Plan B menu and price list Malaysia

Let’s Treat yourself with an irresistible Western meal with unique names and creative combos. Plan B is a paradise of Unique, creative Western cuisine like burgers, sandwiches, salad, and pasta. Whether you are craving pasta, a sandwich, or a burger, the Plan B menu has something to satisfy your hunger.

Plan B is Like a beacon for food enthusiasts because of its diverse menu with innovative and artistic cuisine presentation that will impress you. Because of its innovative menu items name and creative presentation, it will surprise you and leave you wanting more and more.

So, Let’s go to Plan B to satisfy your taste buds before letting me share the latest menu items and price list at Plan B Menu Malaysia.

Plan B Menu and Price List

Plan B Menu and latest Price List Malaysia

The plan b menu is arranged in the following categories for easy meal ordering.

Soup & Salad

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Salad is one of the most popular options in the category and one of my favorites regarding Soups and salads at Plan B Malaysia. Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Salad costs around RM 28. Here, you can satisfy your craving without worrying about the budget because, in this category, the most expensive items cost about RM 35.

Soup & Salad category at Plan B menu Malaysia
ItemPrice (RM)
Bangkok BonanzaRM 36.00
Creamy Tomato SoupRM 28.00
Hail CaesarRM 28.00
Plan B SaladRM 28.00
Waldorf SaladRM 28.00
Salad – Choice of 2RM 28.00
Salad – Choice of 3RM 38.00
BBQ Eggplant w Lemony Lentils (ala carte)RM 15.00
Garden Greens (V)RM 18.00
Kale Quinoa Tabbouleh (V)RM 15.00
Miso Mushroom Kale SaladRM 18.00
Moroccan Cauliflower & Lentil Salad (N)(V)RM 15.00
Salmon, Orange Noodle Salad (N)RM 25.00
Tuna & Roasted Corn SaladRM 15.00

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Pasta & Mains

You can enjoy pasta, which cost between RM 24 to RM 58. Every pasta and main menu items are perfectly cooked using high-quality ingredients. Plan B: offer the meal and make sure the meal will satisfy your craving and leave you wanting more.

Pasta And Main Category At Plan B menu Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Sizzling SteakRM 58.00
Aglio e Olio (Plan B)RM 24.00
Ang Mo IndomieRM 28.00
Buttermilk Chicken CarbonaraRM 28.00
Creamy Garlic MushroomsRM 24.00
Kam Heong SifuRM 32.00
Pan Mee ImpastaRM 28.00
Peri-Peri PowerRM 33.00
Spag Bolognese (Plan B)RM 26.00

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Burgers & Sandwiches

Chicken and Avo sandwich costs RM 36, the highest price in this category, and the minimum cost for burgers and sandwiches is RM 28. In a variety of unique options, you can choose according to your taste, like chicken or salmon

Burgers and Sandwiches Category at Plan B menu Malaysia
ItemPrice (RM)
Berempah Chicken BurgerRM 33.00
Chicken Teriyaki BurgerRM 28.00
Plan B CheeseburgerRM 33.00
Prawn Katsu SandoRM 33.00
Softshell Crab BurgerRM 38.00
Next Level Humble Grilled Cheese SandwichRM 33.00


ItemPrice (RM)
Aglio OlioRM 28.00
Buttermilk Chicken CarbonaraRM 30.00
Conchiglie PomodoroRM 28.00
Kam Heong SifuRM 33.00
Mushroom Pasta (Creamy Garlic)RM 28.00
Prawn Pasta Laksa PasteRM 36.00
Rigatoni Ala BologneseRM 28.00
Soft Shell Crab PastaRM 38.00
Spaghettini AlfredoRM 36.00

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Nasi Lemak

Menu ItemsPrice List
Nasi Lemak Meal (2 Pax)RM 38.00


Asian Meal Category At Plan b Menu malaysia
ItemPrice (RM)
Chicken Meatball Thai CurryRM 30.00
Mom’s Johor LaksaRM 28.00
Quinoa UlamRM 38.00
Salmon Laksa CreamRM 68.00
Sri Lankan Fish CurryRM 38.00
Worry-Free Veggie CurryRM 28.00

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The Nibbles category is like a haven for fire lovers. Plan B offers fries options like Indomie Fries, Sour Cream and onion Fries, Plain Fries, and Chicken Popcorn Fries. Nibbles is a perfect category for you if you are seeking a wide variety of unique and innovative Fries.

