LiHO Tea menu and Price List

For us, Tea Is Not Just A beverage; it’s a communal embrace shared amidst laughter and stories. So, let’s go Out And explore Hidden Gems to quench our thirst and make new happy memories with our friends and siblings. I am back with a hot spot where you can also get a diverse variety of tea drinks.

LiHO Tea is a talk of the town founded in 2017 in Signature by the company Royal T Group. LiHO Aims to become an essential part of every Day’s meals and offers every customer a special experience with their tea to improve the Lifestyle of every Tea enthusiast. LiHO is also The First and Only Bubble Tea Brand Who Introduced creamy, sweet, and salty CheezHO topping on their drinks.

LiHO Tea is Committed to offering everyone a Memorable Experience to make a place in the Hearts of People. They Use the Best of the Best Tea Leaves and other Ingredients to prepare their Delectable Tea Drinks. Around the clock, LIHO Is working to Discover New and Unique Flavours to Serve customers. Limited-time drinks are some of those, So don’t miss this Selection.

Below, I have shared the Latest LiHO Menu with prices, and I will try my best to keep it up to date. So, check out your favorite drinks’ Prices, and let’s Enjoy it whether you want to order it to your doorstep or visit. LiHO can Change Menu prices anytime without letting anyone know so that the Prices Can be a Bit Different from Outlet Rates. =to give you an idea about what’s new here and Its Prices.

LiHO Tea menu and Price List Malaysia

LiHO, a Brand Founded in Singapore Specialized In preparing a diverse and unique variety of Drinks. LiHO Malaysia Menu Is Arranged into Following Categories or Sections: Limited Time Offer, Member Exclusive, Today’s Offer, Best Sellers, Avocado Delight, Coconut Wonderland, Fruit Tea, OATLY / Fresh Milk Tea, Milk Tea, Coco / Coffee, Premium Tea

Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offers are surprising, like options that offer multiple Drinks in one package with reasonable prices, like Scholar Da Hong Pao Latte – L + Black Pearl, and Reducing the Prices of some drinks in Limited deals. I recently visited yesterday, where I tried some Limited time and unique options like CheezHo Classic Milk Tea and CheezHo Mango Green Tea Frappe.

These Drinks offer a really delectable and heavenly taste. Options are pricing in Limited time offers, about RM 13.90 to RM 16.90.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Little Flower Series B1F1RM 16.90
Scholar Da Hong Pao Latte – L + Black PearlRM 13.90
F1 CheezHo Melon TeaRM 14.90
F2 CheezHo Classic Milk TeaRM 13.90
F3 CheezHo Mango Green Tea FrappeRM 13.90

Member Exclusive

Member Exclusive are really Special Drinks offered By LiHO Tea Malaysia. Since I have been Visiting, I have tried all their all-Exclusive drinks and, in this category, now  Da Hong Pao in the spotlight in Singapore is One of my favorite drinks at LiHO Tea Because of its Heavenly taste and Chewy pearls. This exclusive Option also offers a diverse variety of topping options: Coconut Noodles, Grass Jelly, and Much more.

These member-exclusive Drinks are affordable for everyone’s budgets. This drink comes in regular size with a Price of Just RM 9.50.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Triple Peach Pomelo – RRM 9.90
Cookies Machi – RRM 9.90
Da Hong Pao Brown Sugar Pearl Milk tea – RRM 9.90

Today’s Offer

Today’s Offer are like a surprise given from LiHO to everyone Visiting and ordering from LiHO. Here, you will get a pack of two drinks at Just RM12.99, and the other 2 options are really affordable, costing around RM 5.00 and 6.00, which are way lower than the prices Offered By other Tea Shops in Malaysia.

Today’s OfferPrice (RM)
Pandan AvocadoRM 16

Avocado Delight

The Avocado Delights category offers a selection of Drinks prepared using Fresh and health health-friendly ingredients to Maintain the Taste and texture of drinks and make every drink Fresh. In avocado drinks Brown Sugar Pearl Avocado is one of my favorite Drinks. I recommend you try this Coconut Avocado drink. I’m sure you will come back for more. Avocado delights cost drinks around RM 15.90 and RM 16.90

Avocado Delights Brown Sugar Pearl Avocado
Avocado Delight OptionPrice (RM)
A1. Brown Sugar Pearl AvocadoRM 16.90
A3. Golden AvocadoRM 17.90
A5. Coconut AvocadoRM 17.90

