Each a Cup menu and Price List

Taiwan is in the spotlight for preparing and exporting Authentic Taiwanese Tea around the Globe. It’s a Day for Tea enthusiasts. Are you an Authentic Taiwanese tea Lover? And always seek shops that offer a Variety of Authentic Taiwanese Tea and Flavours. Today, the spot that I am going to talk about is one of the most celebrated attractions points for everyone from locals to tourists for its uniqueness and diverse Variety.

Each Cup is one of the most Highlighted spots Across Malaysia for Offering Authentic Taiwanese Tea Flavours. Each Cup is a Bubble tea Brand that Originated from Taiwan and has been Serving authentic Flavours since 1999. It was awarded a Gold Medal from the Taiwan Customers Association for offering authentic, delectable taste and Services.

Nowadays, each Cup is a familiar face in Malaysia and Singapore, and also Expanding around the map. Each a-cup bubble tea shop is like a memory bank for me. Whenever I Order a cup, all the moments I spend with my Family and friends refresh my mind. I have tried a lot of authentic Tea Flavours by Takeaway with my siblings and Friends.

I have a bunch of happy memories with Each a Cup drinks with my Friends. I Recently visited Ipoh Perak where I again got a chance to Try their Drinks. In Tesco Ipoh Outlets, the Staff was Active, calm, and Friendly with everyone. I ordered some options like Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea to quench my thirst and continue my Adventure toward KL.

Their Tea was perfectly Brewed and offered a delectable taste. Try some Popular options whenever you visit, like Oreo Crush. Chocolate Ice Blended and Hazelnut Chocolate. I have sorted the latest menu below, so let’s Begin the Journey to Culinary Food Adventure.

Each a Cup menu and Price List Malaysia

Each cup Menu is Arranged into the Following Categories: Special Iced Treats,  Signature Milk Tea, Milk Tea, Flavored Tea, Coffee Sensation, Premium Ice Blended, Oreo Series, Coffee Premium Ice Blended, and Beverages.

Kaya Balls

Kaya Balls (NEW) FlavorPrice (RM)
Sri Kaya FlavourRM 6.40
Pandan Kaya FlavourRM 6.40
Chocolate FlavourRM 6.90
Peanut FlavourRM 6.80

Corn In Cup

Corn In Cup (NEW) FlavorPrice (RM)
Original Corn In CupRM 6.50
Corn in Cup with MilkRM 7

Special Iced Treats

Special Iced Treats offers a wide range of Unique Drinks. Friendly Prices, which range between RM 8.00 to RM 13.80. Special iced Treats are prepared using Fresh and high-quality ingredients Sourced from Locals. Strawberry with Fruit meat is one of my favorite options on the Special Iced Treats menu.

Each A Cup DRINKS with Lip Smacking Marry Brown Meal
NameDescriptionPrice (RM)
Mango Passion with Fruit MeatIced treat with mango passion flavor and fruit meatRM 10.50
Matcha with Azuki Ice BlendedIced treat with matcha and azuki beansRM 11.50
TiramisuIced treat with tiramisu flavorRM 11.50
Tira CocoIced treat with coco flavorRM 14.00
TirakingIced treat with king flavorRM 15.50
Fantasy with Fruit MeatIced treat with fantasy flavor and fruit meatRM 10.50
Strawberry with Fruit MeatIced treat with strawberry flavor and fruit meatRM 9.00
Mango with Fruit MeatIced treat with mango flavor and fruit meatRM 9.00
Brown Sugar Chocolate Fresh MilkIced treat with brown sugar chocolate flavor (NEW)RM 15.00

Signature Milk Tea

Signature Milk tea is My Favorite Category. Whenever I order drinks from each cup, I always prefer to Buy one from the Signature Milk tea Series. I have almost tried all these Tea Drinks Listed Below Now. Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, and Matcha Milk Tea with Pearls are my Favorites, and I also recommend you Try these options if you are visiting Each Cup. This tea option costs between RM 9.20 to RM 16.00.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk TeaRM 13.70
Matcha Milk Tea with PearlsRM 10.30
Brown Sugar Fresh MilkRM 16.00
Brown Sugar Jasmine Milk TeaRM 13.70
Matcha Brown SugarRM 14.80
Earl Grey Milk Tea RM 9.20
Roasted Milk Tea with AzukiRM 9.20

Milk Tea

Milk tea is Also one of my favorite categories at Each a Cup Menu Malaysia. In the milk tea Category, caramel milk tea is perfect to Satisfy your tastebuds. Caramel milk tea offers a really sweet taste, which makes me a fan of this option. I am also a huge fan of chocolate milk tea. All options are priced lower than RM 10.00, so you can Try Any options for less than RM 10,00

Each a Cup drinks Malaysia
Milk Tea NamePrice (RM)
Hazelnut Chocolate Milk TeaRM 10.80
Chocolate Milk TeaRM 9.50
EAC Assam Red Milk TeaRM 9.30
EAC Jasmine Green Milk TeaRM 9.30
Oolong Milk TeaRM 10.20
Hazelnut Milk TeaRM 9.50
Caramel Milk TeaRM 9.50
Honey Roasted Milk Tea With PearlRM 13

Flavored Tea

Flavored tea is one of the most Highlighted Categories on the whole menu after Milk Tea. In flavored tea, you will notice a variety of unique Tea drink options like Korean citron juice, EAC Assam Black Tea, and much more to taste. Flavored Tea menu options are really Delicious, and there are try options at Each cup. These options are also affordable for everyone. This category costs around RM 8.00 for each.

