Pop Meal Menu and Price List

Are you craving and Seeking A spot That Offers A variety of Meal options from Different Like Blend of Local and Western Delights? So, your search End Up here. I am going to talk about the hot demand for Restaurant Pop Meal. They are experts in Preparing and Serving lip-smacking meals to every Customer. If You are traveling in Malaysia or Havenโ€™t tried their Meal, you Must visit Pop Meal Once.

Pop Meal is a Malaysia-owned brand. First Opened in 2015, the thing that separates Pop Meals from Other restaurants is They Not only offer lip-smacking Meals but Also offer delivery services Owned by POP Meals. They are Originally Known as DahMakan โ€œCompany.โ€ After half a decade, They Rebranded this Restaurant Chain in 2020.

Nowadays, Pop Meal Malaysia Owns More than 50 Outlets, and They Are still planning to expand more. They are also Known for their diverse menu and Mouthwatering Meal. So, If You want to check the Most recent And Updated Pop Meal Menu, I have compiled the Most updated pop Meal menu with the Latest Prices. Remember, this information is a guide for locals or travelers visiting Our Country. Welcome to the heaven of lip-smacking Meals.

Check Pop Meal Latest Menu Malaysia

Mac & Cheese Classics

Here is something lip-smacking for cheese lovers. Mac And Cheese offers a diverse variety of Meal Prepared Using the Main Ingredient Cheese, which Gives every dish a perfect Taste and Texture. Pop Meal prepares these Dishes Using high-quality Ingredients And high-quality Measurements to offer everyone a Mouthwatering Taste in every bite.

These Cheesy Classic Meal Options Cost around RM 12.99 to RM 24.49; these options are really Delicious and Offer a smacking taste. In Cheese and Mac Classic, My Favorite options are Super Creamy Mac & Cheese and Crazy Spicy Mac & Cheese; both options are My Favorite Because of their Creamy, Cheesy, and Spicy taste and smooth Texture.

Super Creamy Mac & Cheese
ItemDiscounted Price (RM)
Kids Mac & CheeseRM12.49
Spicy Mac & Cheese + Popcorn ChickenRM23.99
Creamy Mac & Cheese + Popcorn ChickenRM22.99
Crazy Spicy Mac & CheeseRM18.99
Super Creamy Mac & CheeseRM18.99

The diverse McDonalds menu in Malaysia offers classic burgers, chicken, fish, rice, desserts, and more to satisfy all tastes and appetites.

Nasi Nasi Nasi

Nasi Nasi Nasi Contains a variety of Melting Mouth Local Malaysia Delights. In this category, Golden Salted Egg Butter Chicken and Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken are some of my favorite options. If you are looking for Something really Delectable, I suggest you try Any one of my favorites. Also, share your favorite Meu Items with me so I can try Your Favorite to make new Suggestions.

On Pop Meal’s official site, all these options are on offer so that you can enjoy these options from Just RM 15.69 to RM 17.49.

๐’๐š๐ฅ๐ญ๐ž๐ ๐„๐ ๐  ๐๐ฎ๐ญ๐ญ๐ž๐ซ๐ฆ๐ข๐ฅ๐ค ๐‚๐ก๐ข๐œ๐ค๐žn, Nasi Nasi Nasi
ItemDiscounted Price (RM)
Popcorn Ayam Gepuk Sambal GajusRM18.49
Golden Salted Egg Butter ChickenRM17.49
Popcorn Ayam Kicap Sambal GesekRM18.49
Honey Soy Sesame ChickenRM15.99
Salted Egg Buttermilk ChickenRM18.49
Ayam Kicap with Sambal GesekRM16.49
Popcorn Ayam BaladoRM18.49
Ayam Gepuk with Sambal GajusRM16.49
Nasi Tomato Popcorn Ayam Masak MerahRM18.49

The diverse nasi kandar pelita menu showcases Malaysian cuisine’s rich flavours and aromatic curries like chicken tandoori, fish head curry, prawn mee soup alongside staples of rice, roti canai and teh tarik.


For Those Looking for a variety of Pasta or Western Cuisine. Is the Category like A Paradise for Them to satisfy their Craving? I have Visited Pop Meal many times, so I have tried almost All these Menu Options. I suggest you try the Following Options, including Cheesy Chicken Bolognese, Spaghetti Beef Bolognese, and  Popcorn Ayam Balado by Pop Meals.

Must Consider trying the following options and share your experience with me, too. These options are easy On Pocket and cost around RM 16.49 to RM 19.99,

Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese
ItemDiscounted Price (RM)
Spaghetti Beef BologneseRM18.99
Spaghetti Chicken BologneseRM17.49
Spaghetti Chicken CarbonaraRM19.99

Set Nasi Bajet

Set Nasi Bajet - Ayam Goreng Kunyit Masak Lomak Sambal Merecik
ItemDiscounted Price (RM)
Set Nasi Bajet – Ayam Goreng Kunyit Asam Pedas Sambal MerecikRM9.99
Set Nasi Bajet – Ayam Goreng Kunyit Masak Lomak Sambal MerecikRM9.99
Set Nasi Bajet – Ayam Goreng Kunyit Masak Hitam Sambal MerecikRM9.99

Kiddie Meals

Pop Meals In outlet Meal
ItemDiscounted Price (RM)
Kiddie Meal: Mac & Cheese + LemonadeRM12.99
Kiddie Meal: Popcorn Chicken + Fries + LemonadeRM12.99

Family Deals

These options contain a diverse variety of snacks and dessert options in one order. These options are specially organized for if you are looking to order a meal for more than 1 person. These options are enough to satisfy the craving of Family or Friends.