Coconut Wonderland

coconut Wonderland
Coconut Wonderland OptionPrice (RM)
B1. Lychee Rose Coconut SlushRM 13.90
B2. Sunrise Coconut ShakeRM 15.90
B3. Mango Coconut ShakeRM 17.90
B4. Da Hong Pao Coconut WonderlandRM 17.90

Fruit Tea

If you are health-conscious and looking for Health Friendly options, then LiHO Has Arranged a selection of drinks to Satisfy your thirst for delectable, sweet drinks. These options are crafted using healthy and fresh fruits. To make it perfect, LiHO uses the best quality ingredients, like Tea Leaves, to give every tea the perfect taste and texture. These options are also pocket-friendly and cost Just RM8.90 to RM 16.90

Fruit tea series Yakult Triple Peach
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
C1. Plum Green TeaA soothing and refreshing drink for the throat, Plum Green Tea has a tangy aroma with a sweet plum taste.RM 9.90
C2. Yakult LemonYakult Lemon hits the right spot between sourness and sweetness – it is a fun blend of lemon, together with Yakult.RM 11.90
C3. Yakult Triple PeachAn all-time favourite on the LiHO TEA menu, Yakult Triple Peach contains milky Yakult topped with juicy and tangy peach puree.RM 13.90
C4. Triple Peach PomeloAn uncommon combination of peach and pomelo, the Triple Peach Pomelo is one of customer’s top picks at LiHO TEA that will be sure to surprise with its sweetness from the peach and citrus flavour of the pomelo.RM 13.90
C5. Lychee Aloe HaLychee Aloe Ha is a lychee drink topped with crunchy aloe vera bits, sure to appeal to fans of sweet beverages.RM 14.90
C6. Lychee Rose Jing SyuanThe Lychee Rose Jing Syuan is a thirst-quenching drink, a lychee ice blend with rose syrup and floral notes of the Jing Syuan tea.RM 14.90
C7. Singapore Fruit TeaThe Singapore Fruit Tea is one of LiHO TEA’s signature products, with mix of peach, calamansi flavour with pomelo, green lime and grapefruit, it is healthy and extremely refreshing on a hot day.RM 17.90
C8. Mango DelightThe Mango Delight is a blend of mango with rich and creamy milk, sure to delight consumers with its sweet and sour flavour.RM 15.90

OATLY / Fresh Milk Tea

OATLY FRESH MiLK SERIES Scholar Da Hong Pao Latte
Menu ItemsPrice List
Scholar Da Hong Pao LatteRM 9.90
Brown Sugar LoverRM 10.90
Cookies MachiRM 11.90
OATLY Da Hong Pao Pearl LatteRM 14.90

Milk Tea

Milk Tea is One of my favorite Menu categories, no matter where I am. LiHO offers relaxing and freshly tasted milk Tea options. Tea, Earl Grey Milk Tea, Da Hong Pao Milk Tea, Signature Coffee, and Da Hong Pao Brown Sugar Pearl Milk tea are my favorite drinks in Milk tea at LiHO. Tea is Not Just Price Reasonably but also offers A taste of paradise. Milk tea costs around RM 7.90 to 14.90.

Milk Tea series Grass Jelly Classic Milk Tea
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
E1. Earl Grey Milk TeaA blend of milk and citrusy taste from Earl Grey Tea, the added milk in the Earl Grey Milk Tea brings out the fragrance of bergamot from the Earl Grey tea leaves.RM 8.90
E2. Milk Green TeaA blend of milk and floral taste from Jasmine Green Tea, Milk Green Tea is a well-liked choice for those who prefer a sweeter option.RM 8.90
E3. Winter Melon Milk TeaA blend of milk and refreshing sweet taste from Winter Melon Tea, the complementing flavours of the Winter Melon Milk Tea has become a favourite amongst Asians over the yearsRM 8.90
E4. Da Hong Pao Milk TeaA trademark LiHO TEA specialty, Da Hong Pao Milk Tea is brewed from premium Oolong tea leaves, which brings a stronger and more flavourful boost to the original milk tea.RM 9.90
E5. Grass Jelly Classic Milk TeaThe Classic Milk Tea is packed with Grass Jelly that adds a soft texture to the all-time favourite beverage.RM 9.90
E7. Da Hong Pao Brown Sugar Pearl Milk TeaA trademark LiHO TEA specialty, Da Hong Pao Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea is brewed from premium Oolong tea leaves, which brings a stronger and more flavourful boost to the original milk tea.RM 12.40

