Sukiya Menu and Price List

If you have visited Japan Before, there are a lot of possibilities that you surely tried Japan’s Most Popular Traditional Cuisine Like Gyudon, Yakiniku Don, Yakitori Don, Teriyaki Don, Katsu Don, curry, Unagi Don, and a lot of Lip-Smacking meals. Now You are Back home and missing that Finger-licking Japanese Dishes. So, now the Spot I am going to write about is perfect to Satisfy Your taste, Buds.

In Malaysia, Sukiya Tokyo Bowls and Noodles is in the limelight for Offering a Diverse Variety of Japanese Cuisine. Sukiya First Opened in Namamugi Ekimae, Japan, in November 1982 as a beef bowl restaurant; with the Struggle Years, they expanded their business internationally around the Globe. Currently, They Own More than 2000 Outlet stores around the Map.

Sukiya First Target Malaysia Food Market In 2012 and Now Owns More than 16 Outlets Across Malaysia. So, I have shared the Details about its Background and where this Restaurant Originated below. I have compiled the Latest Sukiya menu with Prices, so check the menu and be ready to Enjoy the Lip Smacking Japanese meal. Also, in the end, I have Shared my Review of my most recent visits to Sukiya.

Sukiya Tokyo Bowls and Noodles Menu Malaysia


Gyudon is A most Celebrated Japanese Cuisine that Many food Enthusiast loves to Eat to Satisfy their taste Buds. In Sukiya Menu Gyudon Category offers a diverse variety of options. The best thing About Sukiya is they Offer every Dish at a wallet wallet-friendly price to serve this finger-licking meal to a wide Range OF customers. In Gyudon, Three Cheese Gyudon, Gyudon, and Kimchi Gyudon are my Favorite dishes, and I recommend you try these options.

This authentic meal Category is Priced between RM 8.80 to RM 14.70

Gyudon Menu and Price List
Menu ItemsPrice List
GyudonRM 8.80
Negitama GyudonRM 13.40
Spicy Ontama GyudonRM 12.40
Three Cheese GyudonRM 12.40
Kimchi GyudonRM 12.40
Osaka Okonomi GyudonRM 13.40
Spicy Double Ontama GyudonRM 14.70

Azuma Sushi offers an extensive selection of maki, sashimi, and specialty rolls like the Volcano Roll with salmon, avocado, and spicy mayo baked with dynamite sauce.

Yakiniku Don

Yakiniku Don is also one of the most popular categories in the Sukiya Menu, offering a Diverse variety of Japanese meal Options prepared using fresh and top-quality Ingredients to Maintain the Texture and taste of every Dish. If you are visiting for the first time, I recommend you try their Yakiniku Don. This category offers Meal Between RM 14.30 to RM 20.50. So everyone visiting Sukiya Can enjoy this Lip-smacking option without breaking the Bank.

Yakiniku Don Menu
Menu ItemsPrice List
Yakiniku DonRM 14.30
Negitama Yakiniku DonRM 19.20
Spicy Ontama Yakiniku DonRM 18.20
Three Cheese Yakiniku DonRM 18.20
Kimchi Yakiniku DonRM 18.20
Osaka Okonomi Yakiniku DonRM 19.20
Spicy Double Ontama Yakiniku DonRM 20.50

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Yakitori Don

Yakitori Don is also one of those most Celebrated categories that serve a diverse variety of authentic Japanese Yakitori Don. Yakitori Don, Yakitori Spicy Ontama Don, Yakitori Three Cheese Don, and Yakitori Don are my favorite options because of their spicy and melting-in-mouth taste. I also recommend You Try these dishes I have talked about. Yakitori Don Also Priced Reasonably Between RM 12.90 to 17.50.

Yakitori Don Menu
Menu ItemsPrice List
Yakitori DonRM 15.30
Yakitori Spicy Ontama DonRM 14.30
Yakitori Double Spicy Ontama DonRM 17.50
Yakitori Double Ontama DonRM 16.50
Yakitori Three Cheese DonRM 15.90
Yakitori Mayo Ontama DonRM 14.90
Yakitori DonRM 12.90

Teriyaki Don

Teriyaki Don is also another Famous category in Sukiya. In this category, Teriyaki Chicken Ontama Don is close to my heart because of its delicious taste. To offer every visitor a value of what they Pay. Sukiya Use Maintain the Taste and quality of every dish By Using Prime Quality and Fresh Ingredients with all Safety measures. Teriyaki Don offers options of just RM 12.40 to RM 16.80, which are accessible to everyone.

Teriyaki Don Price and menu
Menu IttemsPrice List
Teriyaki Chicken Mayo Ontama DonRM 14.40
Teriyaki Chicken DonRM 12.40
Teriyaki Chicken Ontama DonRM 14.50
Teriyaki Chicken Double Ontama DonRM 16.80
Teriyaki Chicken Mayo Ontama DonRM 15.10

Chicken Katsu Don

Chicken Katsu Don menu
Menu ItemsPrice List
Chicken Katsu Don (Original Sauce)RM 13.80
Double Ontama Chicken Katsu DonRM 16.30
Double Chicken Katsu DonRM 17.30
Chicken Katsu Toji DonRM 13.80
Double Katsu Toji Don (L)RM 18.50

Japanese Curry Rice

Japanese Curry Rice Menu Items
Japanese Curry Rice OptionPrice (RM)
Meat Ball CurryRM 18.40
Three Cheese Meat Ball CurryRM 21.60
Chicken Katsu Curry RiceRM 14.40
Gyu-CurryRM 14.40
Ebi Fry CurryRM 14.50
Karaage CurryRM 14.70
Ontama CurryRM 12.00
Three Cheese CurryRM 12.20
Curry RiceRM 9.20
Golden Combo CurryRM 24.60
Chicken Katsu Three Cheese CurryRM 17.30

