Happy Lemon Menu and Price List

Have You Heard About an Innovative Drink at Talk of the Town Called Rock Salt Cheese Tea Drink? The World’s Most Popular Drinks Among Tea Enthusiasts. Happy Lemon, a Child Company of Yummy Town, First Introduced the Unique drinks Flavour among Drinks and Tea Enthusiasts on the Map, which Sets them Apart from Others in the Market.

Happy Lemon is a Taiwanese Brad Founded in 2016. With Years of Hard work, they expanded and Opened Happy Lemon Around the Globe in the Following Countries: Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and some other countries. Now Days Happy Lemon Owns More than 2,000 Outlets Around the Map.

If You Haven’t Tried their Delectable rock Salt Cheese Tea Drinks, I Suggest you Give your Mouth a Taste of these Drinks. I am sure that you will Love its Taste. So, if you want to Check its Price, I Have Listed the Complete Happy Lemon Menu with Prices. Here, You can Check and Choose what you want to Try. All the Prices and Menu items Listed are Sourced from Official Sources.

Happy Lemon Menu and Price List Malaysia

Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon Category Offers a diverse Variety of Innovative Drink options on its menu. All Drinks are Prepared using Fresh Ingredients. Happy Lemon’s Most Popular Drinks is also in this category; I am talking about the Rock Salt Cheese Drinks loved by many Customers, and It’s also my favorite choice.

Happy Lemon Almost all drinks are available for every Budget, whether You are Looking for Budget Friendly and Delectable Drinks in your Town. Happy Lemon Category Costs lie around RM 13.80 to RM 16.80. I Really recommend trying their Unique Drink in this Category, “Rock Salt Cheese Tea.”

Happy Lemon Menu Happy Lemon Series
Menu ItemsPrice List
Signature Fresh Lemon TeaRM 15.40
Signature Tea with Rock Salt CheeseRM 13.00
Coffee with Rock Salt CheeseRM 13.00
Puff Cream & Oreo Milk TeaRM 13.00
Mango Yakult SmoothieRM 16.80

Rock Salt Cheese Series

Rock Salt Cheese Series is one of the Most Celebrated Categories in the Happy Lemon Whole Lemon Menu because of its unique Drinks. This Category offers diverse options in Rock cheese series. And all are special for Every Visitor Visiting for the First Time. Happy Lemon was the first to introduce this Innovative Drink in Public. This Special Category offers Drinks in the Price Range of RM 11.80 to RM 23.80.

salt Rock Cheese series
Menu ItemsPrice List
Jasmine Green Tea with Rock Salt CheeseRM 11.80
Black Tea with Rock Salt CheeseRM 11.80
Milk Tea with Rock Salt CheeseRM 14.20
Chocolate with Rock Salt CheeseRM 18.20
Nectarine with Rock Salt CheeseRM 20.20
Spring Tea with Rock Salt CheeseRM 13.00
Strawberry with Rock Salt CheeseRM 19.40
Avocado Gula Melaka with Rock Salt CheeseRM 23.80

Lemon Series

Lemon Series in Happy Lemon Menu offers Many Healthy drink options that are also Good for Health and Full of Vitamins and Nutrients. In the Lemon Series, They Use Lemon in Every drink To give drinks a heavenly Taste. If you are seeking some really delicious and Pocket-Friendly Options, then This Category is perfect to Quench your thirst and satisfy what you are craving. This option’s Cost Range is between RM 13.00 to RM 19.40.

Happy Lemon Lemon Drinks
NameDescriptionPrice (RM)
Lemon Honey Jasmine Green TeaA blend of lemon, honey, and jasmine with green teaRM 16.00
Lemon Apple Jasmine Green TeaJasmine green tea with the flavor of lemon and appleRM 20.80
Yakult Lemon Jasmine Green TeaJasmine green tea infused with Yakult and lemonRM 20.80
Smashed Lemon TeaTea with smashed lemonRM 14.80
Lovers Lemon HoneyLemon honey flavored teaRM 14.80

Smoothie Series

smoothie Series at Happy Lemon Menu Malaysia
NameDescriptionPrice (RM)
Strawberry Yoghurt SmoothieSmoothie made with strawberry and yogurtRM 19.60
Mango Matcha SmoothieSmoothie featuring mango and matchaRM 18.40

Sparkling Series

NameDescriptionPrice (RM)
Sparkling Nectarine with Tea PopsicleSparkling beverage with nectarine flavor and tea popsicleRM 22.00
Lemon MojitoSparkling beverage with lemon flavorRM 20.80
Lychee MojitoSparkling beverage with lychee flavorRM 20.80

Milk Tea, Coffee & Chocolate

This Category is Special for me and every Milk tea Lover. Happy Lemon offers a variety of Tea and Coffee Options. Their Tea offers a Standard Taste. I recommend you Try Coffee with Rock Salt Cheese. These options offer some Unique Taste.

