Hot Selling Starbucks Menu Items with Prices

We all have a lot of memories with Starbucks Delicious Drinks from our childhood. The excitement of ordering your drink at a counter as a child or lounging in a big, comfy chair by the window brings back fond memories.

Everything is just like the previous day, full of happiness and unforgettable memories with Starbucks drinks. So, today, let’s go back again and live a moment at Starbucks and make a lot of new memories with Family and friends.

Starbucks Menu offers a wide range of culinary drinks/beverages and Coffee and serves to every taste and preference. If you are seeking a caffeine boost, then Starbucks is a spot to go for high-quality Coffee and drinks at cost-effective rates.

In this article, I am going to go through all the latest menu items and price lists at Starbucks Menu Malaysia. Let’s start the Memorable adventure.

Starbucks Complete Menu and Price List

Starbucks Malaysia latest menu and price list

The Starbucks menu in Malaysia has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for finger-licking pastries or cakes and coffee or drinks, they have something for every taste. Starbuck’s menu is categorized into the following categories. Autumn Drinks, Special Bundle Deals Menu, Espresso & Coffee, Frappuccino, Chocolate & Tea, Ready to Drink, Bakery, Savory bites, Lunch Sandwich and Cakes & Desserts

Summer Beverages

Mneu Items20OZ16OZ12OZ
Malty Delight Chocolate Coffee FrappuccinoRM 22.00RM 20.50RM 19.50
Malty Delight Chocolate Cream FrappuccinoRM 22.00RM 20.50RM 19.50
Malty Delight Chocolate LatteRM 22.00RM 20.50RM 19.50
Iced Malty Delight Chocolate LatteRM 22.00RM 20.50RM 19.50
Malty Delight Chocolate Cold BrewRM 22.00RM 20.50RM 19.50
Malty Delight Chocolate Nitro Cold BrewRM 22.00RM 20.50RM 19.50
Paradise Island Guava Cream FrappuccinoRM 22.00RM 20.50RM 19.50
Peach Jasmine Garden TeaRM 21.00RM 19.50RM 18.50
Peach Jasmine Cold BrewRM 21.00RM 19.50RM 18.50

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ReserveTM Espresso

Menu Items20oz16oz16oz
Reserved TM caffe latteRM 20.50RM 19.00RM 18.00
Iced Reseve TM café latteRM 20.50RM 19.00RM 18.00
Reserve caffe americanoRM 18.00
Iced Reserve caffe americano RM 17.00 

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Starbucks Espresso & Coffee Menu

Starbucks offers a wide range of delicious coffee and espresso on its menu. Asian Dolce Latte costs about RM 19.00 and is one of the most celebrated options not just in this category but from the whole menu. You may have tried it before, if not yet, so you should try it on your next tour at Starbucks.

Starbucks Coffee and Espresso Asian Dolce Latte, Caffe Latte, and Caffe Americano
Menu Items20oz16oz12oz
Caffe latteRM 16.50RM 15.00RM 14.00
Iced caffe latteRM 16.50RM 15.00RM 14.00
Asian dolce latteRM 19.00RM 17.50RM 16.50
Iced asia dolce latteRM 19.00RM 17.50RM 16.50
Caramel macchiato espressoRM 18.50RM 17.00RM 16.00
Cocoa cappuccinoRM 18.00RM 16.50RM 15.50
Iced Cocoa cappuccinoRM 18.00RM 16.50RM 15.50
Caffe mochaRM 18.00RM 16.50RM 15.50
CappuccinoRM 16.50RM 15.00RM 14.00
Iced CappuccinoRM 16.50RM 15.00RM 14.00
Double short iced shaken espresso (7OZ)RM 15.00
CAFFE americanoRM 11.30RM 9.90RM 8.95
Cold brewRM 15.00RM 13.50RM 12.50
Vanella sweet cream cold brewRM 16.50RM 15.00RM 14.00
Freshly brewed coffeeRM 13.00RM 11.50RM 10.50
Iced Freshly brewed coffeeRM 13.00RM 11.50RM 10.50
Matcha cold foam iced americanoRM 19.50RM 18.00RM 17.00
Caramel macchiato decafRM 18.50RM 17.00RM 16.00
Iced caramel macchiato decafRM 18.50RM 17.00RM 16.00

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Starbucks Frappuccino® Menu

Starbucks Frappuccino Menu; Raspberry Black Currant, Dark Mocha Frappuccino, Espresso Frappu
Menu Items20oz16oz12oz
Asian dolce frappuccinoRM 20.00RM 18.50RM 17.50
Iced Dark mocha FrappuccinoRM 20.00RM 18.50RM 17.50
Java chip FrappuccinoRM 20.00RM 18.50RM 17.50
Iced Mocha praline FrappuccinoRM 20.00RM 18.50RM 17.50
Iced Chocolate cream chip FrappuccinoRM 20.00RM 18.50RM 17.50
Iced Green tea cream FrappuccinoRM 20.00RM 18.50RM 17.50
Iced Mocha FrappuccinoRM 18.00RM 16.50RM 15.50
Iced Caramel FrappuccinoRM 18.00RM 16.50RM 15.50
Caramel cream FrappuccinoRM 17.00RM 15.50RM 14.50
Iced Vanilla cream Frappuccino17.0015.5014.50
Espresso Frappuccino18.0016.5015.50
Caramel macchiato frappicano21.0019.5018.50
Iced Raspberry black currant frappicano17.5016.0015.00
Iced Mango passion frappicano17.5016.0015.00

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Starbucks Chocolate & Tea Menu

