Super Saigon Menu and Price List

If are seeking Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine Pho and Spring Rolls and Turned over every Store but found nothing. Super Saigon Café is in the Spotlight for Offering Authentic Vietnamese Pho. Super Saigon originated in Australia. Super Saigon Café Dish Recipes are Encouraged by Famous Food joints around Melbourne and Ho Chi Minh.

Super Saigon Café comes with the aim to Serve Every Customer a Comfortable and relaxing dining experience and Lip-Smacking Healthy food. Super Saigon dining and Interior design is inspired by Santorini and Mykonos to offer customers the Ultimate experience. If you are in Search of Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine, Super Saigon is the perfect spot for you.

From its Launching in Malaysia till Today, Super Saigon has won the Heart of Many Customers in Malaysia and Continuously nationally and internationally. It also Attracts the Attention of Everyone walking through it. About a week ago, I was in Kuala Lumpur to Explore a hidden Gem

while driving there, I noticed a Café On the map, which Grabbed my Attention; I took a moment to check out its food, Specialty, and service. Details on GMB. Everything was quite clear, and many Customers were Satisfied with their Series and food, which made my mind to Visit; I parked my car and faced toward Super Saigon.

When I entered the café, its interior Design gave me the vibe like I was in Santorini and Mykonos. Super Saigon is Really Nicely designed it’s interior and Dining area. 5/5 for interior and dining experience. Let’s move toward cuisine Taste. I ordered Chicken Meatball Pho, Shredded Chicken, and a Special Beef Combination, and their pho option Were Delicious. I recommend you try these Vietnamese Dish options

Overall, the Experience was excellent, whether it’s about service, dining, ambiance, or food, this is pixel perfect. If you want to check the Super Saigon menu while planning to visit Café for authentic Vietnamese Cuisine. I have shared the latest menu with prices with my Review, so I recommend you try super Saigon to Vietnamese authentic Dishes.

Super Saigon Menu and Price List Malaysia

Super Saigon Café menu is sorted into the following sections listed below. Pho,  Crispy Egg Noodles, Đen Đậm Coffee, Tea, Smoothie, Banh Mi, Spring Rolls, Bun Cha, XXL Crispy Chicken Chop, Fried Rice, Stir Fry Kuey Teow, Broken Rice, Beverages, and Dessert

Super Bundles

Super BundlePrice (RM)
Super Saver 1RM65.52
Super Saver 2RM64.40
Super Saver 3RM49.20

Saigon Beef Don

Saigon Beef DonPrice (RM)
VD01 Saigon Beef DonFrom RM20.90


Pho is one of the most celebrated categories, with a diverse variety of options to satisfy hunger. Super Saigon’s menu offers something for every taste and preference. All Pho Options are prepared using high-quality and freshly sourced ingredients from local Suppliers of Chicken and beef. This category contains options for everyone, whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover.

Pho Sections offer size Variations in options that you can choose as your preference. Regular Prices range between RM 16.90 and 27.90, and Mini costs range between RM 12.90 and RM 20.90.

PH09R Special Beef & Chicken Combination
Pho OptionPrice (R)Price (M)
PH01R Special Beef CombinationFrom RM27.90From RM20.90
PH02R Medium Rare Sliced BeefFrom RM24.90From RM18.90
PH03R Medium Rare Sliced Beef & Beef TendonFrom RM23.90From RM17.90
PH04R Medium Rare Sliced Beef & Beef TripeFrom RM23.90From RM17.90
PH05R Medium Rare Sliced Beef & Well Done Sliced BrisketFrom RM27.90From RM20.90
PH06R Medium Rare Sliced Beef & Beef Tripe & Beef TendonFrom RM24.90From RM18.90
PH07R Medium Rare Sliced Beef & Beef BallsFrom RM22.90From RM16.90
PH08R Beef BallsFrom RM19.90From RM14.90
PH09R Special Beef & Chicken CombinationFrom RM27.90From RM20.90
PH10R Medium Rare Sliced Beef & Shredded ChickenFrom RM22.90From RM18.90
PH11R Special Chicken CombinationFrom RM21.90From RM15.90
PH12R Shredded ChickenFrom RM18.90From RM13.90
PH13R VegetarianFrom RM19.90From RM14.90
PH14R Pulled BeefFrom RM20.90From RM15.90
PH15R Shredded Chicken & Chicken Meatballs PhoFrom RM17.90From RM13.90
PH16R Chicken Meatball PhoFrom RM16.90From RM12.90

Crispy Egg Noodles

Crispy Egg noodles are one of my favorites because of their crispy, Crunchy Egg and freshness. These options are prepared using fresh ingredients like noodles, egg, beef, chicken, and some Spice. Crispy egg noodles offer 3 noodle variants: Sliced Beef Crispy Noodles, Shredded Chicken Crispy Egg Noodles, and Tofu Crispy Egg Noodles.

