Café Café Menu and Price List

Are You Searching for a French Dining Experience in Malaysia? Café Café Is A Spot Where you can get Diverse melting-in-mouth cuisine. Your search ends here; I have visited Café Café and Shared my review of Café Cafe. They are known for offering various lip-smacking cuisines, such as rice, noodles, soup, pasta, salad, Western food, and beverages.

Café Café offered a French experience and returned in 2002 and opened its outlet in Kuala Lumpur with the inspiration of two friends. While traveling, they were captivated by the diverse and vibrant dining scene. Café Café Found is aimed to introduce a taste of authentic French cuisine to Malaysia.

Café Café Founder started their restaurant strategically away from the busy area to be apart from the market and offer customers a calming and peaceful experience. Café Café Is Also Known for Offering Innovative experiences for their Drinks. So, If You Are Searching For Their Menu, I have shared the updated Café Café Menu with Prices and also shared My Opinion about my Experience at Café Café.

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Complete Café Café Menu Malaysia


In Main, Café café offers a variety of melting-mouth cuisine, such as fruit salad, nested chicken, honey garlic, and a lot more to explore. If you are Ordering Online, it’s in their Order Policy That You must add Options from the main Category. I have tried Maimie Sause Chicken and Thai Salad, which were superb—the main Category Cost around RM 32.90.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Fruit Salad Nestum ChickenRM 32.90
Thai Saladfrom RM 32.90
Honey Garlicfrom RM 32.90
Maimie Sause ChickenRM 32.90
Foochow Sweet & Sourfrom RM 32.90


The Rice Category contains a diverse variety of Melting-in-mouth Cuisine. My favorite rice options are Nyonya Kapitan Chicken Rice Set, Farmer’s Beef Rendang Rice Set, and Kimchi Fried Rice. All the meal options are prepared using fresh and premium quality ingredients, and every dish has a perfect taste and texture. This Rice option costs around RM 22.90 to RM 32.90

Menu ItemsPrice List
Thai Pineapple Fried RiceRM 32.90
Tomato & Cincalok Omelette Fried RiceRM 22.90
China Salted Fish Fried RiceRM 22.90
Kimchi Fried RiceRM 22.90
Nyonya Fried RiceRM 26.90
Nasi Goreng Ala KampungRM 26.90
Ayam Kurma Rice SetRM 26.90
Ayam Masak Merah Rice SetRM 26.90
Nyonya Kapitan Chicken Rice SetRM 26.90
Farmer’s Beef Rendang Rice SetRM 28.90
Beef Masak Hitam Rice SetRM 28.90

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Menu ItemsPrice List
Penang Fried Kueh TeowRM 22.90
Mee MamakRM 22.90
Cantonese Style Seafood Yee MeeRM 26.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
Sea Cucumber SoupRM 27.90
Hot And Sour Szechuan SoupRM 27.90
Cream Of Mushrooms SoupRM 19.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
Creamy Pasta With Turkey SliceRM 26.90
Macaroni And CheeseRM 26.90
Spaghetti BolognaiseRM 26.90
Spaghetti MarinaraRM 26.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
Chicken SaladRM 23.90
Garden SaladRM 21.90

Western Food

Menu ItemsPrice List
Grilled Chicken With Homemade Brown SauceRM 28.90
Breaded Chicken Chop With Black Pepper SauceRM 28.90
Creamy Baked Chicken Chop RiceRM 29.90
Creamy Baked Grilled Fish RiceRM 29.90
Fish And ChipsRM 28.90

Side Order

Menu ItemsPrice List
Madurese Chicken SatayRM 23.90
Turkey Slice And Cheese ToastRM 24.90
Tuna ToastRM 21.90
Sourdough Garlic BreadRM 10.90
Thai Style Chicken WingsRM 22.90
BBQ Crispy Chicken WingsRM 21.90
Sweet Potato FriesRM 18.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
Double Chocolate MilkshakeRM 22.90
Oreo Cookies MilkshakeRM 22.90
Green Tea Latte Vanilla ShakeRM 22.90
Chocoholic SmoothiesRM 21.90
Milo Crunch Banana SmoothiesRM 21.90
Mocha ShakeRM 22.90
Banana Berry SmoothiesRM 21.90
Thai Mango SmoothiesRM 22.90
Vanilla ShakeRM 21.90
Strawberry ShakeRM 21.90

Popular Selling Items at Café Café Menu Malaysia

If You are Visiting Café café to try Their Lip-smacking Meal for the first time. I have listed some of their most popular and Bestselling Items in café Café Menu Malaysia. So, if you get confused after you see the menu’s diversity, I recommend starting your culinary experience with the items listed below.