For Chocolate and Tea lovers, Starbucks is like a haven where every flavor is available to satisfy everyone’s craving for Delicious Tea. Here, a Green Tea latte costs around RM 18.50 for a large size cup. Chocolate and Tea category cost between RM 15.00 to RM 25. The chocolate and tea category is one of my favorite options and costs around RM 17. Its flavor never disappoints me

Starbucks Chocolate & Tea Green Tea Latte, Green Tea Latte, and Iced Shaken Lemon Tea
Menu Items20oz16oz12oz
Green tea latteRM 18.50RM 17.00RM 16.00
Iced grean tea latteRM 18.50RM 17.00RM 16.00
Iced shaken lemon zen teaRM 16.50RM 15.00RM 14.00
Iced shaken lemon passion teaRM 16.50RM 15.00RM 14.00
Iced shaken lemon black teaRM 16.50RM 15.00RM 14.00
Freshly brewed teaRM 15.00RM 13.50RM 12.50
Signature hot chocolateRM 16.50RM 15.00RM 14.00
Iced signature chocolateRM 16.50RM 15.00RM 14.00
Caramel ChocolateRM 17.50RM 16.00RM 15.00
Iced Caramel ChocolateRM 17.50RM 16.00RM 15.00
Hazelnut ChocolateRM 17.50RM 16.00RM 15.00
Iced Hazelnut ChocolateRM 17.50RM 16.00RM 15.00
Full Leaf TeaRM 15.00RM 13.50RM 12.50

Starbucks Refresher

Menu Items20 OZ Price16 OZ Price12 OZ Price
iced Pink drinks with strawberry acal Starbucks refresherRM 20.00RM 18.50RM 17.50
Iced Strawberry acal with Lemonade Starbucks RefresherRM 20.00RM 18.50RM 17.50

Starbucks Ready to Drink Menu

Menu ItemsPrice List
Joy Bean CollagenRM 7.00
Evian 500 mlRM 8.03

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Starbucks Bakery Menu

The bakery offers something sweet and finger-licking donuts, chocolate rolls, and muffins to satisfy your craving for something while drinking coffee or other signature dishes at Starbucks Malaysia that will satisfy your craving and leave you wanting more.

Starbucks Malaysia Bakery Donut, Chocolate Lava Muffin, Banana Chocolate Muffin
Menu ItemsPrice List
donutRM 5.17
Chocolate lave muffinRM 9.69
Banana chocolate muffinRM9.69
Skinny blue berry muffinRM 9.69
Jumbo croissantRM 6.27

Starbucks Savory Menu

Starbucks Savory Menu Curry Puff with Potato & Egg, Chic O’ Cheese, Mushroom Danish
Menu ItemsPrice List
Mini Cocktail Sausages with Nacho Cheese SausageRM 7.53
Ozzie Sausage Mushroom RollRM 8.85
Black Pepper Lamb PieRM 11.87
Baked Mac And CheeseRM 20.71
Curry Puff with Potato & EggRM 6.68
Chic O CheeseRM 10.04
Beef Ragu PieRM 12.58
Classic LasagnaRM 18.28

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Breakfast Sandwich Menu

Starbucks Sandwich Menu Baked Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich
Menu ItemsPrice List
Crolssant Sandwich Chicken Loaf, Egg and CheeseRM 10.40
Wholemeal tuna Finger SandwichRM 7.90
trio Cheese smocked ChickenRM 11.90

Lunch Pie

Menu ItemsPrice Listadd Cooler Bag (Small)add Cooler Bag (Large)
Butter Chicken PieRM 17.24+ RM 25.00+ RM 35.00


Menu ItemsPrice List
Banana Chocolate MuffinRM 9.69
donutRM 5.17
Jumbo CrolssantRM 6.27
Chocolate Lave MuffinRM 9.69

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Starbucks Cakes & Desserts Menu

Starbucks Cakes & Desserts Menu Chocolate Tuxedo Truffles
Menu ItemsPrice List
Chocolate Tuxedo TrufflesRM16.92
Hazelnut Chocolate CakeRM 18,47

Best Selling Items at Starbucks Malaysia

Starbucks is a go to destination for Mouthwatering coffee and Drinks here are some of the most popular menu items at Starbucks.

  • Asian Dolce Latte
  • Caramel Macchiato

Alternatives of Starbucks Malaysia

Starbucks is the best place for delicious drinks, but here are some alternatives we can consider.

  1. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  2. Tealive
  3. Gong cha 
  4. Cha time
  5. Old Town White Coffee

History of Starbucks Malaysia

Three college students, Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl, dreamed of starting the coffeehouse. The first Starbucks opened in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. In five years, the business has grown rapidly, and Starbucks has become a star in everyone’s eyes for serving delicious and high-quality drinks. 

In 1998, Starbucks opened its doors to the Malaysian market to Serve Starbucks delicious coffee, drinks, and bakery items and opened its first store at KL Plaza. Currently, Starbucks owns around 320 outlets in Different 14 different states and territories across Malaysia.

Today, Starbucks owns more than 30,000 outlets around the map and serves unique seasonal and flavorful coffee and drinks to everyone across the globe.

Contact Starbucks Malaysia

For more Recent Updates, visit Starbucks Malaysia’s official website, and don’t forget to follow Starbucks on social media.

FAQs about Starbucks

To store FlavorLock coffee, place the coffee in an airtight box and place the box in a cool and dark place.

You can place an order from Starbucks’ official app and other delivery services like Food Panda and Grab Foods.

Here are some of the newest drinks on Starbucks’ menu 

  1. Apple Cinnamon Macchiato
  2. Pumpkin Spice Latte
  3. Caramel Apple Spice

Starbucks owns more than 320 outlets in Malaysia.

Starbucks accepts payment through credit/debit cards, visa cards, and master cards. Also, Starbucks has its card, and you can get amazing discounts using their cards while paying.

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