Pizza Hut Menu & Price List Malaysia 

Pizza Hut is a household name for serving Finger-licking pizza in every corner of the globe. If you are craving pizza, then it’s a hotspot for delicious pizzas. Pizza Hut is one of the Recognized places for savory delight pizza. Pizza Hut menu offers a diverse array of mouthwatering pizzas. Pizza Hut specializes in offering Italian American taste to their pizza, pasta, dishes, and desserts all around the world.

If you are craving something and looking for the best tasty pizza. Pizza Hut is always ready to satisfy your appetite. Ensure that your pizza Ss your hunger and leaves you Craving for more delicious pizza. Pizza Hut is a place that offers a wide array of Lip-smacking dishes to Satisfy everyone’s hunger.

Pizza hut menu and Price List

Pizza Hut’s menu in Malaysia is arranged in various categories like Sweet & Sour Cheesy Bites, Hand Crafted Pizza, Mybox Pizza, WingStreet, Supreme Pizza Favorite Pizza, Pasta, Sides, and Drinks. In this article, we are going to explore the latest menu items added by Pizza Hut and their prices in Malaysia.

New on Pizza Hut

ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
MyBox Pizza 1 SideComes with 1 side.RM 13.90

Cheeeeeeeeza Pizza

Cheeeeeeeza Pizza7 Glorious Cheese with Nachos Cheese Ball, Chicken Roll, and Jalapeno Cheese Sauce.RM43.91
Cheeeeeeeza Combo 11 Regular Cheeeeeeeza Pizza + 1 Huts Breadstix Mozzarella + 2 Cream of Mushroom Soup + 2 Can DrinksRM55.90
Cheeeeeeeza Combo 21 Regular Cheeeeeeeza Pizza + 4pcs Krispy Wings Nachos Cheese + 2 Can DrinksRM60.90
Cheeeeeeeza Combo 31 Regular Cheeeeeeeza Pizza + 1 Huts Breadstix Mozzarella + 1 Mac & Cheese + 1 Favourite Pasta + 4 Can DrinksRM81.90
Cheeeeeeeza Combo 41 Regular Cheeeeeeeza Pizza + 1 Regular Favorite Pizza + 4 Cream of Mushroom Soup + 2 Slices of Moist Chocolate Cake + 1 Krispy Chicken Fries with Nacho Cheese Sauce + 4 Can DrinksRM100.90
Cheeeeeeeza Pizza Duo1 Regular Cheeeeeeeza Pizza + 1 Huts Breadstix Mozzarella + 2 SoupsRM65.90

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Sweet & Sour Cheesy Bites

The menu starts with something Sweet and sour. Pizza Hut offers a variety of delicious options to their customers to satisfy their hunger and ensure that they come back again for more. Sweet and sour items like Sweet and Sour Double Box cost about RM 59.9, and sweet & sour Combo costs around RM 49.90 to RM 69.90.

If you are at Pizza Hut, you should try one of the most popular options in this category: Sweet & sour Double box.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Sweet & Sour Double BoxRM59.9
Sweet & Sour Cheesy BitesRM39.9
Sweet & Sour Combo 1RM49.9
Sweet & Sour Combo 2RM69.9

Hand Crafted Pizza

Pizza Hut offers a wide range of hand-crafted pizzas on its menu. There is something for every pizza lover to satisfy their appetite with melting-in-mouth pizzas. In every menu item, Pizza Hut uses freshly sourced ingredients and ensures the taste and texture of pizza is perfect. Pizza Hut is the best place to offer delicious cuisine at very reasonable rates.

In Pizza Hut menu Malaysia, the Regular hand-crafted pizza costs around RM 31.90 and the Regular hand-crafted pizza supreme costs about RM 35.90, which is a fair cost for food when it comes to satisfying your appetite.

Menu ItemPrice List
Regular Hand-Crafted Pizza Favorite Crisps outside & airy soft insideRM31.9
Large Hand-Crafted Pizza FavoriteRM41.9
Regular Hand-Crafted Pizza Supreme Crisps outside & airy soft insideRM35.8
Large Hand-Crafted Pizza SupremeRM46.8

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Mybox Pizza

If you are looking for something like crispy Fries, crispy chicken pops or potato wedges. It’s a category pizza hut arranged just for you. This category contains something for everyone to satisfy their hunger and leave them wanting more repeatedly.