These Options are worthwhile if You are going to order for a group of People. Family Deals cost around RM 55.99 to RM 162.99; these menu Options are easy to afford when it comes to groups of people, and these meal Options are pocket-friendly.

Pop Meals Bundle
Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
10 Pax Family Combo10 mains, 10 drinks, 5 snacks/dessertsRM 162.99
6 Pax Family Combo6 mains, 6 drinks, 2 snacks/dessertsRM 99.99
4 Pax Family Combo4 mains, 4 drinks, 2 snacks/dessertsRM 74.99
3 Pax Family Combo3 mains, 3 drinks, 1 snack/dessertRM 55.99


Popcorn Chicken by Pop Meals
ItemDiscounted Price (RM)
Cheezy French FriesRM7.49
Steamed White RiceRM2.49
Ayam Goreng (1 piece)RM7.99
Sambal MerecikRM2.49
Popcorn ChickenRM6.99
Sambal GesekRM3.49
Cheezy Popcorn ChickenRM9.99
Nasi TomatoRM3.99
French FriesRM5.49
Sambal GajusRM3.49


Pop Meals Drinks and beverages
ItemDiscounted Price (RM)
Iced Mango Peach TeaRM5.99
Dutch Chocolate MilkRM7.49
Iced MiloRM7.99
Teh Ais PaduRM6.49
Iced LemonadeRM3.49
Iced Taro Milk TeaRM5.99
Iced Thai Milk TeaRM5.99
Kopi SaigonRM8.49
Hot MiloRM7.99
Bottle of Air (500ml)RM3.49
Iced Peach TeaRM3.49
Ice Jagung ButtermilkRM7.49
Teh TarikRM6.99


ItemDiscounted Price (RM)
Bubur Pulut HitamRM2.49
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip CookiesRM6.99
Bubur JagungRM2.99


ItemDiscounted Price (RM)
Steamed White RiceRM2.49
Ayam Goreng (1 piece)RM7.99
Sambal MerecikRM2.49
Popcorn ChickenRM6.99
Sambal GesekRM3.49
Cheezy Popcorn ChickenRM9.99
Nasi TomatoRM3.99
French FriesRM5.49

Popular Selling items In Pop Meal Menu

Are you here At Pop Meal for the First Time or visiting after a long time? I recommend you try these 6 Most Popular and top-selling items. These Top items are based on the Customers Buy Meal from Pop Meal. In Most Popular, I also Have some of the most favorite options, Including Spaghetti Carbonara, and Popcorn Ayam Kicap Sambal Gesek. These Options are super tasty, and I also suggest the Following option. 

  1. Ayam Kicap with Sambal Gesek
  2. Spaghetti Carbonara
  3. Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese
  4. Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken
  5. Popcorn Ayam Gepuk Sambal Gajus
  6. Popcorn Ayam Kicap Sambal Gesek

Alternatives Of Pop Meal Malaysia

It Wasnโ€™t Challenging to find pop Meal Alternatives that offer Meal like Pop Meal. Pop meal is available in all states Of Malaysia. Still, in any case, if you want to try Some different tastes to satisfy your appetite, I recommend you consider Trying the following options. These options also offer a variety of Fast food like Pop Meal and Decent Experience.

My Experience with Pop Meal Malaysia

I have been a loyal customer of Pop Meal for A Long time, around 3 years since its opening in KL in 2015, and my most recent visit to Pop Meal was in Outlet TTDI KL. This pop Meal Interior Design is also Nicely Designed With an eye-catching Color Scheme In restaurants. The environment in the Restaurant Is airy and offers a Nice Ambience.

pop meal Logo ON Their Wall inside Outlet

The First Thing we faced after entering the Restaurant was talking with the Staff, and I was impressed that the Staff was kind and talked to everyone nicely. So, I look for a table and Order My Meal without Any Issue. Have my seat at the table, and they served Meal Way faster In a Moment. I Ordered Spaghetti Carbonara, Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken, Iced Lemonade, and Wall’s Chocolate Ice Cream Cup to finish My experience.

I had a Smooth Experience, and the taste of the food was superb; melts in my mouth and fulfilled my hunger. If you are KL, consider trying some meal options at Lunch. I Rated 4.9 out of 5 Stars to Pop Meal Malaysia.

Reach Out Pop Meal Malaysia

To reach out to Pop Meal and clarify your query, visit Pop Meal’s Official website. Submit your question or feedback on their Contact Us Page. They will get you back soon; another way to contact Pop Meal is to DM them on their social media Account, and they will reply to you soon. If you want to get the latest Updates about Pop Meal promotions and Deals, follow Pop Meal on their Official social media Handles.

Faqs About Pop Meal

Is Pop Meal Halal and Offer Halal Meal?

They Said That they serve 100% halal Meal and Source Meat and other Ingredients from halal certified Suppliers.

Does Pop Meal Accept Credit Card?

Yes, they Accept credit cards and also some local mobile wallets for Payments.

What Kind of Meal Pop Meal serves?

Pop Meal Offers a Variety of Meal Local Delights, Including Nasi Nasi Nasi and Western Food Like pasta And Mac and cheese Classics.

Does Pop Meal accept reservations?

Yes, they Accept Advance Reservations.

Does Pop Meal Malaysia Deliver Meal?

Yes, they Deliver meals using Their Party Delivery platforms like Foodpanda and GrabFood. They Also Have their Order Taking app, So you can also Place your Order on their Official app.

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