Unagi Don

Unagi Don Prices
Unagi Don OptionPrice (RM)
Yaki ToriRM 11.00
Unagi DonRM 29.20
Unagi Ontama DonRM 32.00
Una-Gyu (Unagi with Beef)RM 33.60
Double Unagi DonRM 55.90

Kids Set

In Their diverse menu, Sukiya has something for everyone, whether you are a kid or a young Blood. They offer something to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. These kid’s options are really pocket-friendly. They cost you Around RM 9.60.

family, mini, and Kids Set
Menu ItemsPrice List
Kids Gyudon SetRM 9.60
Kids Curry SetRM 9.60

Ala Carte

If you want to order your favorite options individually, Make a combo of a variety of options. Sukiya also offers a variety of a la carte to offer everyone a perfect and excellent experience with their dining service and Dishes. These al Carte Options cost Around RM 3.90  to RM 28.40, which Makes it accessible To a wide range of Japanese Food fans.

Ala Carte Menu at Sukiya
ItemPrice (RM)
Ala Carte SaladRM 6.20
EdamameRM 4.40
Teriyaki Chicken PlateRM 11.00
Yakitori PlateRM 11.00
Yakiniku PlateRM 15.10
Meat BallRM 6.80
TakoyakiRM 6.10
Deep Fried Chicken GyozaRM 5.70
French FriesRM 5.50
Ebi FryRM 13.20
Chicken KatsuRM 10.00
Kara-age ChickenRM 5.70
Teriyaki MackerelRM 8.30
Una-sara (Eel-Plate)RM 28.40
Gyu-Sara (Beef Plate)RM 7.70
EdamameRM 4.40
Seafood TofuRM 6.20
Miso SoupRM 3.90
Half Boiled EggRM 3.90
RiceRM 4.40

Popular items at Sukiya Menu Malaysia

Below, I have listed some of the most popular options. I also recommend You try them if you haven’t tried them anywhere. Sukiya gives YoQu a chance to try these Melting options whether you want to Pick up, Order, or Dine In. You have all the options available for your ease.

  1. Gyudon
  2. Yakiniku Don
  3. Chicken Katsu Don
  4. Chicken Katsu Toji Don
  5. Three Cheese Gyudon
  6. Chicken Katsu Curry

Alternatives of Sukiya Menu Malaysia

These 5 restaurants are alternatives to Sukiya Malaysia. Remember, this is not ranking on any factors. If you can Contribute To me, Share the Details in the contact form in the Comment Field.

  • Ichiban Boshi KL
  • Gyu-Kaku “牛角” Japanese BBQ Restaurant
  • Oishi in Sarawak
  • Teppanyaki Malaysia
  • The Donburi House Johor Bahru

My Review at Sukiya Malaysia

Sukiya Malaysia Outlet wall (1)

Sukiya is really like a dream, where you can get A diverse variety of Japanese Cuisine. So, a Recent Month at the weekend, I decided to Fulfill the dream of tasting Japanese Cuisine in my Country and planned a visit at lunchtime. I ordered my favorite lip-smacking Meal that I tried in Japan about half a year ago on Holidays. I ordered Deep Fried Chicken Gyoza, Japanese Curry Rice, Yakitori Don, and Gyudon.

It was like All dreams come true; Sukiya Interior Design gives the vibes like You are sitting in a Restaurant in Tokyo and enjoying their Melting in Mouth Gyudon. That was a really surprising experience with Sukiya. Everything Is Perfect, like the interior Staff and dining And Parking area. I had an excellent experience and rated them 4.9 out of 5 stars. (IOI City Mall)

Contact Sukiya Malaysia

Sukiya Malaysia takes Queries on Their Official website, So Navigate to the Sukiya Contact Us page on their website in Malaysia, fill out the Form with the Correct details, add Your Message, and Submit the Form. They will approach you with an answer in your mail. Don’t forget to follow them on social media for the latest deals and discounts on their lip-smacking meal.

Faqs About Sukiya Malaysia

Is Sukiya offer halal meal?

Sukiya is officially Halal certified and Offer Halal Meal.

Does Sukiya accept debit cards?

Yes, Sukiya Malaysia accepts Credit cards while you are Paying.

Where to Order from Sukiya Malaysia?

If you want to pick up your order from Restaurant Sukiya Malaysia, Offer Pickup service simply by visiting the Sukiya official website and placing your order for Pickup and Pickup your placed order at your chosen time. If you want to get your meal at your doorstep, place your order using the Foodpanda app. Sukiya offers delivery services using Foodpanda.

What are some popular meal options at Sukiya Malaysia?

These are the top 5 most popular options offered by Sukiya.

  1. Gyudon
  2. Yakiniku Don
  3. Spicy Ontama Yakiniku Don
  4. Negitama Gyudon
  5. Chicken Katsu Don

The name’s Vincent lim, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m absolutely mad about Malaysian food. Like, legit obsessed. Some people dream about tropical beaches or partying all night – I fantasize about stuffing my face with the most mind-blowing dishes this country has to offer. Pretty weird huh? But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

See, I’m a true blue Malaysian foodie, born and raised. While most kids had posters of celebrities or athletes on their walls, I was pinning up pictures of sizzling satay and kaya toast. My friends would beg their parents for the latest video games or toys – I just wanted them to take me to try nasi kerabu or laksa Sarawak. You could say I was wired differently right from the start.