Kyochon Menu & Price List

Your mouth will water just thinking about Kyochon’s crispy, crunch legendary Korean fried chicken. A Malaysian’s beloved Restaurant, Kyochon, is perfect at double frying their chicken and creating an ultra-crispy exterior that crackles with every bite.

Kyochon draws in crowds craving its finger-licking flavors. But there’s more to this restaurant than its iconic fried chicken. Kyochon offers an array of authentic Korean dishes sure to satisfy any appetite. So, get ready to dig into the chicken that started it all, and stay to explore the diverse flavors of Korea right here in Malaysia!

Enjoy a wide selection of different mouthwatering flavors in Korean Fried chicken, from classic fried chicken to spicy and soy garlic options. Kyochon’s Fried perfectly complements any Korean cuisine, Like fried rice.

Kyochon Menu Malaysia is Arranged in various categories such as Appetizers, Signature Dishes, Combo deals, Meat free, A la carte, desserts, and beverages. Kyochon Menu has something for everyone. From Starting the meal, “Appetizers” to the end, desserts and drinks.

In this blog, we’ll look at Kyochon menu and prices in Malaysia so you’ll know what to order on your next visit to Kyochon. 

Kyochon Menu and Price List Malaysia


Kyochon Malaysia all menu items with latest menu and prices list image
Menu ItemDescriptionPrice List
So-tteok So-tteokFried rice cake and chicken sausage brushed with smoky and spicy Shinhwa sauce
– 2 SticksRM10.90
– 3 SticksRM14.90
So-tteok So-tteok SamplerCombination of Shinhwa, Honey, and Red Pepper So-tteok So-tteokRM14.90

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Signature Dishes

Kyochon’s menu further categorizes its signature dishes into subcategories to guide customers through the vast range of signature cuisine options. Some of these subcategories include the Shinhwa Series, Soy Garlic Series, Red Pepper Series, Kyochon Mix, Sampler, Honey Series, and Salsal Series out of these subcategories.

The Soy Garlic Series is the crowd’s favourite signature dish subcategory due to its classy Korean taste.

Shinhwa Series

Shinhwa Series At Kyochon
Boneless Chicken BitesOptions:
– 10 pcsRM32.90
– 6 pcsRM22.90
– Large (8 pcs)RM47.90
– Medium (4 pcs)RM25.90
– Regular (2 pcs)RM14.50
Half / Whole ChickenOptions:
– Half ChickenRM36.90
– Whole ChickenRM65.90
Wingette & DrumetteOptions:
– Large (20 pcs)RM60.90
– Medium (12 pcs)RM36.90
– Regular (8 pcs)RM25.90

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Soy Garlic Series

Menu ItemsPrice List
8 PCS Soy Garlic Wingette & DrumetteRM 25.90
12 PCS Soy Garlic Wingette & DrumetteRM 36.90
20 PCS Soy Garlic Wingette & DrumetteRM 60.90
2 PCS Soy Garlic DrumsticksRM14.50
4 PCS Soy Garlic DrumsticksRM 25.90
8 PCS Soy Garlic DrumsticksRM 47.90
Soy Garlic- Half ChickenRM 36.90
Soy Garlic Whole KitchenRM 65.90

Red Pepper Series

Delicious Meal Red pepper series at Kyochon Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
8 PCS Red Pepper Wingette & DrumetteRM 25.90
12 PCS Red Pepper Wingette & DrumetteRM 36.90
20 PCS Red Pepper Wingette & DrumetteRM 60.90
2 PCS Red Pepper DrumstickRM14.50
4 PCS Red Pepper DrumstickRM25.90
8 PCs Red Pepper DrumstickRM47.90
Red Pepper- Half ChickenRM36.90
Red Pepper – Whole ChickenRM65.90
Boneless Chicken Bites 6pcsRM22.90
Boneless Chicken Bites 10pcsRM32.90

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Kyochon Mix

Menu ItemsPrice List
8pcs Mixed Wingette & DrumetteRM 25.90
12pcs Mixed Wingette & DrumetteRM 36.90
20pcs Mixed Wingette & DrumetteRM 60.90
2pcs Mixed DrumstickRM 13.90
4pcs Mixed DrumstickRM 24.90
8pcs Mixed DrumstickRM47.90
Mixed Whole ChickenRM 62.90
(3 Signature flavours. 12 x Soy Garlic, Red Pepper and Honey wingettes and drumettes.)
RM 38.90
Boneless Chicken Bites 6pcsRM 22.90
Boneless CHicken Bites 10pcsRM 32.90

Honey Series

ItemDescriptionPrice (RM)
8pcs Wingette & Drumette (Honey)Crunchy chicken in special honey batter brushed with natural honey sauce.RM 28.90
12pcs Wingette & Drumette (Honey)Crunchy chicken in special honey batter brushed with natural honey sauce.RM 40.90
20pcs Wingette & Drumette (Honey)Crunchy chicken in special honey batter brushed with natural honey sauce.RM 65.90
Half Chicken (Honey)Crunchy chicken in special honey batter brushed with natural honey sauce.RM 40.90
Whole Chicken (Honey)Crunchy chicken in special honey batter brushed with natural honey sauce.RM 68.90

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Salsal Series

Salal Series In Kyochon Menu Malaysia delicious meal
Menu ItemsPrice List (R) 5pcsPrice List (M) 10pc
SALSAL STRIPS Choice of Jambalaya, Honey Mustard
or red dipping sauce.
Salsal Salad (A fresh salad, topped with chopped SalSal chicken breast strips and sesame salad.)RM 23.90

