Sushi Ya Menu and Price List

Are you a sushi enthusiast? Are you looking for a Restaurant That Offers a Diverse Variety of melting Sushi Options? If You are craving Sushi, then Consider Visiting this Talk of the town Sushi Ya, A Japanese Restaurant famous for Offering a diverse Variety of Options For authentic Sushi Dishes. They Made a Good Place in the Hearts Of Everyone for this Lip-Smacking meal and unforgettable experience,

Sushi Ya Is a Malaysian restaurant specializing in preparing a diverse Variety Of Sushi Dishes. Chun Xian Yon is the Founder of Sushi Ya First Opened, and Vin Yon is the CEO. They First Opened Sushi Ya Malaysia In 2015 with the Aim to offer Everyone a Mouthwatering and affordable Price for Great Japanese Food.

Sushi Ya Offers a Diverse Variety of meals In their Menu. If you want to explore the Menu and prepare Your mind to Visit this Spot. I recommend you Check out the Menu. Before you visit, I have Shared the Most updated Sushi Ya Menu with Prices sourced From my nearest Outlet. Also, I have shared my Review of My experience at Sushi Ya.

Complete Sushi Ya Menu Malaysia

Value Premium Set

If You are looking for Multiple in One Plate this Category is for You. Consider order options from the premium set Category. This option costs around RM 69.00 to 38.00; in this category, Sushi Ya offers Discounts of around 20% to 25%.

Value Premium Set 超值套装 at Sushi Ya Menu Malaysia
Teriyaki Chicken BentoTeriyaki Chicken, Ebi Panko with Tartar Sauce, Miso SoupRM 20.03
Tori Karaage Curry BentoTori Karaage with Curry Vege, Ebi Panko with Tartar Sauce, Miso SoupRM 22.15
Salmon Belly Teriyaki BentoSalmon Belly Teriyaki, Ebi Panko with Tartar Sauce, Miso SoupRM 31.69
Unagi Kabayaki BentoUnagi Kabayaki, Ebi Panko with Tartar Sauce, Miso SoupRM 33.81
Yakiniku BentoYakiniku, Ebi Panko with Tartar Sauce, Miso SoupRM 24.27
Saba Teriyaki bentoSaba Teriyaki, Ebi Panko with Tartar Sauce, Miso SoupRM 25.33


Sushi is one of the Most Popular Options at Sushi Ya. These all-sushi options are prepared Using Fresh And High-Quality ingredients Sourced Freshly From Local Suppliers. They also ensure the Quality of food and Use Prime Quality Ingredients. In Sushi Ya, My Favorite Options are Salmon Sushi, Egg Mayo Gunkan, Chicken Floss Maki, and Chicken Roll Sushi.

All Options are light On Pocket, and anyone Can enjoy them without getting worried about the budget. All these options cost around RM 7.90 to RM 8.90

Sushi 寿司 Category At Sushi Ya
Tamago SushiRM3.53
Fried Hotate SushiRM3.53
Kamo SushiRM3.53
Kani Fumi SushiRM3.53
Ni Hotate GunkanRM3.53
Salmon SushiRM3.53
Ika SushiRM3.53
Ebi SushiRM3.53
Abalone SushiRM3.53
Salmon Mentai SushiRM3.53
Ebi Mentai SushiRM3.53
Abalone Mentai SushiRM3.53
Kamo Mentai SushiRM3.53
Tamago Mentai SushiRM3.53
Cheese Mentai SushiRM3.53
Kani Fumi Mentai SushiRM3.53
Ebi Panko SushiRM3.53
Chicken Roll SushiRM3.53
Unagi SushiRM3.53
Ebi Tem Cheese SushiRM3.53
Ebi Tem Floss SushiRM3.53
Ebi Tem Tartar SushiRM3.53
Inari SushiRM3.53
Inari Mentai SushiRM3.53
Inari Ebiko SushiRM3.53
Inari Egg Mayo SushiRM3.53
Inari Chuka Idako SushiRM3.53
Inari Tuna Mayo SushiRM3.53
Inari Kani Mayo SushiRM3.53
Inari Ebi Panko SushiRM3.53
Inari Kani Mentai SushiRM3.53
Inari Kamo Cheese SushiRM3.53
Egg Mayo GunkanRM3.53
Tuna Mayo GunkanRM3.53
Kani Mayo GunkanRM3.53
Chicken Floss GunkanRM3.53
Chuka Idako GunkanRM3.53
Ebiko GunkanRM3.53
Kimchi Asari GunkanRM3.53
Kapa MakiRM3.53
Tamago MakiRM3.53
Ikura GunkanRM3.53
Soft Shell Crab Mentai MakiRM15.79
Crispy Unagi MakiRM15.79
Premium Salmon MakiRM18.97
Kani MakiRM3.53
Ebi Fried MakiRM13.67
Chicken Floss MakiRM3.53
Soft Shell Crab CrepeRM13.67
Hana MakiRM3.53
Salmon Roru MakiRM16.85
California MakiRM3.53
Salmon MakiRM3.53
Inari Mentai MakiRM3.53
Ni Hotate MakiRM3.53

