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Chatime is famous for its specialties in Tea and beverages worldwide. Cha Time’s menu offers a wide array of delicious and refreshing drinks to serve a unique experience to its customers. Their menu offers a budget-friendly meal and is the best value for the money you pay.

Being a Tea lover, you Should Explore Chatime Malaysia and Try their Delicious drinks or Tea. Their menu has something for everyone, whether you are at Chatime for Tea, Coffee, or Refreshing drink or juice

Note: all the menu pieces below are sourced from Cha Time’s official website as a guide for their signature items. To Explore the most recently updated prices, visit the official website.

Cha time Menu Prices

cha time latest menu and prices malaysia
cha time Signature Milk cup

Prosperitea With Yeo’s

BeveragePrice (MYR)
Lychee Mint SlushRM 14.90
Chrysanthemum Milk Tea With PuddingRM 12.90
Wintermelon Milk Tea With Grass JellyRM 11.50

Special Smoothies Series

BeveragePrice (MYR)
Salted Caramel FrappeRM 15.90
Red Velvet Cheesecake FrappeRM 15.90
Original Coconut SmooteaRM 14.90
Coconut Taro SmooteaRM 14.90

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Chatime x Hotbox: Limited Time Offer

ItemDescriptionPrice (MYR)
Jalapeno Cheese Chicken WrapChicken wrap topped with special jalapeno cheese sauce, chachos crumbs, fries, and fresh vegetablesRM 14.90
Promo Hotbox Combo (Chicken Sausage)Combo featuring Hotbox with chicken sausageRM 20.90
Promo Hotbox Combo (Beef Sausage)Combo featuring Hotbox with beef sausageRM 20.90

Chatime x Hotbox: Signature Series

ItemDescriptionPrice (MYR)
Signature Chicken – Italiana ChickenJuicy chicken sausage served with signature italiana sauce with chunks of chicken meatRM 11.90
Signature Chicken – Chicken DCClassic chicken sausage with ketchup and mayonnaiseRM 10.68
Signature Chicken – Cheesy Loaded ChickenJuicy chicken sausage with torched cheese and signature italiana sauceRM 14.90
Signature Beef – Italiana BeefJuicy beef sausage served with signature italiana sauce with chunks of beef meatRM 11.90
Signature Beef – BFFClassic beef sausage with ketchup and mayonnaiseRM 10.68
Signature Beef – Cheesy Loaded BeefJuicy beef sausage with torched cheese and signature italiana sauceRM 14.90

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Chatime x Hotbox: Sides

ItemDescriptionPrice (MYR)
Chicken SausageJuicy chicken sausage with one choice of sauce. *Either Chili, Ketchup, or Mayonnaise.RM 6.90
Beef SausageJuicy beef sausage with one choice of sauce. Either Chili, Ketchup, or Mayonnaise.RM 6.90
Loaded Chacho’s With Beef SauceCrispy tortilla chips drizzled with beef sauce and flooded with cheese sauce.RM 10.68
Loaded With Chacho’s Chicken SauceCrispy tortilla chips drizzled with chicken sauce and flooded with cheese sauce.RM 10.68
Curly Fries with BBQ SeasoningCrispy twister fries coated with our special seasoning.RM 9.48

Chatime x Hotbox: Make Your Own

ItemDescriptionPrice (MYR)
BunSoft bun.RM 3.90
NachosCrispy tortilla chips.RM 6.90
Beef SausageJuicy beef sausage.RM 6.90
Chicken SausageJuicy chicken sausage.RM 6.90
Curly FriesCrispy twister fries.RM 6.90

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Best Sellers

ItemSizePrice (RM)
Dalgona Hazelnut ChocolateSmallRM 13.50
Dalgona Coffee Grass Jelly Roasted Milk TeaSmallRM 13.50
Dalgona Coffee Brown Sugar Pearl Milk TeaSmallRM 13.50
Dalgona Vanilla with OreoRegularRM 13.50
Dalgona Chocolate with OreoRegularRM 13.50
Lai Chee Kang TeaRegularRM 14.50

Signature Milk Tea

Signature Milk Tea, one of the Well Known And flavourful beverage at Chatime Chosen by customers as their first choice. It also allows customers to add toppings Such as oatmeal, Sago, Coffee Jelly, Oreo cookies, cornflakes, and many other topping options to complement the taste of beverages.