Flavored Tea NamePrice (RM)
Korean Citron JuiceRM 9.50
EAC Assam Black TeaRM 9
Honey Lemon with Aloe VeraRM 9.30
House Special Oolong Green TeaRM 9.50

Coffee Sensation

Coffee Sensation offers 4 unique coffee Options: Caramel Coffee Sensation, Hazelnut Coffee Sensation, Mocha Coffee Sensation, and Peppermint Coffee Sensation. At Each a cup coffee menu Caramel, hazelnut Coffee Sensation are my Recommendations for you. Coffee Series also lite on wallet costs just RM 8.00 for Each.

each a cup Drinks
Coffee Sensation NamePrice (RM)
Peppermint CoffeeRM 9.30
Caramel CoffeeRM 9.30
Hazelnut CoffeeRM 9.30
Mocha CoffeeRM 9.30

Premium Ice Blended

If you are in search of unique and blended drink options. Each cup also has you covered by offering a diverse variety of options in the Premium Ice Blended category. These options are also prepared using high-quality and Premium ingredients to balance the taste and texture of every drink.

I have also tasted some of these options and have recommendations for you that you can order while Ordering from each cup in Malaysia. Ice blended category is priced Between RM 7.50 to RM 13.80.

Drink NamePrice (RM)
Premium Ice BlendedRM 9
Chocolate Ice BlendedRM 9
Hazelnut Chocolate Ice BlendedRM 9.50
Peppermint Chocolate Ice BlendedRM 9.50
ButterscotchRM 12.50
Yam Ice BlendedRM 9
Strawberry Chocolate Ice BlendedRM 9.50
Black ForestRM 14.60
Butterscotch with PeanutRM 13.50
Bonjour ChocolateRM 13.50
Cendol with Grass Jelly & AzukiRM 10.50
Peppermint Black ForestRM 16
Bonjour Chocolate with PeanutRM 14.50
Vanilla SmootiesRM 13.50
Vanilla ChocolateRM 15.50
Vanilla StrawberryRM 15.50

Oreo Series

Each a cup Oreo Series Drinks
Oreo Series NamePrice (RM)
Chocolate Crazy Oreo FrostRM 11.50
Oreo CrushRM 10
Peppermint Crazy Oreo FrostRM 11.50
Tira OreoRM 13.50
Strawberry Crazy Oreo FrostRM 11.50
Double Oreo Coffee FrappeRM 13.50
Coffee OreoRM 12

Coffee Premium Ice Blended

Coffee Premium Ice Blended NamePrice (RM)
Mocha Ice BlendedRM 11
Caramel Coffee Ice BlendedRM 11
Coco Cappuccino FrappeRM 13.50
Premium Coffee Ice BlendedRM 10.50
Hazelnut Coffee Ice BlendedRM 11
Black Mocha FrappeRM 13.50
Cocomint Coffee FrappeRM 13.50


Each a Cup Premium Tea malaysia
Beverage NamePrice (RM)
SmoothieRM 9
SunriseRM 8.50
Fruity Yogurt Beverage (14 Flavours)RM 8
Fruity Ice BlendedRM 8

Popular Items at Each a cup Menu Malaysia

Each cup offers a diverse variety of options in Malaysia. Below, I have listed the top 5 Options you can consider ordering from each a cup of bubble tea.

  1. Chocolate Ice Blended
  2. Mango Passion with Fruit Meat
  3. Chocolate Crazy Oreo Frost
  4. Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Blended
  5. Strawberry Chocolate Ice Blended
  6. Oreo Crush

Alternatives of each a cup Malaysia

each a cup menu & price list Malaysia

Not in Price but you can see a lot of alternatives that offer the same taste and experience. So, if you are seeking an alternative, try these options as competitors of each cup.

Contact Each a Cup

Visit each cup Malaysia’s official website to contact them and ask your query. To Get the latest updates about deals and promotions, follow each cup’s social media handle.

Faqs about Each a cup Malaysia

Is Each a Cup Halal?

Yes, each cup is 100% Halal and awarded a Halal Certificate from JAKIM. 

What are the top 5 drinks at Each cup in Malaysia?

Here are the top 5 drinks listed Below.

Where to order from each cup in Malaysia?

Many outlets offer takeaway service, but in some places in Malaysia, they offer delivery service using third-party delivery services like Foodpanda. So, you can order your favorite drinks from each cup from Foodpanda.

When does each cup first open?

Each cup first opened in 1999 in Taiwan.

What is Each-A-Cup’s price Range?

Each cup Malaysia offers drinks in the price range of RM 6.50 to RM 16.00.

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