Churittos Menu and Price List

Churittos Menu Malaysia is Known for Offering Diverse Varity of Mouthwatering its tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. If you are craving Mexican cuisine and ambiance in Malaysia, Churitto’s Fresh Mex is a spot where you can satisfy your appetite. They Are the First Restaurant of That Kind in Malaysia to offer such a Meal.

Churitto’s in Malaysia is a Celebrated Spot that Specializes in a Variety of Tacos and has gained popularity for serving such delectable snacks and Drinks In KL. So, if you are searching for Churitto’s Menu, your search ends Here. I have shared their Latest Menu with updated Prices. I have also shared my experience in an outlet with Churittos in KL.

Reminder: I am not affiliated with any restaurant or Café. I am exploring All the Spots because I love trying Lip-Smacking Flavors across Malaysia. 

Updated Churittos Menu Malaysia

Light Eats

Soft TacoSoft Taco filled with goodness.from RM 6.99
Hard TacoHard Taco filled with goodness.from RM 7.99
Dos CapasDos Capas (where a soft taco envelopes a hard taco) filled with goodness.from RM 8.99


Soft TacoSoft Taco filled with goodness.from RM 6.99
Hard TacoHard Taco filled with goodness.from RM 7.99
Dos CapasDos Capas (where a soft taco envelopes a hard taco) filled with goodness.from RM 8.99
Original BurritoToasted Burrito with Lime Rice & Original Salsa.from RM 14.99
Power BurritoToasted Burrito with Black Rice, Power Salsa & Original Salsa.from RM 16.99
Champ BurritoToasted Burrito with Black Rice, Extra Meat, Power Salsa & Original Salsa.from RM 19.99


Original BowlA Healthy Burrito Bowl with Lime Rice & Original Salsa.from RM 17.99
Power BowlA Healthy Burrito Bowl with Black Rice, Power Salsa & Original Salsa.from RM 19.99
Champ BowlA Healthy Burrito Bowl with Black Rice, Extra Meat, Power Salsa & Original Salsa.from RM 20.99 Story’s extensive menu in Malaysia offers a delightfully crispy, savory, and indulgent gastronomic adventure that caters to diverse cravings and ushers in a nostalgic, comforting taste of childhood while embracing bold, contemporary twists on this humble tuber.

Crunch Bowl

NachosLoaded with goodness and served with FREE Guacamole & Sour Cream.from RM 21.99


Churitto’s Signature LemonadeA thirst quenching cold lemon drink, infused with lychee extract and lychee jelly.RM 5.99
Mineral WaterFresh, clean and premium tasting waterRM 3.50


Taco SauceA spicy red sauce that hits you at the right note!RM 2
Classic ChipotleA sweet & mildly spicy red sauce.RM 2
Garlic MayoA creamy white garlic sauce made with mayonnaise. (Contains Egg)RM 2

Popular Selling Items at Churitto’s Menu

Churitto’s Menu Presents a wide range of options, but if you’re feeling adventurous and want to taste the Best-selling choices on Churitto’s Menu, your pursuit finds its conclusion here. I have Sorted Some Of their Standout menu options. These Options are Not Just My Personal favorites but Also A top pick among diners.

  1. Soft Taco
  2. Original Burrito
  3. Original Bowl
  4. Champ Burrito
  5. Power Burrito
  6. Hard Taco

Alternate destinations to consider (Churitto’s)

Are You Craving Mexican Melting in Mouth Flavors while You Are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? I highly recommend that you Try the following listed destinations to experience delectable tacos and a lot more to satisfy your appetite. I have visited All Listed Spots and am confident about the Quality of Their Food and Lip-Smacking Taste.

Churitto’s Delivery Malaysia

Churittos Fresh Mex offers delivery services using third-party delivery networks like Foodpanda and Grab Food. They deliver Meals to the Customer’s Doorstep as fast as a Flash Before the dish loses its warmth. So, if you are at home making an online order from Churittos, I have shared their links below. Follow the link and place an online order from Foodpanda and Grabfood.

My Review about Churitto’s Malaysia

Christos has Become One of my favorite Spots for a Variety of Lip-Smacking Tacos across Kuala Lumpur. I have Been Trying Their Snacks and Drinks for Many Months and have almost Had a smooth experience every time, Whether I visited the Outlet or ordered online using Foodpanda. So Churittos in 1 Utama Shopping Centre is One of the Nearest Outlets to my Home.

I Am Sure About The quality and Taste of Snacks at Churittos in Malaysia, so I also Recommend You Visit for Such a Lip-Smacking Meal at Reasonable prices. As for My Previous visits, I Would Like to Rate their Food, Staff, and Services 4.7 out of 5.0 Stars. 

Note that Their Tacos are among the most popular and Flavourful, so if you are Visiting Churittos, I recommend you try Churittos Tacos.

Reach out Churitto’s Malaysia

For Inquiries, Visit Churitto’s Official Website. On the Home Page, You Will Find Churitto’s Contact Information: Simple Contact on Their Hotline Number Here: 012 – 532 0250 or Email them at churittosfreshmex(At) If you are a food Enthusiast and love Deals and Discounts on Food, I recommend You Follow Churitto’s Social Media Handles to Get the Latest Updates.

This is a reminder that when Using the Given Email Address, you Must Replace (AT) with @. This is a Step To Fight Bot Spamming. 

Faqs About Churitto’s Malaysia

Is Churitto’s Malaysia Halal Certified?

Unfortunately, I found Nothing On the Malaysian Halal portal about their Halal Certification, but They Claim Here that They Use Products sourced from Halal-certified suppliers. 

Does Churitto’s deliver food to the Customer’s Doorstep?

Yes, Churitto’s Delivery Food to Customers Doorstep is using a third-party delivery network like Foodpanda and Grabfood.

What is Churitto known for in Malaysia?

Churitto’s Specialised in Preparing Broad Array or Lip-Smacking Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas, and Nachos

Does Churitto’s Offer Business Opportunity?

Yes, Churitto’s Offer Business Opportunity For Those Who want to Start A Franchise and work At Churitto’s. For further details, visit Churittos’ official website and the franchise page.

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