesfrom RM24.00
Pandan Gula Melaka CakeOriginal taste of soft and fluffy pandan cake made from fresh pandan juice, frosted with pandan cream. Wrap with coconut flaked around all the cakefrom RM19.00
Chocolate BrownieBrownies made with sumptuous dark chocolatefrom RM18.00

Hot & Iced (Beverages)

ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
LatteA single shot of espresso infusion topped up with gently steamed milkfrom RM17.00
CappuccinoA single shot of espresso infusion topped up with gently steamed milk and dusted with chocolatefrom RM16.50
Long BlackDome’s signature blend coffee using double shotsfrom RM13.50
MochaA single shot of espresso infusion plus a shot of Dome drinking chocolate. Topped up with gently steamed milk and a light dust of chocolatefrom RM18.50
Flat WhiteA single shot of espresso infusion topped up with gently steamed milk. Served hotfrom RM15.50
ChocolateDelicious hot chocolate using premium ingredientsfrom RM17.00
MacchiatoA single or double shot of espresso infusion topped up with gently steamed milk. Served hotfrom RM14.00
EspressoA single or double shot of espresso. Served hotfrom RM12.00
MilkChoice of fresh milk, low fat milk or oat milkfrom RM12.50

Fine Water

Menu ItemsPrice List
EvianRM 15.00
San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral WaterRM 19.00


Menu ItemsPrice List
Honeycomb Gold RushRM 29.50
Caramel Nut CrunchRM 29.50
Choc-A-BlockRM 29.50
Coffee TwisterRM 29.50


Menu ItemsPrice List
Strawberry ShakeRM 21.00
Chocolate ShakeRM 18.50
Vanilla Milk ShakeRM 18.50
Coconut MilkshakeRM 19.00

Smooth Fruits

Menu ItemsPrice List
Berry BlissRM 24.00
Mango FandangoRM 23.00
Banana BurstRM 23.00


Menu ItemsPrice List
Matte BlackRM 140.00
Sticky MugRM 100.00
My FavouriteRM 100.00
LED FlaskRM 120.00
Classic FlaskRM 120.00
Gold MugRM 70.00
Poopai ShipRM 140.00
Stainless Steel ShipRM 130.00
Rubberized TumblerRM 80.00

Menu Images Dome Café Menu

Best Selling Items in Dome Café Menu

If you are at Dome café for the first time and are thinking about what to try on your first visit, these are all-dome menu items. Many Dome Café Fans love Shared Bellow, and I am sure that these options are enough to make Dome Café Your favorite Spot for hanging out with Family and Friends.

  • Carbonara Pasta
  • Chicken Cheese Avocado
  • Big Breakfast
  • Creamy Seafood Pasta
  • Imperial Chocolate Cake
  • Wild Mushroom Soup

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Contact Dome Café Malaysia

Visit the Dome Café’s official website to write them a message or ask them your question on Dome Cafe’s official social media handles. If You want to Stay Updated about the recent Deals and promotions, follow Dome Café On Social Media.

Faqs About Dome café Malaysia

Who is the founder of Dome Café?

Patria Jeffries and Phil May are the founders of Dome Café. After a Couple of Years, in 1995, the Muslim Group First Opened a Dome café Outlet in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia.

What is the Price range at Dome café Malaysia?

Dome Café offers drinks and meals in a Price Range of RM 8.00 To RM 165.00.

Is Dome café halal Certified?

Yes, Dome café offers halal food and Certified Halal.

Where to Order from Dome Café?

To Order from Dome Café, You Can Use the Food Delivery Network App Foodpanda. Using food delivery Service, you can get Your Meal At your doorstep and Enjoy it From the Comfort of the Couch.

The name’s Vincent lim, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m absolutely mad about Malaysian food. Like, legit obsessed. Some people dream about tropical beaches or partying all night – I fantasize about stuffing my face with the most mind-blowing dishes this country has to offer. Pretty weird huh? But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

See, I’m a true blue Malaysian foodie, born and raised. While most kids had posters of celebrities or athletes on their walls, I was pinning up pictures of sizzling satay and kaya toast. My friends would beg their parents for the latest video games or toys – I just wanted them to take me to try nasi kerabu or laksa Sarawak. You could say I was wired differently right from the start.