Nibbles Category in Plan B Menu Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Bonito FriesRM 15.00
Chicken Popcorn FriesRM 18.00
Crispy Berempah ChickenRM 22.00
Indomie FriesRM 18.00
Plain FriesRM 10.00
Sour Cream & Onion FriesRM 10.00


Breakfast Menu at Plan B Menu Malaysia
ItemPrice (RM)
Aussie BreakfastRM 45.00
Breakfast Nasi LemakRM 18.00
Chicken Sausage Egg MuffinRM 28.00
Classic Eggs on ToastRM 18.00
Crofflicious (Salmon Benedict)RM 38.00
Huevos Rancheros (Corn Fritters)RM 33.00
I Love NY (Eggs Benedict)RM 28.00
Lontong Darat (n)RM 18.00
Mexican Avo ToastRM 30.00
Ollie’s HotcakesRM 28.00
Paris on a Plate (French Toast)RM 28.00
Pear Mascarpone ToastRM 36.00
Smaller Shebang (Small Bfast)RM 28.00
Truffle Croque MonsieurRM 33.00
A Turkish Delight (v)RM 28.00
Whole Shebang (Big Bfast)RM 45.00

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After breakfast or at lunchtime, boosting energy with a cup of coffee crafted with high-quality ingredients is important. Maximum coffee options cost around RM 12. Some costs RM 10 and RM 15.

Coffee Collection At Plan B menu Malaysia
ItemPrice (RM)
Cappuccino (Hot)RM 12.00
Cappuccino (Iced)RM 15.00
EspressoRM 10.00
Flat White (Hot)RM 12.00
Latte (Hot)RM 12.00
Latte (Iced)RM 15.00
Long Black (Hot)RM 10.00
Long Black (Iced)RM 12.00
MacchiatoRM 10.00
Mocha (Hot)RM 12.00
Mocha (Iced)RM 15.00
Piccolo LatteRM 12.00

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Whole Cake

A cake is an ideal choice for celebrating special occasions, events, or birthdays. Innovative cake categories add a unique touch, making them even more special and distinct.

Cakes OR someting sweet Category at Plan B menu malaysia
Whole Cakes OR something sweet Category at Plan B menu malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Chocolate BrownieRM 15.00
Coconut Cake (V)RM 12.00
Classic Chocolate Cake (sliced) (V)RM 15.00
Red Velvet Cake (sliced) (V)RM 15.00
Salted Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake (sliced) (V)(N)RM 18.00
Black Forest Cake (sliced) (V)RM 15.00
Ben’s Carrot Cake 9″RM 140.00
Black Forest Cake 9″RM 150.00
Classic Chocolate Cake 9″RM 150.00
Red Velvet Cake 9″RM 150.00
Salted Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake 9″RM 180.00
Sticky Date Coconut Pudding 9″RM 150.00


Plan B has a wide variety of unique and created with innovative way teas for tea enthusiasts. If you are a tea lover, Plan B is one of that go-to destinations that offers a flavorful and unique taste in every sip.

something For Tea Lover Tea Category in Plan B menu Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice LIst
Chamomile (Hot)RM 12.00
Chamomile (Iced)RM 12.00
Earl Grey (Hot)RM 12.00
Earl Grey (Iced)RM 12.00
English BreakfastRM 12.00
English Breakfast (Iced)RM 12.00
Jasmine (Hot)RM 12.00
Jasmine (Iced)RM 12.00
Peppermint (Hot)RM 12.00
Peppermint (Iced)RM 12.00
Sencha Green (Hot)RM 12.00
Sencha Green (Iced)RM 12.00

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Special Drinks Offered By Plan B menu Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Chai LatteRM 15.00
Chai Latte (Iced)RM 18.00
Matcha LatteRM 15.00
Matcha Latte (Iced)RM 18.00

Sip and savor the Tealive menu of Malaysian smooth brews of premium tea, ranging from classics like milk tea and green tea to tropical flavors like coconut and passionfruit, alongside delicious snacks like curry puffs and mochi donuts.


Juice Options in Plan B menu Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice LIst
Fresh OJRM 20.00
WatermelonRM 15.00
LemonadeRM 15.00

Soft Drink

softdrinks At Plan B menu Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Coca-ColaRM 10.00
Coke Zero SugarRM 10.00
Root BeerRM 10.00
SpriteRM 10.00

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water Bottless In Plan B menu Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Acqua Panna Still 500mlRM 18.00
San Pellegrino Spark 500mlRM 18.00

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Best Selling items at Plan B Menu Malaysia

Here are some selling items on the Plan B menu in Malaysia.

  1. Chicken Chop
  2. Fish & Chips
  3. Grilled Chicken Chop with Fried Rice
  4. Cheesy Meatball
  5. Grilled Chicken Chop
  6. Cheesy Fries

Alternatives of Plan B Malaysia

Some of the alternatives offer almost same experience in food and dining Experience.

  1. Wong Ah Wah Restaurant
  2. Restoran Bijan
  3. Restoran Din Tai Fung
  4. Nasi Kandar Pelita
  5. Wong Ah Wah Restaurant
  6. Subway

Contact Plan B Malaysia

To Get the Latest update promotions, visit Plan B Malaysia official Wensite and follow them on social media handles.

Plan B has outlets in Publika, Mid Valley, and Bangsar Village.

You can order food from Plan B using their official website and another delivery network like Grab Foods.

Soup & Salad, Pasta & Mains, Burgers & Sandwiches, Nasi Lemak, Coffee, Tea, Juice, And Soft Drink

Yes, Plan is halal-certified by JAKIM and offers alcohol-free food.

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