Premium Maki

Premium Maki is another type of Sushi that offers Lip lip-smacking flavors In every Bite. Prepared Using seaweed, imported rice, seasonal vegetables, and some herbs and Spices. This category meal is also prepared carefully for perfection, keeping in mind that it offers every customer an unforgettable experience with every Bite.

These Options are Prepared Using RM 22.90 to RM 36.90.

Menu ItemsPrice List
Soft Shell Crab Mentai Maki (453)RM 30.90
Crispy Unagi Maki (454)RM 26.90
Premium Salmon Maki (455)RM 36.90
Ebi Fried Maki (456)RM 22.90
Soft Shell Crab Crepe (457)RM 23.90
Salmon Roru Maki (458)RM 29.90


Donburi at Sushi Ya Malaysia
Teriyaki Chicken DonRM16.85
Chicken Shiogayaki DonRM16.85
Kuro Pepper Chicken DonRM16.85
Chicken Katsu DonRM16.85
Ebi Fry DonRM16.85
Katsu Curry DonRM17.91
Ebi Fry Curry DonRM17.91
Kamo DonRM16.85
Unagi DonRM28.51
Cheesy Katsu Curry DonRM18.97
Salmon Mentai Don [Sushi Rice]RM21.09
Cheesy Ebi Fry Curry DonRM18.97
Kuro Pepper Niku DonRM18.97
Tamago Mentai Don [Sushi Rice]RM13.67

Sashimi & Sarada

Sarada at Sushi Ya Malaysia
Sashimi & SaradaPrice
Salmon SashimiRM18.97
Ikura ShoyuzukeRM27.45
Salmon Sashimi MoriawaseRM43.35
Soft Shell Crab Sarada (Goma Dressing)RM18.97
Soft Shell Crab Sarada (Yafu Dressing)RM18.97
California Sarada (Goma Dressing)RM14.73
California Sarada (Yafu Dressing)RM14.73
Fruity Sarada (Goma Dressing)RM13.67
Fruity Sarada (Yafu Dressing)RM13.67
Salmon Sarada (Goma Dressing)RM21.09
Salmon Sarada (Yafu Dressing)RM21.09
Salmon Teriyaki TatakiRM23.21
Salmon Yafu TatakiRM23.21
Salmon Miso TatakiRM23.21

Party Set

Party Set 寿司套装 at Sushi Ya Menu
Party SetPrice
Tokyo SetRM84.69
Osaka SetRM84.69
Hokkaido SetRM84.69
Tohoku SetRM48.63
Okinawa SetRM48.63
Hakata SetRM48.63

Temaki & Chinmi

Chinmi category Meal at SUshi Ya
Temaki & ChinmiPrice
California TemakiRM6.25
Tuna Mayo TemakiRM5.19
Ebi Tempura TemakiRM7.31
Soft Shell Crab TemakiRM9.43
Salmon TemakiRM8.37
Unagi TemakiRM9.43
Chuka HotateRM11.55
Chuka IdakoRM13.67
Chuka KurageRM13.67
Chuka WakameRM11.55
Kimchi AsariRM13.67

