MyBurger lab Menu and Price List

My Burger Lab is a local homegrown brand founded to Serve Malaysians. Inspirations bring unique and innovative things to the public. The inspirations for Myburger Lab are taken from some celebrated burger Restaurants like GBK in the United Kingdom, ShakeShack and In-N-Out in the United States, And then The MyBurger Lab starving to serve juicy, finger-licking burgers to Malaysians.

Myburger Lab laid the foundation on 10 July 2012 in Sea Park, Petaling Jaya, in Malaysia. In the beginning, they started serving only for dinner hours. After a while, they notice customers are taking interest in their delicious menu and give a thumbs up. Then, Myburger lab founder decided to serve mouthwatering cuisine full time and launched their online ordering system.

In this article, I am sharing the latest Myburger lab menu and price list. This information is just a guide, and we are not affiliated with any restaurant or café we are writing on. Let’s continue our journey to check the latest MyBurger lab menu in Malaysia.

Myburger complete menu and price list

Myburgerlab Malaysia Latest menu and Price List

My burger lab menu is arranged in following category

Myburgerlab Premium Burgers

Myburgerlab menu offers a wide array of melting-in-mouth burgers across Malaysia. Premium burgers are one of the household names on MyBurgerLab menu, and they offer a variety of burgers like a la carte and set. Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang and Beautiful Mess (Set) are some of the most popular options in this category, loved by many Malaysians when It comes to satisfying their craving for burgers at MyBurgerLab in the premium category.

MyBurgerLan Menu Malaysia Premium Burgers Fat Elvis, Nasi Lemak Kahwin (Set), Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang (Set)
ItemPrice (RM)
Fat Elvis (Set)RM 32.90
Salted Egg Yolk Burger (Set)RM 25.90
Beautiful Mess (Set)RM 25.90
The Chuck Norris (Set)RM 26.90
In-N-Out Double Double (Set)RM 30.90
Masak Lemak BBQ Brisket BurgerRM 30.90
Beautiful MessRM 25.90
The Chuck NorrisRM 26.90
In-N-Out Double DoubleRM 30.90
Salted Egg Yolk BurgerRM 25.90
Fat ElvisRM 32.90

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Myburgerlab Beef Burgers

Hey! Beef lover, here is something for you to satisfy your craving for burgers. Whether you like a set or a la carte, MyBurgerLab has something for every beef lover. This wide variety of beef burgers costs around RM 14.90 to RM 28.90, so you can satisfy your tastebuds without worrying about budget.

MyBurgerLan Menu Malaysia Beef Burgers Blazing Hula Set 2018 Classic Set and Single Tribute
ItemPrice (RM)
Blazing Hula (Set)RM 21.90
2018 Classic (Set)RM 18.90
The Redemption (Set)RM 17.90
Moo-Shroom (Set)RM 20.90
The Lab Burger (Set)RM 18.90
Single Tribute (Set)RM 17.90
Jammin w/ Elvis (Set)RM 20.90
Single TributeRM 17.90
Blazing HulaRM 21.90
The Lab BurgerRM 18.90
Moo-ShroomRM 20.90
The RedemptionRM 17.90
Jammin w/ ElvisRM 20.90
2018 ClassicRM 18.90

Myburgerlab Chicken Burgers

Being a chicken burger lover, I have tried all the a la carte options at MyBurgerLab menu in the chicken burgers category. Every burger comes with a rich taste and surely satisfies everyone’s appetite for burgers. Every category offers various options like a la carte and set costs of about RM14.90 to RM 19.90.