Signature Milk TeaPrice (RM)
Pearl Milk TeaRM 8.50
Grass Jelly Roasted Milk TeaRM 8.50
Horlicks Milk TeaRM 9.50
Hazelnut Milk TeaRM 9.50
Earl Grey Milk TeaRM 9.50
Classic Milk TeaRM 8.50
Classic Roasted Milk TeaRM 8.50
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk TeaRM 11.50

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Cofitime Series

BeveragePrice (MYR)
Seasalt Butterscotch LatteRM 15.90
Salted Caramel LatteRM 14.90
Campfire CoffeeRM 14.90
Nutty LatteRM 14.90
Seasalt LatteRM 14.90
Coconut Creamy LatteRM 14.90
MochaRM 13.90
AmericanoRM 10.68
CappuccinoRM 11.88
Classic LatteRM 12.90

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At Chatime Malaysia, Smoothie is prepared with Freshly sourced fruits and ingredients to balance the flavor and quality of Smoothie. Chatime menu offers Something for everyone looking for a healthy and Flavourous drink.

SmoothieSizePrice (RM)
Mango SmoothieRegularRM 10.50
Honeydew SmoothieRegularRM 10.50
Cocoa Smoothie with OreoRegularRM 11.50
Passion Fruit SmoothieRegularRM 10.50
Horlicks SmoothieRegularRM 10.50

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Fresh Tea

The Blend of freshly sourced fruits and Tea makes it a unique and delicious beverage everyone loves its freshness for its flavor. Chatime has a vast range of Tea to complement any meal in this category.

Tea FlavorPrice (RM)
Mango Green TeaRM 8.50
Passion Fruit Green TeaRM 8.50
Lychee Black TeaRM 8.50
Honey Green TeaRM 8.50
Fresh Green TeaRM 8.50
Fresh Earl Grey TeaRM 8.50
Fresh Oolong TeaRM 8.50
Fresh Black TeaRM 8.50


chocolate drink at Cha time Malaysia
Chocolate FlavorPrice (RM)
Strawberry ChocolateRM 9.50
Superior Pure CocoaRM 9.50
Hazelnut ChocolateRM 9.50
Horlicks CocoaRM 9.50

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If you feel hungry and want to try something that will make you feel energetic, so QQ juice Menu Category offers a selection of Refreshing juices, Drinks. Such as Peach QQ, Mango, and Grapefruit.

at cha time Malaysia a parson carrying Fresh fruit juice glass
QQ/Juice FlavorPrice (RM)
Mango QQRM 8.50
Passion Fruit QQRM 8.50
Lychee QQRM 8.50
Asam Boi Aloe VeraRM 9.50
Winter Melon Grass JellyRM 8.50
Honey Lemon AloeRM 9.50

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Best selling items at Chatime Malaysia

Cha Time Serves a wide range of beverages, but these are some of the selling Items on their menu, beloved by a big chunk of people around the Globe because of their refreshing and flavorful taste that melts in the mouth. Here are some of the best-selling items bellow

  1. Dalgona Chocolate with Oreo
  2. Dalgona Hazelnut Chocolate
  3. Hazelnut Chocolate
  4. Strawberry Chocolate
  5. Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea
  6. Honey Lemon Aloe

Alternatives of Chatime Malaysia

Here Are The Alternatives of Chatime Malaysia that offers competitive services and Taste of Drinks.

History of cha time Malaysia

Chai Time outlet was first opened in Malaysia in 2010. As we all know, Malaysians are tea lovers. So Chatime Gained popularity and became one of the celebrated bubble tea Shops among Malaysian because of its delectable tea and combination of different tea.

After three years in 2013, Chatime opened its 100th store in Malaysia and planned to expand more in the upcoming years.

Chatime owns more the 2500 outlets around the globe in China, Malaysia, Canada, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Maldives, India, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Mongolia, Lebanon, Mauritius, and South Korea.

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Chatime is a Taiwanese outlet that was first opened in 2005. 

Aliza Ali is the Founder & CEO of Will Group & Chatime Malaysia

You have various options to place an order online on Chatime. You can explore their official website and food delivery networks like food panda and grab food. 

Yes, Chatime’s all outlets are halal certified. For more detail, click here.

Yes, visit their outlet and ask them for a membership card. They will guide you with proper details about membership.

Redeem cash from your claimed points, get birthday gifts, enjoy the promotions for members only, and get early exposure to upcoming events and launches.

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