Agemono & Tempura

Agemono category MEal At Sushi Ya Menu
Agemono & TempuraPrice
Fried HotateRM3.53
Tako YakiRM3.53
Ko EbiRM3.53
Ebi FriedRM14.73
Tori KaraageRM13.67
Ika KaraageRM20.03
Soft Shell CrabRM17.91
Yaki GyozaRM13.67
Agedashi TofuRM9.43
Kimchi TofuRM10.49
Ebi TempuraRM18.97
Tempura MoriawaseRM16.85
Chicken Katsu TartarRM13.67
Yasai Kinoko TempuraRM13.67
Ebi Fried TartarRM14.73
Kuro Pepper Chicken KatsuRM13.67
Kuro Pepper Ko EbiRM11.55
Eryngy TempuraRM14.73
Onion TempuraRM10.49


Menu ItemsPrice List
Eryngy Butter Yaki (428)RM 25.90
Cabbage Itame (484)RM 17.50
Asari Miso Butter Yaki (485)RM 22.50

Yakimono & veggie Delight

Yakimono category at Sushi Ya Malaysia
Yakimono & Veggie DelightPrice
Hotate Mentai YakiRM18.97
Hotate Cheese YakiRM17.91
Unagi KabayakiRM31.69
Salmon Kabuto ShioyakiRM20.03
Saba ShioyakiRM15.79
Saba TeriyakiRM15.79
Ika TeriyakiRM21.09
Ika ShioyakiRM21.09
Tamago Mentai YakiRM13.67
Tamago Cheese YakiRM13.67
Chicken TeriyakiRM14.73
Chicken ShiogayakiRM14.73
Salmon Belly ShioRM21.09
Kuro Pepper Niku YakiRM20.03
Kuro Pepper Ika YakiRM21.09
Cheesy OmeletteRM12.61
Erringi Butter YakiRM14.73
Kuro Pepper Chicken YakiRM14.73
Asari Miso Butter YakiRM14.73


Variety of Noodles at Sushi Ya for Noodle Lovers
Noodle OptionPrice
Ten Zaru Cha SobaRM20.03
Teriyaki Chicken Ramen (Tori Paitan Soup)RM21.09
Teriyaki Chicken Ramen(Spicy Kimchi Soup)RM23.21
Gyuniku Ramen (Tori Paitan Soup)RM23.21
Gyuniku Ramen (Spicy Kimchi Soup)RM25.33
Kaisen Ramen (Tori Paitan Soup)RM23.21
Kaisen Ramen (Spicy Kimchi Soup)RM25.33
Ebi Fried Curry RamenRM24.27

Fluffy Buns

Fluffy Buns Category Menu at Sushi Ya
Menu ItemsPrice List
Spicy Soft Shell Crab Bun (749)RM 22.90
Tartar Soft Shell Crab Bun (750)RM 21.90
Unagi Bun (751)RM 22.50
Spicy Chicken Katsu Bun (752)RM 15.50
Tartar Chicken Katsu Bun (753)RM 14.50
Spicy Ebi Panko Bun (754)RM 15.50
Tartar Ebi Panko Bun (755)RM 14.50

Beverage & Desserts

Beverage & Desserts
Menu ItemsPrice List
Mochi Peanut (168)RM 7.90
Mochi Pandan (170)RM 7.90
Mochi Red Bean (169)RM 7.90
Pudding – Honeydew (171)RM 7.90
Pudding – Mango (172)RM 7.90
Lychee Plum Limeade Cold (929)RM 15.90
Lychee Limeade Fizz Cold (930)RM 15.90
Peachy Lychee Fizz Cold (931)RM 15.90
Lemon Lime Tea Cold (911)RM 12.90
Lemon Lime Tea Hot (912)RM 12.90
Ruby Peachy Tea Cold (913)RM 12.90
Ruby Peachy Tea Hot (914)RM 12.90
Matcha Bliss Cold (915)RM 15.90
Matcha Bliss Hot (916)RM 15.90
Coffee Bliss Cold (917)RM 15.90
Coffee Bliss Hot (918)RM 15.90
Cocoa Bliss Cold (919)RM 15.90
Cocoa Bliss Hot (920)RM 15.90
Mocha Bliss Cold (923)RM 17.50
Mocha Bliss Hot (924)RM 17.50
Yakult Fizz Cold (933)RM 12.90
Limeade Zest Green Cold (925)RM 14.50
Limeade Zest Green Hot (926)RM 14.50
Peach Blossom Green Cold (927)RM 14.50
Peach Blossom Green Hot (928)RM 14.50
Lemonade Coke (908)RM 12.90
Lemonade Sprite (909)RM 12.90
100 Plus (905)RM 7.90
Sprite (906)RM 7.90
Coke (907)RM 7.90
Green Tea Hot (902)RM 4.00
Green Tea Cold (903)RM 4.00