These listed items are not just my favorites but are also loved by many customers who visit the café for lip-smacking cuisine.

  1. Penang Fried Kueh Teow
  2. Thai Pineapple Fried Rice
  3. Tomato & Cincalok Omelette Fried Rice
  4. Creamy Baked Chicken Chop Rice
  5. Grilled Chicken With Homemade Brown Sauce
  6. Thai Style Chicken Wings

Café Café Alternative in Malaysia

If You are Looking for An alternative to Café Café, I have Shared Some Of the Spot Where You can get a Variety of Melting Cuisine Café Offers. So, For Any Reason, if You are thinking About trying a Different Spot,

You should consider Visiting the Following Listed Spots. In This Listed Spot, My Favorite spots are My Burger Lab, Marrybrown, and VCR café.

Café Café Locations Near Me

OutletsAddressMonday to FridaySaturday / Sunday
Cafe Cafe KL175, Jln Maharajalela, Kampung Attap, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur6:00 pm–12:30 am6:00 pm–11:30 pm

My Review about Café Café Outlet

Café Café is one of my favorite spots across Kuala Lumpur because of its innovative idea, French dining experience, and unique lip-smack drinks. Café Café KL has been on the list of my Favorite restaurants for many years. Early When I started visiting café, café There were a Lot OF Improvement Opportunities, and they Fixed them.

Now It’s Alright. This Hidden Spot is perfect for decoration, ambiance, service, and food. I visited Them Many times And ordered Online before Writing About Café café. So, I had a Smooth Experience till My Last visit. I want to rate Them around 5.0 out of 5 at Café Café KL.

I Want To Recommend Some Meal If You Are Planning to Visit Café Cafe Maimie Sause: Chicken, Grilled Chicken With Homemade Brown Sauce, Garden Salad, Creamy Pasta With Turkey Slice, Penang Fried Kueh Teow, Double Chocolate Milkshake, and Thai Mango Smoothies.

Café Café Delivery

If you are searching for where to order from Café Café, your search end is here. I have shared the information about Café Café Delivery. So, If You want to order from Café café, they use a third-party Party Delivery network like Foodpanda to Deliver customers’ Meals before it gets colder. So, If you Want to order, open the Foodpanda app on your phone and Place Your order.

Reach Out Café Café

If You Have Any Queries about Café Café Outlet and Want To Clarify your query, visit Café Café official website in the Footer Section of the Website. You will see The information to Contact Café Café or Directly Contact Them At +603 2145 8141. Visit Them at 175, Jalan Maharajalela, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

If You are Interested In getting the Latest Updates about Deals and Promotions at Café Café, you must follow them on their Social Media Handles.

Faqs about Café Café

Is Café Café Halal Certified?

Some Resources across the Internet Claim that Café Café Malaysia is Halal Certified By Jakim. For Further Information About Halal, Visit Malaysia Halal Portal.

Does Café Café Accept Reservations?

Yes, they offer reservations; if you are willing to make a reservation before you visit the outlet, visit the official website of the Café Café and click on the Reservation button in the top right corner of the café website.

When Café Café First Opened?

Café Café Outlet First opened in 2002 in Kuala Lumpur.

Who Is the Founder Of Café Café?

 Pascal Yeong Is the Founder of Café Café.

What type of Meal does the Café serve?

Café Café Offers a French dining experience in Kuala Lumper and offers lip-smacking meals like rice, western food, salad Pasta, and much more to satisfy everyone’s Craving.

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