Nene Chicken Menu & Price List

Are you a fan of fried chicken? Nene Chicken has a specialty in offering mouthwatering fried chicken since 1999. Because of its budget-friendly rates and delicious menu items, in a few decades, Nene chicken gained popularity and became on everyone’s lips for its delicious Korean-style Fried chicken.

Are you craving something spicy or cheesy? There is something that satisfies every taste bud. It offers a wide range of delicious Korean-style cuisine. It is categorized into a few categories: Original, Spicy, Snowing Vegetable, Freaking Hot, Bulgogi, Hot Topokki, Snowing Cheese, and Mala.

This article will explore the latest Nene chicken menu, items, and prices. Let’s check out the menu and price list below.

Nene chicken menu and price list

Malaysians love Nene chicken because of its Korean-style cuisine, food presentation, and texture. They offer a wide range of Finger-licking variations of Korean fried chicken.

popular Nene chicken menu items

Nene chicken Popular menu Items in nene chicken menu image
Menu ItemsPrice List
2pcs DrumstickRM 13.30
5pcs DrumstickRM 32.30
6pcs Wingette & DrumetteRM 15.90
12pcs Wingette & DrumetteRM 30.90
Golden FingersRM 9.90
Spring ChickenRM 32.90
Chicken PopsRM 11.50
Cheesy Corn ChickenRM 23.90

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Nene Burgers

NENE-CHICKEN-Bruger menu image- malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
OriginalRM 15.90
Bulgogi SauceRM 17.90
Freaking Hot SauceRM 17.90
Red Mayo SauceRM 18.90

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NENE CHICKEN A3 MENU 1 2 1 scaled
Menu ItemsPrice List
Rice w/ Drumstick 2pcsRM 19.90
Rice w/ Drumette 2pcsRM 13.90
Bibimbap w/ Fried ChickenRM 22.90
Kimchi Fried RiceRM 25.90
Volcano Kimchi Fried RiceRM 25.90
Bibimbap w/ Beef SlicesRM 23.90
Sizzling Black Pepper Beef w/ Steamed RiceRM 22.90

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Menu ItemsPrice List
Dry Swicy RameonRM 20.90
JapchaeRM 20.90
Soup Kimchi RameonRM 22.90
Spicy Rameon w/ Beef SlicesRM 23.90

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Local delights

Menu ItemsPrice List
Nasi LemakRM 13.90
PorridgeRM 9.90
Seaweed bap (Steamed Rice)RM 3.00


Menu ItemsPrice List
Corn SausageRM 9.90
Tor-Ne-Do FriesRM 8.90
Sweet Potato FriesRM 12.90
Tor-Ne-Do Fries w/ SaucesRM 8.90
Tor-Ne-Do Fries w/ Bulgogi Beef & MayoRM 12.90

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Add Ons

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
bulgogiMild levelRM 1.80
Swinging SwicyMedium level
Freaking hotHot level
Double freaking hot

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Menu ItemsPrice List
Coca ColaRM 4.50
SpriteRM 4.50
Fanta GrapeRM 4.50
Heaven & Earth Lemon TeaRM 4.50
LemonadeRM 5.50
Mango PeachRM 5.50
MiloRM 5.90
Dasani Drinking WaterRM 3.90
CappuccinoRM 7.50
Jasmine Green TeaRM 6.50

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Best selling items at nene chicken Malaysia

Here are the best-selling items at nene chicken Malaysia loved by every nene chicken fan of Malaysia.

  • Signature Fried Chicken
  • Swicy Fried Chicken
  • Snowing Cheese Fried Chicken
  • Bulgogi Fried Chicken
  • Nene Burger

Alternatives of nene chicken Malaysia

Here is best alternative of nene chicken Malaysia

  • Kyochon
  • Texas Chicken
  • KFC Malaysia
  • Marrybrown
  • Chicken Up

Opening hours at Nene Chicken

Opening HoursClosing Hours
10:00 AM10:00 PM

History of nene chicken

How is The Food In Nene Chicken in Malaysia branch

Nene Chicken is a Korean fast-food chain. Nene is a Korean word meaning “yes”. It has been serving delicious fried chicken since 1999. They gained popularity in Malaysia because of their delicious Korean-style cuisine. It owns about 1000 outlets across the globe and five in Malaysia.

According to the latest data, Nene Chicken Owns Outlets in the following countries: Canada, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Japan. They are still planning to upscale their business all over the world.

Contact nene chicken Malaysia

Also, follow Nene Chicken to get up to date. For more information, check out their social media handles, nene chicken official website, and hotline number. Phone: +603 6262 9198


Yes, Nene Chicken Malaysia is pork and alcohol-free and is halal-certified.

Yes, Nene Chicken Malaysia offers catering services. For your information, you should contact Nene Chicken Malaysia.

Suppose you are not happy with the Nene chicken dining experience. You can share your feedback with them about your experience.

Currently, Hyein is the owner of Nene Chicken.

Nene Chicken owns About 5 outlets in Malaysia, and 2 are in Kuala Lumpur.

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