Coco / Coffee

COCO COFFEE SERIES Double Chocolate Latte
ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
F1. Signature CoffeeLiHO TEA’s Signature Coffee is brewed and prepared from aromatic roasted coffee beans for a caffeine boost.RM 8.90
F2. Signature Double ChocolateAn icy chocolate-flavoured milk topped with whipped cream and oreo crumbs, appealing to the chocolate enthusiast.RM 10.90
F3. Salted Caramel Coffee FrappeA fun bundle of contradictions, Salted Caramel Coffee Frappe is an ice blended caramel drink with a salty yet sweet flavour, further enhanced with a light whipped cream topping and crunchy chocolatey oreo crumbs.RM 14.90

Pure Tea

ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
G1. Jing Syuan TeaA creamy tea with floral notes that is light on the palate, Jing Syuan Tea is a popular choice on a hot and scorching day.RM 7.90
G2. Jasmine Green TeaA true classic, Jasmine Green Tea provides a revitalising boost packed full of natural antioxidants and vitamins.RM 7.90
G3. Winter Melon TeaA quintessential Asian beverage, Winter Melon Tea is a mild and gentle tea with a refreshing and sweet taste.RM 7.90
G4. Honey Green TeaA mix of honey and Jasmine Green Tea, Honey Green Tea is a perfect option on a day when you need a pick-me-up.RM 8.90

Popular Best Sellers at LiHO Menu Malaysia

These are the top 10 most popular best-selling items on the LiHO menu in Malaysia, and I recommend that you visit to taste these options.

  1. Yakult Triple Peach
  2. Da Hong Pao Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea
  3. Golden Avocado
  4. Yakult Lemon
  5. Signature Double Chocolate
  6. Grass Jelly Classic Milk Tea

Alternatives of LiHO tea Malaysia

If you are seeking LiHO Alternatives and visit them, Bellow, I have listed Some of the Alternatives that I have Visited, and think can compete with LiHO. But When it comes to Quality And Affordable prices, LiHO can be a go-to spot because some of the alternatives offer Quality but are Expensive; on the other hand, some offer affordable prices but compromise on the Quality of drinks.

Review about LiHO Tea Malaysia

I have been Visiting LiHO for Years, and I always visit whenever they Add new Items to their menu or to satisfy My Craving for heavenly Tea drinks. Singapore Fruit Tea, Da Hong Pao, and Lychee Rose Jing Suyuan are my Favorite drinks at LiHO Tea. So, after Updating the Menu and adding new offers and discounts, I recently visited about this Friday at Lunch.

I decided to try some discounted drinks and ordered Scholar Da Hong Pao Latte – L + Black Pearl. The Taste of rich, roasted flavors of Da Hong Pao tea with the creamy texture of a latte satisfied my tastebuds and offered me a relaxing experience. I am totally satisfied with LiHO Tea. Unfortunately, you can face some issues during Busy hours, like too long delays in serving drinks, but LiHO is Constantly Working On offering everyone an excellent experience (4.6/5 Stars)

Contact LiHO Malaysia

To contact for inquiries from LiHO Malaysia, visit their official website to get the latest updates about the latest deals and promotions about LiHO Malaysia. Follow them ON Social Media Handles. They regularly update their amazing deals and Discounts on their social media.

Faqs about LiHO Tea

How to Pay or does LiHO Accept Credit cards?

Yes, LiHO Tea in Malaysia Accepts Payments by the Following Methods: Credit cards, Debit cards, and NFC mobile payments.

What Services does LiHO Malaysia Offer?

LiHO Tea offers almost every service and Facility that a Tea Shop can Do: Services, Dining, Takeaway, and Delivery. Facilities like Wheelchair-accessible car parks and wheelchair-accessible entrances.

What Price of Drinks Does LiHO Malaysia Offer?

LiHO tea all drinks are really Affordable for everyone. They offer drinks from RM 5.90 to RM 16.90.

Where to order from LiHO Tea Malaysia?

To Order from LiHO tea, you have Multiple Options. LiHO offers delivery and pickup, and you place your Order using LiHO official website. On the other hand, they also deliver Drinks using third-party Delivery Networks Like Foodpanda.

What is the minimum Order Price for LiHO at Foodpanda?

You will have to place an Order of Price RM 8.00 minimum to Order using Foodpanda. The best thing is that Delivery is Free at Foodpanda.

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