Crispy Chicken is wallet-friendly because these options cost between RM 17.90 to 25.90. So, order your favorite Noodles, enjoy these options with your family and friends, and make memories with them.

Crispy Egg NOODLEsCE01 Sliced Beef Crispy Noodles
Menu ItemsPrice List
Sliced Beef Crispy NoodlesRM 25.90
Shredded Chicken Crispy Egg NoodlesRM 19.90
Tofu Crispy Egg NoodlesRM 17.90

Đen Đậm Coffee

Đen Đậm Coffee offers a wide range of unique coffee options if you want to try some unique options. I recommend you try the Super Saigon Coffee Ben Bam Coffee Series. I have tasted some options like 3 Layer Coffee, Đen Đậm Macchiato, Đen Đậm Milk Coffee, and Đen Đậm Black Coffee. And I am satisfied with their coffee taste. I also recommend you try super Saigon coffee options.

These options are affordable; anyone can afford these unique options. Coffee Series costs lie between RM 8.90 and RM 14.90.

Đen Đậm Đen Đậm Black Coffee
Đen Đậm Coffee OptionPrice (RM)
DD09 Buttercream LatteRM11.90
BV01 Đen Đậm Milk CoffeeRM8.90
BV02 Đen Đậm Black CoffeeRM7.90
BV28 3 Layer CoffeeRM10.90
BV29 Marble CoffeeRM9.90
BV30 Đen Đậm MacchiatoRM9.90
BV31 Hazelnut MacchiatoRM12.90
BV34 Coffee FrappucinoRM11.90
BV35 Coffee Frappucino with Choc ChipRM14.90
BV06 Coconut CoffeeRM10.90


Any restaurant or café I visit, their tea selections is the only one that I always do. Super Saigon’s Tea selection has Surprised me. Super Saigon offers a traditional Vietnamese taste in Tea. Recently, I tried options like Ginger Honey Tea, Vietnamese Royal Milk Tea, and Passion Fruit Fantasy. If you are craving Vietnamese cuisine, I recommend you visit Super Saigon, and I am sure that you will come back again for more.

TEA Special Lemon Tea
TeaPrice (RM)
BV03 Vietnamese Royal Milk TeaRM7.90
BV32 Rambutan Milk TeaRM11.90
BV33 Passion Fruit FantasyRM14.90
BV04 Vietnamese Royal Black TeaRM6.90
BV23 Lemongrass TeaRM5.90
BV05 Special Lemon TeaRM7.90
BV24 Ginger Honey TeaRM5.90


Mango Smoothie is one of my favorite options in a smoothie, which Costs me RM 15.90 whenever I go to Super Saigon to quench my thirst. These options are pocket-friendly, so anyone can enjoy themselves without breaking the bank. Super Saigon smoothies cost around Rm 14.90 to RM 17.90.

Smoothie Mango Smoothie
Smoothie OptionPrice (RM)
BV11 Avocado SmoothieRM14.90
BV37 Mango SmoothieRM15.90

Banh Mi

Banh Mi Mixed Chicken Cold Cuts
Menu ItemsPrice List
Mixed Chicken Cold CutsRM 15.50
Aromatic Fried Lemongrass ChickenRM 15.50
Marinated BBQ Pulled BeefRM 16.50
VegetarianRM 14.50
Plain Vietnamese BaguetteRM 5.90

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are one of the most popular categories on the whole menu, offering a variety of lip-smacking Vietnamese dishes. These options are not just famous because this is a Vietnamese dish, but also, these Spring rolls offer a melting-in-mouth taste and satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. Spring rolls are priced Around RM 12.90 to RM 15.90

Price ListMenu Items
Minced Chicken Crispy Spring RollsRM 13.90
Minced Chicken & Prawns Crispy Spring RollsRM 14.90
Vegetarian Crispy Spring RollsRM 12.90
Chicken & Tiger Prawns Fresh Rice Paper RollsRM 14.90
Tiger Prawns & Veggies Fresh Rice Paper RollsRM 15.90
Fried Lemongrass Chicken Fresh Rice Paper RollsRM 12.90
Vegetarian Fresh Rice Paper RollsRM 12.90

Bun Cha

Bun Cha Fried Tofu & Crispy Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Menu ItemsPrice List
Aromatic Fried Lemongrass ChickenRM 22.90
Sauteed Sliced Beef with OnionRM 24.90
Fried Tofu & Crispy Vegetarian Spring RollsRM 19.90
Bun Cha Ha NoiRM 28.90

XXL Crispy Chicken Chop

Menu ItemsPrice List
Egg Fried Rice with XXL Crispy Chicken ChopRM 27.90
Bun Cha with XXL Crispy Chicken ChopRM 26.90
Broken Rice with XXL Crispy Chicken ChopRM 24.90

Azuma Sushi boasts an extensive menu from nigiri and sashimi to specialty rolls like the Volcano loaded with salmon and spicy mayo, appealing to all palates and guaranteed freshness.