MyBurgerLab Menu Malaysia Chicken Burgers Joe's Burger (Set), Spicy Hawaiian (Set), and Ayam Kau Hijau
ItemPrice (RM)
Joe’s Burger (Set)RM 22.90
Spicy Hawaiian (Set)RM 20.90
Ayam Kau Hijau (Set)RM 19.90
Makcik Can (Set)RM 18.90
Cheesy Chick (Set)RM 19.90
Budu! Budu! (Set)RM 19.90
Ayam Kau HijauRM 19.90
Cheesy ChickRM 19.90
Spicy HawaiianRM 20.90
Budu! Budu!RM 19.90
Joe’s BurgerRM 22.90
Makcik CanRM 18.90

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Myburgerlab Meatless Burgers

MyBurgerLan Menu Malaysia Meatless Burgers Vivien's Husband (Set), Shroom Shroom Shroom (Set), and Shroom Shroom Shroom
ItemPrice (RM)
Bondi KickerRM 20.90
Vivien’s HusbandRM 22.90
Shroom Shroom ShroomRM 22.90
Mr BrightsideRM 21.90
Vivien’s Husband (Set)RM 22.90
Shroom Shroom Shroom (Set)RM 22.90
Bondi Kicker (Set)RM 20.90
Mr Brightside (Set)RM 21.90

Premium Sides

The appetizers or starters category comes with some light meals. An essential part of the dining experience is that we start tasting the menu items from the start before a main meal. Appetizers cost between RM 9.50 to RM 18.90.

Being a food enthusiast, I recommend you try MyBurgerLab all appetizers. All appetizers are finger-licking and satisfy taste buds.

ItemPrice (RM)
Chicken NuggetsRM 11.90
Mushroom FriesRM 19.90
Karate ChickenRM 18.50

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Myburgerlab Additional Sidekicks

MyBurgerLan Menu Malaysia additional Side kicks Salsa Nachos, Awesome Fries ,, and Mushroom Gravy Mash Potato
ItemPrice (RM)
Awesome FriesRM 8.00
Mushroom Gravy Mash PotatoRM 7.50
Mac & CheeseRM 7.50
Salsa NachosRM 7.50

Myburgerlab Additional Beverages

MyBurgerLan Menu Malaysia FroAdditional Beverages In House Half & Half, In House Sweet Tea, In House Lemonade
ItemPrice (RM)
In House Half & HalfRM 7.00
In House LemonadeRM 7.00
Canned CokeRM 4.50
In House Sweet TeaRM 7.00

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Frozen Mart

MyBurgerLan Menu Malaysia Frozen Mart Hashbrowns (Frozen), Hashbrowns (Frozen), and Pickled Cucumbers
ItemPrice (RM)
Pickled CucumbersRM 5.90
Potato BunsRM 5.00
Hashbrowns (Frozen)RM 5.90
Beef Patty 2.0RM 16.90
Viet Chilli Sauce (235g)RM 15.90
Charcoal BunsRM 5.00
Popcorn Chicken (Frozen)RM 10.00
Marinated Chicken ThighRM 12.90
Green Salsa (275g)RM 15.00
Oporto Sauce (235g)RM 15.90

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Best Selling MyBurgerlLab menu items

Here are some of the most popular menu items at Myburgerlab in Malaysia, loved by people of all ages.

  1. The MyBurgerlLab Burger
  2. Beautiful Mess Burger
  3. Nasi Lemak Burger
  4. Say Cheese! Burger
  5. Petai Burger
  6. Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang Burger

Career Opportunity at Myburgerlab Malaysia

Myburgerlab Malaysia offers job opportunities if you are interested in working with Myburgerlab Staff and learning new things with Myburgerlab. To apply for the following Positions, fill out and submit the application form and fulfill the requirements on Myburgerlab’s Official website.

  1. Restaurant Crew Full/part time
  2. Store Supervisor
  3. Internships
  4. Management Trainee Program
  5. Assistant Store Manager

Alternative of MyBurger Lab Malaysia

Here are some of the alternatives in the Malaysian local market that offer burgers like Myburgerlab.

Contact MyBurgerlLab Malaysia

To contact Myburgerlab Malaysia, visit Myburgerlab Malaysia’s official website and follow them on social media for the latest promotions.

MyBurgerlLab Malaysia FAQs

Myburgerlab operates around 6 outlets throughout Klang Valley.

Chin Ren Yi, a Malaysian Entrepreneur, owns Myburgerlab Malaysia.

You can enjoy delivery service from MyBurgerlLab official website, android app, iOS app, and some delivery networks like GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Yes, Myburgerlab Malaysia accepts payment through Credit Cards.

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