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Meat Free

Kyochon Malaysia 26
Menu ItemsPrice List
Future Nuggets Original Spicy 6pcsRM 14.90
Future Nuggets Original Spicy 9pcsRM 20.90
Future Nuggets Original Spicy 20pcsRM 39.90
Meat Free Schnitzel Bibimbap (Soy/Spicy)RM 25.90
Japchae (Original / Spicy)RM 14.90
Japchae (Original / Spicy (Plant Based)RM 24.90
Organic green SaladRM 28.90
Twist Donut 1pcRM 7.90
Twist Donut 2pcsRM 13.90

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Combo Meal

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice List
2PCS DRUMSTICK COMBO2 x Drumstick (Soy / Red / Shinhwa / Mixed)
1 x Steamed Rice
1 x Drink
1 x Seaweed Soup (FREE)
1 x Pickled Radish (FREE)
RM 20.50
4PCS WINGETTE & DRUMETTE HONEY COMBO4 x Wingette & Drumette (Honey)
1 x Steamed Rice
1 x Drink
1 x Seaweed Soup (FREE)
1 x Pickled Radish (FREE)
RM 22.50
6PCS WINGETTE & DRUMETTE COMBO6 x Wingette & Drumette
(Soy / Red / Shinhwa / Mixed)
1 x Steamed Rice
1 x Drink
1 x Seaweed Soup (FREE)
1 x Pickled Radish (FREE)
RM 25.50
DRUMSTICK WINGETTE & DRUMETTE COMBO4 x Wingette & Drumette (Soy / Red / Shinhwa)
1 x Drumstick (Soy / Red / Shinhwa)
1 x Steamed Rice
1 x Drink
1 x Seaweed Soup (FREE)
1 x Pickled Radish (FREE)
RM 26.50
12PCS WINGETTE & DRUMETTE COMBO (2 PAX)12 x Wingette & Drumette
(Soy / Red / Shinhwa / Mixed)
2 x Steamed Rice
2 x Drinks
2 x Seaweed Soup (FREE)
2 x Pickled Radish (FREE)
RM 49.50
12PCS WINGETTE & DRUMETTE HONEY COMBO (2 PAX)12 x Wingette & Drumette (Honey)
2 x Steamed Rice
2 x Drink
2 x Seaweed Soup (FREE)
2 x Pickled Radish (FREE)
RM 53.50

Combo Updatdes

Garlic Fried Rice (Single)
RM 4.00
Kimchi Fried Rice (Single)
RM 9.00
Chicken Fried Rice (Single)
RM 6.00
Fried Egg
RM 3.00

Subway Menu Malaysia serves up endless sandwich possibilities with fresh breads, veggies, meats and sauces so you can build a sub to match your cravings.

A la Carte

Menu ItemsPrice List
Kyochon Tteokbokki (Half Portion)RM 14.90
Kyochon Tteokbokki (Full Portion)RM 25.90
Boneless Chicken Bibimbap (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper)RM 25.90
Chicken Bulgogi (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper)RM 19.90

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Sides Manu Items at Kyochon Malaysia
Menu ItemsPrice List
Steamed RiceRM 4.50
Garlic Fried RiceRM 8.90
Chicken Fried RiceRM 11.90
Kimchi Fried RiceRM 15.90
Potato WedgesRM 13.90
Boneless Chicken Cup Bap (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper)RM 13.90
Boneless Chicken Salad Cup (Soy Garlic / Red Pepper)RM 13.90

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Bori-Cha (Refillable)RM 7.00
Oksusu-Cha (Refillable)RM 7.00
Nok-Cha (Refillable)RM 7.00
Sparkling Yuza Fruit TeaRM 9.00
Sparkling Plum Fruit TeaRM 9.00


Menu ItemsPrice List
Ice Teas (Lemon Tea 300ml)RM 6.00
Coca-Cola Rasa Asli (320ml)RM 6.00
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (320ml)RM 6.00
Mineral Water (Bottled Water 550ml)RM 5.00
Pink LemonadeRM 6.00
Gold Mango NadeRM 6.00
Minute Maid Refresh OrangeRM 6.00

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Popular Series Kyochon

Here are some of the most celebrated Series at Kyochon

  • Soy Garlic Series 
  • Red Pepper Series
  • Honey Series
  • Kyochon Mix
  • Salal Series

History of Kyochon Malaysia

Kyochon Malaysia Outlet

Kyochon Chicken was opened in 1991 by Kwon Won Kang, who wanted to share Korean food with everyone nationwide. Today it is one of the most celebrated fried chicken restaurants around the globe. It owns about 50 outlets around the world.

It became one of the celebrated fried chicken restaurants because it selected Korean traditional cuisine Recipes and used top-notch freshly sourced ingredients from locals to serve the best quality and flavourous meal.

In 2015 Kyochon Chicken opened its first outlet in Malaysia, and Kyochon recently opened its Pavilion Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Kyochon Pronounciation

Contact Kyochon official

To stay up-to-date about the latest promotions, deals, and discounts, don’t forget to follow the Kyochon social media and Kyochon Malaysia Official website.


What does Kyochon mean?

The word” kyo” and “Chon” translate to wisdom village or town

Where to place an order at Kyochon Malaysia?

Kyochon offers food delivery. You can order food from their official website or other food delivery networks like food panda, Grafood and Shoppe Food.

Is Kyochon Halal certified?

According to their official website, Kyochon sources all ingredients from JAKIM-certified sellers.

Are all salads on Kyochon menu organic?

Yes, all salads are organic and prepared from freshly sourced vegetables from organic farmers in Malaysia. 

Who is the CEO of Kyochon Malaysia?

Terry Goh is the CEO of Kyochon Malaysia.

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