Fried Rice

Price ListMenu Items
Heart Attack Beef Fried RiceRM 25.90
Shredded Chicken Fried RiceRM 19.90
Vegetarian Fried RiceRM 17.90
Egg Fried RiceRM 13.90
Heart Attack Pulled Beef Fried RiceRM 21.90

Stir Fry Kuey Teow

Stir Fry Kuey Teow Stir Fry Kuey Teow Noodles with Shredded Chicken
Price ListMenu Items
Stir Fry Kuey Teow Noodles with Shredded ChickenRM 19.90
Stir Fry Kuey Teow Noodles with Sliced BeefRM 25.90
Stir Fry Kuey Teow Noodles with TofuRM 17.90
Dry Wok Beef Kuey TeowRM 21.90

Broken Rice

Broken Rice Teow Broken Rice Sauteed Sliced Beef with Onion
Price ListMenu Items
Broken Rice Fried Lemongrass ChickenRM 20.90
Broken Rice Sauteed Sliced Beef with OnionRM 22.90


Beverages Soda Water
Menu ItemsPrice List
Honey LemonRM 7.90
Pandan LemongrassRM 4.90
Soda LemonadeRM 9.90
Iced LonganRM 8.90
Passion Fruit Asam BoiRM 8.90
CokeRM 4.90
Coke ZeroRM 4.90
100 PlusRM 4.90
Soda WaterRM 4.90
Mineral WaterRM 2.90


Dessert - Creme Caramel
Menu ItemsPrice List
Sea Coconut LoganRM 7.50
Flan – Creme CaramelRM 6.90
Lotus Biscoff FlanRM 9.90
Lotus Biscoff Coffee FlanRM 10.90
Sweet Aiyu JellyRM 9.90
Sea Coconut LonganRM 9.90
Coconut JellyRM 9.90

Popular Items at Super Saigon Café menu Malaysia

These are the top 6 popular options that you should try while ordering or visiting Super Saigon. If you have any of your favorite Dish at Super Saigon, please suggest it to us below in the comments section.

  1. Pho,
  2. Bun Cha,
  3. Banh Mi,
  4. Spring Rolls,
  5. Vegetarian Pho,
  6. New Saigon Beef Don

Alternatives of Super Saigon Café Malaysia

I have listed some alternatives of Super Saigon café in Malaysia KL, so Also consider visiting this restaurant and sharing your experiences with me.

Where to order from Super Saigon Café Malaysia

If you want to Order from Super Saigon, you can do this easily using their official website, and they also offer delivery using a third-party delivery service list, Grabfood. To Order from Grabfood, visit here.

Contact Super Saigon Café Malaysia

To contact Super Saigon Café, navigate to Super Saigon Café’s official website’s Contact Us Page. To check the latest deals and promotions offered by Super Saigon.

Faqs about Super Saigon Café Malaysia

Where are Super Saigon Café locations?

Super Saigon Café has 10 locations in Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Shah Alam.

Kuala Lumpur:

  • TTDI
  • Sri Hartamas
  • Ampang
  • Bangsar
  • KL East Mall
  • Sunway Putra Mall


  • Subang Parade
  • Main Place Mall

Shah Alam:

  • Seksyen 9
  • AEON Mall Shah Alam

What payment method does Super Saigon accept?

Super Saigon accepts credit and debit cards. You can choose anyone to payout while checking out.

Does Super Saigon offer Free Wi-Fi in Café?

Yes, they offer free Wi-Fi Service, but unfortunately this service is available in some cafes like in Ampang. 

Is Super Saigon good for kids and family-friendly?

Yes, Super Saigon café is good for kids and also Family Friendly.

Does Super Saigon café have Parking space?

Yes, they have Street Parking and a parking lot, but still, in busy hours, it can be challenging to find a space to park your car.

Is Super Saigon Halal?

Yes, Super Saigon Is a halal café and offer halal meal; check halal Status here.

The name’s Vincent lim, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m absolutely mad about Malaysian food. Like, legit obsessed. Some people dream about tropical beaches or partying all night – I fantasize about stuffing my face with the most mind-blowing dishes this country has to offer. Pretty weird huh? But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

See, I’m a true blue Malaysian foodie, born and raised. While most kids had posters of celebrities or athletes on their walls, I was pinning up pictures of sizzling satay and kaya toast. My friends would beg their parents for the latest video games or toys – I just wanted them to take me to try nasi kerabu or laksa Sarawak. You could say I was wired differently right from the start.