Milk Tea Series at Happy Lemon
NameDescriptionPrice (RM)
Boba Milk TeaMilk tea with boba pearlsRM 11.20
Classic ChocolateClassic chocolate beverageRM 19.60
Coffee with Rock SaltCoffee with a hint of rock saltRM 10.00

Bubble Waffle

NameDescriptionPrice (RM)
Original Bubble WaffleClassic bubble waffleRM 14.20
Oreo Bubble WaffleBubble waffle with Oreo toppingsRM 16.60
Chocolate Bubble WaffleBubble waffle with chocolate toppingsRM 16.60
Mixed Bubble WaffleBubble waffle with mixed toppingsRM 16.60


NameDescriptionPrice (RM)
Honey CroffleCroffle with honey drizzleRM 9.40
Chocolate Rock Salt Cheese CroffleCroffle with chocolate, rock salt, and cheeseRM 13.00
Puff Cream Oreo CroffleCroffle with cream and Oreo crumbsRM 13.00
Puff Cream Biscotti Crumbs CroffleCroffle with cream and biscotti crumbsRM 13.00
Peanut Butter CroffleCroffle with peanut butter spreadRM 13.00

Tea Cube Series

Dessert Series at Happy lemon
Menu ItemsPrice List
Black Tea Ice Cube with Bubble FoamRM 10.60
Spring Tea Ice Cube with Bubble FoamRM 10.60
Lemon Black Tea Ice Cube with Bubble FoamRM 14.20
Lemon Spring Tea Ice Cube with Bubble FoamRM 14.20

Best Selling Items at Happy Lemon Menu

Happy Lemon offers a Diverse Variety of Unique and innovative Drinks. Here, Bellow, I have Listed the top 6 Most popular Drinks that you Should Try If You are a Newbie Visiting for the first time.

  • Signature Fresh Lemon Tea
  • Original Bubble Waffle
  • Lovers Lemon Honey
  • Mixed Bubble Waffle
  • Milk Tea with Rock Salt Cheese
  • Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie

Alternatives Of Happy Lemon Malaysia

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Do you want to Try some alternatives to Happy Lemon in Malaysia? I have Visited and tasted their Menu options, and I got the Final Answer: you can try this As an alternative to Happy Lemon.

My Experience at Happy Lemon Malaysia

I have been A Fan of their Using Invention, Drink Rock Salt Cheese Tea and Coffee. Recently, While Shopping in IOI City Mall Kl, I Noticed this Nicely Designed Café. There, I made my Mood to Visit it for the first time. Watching the menu and thinking in mind what to Order, I noticed a different name on the Menu: Rock Salt Cheese. I decided to Try those options and ordered it with a medium Sweetness.

I ordered and waited for a while, and the Service Crew Served me my Drinks. The first Sip of This Drink makes me feel really Satisfied. Its taste was Delicious. If you haven’t Visited Happy Lemon till Now, I recommend you try this Hidden Gem. I am sure that you will come back again for More.

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Contact Happy Meal Malaysia

The Easiest Way to Contact them is to direct them on social media. Also, Follow the on social media for the most recent Updates and visit Happy Lemon Official Website for more information.

Faqs About Happy Meal Malaysia

Where does Happy Lemon Come from?

Happy Lemon is a Taiwanese Brand specializing in preparing unique Drinks.

How Many Outlets Happy Lemon Owns Around the Map?

Happy Lemon Owns More than 2400 outlets around the Globe, and they are still Expanding more.

Is Happy Lemon Halal?

Yes, Happy Lemon is Halal Certified by JAKIM.

Where to Order from Happy Lemon Malaysia?

You can easily order your Favorite Drinks from Happy Lemon Using your Phone. Happy Lemon offers delivery using other delivery networks like Food Panda and GrabFood. So, You Can Place your order at Foodpanda and GrabFood.

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