Menu ItemsPrice List
Japanese Rice (431)RM 4.90
Miso Soup (432)RM 6.50
Chawan Mushi (433)RM 6.50
Set RM (436)RM 7.90
Set MC (437)RM 9.50
Set RC (438)RM 9.50
Set RMC (439)RM 13.90


Dressing at Sushi Ya Menu
Menu ItemsPrice List
Wasabi (650)RM 1.60
Shoyu (651)RM 1.60
Sweet Sauce (652)RM 1.60
Sushi Ginger (653)RM 1.60
Wasabi (Medium) (673)RM 4.80
Shoyu (Medium) (674)RM 4.80
Sweet Sauce (Medium) (675)RM 4.80
Sushi Ginger (Medium) (676)RM 4.80

Popular Seling items At Sushi Ya

If you are searching for Popular Options in the Sushi Ya Menu, then These 6 Options are some of the most popular options ordered by Customers who visit the Outlet or Order online. So, if You are Confused about the diverse variety of looking At a Menu for Placing an order, Place any of the Options listed below. These options are Many customers, Choice.

If you find your favorite options, then share these options With me Too in the Discussion box and enjoy the meal until its last Bite.

  1. Teriyaki Chicken Bento
  2. Teriyaki Chicken Don
  3. Salmon Sushi
  4. Salmon Mentai Sushi
  5. Chicken Katsu Don
  6. Hana Maki

Other restaurants With Same Experience

Here, I have listed some of the restaurants That offer almost the same Environment and Japanese food. I have Tried All these restaurants, and I have figured out that these Restaurants Are Prefect alternatives or competitors of Sushi Ya. If you want To Try Japanese food, consider trying the Following Options. They offer almost the Same experience in Dining and Flavours.

My Review About Sushi Ya (Vin)

If you are a Sushi Lover, Then Sushi Ya is the perfect spot to satisfy your Appetite. I have been A Loyal Customer since 2018 and visited this Restaurant many times Now. So recently, Last weekend, I visited Sushi Ya Outlet In Bayan Lepas. This One Outlet Is Quite Near To My Home. It Hardly took 5-10 minutes by car without Passing through traffic Jam.

When I arrived, there wasn’t a crowd. In the Restaurant, the environment was peaceful, So I ordered using QR. Staff Is Active And Serve Me My Ordered Meal In Just a Moment. I Ordered Teriyaki Chicken Bento, Chicken Roll Sushi, Miso Soup, and Mochi Peanut. Teriyaki Chicken Bento and Chicken Roll Sushi are Some of my favorite options at Sushi Ya Menu.

All the Food I have tried till Now Offers A Superb Taste And Flavours Packed tightly in Sushi, And other Meal Offer a smacking taste In Every Bite until The Meal Finish. I highly recommend You to Visit Sushi YA Malaysia. The thing that I like is that you can Park Your car Easily, but It Can Be a Bit Challenging if you Are looking for Free Parking. I rated Sushi Ya 5/5 Stars.

