Ben Gong tea Menu and Price List

As Malaysians, we are all true Fans of Authentic Flavours of Tea and Coffee, And you know I also Have a lot of happy Moments with my family and friends as You do. So, I always Keep My Eyes On what’s happening New Around me. Recently I noticed a new Spot Offering flavourous Tea Originated from Southwest China. I Visited It. I highly recommend You try this Chinese Tea Shop.

Ben Gong is a Chinese Tea Shop Founded in 2014. They Aimed to Promote the Chinese Culture Combined with Traditional Culture. The Tea Shop Business has Become A Big Hit in China, And recently, in 2019, they Opened around 100 Outlets in the main Cities of China. This year, They Opened Their Doors to the Malaysia Food Market and got a lot of Love from Tea enthusiasts Across Malaysia.

To Sustain Popularity in All Locations, they are always Working on Discovering a variety of New, Unique Flavours. If you are seeking a Ben Gong tea Menu, I have shared Bellow; if you are confused about whether you have to try or not and want to read the review, I have shared my personal experience with Bellow That you can read, and I have shared Come Recommended Drinks that you can try.

Complete Ben Gong tea Menu Malaysia

Ben Gong Tea In Outlet Menu Malaysia

Fresh Milk Tea

Ben Gong Menu

Every category at Ben Gong Tea Menu is popular Because it offers a Diverse variety of unique Flavours. In Fresh Milk, Tea, Roasted Sugar Cheese is my Favorite Option, and I recommend you try Gold Oolong Milk Tea, Taro Purple Rice Milk Tea and Roasted Sugar Cheese because of their Delectable taste and perfect look and flavour. These drinks cost around RM 12.90 to RM 15.90, which makes them accessible to everyone.

Type of Milk TeaPrice
Gold Oolong Milk TeaRM 11.90
Peach Oolong Milk TeaRM 11.90
Red Bean Milk TeaRM 11.90
Osmanthus Oolong Milk TeaRM 11.90

Fruit Cheese

If you want to try Some drinks that Offer a Cheesy and smooth Taste in every sip, this category is to Quench Your Thirst. I have tried Drinks and Recommend You to try passion Fruit Cheezo, Mango Cheezo, and Strawberry Cheezo. These drinks are Really Delectable. Try options in this category, which cost around RM 12.90 to RM 14.90, which is light in everyone’s pocket, and you can enjoy them without Breaking the Bank.

Lychee Aloe Smoothie, Cheese Drinks
Type of Fruit CheeseSizePrice
Mango Cheese650mlFrom RM 12.90
Peach Cheese650mlFrom RM 13.90
Passion Fruit Cheese650mlFrom RM 12.90
Grape Cheese650mlFrom RM 14.00

Cheese Tea

The things that make this Category Special for everyone are Its Texture and smoothness. These drinks contain a touch of Cheese, Which Gives them a perfect taste and texture. This Category Costs Around RM 14.90. in this Category, I recommend You try Caramel Cheezo Tea If you want to try something Extra Sweet. 

Type of Cheese TeaSizePrice
Cheese Black Tea500mlRM 13
Cheese Green Tea500mlRM 13
Cheese Osmanthus Oolong Tea500mlRM 14
Cheese Uji Matcha500mlRM 15

Fruit Tea

Fruit Tea at Bengong Malaysia
Type of Fruit TeaSizePrice
水果桂花 (Fruit Osmanthus)650mlRM 15
Fruit Oolong Tea650mlRM 16
Fruit Black Tea650mlRM 16

Fruit Yogurt

fresh mango and avocado yugout drink Yogurt Series
Type of Fruit YogurtPrice
Passion Fruit YogurtFrom RM 13.90
Mango YogurtRM 13.90
Peach YogurtRM 13.90
Purple Rice YogurtRM 12.90
Grape YogurtFrom RM 14.90

Power Lemon

Type of Power Lemon TeaSizePrice
Lemon Green Tea500mlFrom RM 8.90
Lemon Black Tea500mlFrom RM 8.90


Bengong tea Special
Menu ItemsdescriptionPrice List
Choco Cheezo巧脆可可奶RM 16.90
Mango Coconut Smoothie椰芒奶冰RM 14.90

Purple Milk Tea

Type of Purple Milk TeaPriceNotes
Taro Purple Rice Milk TeaRM 14.90Recommended. Ti Kuan Yin Tea (金观音)

Premium Tea

Dahongpao Tea with the brown sugar pearl tea series
Menu ItemsdescriptionPrice List
Black Tea正山小种RM 10.90
Jasmine Tea茉莉绿RM 10.90
Gold Oolong Tea金观音RM 10.90
Oolong Tea冻顶乌龙RM 10.90
Osmanthus桂花乌龙茶RM 10.90

Popular selling items at Ben Gong Tea Menu

These are the top 6 Popular and selling Items currently one Base of Many Customers. Place an order for their Favorite options at Ben Gong Tea. I also recommend you try the Options Listed Below. I also recommend you try Peach Yogurt and Passion Fruit Yogurt Small. While visiting And Confused in Diverse Variety of drinks, so I recommend you try the following To Quench your thirst for Ben gong tea.