This category offers every option at a very pocket-friendly rate. So, you can fulfil your hanger without breaking the bank. In my box pizza category, the food cost starts from RM 17.90 and ends at around RM 23.90.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Mybox ClassicRM18.9
Mybox Crispy FriesRM18.9
Mybox Potato WedgesRM18.9
Mybox Onion RingsRM18.9
Mybox Tasty Chicken BitesRM21.9
Mybox Crispy Chicken PopsRM21.9
Mybox New Orleans DrumettesRM23.9
Mybox Pasta 1RM17.9
Mybox Pasta 2RM18.9
Mybox Pasta 3RM21.9
Mybox Pasta 4RM23.9

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Pizza Hut Malaysia offers a wide range of wings in WingStreet selection, but Wingstreet Krispy Wings is in hot demand among many Pizza Hut fans. These Krispy wings cost RM 14.90. WingStreet offers options like original BBQ, tangy cheese, deli wings, and New Orleans.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Wingstreet Krispy Wings – OriginalRM13.9
Wingstreet Krispy Wings – BBQRM14.9
Wingstreet Krispy Wings – Tangy CheeseRM14.9
Wingstreet Roasted Wings – Deli WingsRM9.8
Wingstreet Roasted Wings – New OrleansRM16.1

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Supreme Pizza

Pizza Hut supreme pizza is like a signature dish option full of crisp and delicious flavors perfect for every taste. All pizza supreme options are popular among many. Still, the most popular choice is chicken supreme, prepared with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives, which gives pizza the best taste in the world. Chicken supreme costs around RM 15.3.

Hawaiian Supreme in Supreme pizza Category at pizza hut malaysia
Creamy Crispy Chicken at Pizza hut supreme pizza
Blazing SeafoodRM 39.30
Chicken SupremeRM 39.30
Hawaiian SupremeRM 39.30
Island SupremeRM 39.30
Super SupremeRM 39.30
Triple ChickenRM 39.30

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Favorite Pizza

If you are a beef lover, Pizza Hut offers a variety of options for you, like creamy beef fiesta. In this category, have Something to suit every fancy. This category costs between RM 13.9 to 31.9

Chicken Delight in category Favorite Pizza at pizza hut menu malaysia
Chicken Pepperoni in category Favorite Pizza at pizza hut menu malaysia
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice List
Aloha ChickenThousand island sauce, chicken rolls, chicken salami, pineapples, mozzarella cheeseRM 35.90
Beef PepperoniTomato sauce, beef pepperoni, mozzarella cheeseRM 35.90
Chicken DelightBBQ sauce, chicken meat, mushrooms, onions, mozzarella cheeseRM 35.90
Chicken SensationSpicy sweet sour sauce, chicken meat, pineapples, onions, mozzarella cheeseRM 35.90
Chicken PepperoniTomato sauce, chicken pepperoni, mozzarella cheeseRM 35.90
Deluxe CheeseTomato sauce, mozzarella cheeseRM 35.90
Hawaiian ChickenTomato sauce, chicken meat, pineapples, mozzarella cheeseRM 35.90
Island TunaThousand island sauce, tuna, pineapples, onions, mozzarella cheeseRM 35.90
Veggie LoverTomato sauce, mushrooms, pineapples, tomatoes, capsicums, onions, mozzarella cheese (Contains garlic, onions, and cheese)RM 35.90

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New on Pizza Hut

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice List
MyBox 1 Sides Pizza1 Personal Pizza + 3pcs of Cheddar / Cinnamon BreadstixRM13.90
MyBox 1 Sides Pasta1 Pasta + 3pcs of Cheddar / Cinnamon BreadstixRM15.85
Hut’s Lava Onde Onde CakeA Nyonya Kuih reinvented into a fluffy classic lava cake, molten silky Gula Melaka infused together with aromatic pandan and coconut flavours.RM13.90
Salami Mac & CheeseMacaroni with creamy cheese sauce, chicken sausage and roasted mushroom.RM20.50


Creamy carbonara spaghettini is the most popular pasta option loved by many Pizza Hut fans. This spaghetti costs about RM16.9, which is cost-effective if you want to satisfy your appetite.