Locations about Sushi Ya

Outlet NameAddressContact Number
Kedah – Kulim Outlet78 & 79 Ground Floor, Jalan Klc 3, Kulim Landmark Central, 09000 Kulim, Kedah+6011-55880201
Penang – Sg Nibong Outlet1-1-3A, The Sun Commercial, Tingkat Bukit Kecil 3, Bayan Lepas 11900, Pulau Pinang.+6011-55832201
Perak – Ipoh12-1A, Persiaran Greentown 8, Greentown Business Centre 30450 Ipoh, Perak+6011-55892201
Penang – Nibong Tebal (C-Mart)Lot G64, No 3974, Jln Industri Cenderawasih 1, Kompleks Industri Cenderawasih, Lot 5631, MK 11, 14300 , Nibong Tebal, P. Pinang+6011-10572201
Penang – Alma OutletTaman Seri Impian, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang+6011-10665201
Penang – Raja Uda Outlet188, Jalan Raja Uda, Pusat Perniagaan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang+6011-10833201
Penang – Bukit Mertajam Outlet29, Jln Perniagaan Gemilang 1, Pusat Perniagaan Gemilang, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang+6011-10696201
Penang – Jelutong Outlet349-01-09, Straits Garden Commercial, Jalan Jelutong, 11600 Jelutong, Pulau Pinang+6011-10623201
Penang – Bayan Lepas OutletNO. 2-G-16, Solaria Residences, Medan Rajawali, Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang+6011-1068 2201
Kedah – Sungai Petani OutletNO 1, Jalan Cempaka 1/1, Bandar Amanjaya, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah+6011-10693201
Kedah – Alor Setar OutletLebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah, Taman Bahagia, 05050 Alor Setar, Kedah+6011-10647201

Delivery Service Sushi Ya

Sushi Ya Malaysia Offers Different Delivery Service Options. If you are looking to order from Sushi Ya Malaysia, then you can Order Online Using Sushi Ya’s Official Website. They Also Offer Delivery Service Through Foodpanda. You can order with ease From Any Option. Above, I have Shared Locations Where Sushi Ya Offers Delivery And Drive Thru. If You want to order, I have Shared Both Options like Their Official Ordering System and Food Panda.

Career Opportunities at Sushi Ya

If You are interested In working with Sushi YA Malaysia Searching for Jobs At Sushi Ya. Consider Visiting their indeed Profile (here), Contact them, Or DM them On their Social Media. Currently, On their Facebook page, they Are Hiring a Kitchen Crew / Service Crew. If You want to collaborate With Them, Contact them on their Facebook Page. 

Nutrition Values About Sushi Ya Malaysia

Menu ItemCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Protein (g)Carbohydrates (g)Sodium (mg)
California Roll2508738400
Salmon Nigiri1203915200
Tuna Sashimi1001.5200150
Vegetable Roll1805530300
Tempura Shrimp300151025500

Allergens Values Of Sushi Ya Menu

Menu ItemPotential Allergens
Dragon RollFish (raw fish, fish eggs), Gluten (soy sauce)
Rainbow RollFish (raw fish, fish eggs), Gluten (soy sauce)
Spicy Tuna RollFish (raw fish, fish eggs), Gluten (soy sauce)
Sashimi PlatterFish (raw fish)
Nigiri SushiFish (raw fish)

Reach Out Sushi Ya

To Reach out to Sushi Ya Malaysia, visit Their Official website, Navigate to their Contact Us Page, Fill in the Details, and Submit the form. They will reply to you as soon as possible, or You can Also Contact them On their Social Media channels. If you want to get the Latest News And Updates About Deals And Promotions, Follow Sushi Ya’s Social Media Handles.

Faqs about Shashi Ya

Is Sushi Ya Halal?

Yes, Sushi YA Is Official Halal Certified For “Agido Original Teriyaki Sauce.” At Outlet Address “13 & 15, Lorong Mak Mandin 1 Kawasan Perindustrian Mak Mandin”. I am Not Sure about other Outlets. If You Want to Check your Halal Status, Check Out Here At Malaysia Halal Portal.

Does Sushi Ya Take Reservations

Yes, Sushi Ya offers table Reservations if You want TO reserve before visiting their website Reservations Page.

Does Sushi Ya Accept Credit Cards Payments?

Yes, Sushi Ya Accept Payments Through Credit Cards.

What type Of restaurant is Sushi Ya?

Sushi Ya Is a Japanese restaurant Offering a Diverse Variety of Sushi And authentic Japanese cuisine.

The name’s Vincent lim, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m absolutely mad about Malaysian food. Like, legit obsessed. Some people dream about tropical beaches or partying all night – I fantasize about stuffing my face with the most mind-blowing dishes this country has to offer. Pretty weird huh? But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

See, I’m a true blue Malaysian foodie, born and raised. While most kids had posters of celebrities or athletes on their walls, I was pinning up pictures of sizzling satay and kaya toast. My friends would beg their parents for the latest video games or toys – I just wanted them to take me to try nasi kerabu or laksa Sarawak. You could say I was wired differently right from the start.