  1. Black Tea Cube Roasted Sugar Tea
  2. Passion Fruit Yogurt (Small)
  3. Peach Yogurt
  4. Purple Rice Yogurt
  5. Black Tea Cube
  6. Fruit Oolong Tea

Alternatives of Ben gong Tea Malaysia

That was easy for me to figure out the perfect alternatives for Ben Gong Tea Malaysia because I have been trying a variety of delectable tea drinks From Different brands for a long time, like Tealive, Gong Cha and Chatime.

If you are searching for alternatives, try the following competitors of Ben Gong Tea. They also Offer a diverse Variety at competitive Prices and Quality.

Location and opening Hours at Ben gong Tea

Here, you can find out the nearest Outlet around you and Ben if Ben Gong is not Still open in your area. You can try the following alternative Listed above.

Branch NameAddressOpening HoursContact No
Ben Gong’s Tea & Dessert 本宫的茶 – LaLaportG-71, Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Kuala Lumpur, 2, Jln Hang Tuah, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaClosed ⋅ Opens 11 am+60 19-233 1868
Ben Gong’s Tea & Dessert 本宫的茶 – Mount Austin38-G, Jalan Austin Heights 7/8, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, MalaysiaSaturday 11 am–11:55 pm+60 10-762 1868
Ben Gong’s Tea & Dessert 本宫的茶 – Cheras Traders Square77-G, Jln Dataran Cheras 4, Dataran Perniagaan Cheras, 43200 Balakong, Selangor, MalaysiaSaturday 11 am–11:50 pm+60 19-253 1868
Ben Gong’s Tea & Dessert 本宫的茶D-G-11 Sunway Nexis Mall, 1, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MalaysiaSaturday 11 am–11:55 pm+60 16-745 1868

My Review at Ben gong Tea Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Bengong tea In outlet Imae

Being a Tea Enthusiast, I always keep my eyes on newly opening Restaurants and coffee and tea shops. So recently, on Christmas, I was looking to try something unique and Flavourous. So that day, I noticed a place while scrolling social media. In the evening, I drive toward Ben Gong Tea near me in Selangor. Within 10 minutes, I arrived by driving.

In My First Visit, this Place became one of my favorite spots where I go for tea. So that day, I Ordered Some popular drinks: Passion fruit yoghurt small, Fruit Osmanthus Fragrance Tea, and Grape Yogurt. The drinks that I have tried are superb and offer delectable taste in every sip. I highly recommend you try this hidden spot if you are looking for drinks to quench your thirst.

They offer a high-quality experience in everything as good facilities like Free WIFI, Wheelchair accessible parking and the best quality taste and kind-hearted staff talk to everyone with Patience. I rated the 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Reach out Ben Gong Tea Malaysia

To reach out to Ben Gong Tea Malaysia Direct Massage Them One social media. They Will Get you back as soon as possible with an answer to your question or enquiry. For further information, visit the Ben Gong Tea official website. For the Latest Deals and Promotions about Ben Gong Tea Malaysia, Follow them on their official social media Pages.

Faqs about Ben gong tea Malaysia

When was Ben Gong Tea founded?

Ben Gong First Opened in Southwest China in 2014.

What is the specialty of Ben Gong Tea Malaysia?

Ben Gong is a Tea Shop Originating from Southwest China. Specialties are preparing a diverse variety of Unique tea Drinks with authentic flavours. 

What range of drinks does Ben Gong tea Offer?

Ben gong all Drinks in Malaysia cost Between RM 10.90 and RM 16.90.

Does Ben Gong Accept payment through credit cards?

Yes, Ben Gong Accepts payment from Credit Cards and also accepts Payments via the Following Methods.

  1. Debit cards
  2. NFC mobile payments

Is there WIFI Network Available in Ben Gong tea?

Yes, absolutely they Offer the facility of WIFI. So, you can use Your Laptop or mobile to stay connected to the internet or finish your work.

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