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
Supreme PastaMacaroni with creamy cheese sauce, chicken salami & mushroomsRM 18.50
Asam Pedas SpaghettiSpaghetti with Asam Pedas sauce, chicken pepperoni, capsicums, mushroom, herbs, and a dash of chili flakesRM 17.50
Chicken Bolognaise SpaghettiSpaghetti with Tomato Bolognaise sauce, topped with Chicken MeatballsRM 17.50
Salami Olio SpaghettiSpaghetti tossed in olive oil, chicken salami, and capsicums. Slightly spicy with a dash of chili flakesRM 17.50
Creamy Carbonara SpaghettiSpaghetti with Creamy Carbonara sauce, chicken rolls, mushrooms, and herbsRM 17.50
Favorite Pasta – Mac & CheeseMacaroni with creamy cheese sauceRM 16.50
Aglio Olio SpaghettiSpaghetti tossed in olive oil, herbs, mushrooms, and capsicums. Slightly spicy with a dash of chili flakesRM 15.50
Chicken Pepperoni SpaghettiSpaghetti with Creamy Carbonara sauce and Chicken PepperoniRM 15.50
Classic Tomato SpaghettiSpaghetti with Tomato Bolognaise sauce and shredded chickenRM 15.50

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Sides are an essential part of a meal; you can add side items to your meal and make a combination with the main Dish. Like sausage bites, fries, and chicken pops. Sides options cost from about RM 6.5 to RM 12.9

Salami Olio Spaghetti Pasta at pizza hut Malaysia
Creamy Carbonara Spaghetti Pasta at pizza hut Malaysia
Menu ItemPrice List
Mamamia Meatballs (chicken)RM 17.90
Huts Poppers Hash BitesRM 7.90
Krispy PrawnRM 12.90
Huts Breadstix MozzarellaRM 7.90
Huts Lava Onde Onde CakeRM 13.90
Huts Breadstix CheddarRM 6.90
Huts Breadstix CinnamonRM 6.90
Huts Poppers sausageRM 9.90
Krispy Chicken FriesRM 10.90
Huts Poppers Chicken BitesRM 10.90
Krispy Onion RingsRM 8.90
Huts Poppers CheesyRM 11.90
Krispy FriesRM 7.90
Krispy WedgesRM 7.90
SoupRM 4.90
Garlic BreadRM 6.90
Huts Lava Chocolate CakeRM 11.90


Drinks/beverages make the best combination with every meal, whether you are going to Order Mybox Classic, Regular Hand-Crafted Pizza Supreme or Spaghetti. Their Drinks are perfectly set with everything dish at Pizza Hut.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Red BullRM 9.99
CokeRM 5.50
Coke ZeroRM 5.50
Fuze Lemon Tea (can)RM 5.50
CokeRM 4.90
SpriteRM 4.90
Fanta StrawberryRM 4.90
CokeRM 7.90
Coke ZeroRM 7.90
Minute Maid Plus OrangeRM 9.70
Mineral WaterRM 3.00

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Best Selling items at pizza hut

Pizza Hut is in everyone’s eyes because of its diverse range of delicious pizzas. Here are some of the most popular options at Pizza Hut Menu Malaysia.

  • Hawaiian Chicken
  • Beef Pepperoni
  • Aloha Chicken
  • Creamy Carbonara Spaghetti
  • Chicken Pepperoni
  • Deluxe Cheese

Alternatives of pizza hut Malaysia

Here are the alternatives of Pizza Hut that offer almost the same dining and taste experience at competitive prices.

  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • Texas Chicken
  • Kenny Rogers Roasters

History of pizza hut Malaysia

On 19 June 1958, the story of Pizza Hut starts with 2 brothers, Frank, and Dan Carney. Who decided to open a Restaurant and started from Wichita and planned to offer an Italian American around the map. They decided to band their restaurant as “pizza hut” after some suggestions.

They opened the first Pizza Hut restaurant in Malaysia in 1982 in Kuala Lumpur and became one of the most popular pizza food chains in Malaysia. And now, it owns more than 12000 outlets nationwide and about 428 outlets in Malaysia. Anyone can spot Pizza Hut easily because of its iconic design of buildings like Red Hut with Pizza Hut’s legendary logo.

to enjoy recent promotions and deal visit Pizza hut official website and follow them on social media

According to the estimation, they take from ordering to delivery of the food from about 35 minutes to 45 minutes.

Yes, you can place more than one order with different delivery addresses in the Pizza Hut app.

Pizza Hut owns around 428 restaurants in Malaysia.

In 1982, Pizza Hut first opened its doors in the Malaysian market.

Yes, Pizza Hut is halal certified by JAKIM in Malaysia and offers a halal meal free from pork. 

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